Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's hujahtime : Husam was supposed to be there, Zahid no show, hereeeee's Ezam...

Zahid Hamidi failed to defend UMNO when he failed to turn up as scheduled in Hujah, a "live" debate program moderated by Prof Agus.

Kickdefella first posted about Husam vs Minister of Defence on 25th May 2009. No, this is not arms wrestling we are talking about. It is about a "live" debate moderated by Prof Agus on TV9. Time 9.30 pm.

Husam, one of PAS's VP has also drafted out his mainpoints for the debate in his blog. Everything is in place. Then, Kickdefella in his posting on 26th May 2009 posted Husam gives Zahid till 7.30 pm.What gives?

There was no answer forthcoming from Zahid Hamidi and by 8.00 primetime news, it is clear that Zahid Hamidi, Minister of Defense will not show up. Instead, Ezam Mohd Nor will stand in for Zahid Hamidi.

Well, say what you want. To this scribe, Zahid Hamidi, UMNO's VP with the most votes is scared. Maybe the debate "Money politics" is too much for him. Anyway, do 1M PM6 make the right decision in putting Zahid as Malaysia's Minister of Defense?

Why choose Ezam Mohd Nor? He quit PKR, left Bersih and offer himself as candidate in Permatang Pauh by-election. He promised to expose BN's corruption with his (unexistent?) 6 boxes of proof. Enough of that, what happen next?

Tit for tat, Husam did not show up for the program and that leaves Ezam alone. Ezam started by saying that corruption is the main problem today and he left Gerak because the government has created SPRM.

Ezam defended SPRM saying that there are many committees controlling SPRM and as such there should not be any selective prosecution.

Ezam admitted that corruption comes from power. Quoting Ibn Khalsun, Ezam said that power begets corruption. He stressed that it is not as bad as it seems. What more, UMNO leaders admit that corruption exist in UMNO and that is a good sign of transperancy from UMNO leaders.

He further stressed that all oppoisition parties like PKR, DAP and PAS, since in power, is also involved in money politics and 2 cases were cited. One is the cows donation during aidil adha and the second is about the use of personal car. However, when pressed on why there is no charges, Ezam replied that it takes time to investigate.

When Prog Agus reminded Ezam that PAS has been in power for the past 17 years in Kelantan and if Ezam's claim of corruption in opposition parties are true, why isn't any of the PAS leaders charged in court. Ezam is dead silent on this.

The golden question to Ezam is on the "6 boxes of proof on UMNO corruption", Ezam sidestepped the question and said that all the boxes are with Anwar and he only knew about the boxes. This is a far cry of his claims in his PKR days.

OK. Let's go point to point form. The actions by SPRM has convinced many that the commission is still on selective prosecution. Ezam could not response to Prof's question on why there are no follow ups to opposition parties reports to SPRM on corruption by BN leaders but super fast in investigating opposition leaders. Beyond that, has we heard of SPRM lately? Since the "blue tape" case in Australia, SPRM seems to be on invinsible mode. No news, no coverage, nothing. Now, with Penanti by-election around the corner, SPRM is looking hard at Aminah's claim of corruption attempts to coerce her to withdraw her candidacy. If it involves corruption, charge the two whilst the case is hot with whatever proof available. Don't wait too long or the trail will be cold.

On Ezam's admission that power begets corruption, it makes me wonder, why does Ezam choose to go along with UMNO when his admission is already there? Why join a corrupted party? And it is worse when the fact is he joined UMNO when PR is still in opposition ie before 8th March 2008. Is he walking the talk or is he joining UMNO for financial rewards? Ezam should know himself better...It is also shameful for me when Ezam quoted Ibn Khaldun on corruption. If what Ezam say is true, he is implying that all muslims, who are in power, are corrupted. Is that true? Ezam has done injustice to himself and drag all Muslims into it as well. Ezam should clarify his points further, or else he will leave bad imprints on other Muslims who are not corrupted.

On his accussation that PAS, DAP PKR are also corrupted, he should substansiate with facts and figures. Merely quoting disgruntled reps, hearsays and general statements will not buy him any supporters. Not from me, at least.

All in all, I pity Ezam. He is now the scapegoat. Zahid Hamidi is scared to face Husam so who does Zahid call? Ezam. And who is Ezam? For now, he is nobody.He was PKR youth chief, he was Gerak chairman...he was...he is persona non grata...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller

I was doubly disappointed. After much persuasion (on my side), the mindef man decided to call it a quit and Prof Agus, the moderator, kept interrupting Saudara Ezam that made the latter looking like an idiot. The winner of hujah is definitely Prof Agus (albeit his kelantanese slang).

Make it triple disappointment - no YB Husam on TV :(

nightcaller said...

Yeah, me too...fortunately it's only 30 minutes.Just imagine if we have to sit through 60 minutes of Ezam....