Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of senior minister : Malaysia or Perth...

Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN) pondered aloud where Abdullah will be sitting in the parliament once he resigned from his PM's post, widely circulated to be on 31st march 2009.

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My take is since Pak lah will be mostly "absent" during future parliamentary sessions, it might be better for him to relax at 34 Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park, Perth, address courtesy of "Penangwatch blog". After all, he needs all the rest as he has been performing like a 30 yr old something on Jeane for more than a year now.

Although there are calls from BN backbenchers to elevate Pak Lah as the "Senior Minister", it is most wise to let him retire in honour. Garlanding Pak Lah with "Senior Minister's" post will be an additional burden to him. What more, Malaysia never has a Senior Minister before, why do we start now? Do we need it? What is his job specifications? Do we have to be Singapore's copycat?

Having a Senior Minister, just for the sake of having one, will defeat the purpose. What more can Pak Lah contribute? After all, Pak Lah says that he wanted to spend more time gardening. And, if this memory did not fail me, Pak Lah did his sinus treatment in Australia. Maybe the temperature there suits him better.

Even if Pak Lah were to be appointed as "Senior Minister" then what about Tun M? Do we need 2 senior ministers? If Tun M is not appointed as Senior Minister, does that means Tun contribute less to Malaysia?

On another of Pak Lah's pet project, it seems that MACC gets off at the wrong footing, at least in the PR's eyes. If MACC is perceived as being politically biased and practise "selective investigation", then the idea of a truly independent investigative body will not materialise as there will always be parties who will feel strongly about the issue. Do MACC needs to attend to cases, just like doctors attending to cases? Ie taking numbers and follow turns? If that is the case, at which number is MACC investigating now?

Maybe MACC needs to come out in the open and clarify the issue so that the public's trust can be restored. By the way, do MACC has jurisdiction to investigate if the person(s) are outside Malaysia? Can MACC investigate EC?

Touching on EC, the by elections for 2 Bukits' are already gazetted which will be taking place on 7th April 2009. Will Batang Ai goes for by election on the same day? Let's wait for EC's announcement. Based on recent comments by EC regarding Bukit Lanjan, EC will set 7th April 2009 as the election date.

Touching on the 3 by elections, it is a foregone conclusion that Batang Ai will be BN's once again. NTR can proudly claims "Batang Ai is mine!" That leaves 2 Bukits to be conquered. Who will be the king of the Bukits? Sit back and stay glued to the TV...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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