Monday, May 11, 2009

1 Perak : LKS offers, Najib says, Anwar pitches...hope

  1. Before I go any further, let me say that this posting is drafted before the high court reads out its judgement on MB Nizar vs MB Zambry's case on who is the legitimate Peark MB.
  2. Malaysian Insider carries the title as "BN moves to clear Perak mess". I say, good strategy, wrong move.
  3. Good strategy when Najib says that BN is willing to co-operate with the opposition parties to resolve Perak's political crisis. Najib was then commenting on Lim Kit Siang's statement that he is willing to meet Najib to discuss Perak political impasse.
  4. Bad move when Najib further says that it does not necessarly mean the formation of Perak coalition government. So what Najib is implying is that, yes, we can sit down and discuss the problem but I am not giving you (opposition) any share of my cake. My cake is mine!
  5. Another equally bad move is when Anwar butted in to say that tyere is no reason for PR to reject the good intentions. Why can't Anwar just stay out of it, for the time being, and let Uncle Lim deals with Najib on this? Afterall, isn't this political impasse happened due to Anwar's PKR's elected reps defection to be BN friendlies?
  6. Reading between the lines, BN is mildly tai chiing the blame by including HRH's name into it. BN is now saying that, on BN's part, they informed HRH that they have the majority and it is HRH's decision to install BN as the Government in February 2009. How convenient of BN to place the blame to the royalty house when they are fully aware that the royalty house has no way to clarify the matter.
  7. BN, in one form or another, being in power for the past 50 years or so should be advising HRH that HRH's decision to install BN as the Government is legally incorrect and further advised HRH on the possible mechanism such as the vote of no confidence or the dissolution of DUN to resolve the political impasse. That, BN did not do and in itself shows BN's flaws and crave for power blinded them from following the proper procedures.
  8. More serious than this, BN has unconsciously implying that HRH accepts those with suspected tainted personalities (Behrang and Changkat Jering) who are openly charged in courts of law to determine the future government of Perak. And we are not talking about accusations of corruption but on their pleasures with imported "China pleasures".
  9. If BN were to follow the proper procedures, I am sure the political impasse will not happen and PR will be fighting, yes, but at least they will accept the "vote of no confidence" if it were properly tabled in the assembly sitting. Yes, Siva may be expelling or suspending certain ADUNs' but that in itself is , for now hearsay, and it it really happens, can be properly challenge.
  10. And that is why, in my earlier posting "Does 1 Perak exist?", a few possible scenarios can be acted out to resolve the political impasse. The scenarios were applicable pre-7th may 2009 and whilst some may still be applicable post 7th May 2009, the basics are still there.
  11. It has been pointed out that HRH should be calling both MB Nizar and MB Zambry together at the same time and whatever decisions made by HRH are read out for both of them to hear, obey and implement. The keyword is both, ie HRH's decision are to both of them. When that happens, then there is no longer the issues of misintepretations, misconceptions, misunderstandings and miscommunications.
  12. Of course, as in any decisions, HRH's decisions may bing joy to one party whilst the other party leaving wounded but the decisions must be respected...
  13. Having saying that, with less than 3 hours before the High court's judgement, let's hope for the following :-
  • The high court will declare that MB Nizar is the righful MB of Perak;
  • The high court advise MB Nizar to seek audience with HRH to resolve the political impasse;
  • MB Nizar, with MB Zambry together, to seek audience with HRH and again request for dissolution of Perak state assembly;
  • For better solution, both Mb Nizar and MB Zambry, seek audience with HRH to get Behrang and Changkat Jering to vacate their seats to pave the way for by-election;
  • MB Nizar offers the formation of unity government to govern Perak;
  • HRH gives MB Nizar and MB Zambry 6 months to work out the unity government, failing which HRH dissolves Perak assembly and calls for statewide elections.
Everybody is working on a better future and hoping for better governance. Najib has to take the first step. Anwar and the rest shall move a step back to allow Perak political impasse be solved amicably, to the best of human justice...

That's my hope, and I know that I am being idealistics...but then again, nothing wrong in hoping for the best for Perak, at least for now. If the 1st rail line is laid in Perak, I did not see any reason why Perak cannot be the starting point for 1 malaysia...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Wenger J Khairy said...

if bn is smart, call an election in perak, its ok if they lose. because if they don't they will not only lose perak, they will lose perhaps the whole country with the execption of johor, negeri,melaka, perlis and sabah next time round.

when nizar was in charge, the ngeh and nga show was such good news for bn, but now, instead we are presented with SUPER NIZAR instead.

I have consistently been against this power grab and have already informed the PM's people that there is no way out either than an election for the reasons above.

nightcaller said...


Although a statewide election will benefit BN in a long run but I disagree with statewide election.

We have been burdened by too many by elections and it is time for us to move forward. The masses are not ready unnecessary Perak state wide election.

For Perak, BN friendlies of Changkat Jering and Behrang needs to vacate their seats. They are the ones who started the whole mess. And let the people decide who should rule Perak by the 2 by-elections. From thereon, a unity govt may work for Perak.

In the event that the 2 BN friendlies refuse to vacate their seats, then there is no other choice but to dissolve the state assembly.