Saturday, February 21, 2009

Of Ibrahim Ali : Rebel without a cause...

James Dean use to say "The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results." Ibrahim Ali, the fiery independent Parlimentarian from Pasir Mas, Kelantan gets his gratification in talking, not much different from doing...And by the way, that's the real James on the poster.

Mentioning Ibrahim Ali, the first thing that will be associated with him is the institution UiTM, formerly known as ITM or Intekma. Another is his infamous dare to Anwar Ibrahim in a heated MT meeting regarding Anwar's sodomy charges where he openly declared that he will be the first to defend Anwar if he is convinced of Anwar's innocence. And most of all, Ibrahim Ali is more closely related to Katak (frog) due to his everchanging allegiance to political leaders.

During the ongoing parlimen sitting, Ibrahim Ali again scores when he openly attacked the opposition, causing several to walkout in protest. This, he did when he is an independent parlimentarian, winning on PAS ticket. The reason for the walkout ? Ibrahim accused the parlimentarians of being hypocrites for not championing the issues which they should champion when in power but criticised the government when not in power.

As a result of Ibrahim's remarks in parliment, PAS is asking him to make up his mind, whether he intends to continue attacking the opposition, including PAS in parliment. And based on his past records, Ibrahim Ali just by being Ibrahim Ali will not back down or toe PAS line.

My call is for Ibrahim Ali to continue being what he do best i.e. to be rebellious without a cause. Not for lacking of causes but by being an independent, he should be allowed to speak his piece of mind. Afterall, PAS must have realised his potential and ability for them to allow Ibrahim Ali to contest under PAS banners.

Ibrahim Ali is like an uncut diamond, rough in texture but high in quality. One of the last few, still standing to single handedly go against the UMNO juggernaut which cost him his membership, division chairmanship and his posts in BN administration. He is like an orphan without a father and if PAS were to abandon him, then he will be like a child without parents. PAS should make genuine efforts to bring Ibrahim Ali to have a 4 eye meeting with Nik Aziz in order to sort out whatever differences brewing between Ibrahim and PAS.

Ibrahim Ali needs to determine which camp he wanted to join. There is no such thing as best of both worlds. With Abdullah stepping down soon, Ibrahim Ali has no more legitimate reasons to stay away from UMNO. Afterall, he is a loyal follower to Tun M, his association with Gua Musang's Tg Razaleigh is well documented, his "open" dislike towards Anwar is also well known. All he need to do is to send the right signal to UMNO and UMNO may lay golden carpets to welcome him to their fold.

With the ongoing uncertainties in Malaysian politics, his lone voice in Parliment may be crucial in maintaining some semblance of stability. It is time to take his views seriously as from a lone independent, he now has in his company 3 more independents from Perak, the infamous 3 who brought down MB Nizar's tenure in Perak.

Ibrahim Ali may be a rebel without a cause and he will remain so until Malaysia achieve prosperity to all Malaysians. But then again he may come up with another cause to fight for...

Someone out there should also look into the report on RM 3B tunnel project to channel water from Pahang to Selangor. The report named IJM-UEM-Shimizu group receiving Letter of Intent has been given to the group. Whilst all eyes are on Perak's political turmoil, Selangor's invasion of privacy against Eli, Negeri's probable on-off KLIA east, Johor's RM 1.4B Asia Petroleum hub in Pasir Gudang...bang here comes the water tunnel project.

That, my friends, is what the world is all about - making money, money and more money. The rest can take a back seat.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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