Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SPR : Of P59, Kedah's N25, arrest warant and ...

One by qada' and qadar, the other due to vacation. 2 seats, 2 by elections, 2 states. 1 in Perak, the other in Kedah. When? SPR will decide on 13th Feb '08.

Although DAP Perak has suggested MB Nizar to stand in P 59, PAS spiritual leader TG Nik Aziz feels otherwise and TGNA with his vast experience in Malaysian politics may be right. His reasoning is simple and straight to the point.

Looking back, will BN field Azim Zabidi, UMNO treasurer, this time around? MB Nizar has upped the contest by saying P 59 will be a referendum of voters' support to PR.
AAB play it down saying that it is not a referendum, in obvious reference to BN taking over Perak state from PR through defections, hopping and counter hopping. Maybe, we need Rafidah Aziz to cling on AAB asking "Why?, Why Pak Lah? Why not?" as only she can do it best during Tun M's era...

As for Kedah N25 seat, Arumugam vacated the seat after claiming that BN has continually pressured and enticed him to abandon PR coupled with claims of intrusion to his private life. BN came out defensively to deny the claim after the announcement. The question is why now? Why after the seat is vacated, BN issue the denial? Why not before? If P59 is expected to be the clash between PR (PAS) and BN (UMNO), N25 will see PR (PKR/DAP) against BN (MIC). Will MIC nominate S Krishnan again? One prospective candidate has offered himself to PR.

In court, arrest warant has been issued against Osman Jailu, one of the four reps who cause Perak government to crumble. Let's see if he got any special treatment cum priviledge. It is further believed that Osman is recuperating in Selayang Hospital.

In KK, 6 EXCOs' took their oath of office before HRH Sultan Perak. Missing from the list is the "Gang of 4", Datuk Nasirudin Hashim, Osman Jailu, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Hee. Guess Hee has to wait a little longer for her Camry...HeeHaw says the donkey....

What about the other donkeys? Will BN line up Datuk Nasirudin Hashim in P 59 and see the voters response? A win for Nasirudin will indicate that he make the right decision. A loss means that he is not acceptable to UMNO Perak.

These by-elections will be another litmus test for UMNO and PR. UMNO will be fresh from their AGM and will be coming in with a new President, newly elected Deputy President and the current PM...Is that possible? Only UMNO can...

Bercakap tentang derhaka, satu komen yang menarik diterima. Sila baca disini. Mungkin UMNO boleh merenung sejenak tentang peristiwa2 berikut :-

1. Ghazali Jawi "derhaka" kepada Sultan Idris Perak bila enggan meletak jawatan MB;
2. UMNO derhaka kepada Raja-raja apabila meminda perlembagaan persekutuan semasa DYMM Sultan Azlan menjadi Agung;
3. Anuar Musa derhaka kepada Sultan Kelantan apabila menabalkan Sultan alternatif;
4. UMNO Terengganu derhaka kepada Sultan Terengganu apabila "memaki" baginda ketika Idris Jusoh tidak diterima menjadi MB Terengganu;
5. Barisan kepimpinan UMNO Terengganu derhaka kepada Sultan Terengganu yang juga Agung pada ketika ini apabila memberi kata dua kepada DYMM Sultan;
6. HSBC derhaka kepada Allahyarham YDP NS kerana menyaman baginda atas jaminan bank yang dibuat baginda.
7. AAB "derhaka" kepada Sultan2 Terengganu dan Perlis kerana tidak bersetuju dengan calun MB dari golongan UMNO
8. Shahidan Kassim "derhaka" kepada Sultan Perlis kerana melobi AAB untuk terus menjadi MB walaupun tidak diperkenan Tuanku.

Cukuplah setakat ini, kalau diperpanjangkan lagi senarai derhaka nanti jadi thesis PhD lak...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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