Thursday, February 26, 2009

Of Toll charges : Sweets, candy, multiple whammies and ....Karpal

Malaysians applauded when Samy lost his Sg Siput parliamentary seat in 2008. Finally, Samy Tol no more. Mohd Zin Mohammed came, he saw, he fished and wham the toll rates revised upwards (again)

Before that, Mohd Zin offered sweets and candies by abolishing Salak Jaya toll plaza along the Sg Besi highway costing RM 1.30 in each direction effetive from 24th Feb '09, KL bound PJS2 toll plaza along the IJM's NPE effective 14th feb '09.

Then comes the crunch. First, reports mentioned that IJM will be compensated for the PJS2 toll abolishment. That does not hurt the consumer much because it does not come directly from the consumers' pockets. On 26th Feb '09, Mohd Zin announced toll increase for PLUS, SPRINT, AKLEH, Sg Besi and NPE highways effective from 1st march '09. The percentage increase? Ranging from 6.3 % to 33 %. Does it hurts the consumers? Tepuk dada tanya selera...But it will surely hurts me.

The question is : why is Salak Jaya of Sg Besi highway and PJS2 of NPE tolls abolished and then increase the toll rate for the said highways? And the PLUS highway increase of 5 % ? Is this necessary? At this point and time?

Maybe, Mohd Zin need to discuss with his BN colleague, Chua TY MP for Labis as YB Chua's idea of the government taking over PLUS highways may be feasible and will benefit the people more. By the way, Chua TY is the other Chua's son. If the proposal comes from DAP, then Mohd Zin may call it a bluff but this proposal is from his own BN's back bencher. It should be given serious thought.

Unless, of course, Mohd Zin's idea of raising tolls from 1st march '09 is to deter PR supporters from giving moral support to the 2 Bukits by elections on 9th April '09. After all BN supporters especially UMNO members may be split by then, once the GA and party elections are over by 28th March '09.

That said, BN is putting another nail to its own coffin. The toll increase will not be a popular move especially during bad times. Maybe, BN is handing the 2 Bukits to PR on a silver platter, eh? Is BN government people friendly or people tormenter? You decide.

Meanwhile, "Singh is King" Karpal was mobbed by angry UMNO youths in the parliament lobby when he was on his way to enter the august house. No doubt that the UMNO youth are there in response to Kapal's outburst in the parliament when he charged that elements from UMNO youth is responsible for death threats and bullets sent to him. Initial reports believed that the youth are from KL and Selangor. Eeerrhmm! Is KT involved? So far, Karpal has not make any police reports regarding the incident yet. UMNO youths should be disciplined. How on earth can they mobbed that old man on a wheelchair? No matter how Karpal's statements angered UMNO youth, it should be taken as part and parcel of the game. Mobbing him will not resolve any issue but will potray UMNO youth as the aggressors, bullying a helpless man, what more a certified OKU...UMNO youth, do you guys have any shame?

Whatever it is, what Karpal Singh said and uttered in the parliament should not riled up the youth to such provocation. The youth should let UMNO/BN legislators to take on Karpal. What is the use of KJ and MM, if they are unable to stand up to Karpal?? Let Karpal repeat his statements outside and then only take the necessary and appropriate action. Ini ndak, semua nak tunjuk hero, since GA and UMNO election is just round the corner....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

pics : courtesy of Malaysiakini

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