Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nizar: My take is no dissolution...just by-elections...

It seems that MB Nizar still did not get it. He just could not seeks for Perak state assembly dissolution. Why? I tell you why...

It is reported in STAR that Nizar ask for dissolution of Perak state assembly when he had audience with Raja Nazrin yesterday. To request for dissolution is one thing but to be granted with dissolution is another.

My question is why is Nizar going for dissolution when what he can do is to request HRH's intervention to get the 3 (Behrang, Changkat Jering and Jelapang) to vacate their seats? MB Nizar's should demonstrate that he cares for Perak and offer a pragmatic solution to the whole political impasse.

Whilst it should be agreed that the 3 may not want to vacate their seats but MB Nizar should present his facts right to Raja Nazrin by pointing out that the whole Perak mess arisen from the 3, with a little bit of help from EC. MB Nizar shouls use the opportunity to point out why should the whole of Perak be blamed for the misdeeds of these 3? Further, once the 3 seats are vacated, 3 separate by-elections can be called and the winner, either BN or PR, takes it all. I mean governing the state not to take all the 59 seats...

This will be less taxing to the rakyat, less strenous to both BN and PR, less burden to both EC and the police. The only person who may not like it, since he loves the limelight, is Anwar Ibrahim.

Granted that it is not the royalty's duties to "pursuade" the 3 to vacate their seats but for the love of his state, HRH may do it. After all, out of the 3, 2 of them (Behrang and Changkat Jering) have tremendously offended the Muslims who HRH as the head of Perak's religous body can act. Both of them equate "sexual favours" to "sedekah". This is a big no no! By their previous statements of acknowledgements alone, HRH can either banish them or strip them of any titles formerly bestowed to them. That will send a strong message to the masses and politicians that HRH is dead serious in protecting Islam as the official religion of Perak.

Why MB Nizar seeks for dissolution is beyond comprehension. Granted that he has the right t seek dissolution but that will be a big disservice to the rakyat of Perak. Yes, PR smells blood and like the predatory shark, PR is circling for the kill. But will it be "overkill"?

Let's say that MB Nizar gets his wish and HRH dissolves the Perak state assembly and PR wins big. Will that solved the problem? How sure is PR that people of (Osman, Jamaluddin and Hee) their calibre will not be in PR's lineup? Looking at recent records, Anwar has failed to filter out the problematic reps, thus the need for by elections on Bukit Selambau and Penanti. Problematic reps here does not covers only bribery but also individual moral standing, individual performance record, internal bickering etc...So why should PR push the people to go through the process again, when the failure, in the first place, is PR's failure to select the correct candidates.

If, by chance, PR wins big and wins by more than 2/3 majority, what is the significance? Will rakyat be deprived of watchful opposition lawmakers to keep the government in check? Will it let the PR to do witchhunt like what it does in Selangor?

Admitted that PR is popular now. It is the gravy of the month. But PR must take one step at a time. Prove that PR is transparent and place the rakyat's interest before self. If PR can do that, then PR can ask for more in GE 13. For the time being, PR should be contented to governing Perak with 31 for, 28 against.

Put it this way, even if the appellate court goes MB Nizar's way on 21st may 2009, he should seek the same action from HRH. And he can also present the same solution to Najib and Zambry. Najib and Zambry will jump to this offer and will readily volunteer to get the 3 to vacate their seats. Reason? 28 seats for BN is better than 17 seats (if BN can manage to win 17 seats). This, in itself is a golden handshake between PR and BN and I love to witness the occassion, live.

If teh appellate court goes MB Zambry's way? Then it will be a long 3 years for BN...

Some may like what it is said here, some may not whilst the rest just don't what is your stand?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Well it is one of the best solutions , I agree subject to 2 points :-

1) What to do with jumping? This doesnt solve frog jumping again in the next 3 years ! Should there be a fixed agreement before the Sultan Perak that EVERYBODY swears upon banishment no more jumping?

2) the problem is no provision in law or otherwise for Sultan Perak to force the 3 to vacate. If they dont want to, not even BN can force them , much less Sultan, how is Nizar to ask Sultan to do this? How is sultan to do?

nightcaller said...

Anon 9:06

On number 1, u have already answered it urself. Since both BN and PR leaders has basically agree to resolve the Perak political impasse, the "no jumping" agreement should be readily agreed by both sides.

For number 2, as i have said in the posting HRH is the head of religous authority of the state and with the religous "misbehaviour" of Osman and Jamaluddin, HRH as the religous head and the Perak ruler can surely decree for both of them to vacate their seats. Of course they can refuse but would they dare to go against HRH, given that the rakyat are also against them. Their best choice is to vacate their seats.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller

I hope you remember what Mr Speaker YB Sivakumar did after the froggies declared themselves independent - he wanted them to vacate the seats and call for by-elections. But, as you can recall, our SPR thought otherwise. And the rest is history - coup de tat in Perak.

As highlighted by Mr/Ms Anon, theres no provision in law for the Sultan to force the froggies to vacate their seats. YB Nizar knows what's the best step to take Mr Dnightcaller.

Winston Churchill says all men make mistakes but only wise men learn from their mistakes. I hope we learn out lesson well - lets pray that we are always guided to the right direction.

And sir, the road to victory is a long winding road - its never easy but all the hardship endured make us appreciate it better, dont you think?

nightcaller said...


In one of my earlier comments, I have pointed out that EC has jump the gun when they question the validity of the resignation letters.

Yes, there is no provision in law for HRH to force the groffies to quit their seat but as I highlighted also that both BN and PR leaders are now ready to discuss on sttling the issue. This will make things easier. Remember that HRH mentioned about the royalty's role, both written and unwritten.

I trust that HRH is wise enough to request for the froggies to vacate their seats. Part of the reasons has been laid out in my reply to anon and the balance is that the froggies has been "rewarded" for their jumping. On that terms, with BN/PR leaders both agreeing to break the impasse, to influence the froggies to vacate their seats will be easy.

Remember that I have also pointed out that for BN, to maintain their 28 seats is better than to lose all if the assembly is dissolved. PR should be gracios enough to let the case rest with 3 by elections. Going for by elections will have certain backlash. Why punish the rest of Perak when these 3 frogs are the ones who cause the problem?

Yes, victory is long and winding road but don't be fooled. You may think that the water is there but u will find mirages playing tricks on our minds.

It is alright to dream of final victory but at what cost? The time is GE13, prepare for that. In the meantime, PR has to prove that they are able to govern the 5 states before targetting the federal level. As it is now, there are many hiccups in PR led states. This has to be resolved first. Don't be too ambitious, for now...

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller,
the evil of all these is resistance. Thats for you to find out how difficult it is for all PR-controlled states to start working on the right track. If only you know the reality.

Im not ambitious but hopeful. I have nothing to gain for dreaming the final victory.

At what costs? You really talked like Mr Wenger. Everything is money while you fail to see how much we have lost in terms of humanity and justice.

Anyway, thank you for your precious time taken to read and comment. You seem to be in a hurry.

Pleasant evening i wish you sir.

nightcaller said...


Resistance? What resistance? When u are in the driver's seat, u control the game. And how u do that? With a little bit of tact combined with wisdom and lots of patience.

Reality? Reality is like truth. It hurts. But as I said, u have to be patient and patience is the key.

And Fisha, I just realised that you equate me to WJ. Sorry to disappoint you. Although you may see that WJ and me has lots in common, but WJ and me are from different school of thoughts. If you follow WH from his padedoh, bengkel waziboy days, you will see that WJ and me are on opposite teams.

Me, in a hurry? I was finalising my latest posting then. Now, I am back, ready to respond :)

Humanity and justice? Let's talk justice first. Have u read my posting on PKR : Anwar dipersimpangan ? There you will see that I did not see justice when Anwar manouvre for 3 by elections namely Permatang Pauh, Bukit Selambau and Penanti. I see Anwar trying to hide his failures to get the best candidate and he is using the by election to plant his choice. At what cost? After PR has won Kedah and Penang then only his choices are ready to take over and claim the glory? Is that justice?

Yes, granted that BN has failed us. That's why we are climbing on PR's bandwagon to seek humanity and justice. Yet, even this early, Anwar has somewhat failed us...u be the judge...

U see, PR is not using their best available resources. There are many professionals who sweat themselves to give PR these victories and has PR ask for their inputs? No, I don't think so...I should know because I was there too, in my own silent and anon way...

Anonymous said...

Well, when you can go in for the kill, you go all the way. No point of return.
You really sincerely believe that BN is that sincere, play gentleman.At this rate, nothing beneficial for PR to be gracious & magnaminous.The time to be gracious & magnanimous is when PR take over federal government.
There is a chinese,"Winners shall be King, Losers shall be thieves".

Well, why stop at 3? It shall be all or nothing. As for bad choice of candidates, lets have more by election. It's democratic process. I don't think people are tired about. Hey, in the private sector, you are assessed 1/2 year.
In case, BN refuses to let down. They shall die in 13thGE. If then, they wanna play dirty. can start migrating......


nightcaller said...

Looes 74

Yes, when u go for the kill, you go all the way. That time is GE 13.

I still maintain at 3 because that 3 plunge Perak into what it is and I sincerely hope that 21st May belongs to Nizar.

If we keep on going for by elections due to bad choices of candidates then we shall be facing endless by elections? When that happens, the only happy people are politicians and we shall be slaving our way to campaigned for whatever sides we choose. How much do party workers have to sacrifice?

I say, wait for GE13. Tak kan lari gunung di kejar. As for now PR has to strengthened and formalise their pact. Register PR first.

In GE 12, we have many activists, whistle blowers, partyless individuals under different PR banners, now is the time for PR to break them in. Choose whichever platform suitable for them. It is no point going forward and going for the kill when PR's lineup is still in disarray. One say west, one say east, one says go north whilst the balance flies south. U see, as a whole PR is collectively like 3 blindmen describing an elephant.

One touch the trunk, one touch the body and the last touch the ears. Can they effectively describe what an elephant looks (feels) like? I rest my case...

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller,

Lend your hands, ears and brain to PR. Let them know.

It is time to be proud that you can help them to change this nation.

p.s. Bloggers United. No Fear? why anonymity?

nightcaller said...

It is better to stay has its advantage...afterall Zorro has now who else left as masked avenger?