Thursday, February 12, 2009

Of our economy going south, Malaysians still dreaming Perak

Politics aside, independent pollster Merdeka centre's latest survey indicated that 76 % of voters in Perak feels that the electorates (the people) should decide through election on who should form the government in Perak. Yes, not the Sultan, not the 4 turncoat reps, not NTR, not BN, not's back to the people.

The people has responded. Will the Sultan, the 4 turncoats, NTR, BN, PR listen? This is teh plea of the people. Afterall, isn't democracy touch about the people's rights and the peoples' choice?

Seminggu selepas kerajaan Perak tumbang akibat dari pengalihan sokongan dari PR kepada BN, keadaan di Perak masih membara. MB Nizar bersedia untuk mengosongkan rumah kediaman resmi beliau dalam tempoh 10 hari ketika aduan dibuat kepada MACC mengenai tindakan MB Zambry untuk menamakan penasihat khas bertaraf EXCO di Perak. MB Nizar juga akan mengfailkan saman keatas kesahihan perlantikan MB Zambry sebagai MB.

Whatever it is, hats off to MB Nizar who is willing to vacate his official residence, return the official cars whilst atthe same time file lawsuits to challenge the validity of MB Zambry. And in the background will be the coming P 59 by election. Date ? To be confirmed and announced by EC on 13th February 2009.

Dalam masa yang sama, ketika perhatian utama diletakkan kepada krisis politik Perak, Malaysiakini melapurkan ekspot Malaysia pada bulan Disember 2008 mengucup sebanyak 14.9 %. Kementerian Perdagangan melapurkan jumlah perdagangan pada bulan Disember 2008 bernilai RM 80.5 B, penurunan sebanyak 18.6 % dari tahun lepas. Adakah ini tanda-tanda awal Malaysia akan menempuh kegawatan ekonomi?

If Malaysia is facing the prospect of recession, the politicians should be reinforcing our trade instead of strike and counterstrike in Perak. Unless, BN is not worried aand never care the Malaysian taxpayers.

On the other front, a human rights group is urging UN to rebuke Malaysia for allegedly imprisoning dissidents and mistreating migrants. Malaysia should take heed of this issus as this will be closely scrutinised by the advanced nations and any adverse comments on Malaysia will hurt us furthermore.

So, begone with politics. Return Perak to the people for their decision. Dissolve the state assembly and let the people decide. NTR better start looking into the economic state of Malaysia because come 1st April 2009, NTR should be the PM of Malaysia. NTR should not be wasting his time to attend trivial matters like Perak. Give Perak back to PR and let them administer the stae like what they have done the past 11 months. Unless, of course if NTR is worried that MB Nizar is doing a fine job and the prospect of BN regaining Perak through election is not there. MB Zambry should take heed to the peoples' wish and advise HRH to dissolve the assembly. If both MBs' do so, HRH has no choice but to agree to dissolve the state asesembly. In this way, MB Zambry is paving the way for HRH to correct his misjudgement. Of course, MB Zambry will not do that because BN is not confident of getting Perak through election.

Bagaimana dengan Kedah N25? Apakah SPR akan mengumumkan kekosongan kerusi? Jawapannya 13hb Feb 2009.

NTR menghitung hari, KJ menghitung hari, Pak Lah pandai tak menghitung hari??

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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