Thursday, May 21, 2009

1 Selangor's PR : 1 for you, 1 for me...that's what you see

Updated news : LKS says Selangor state assembly should not suspend Khir. - Malaysian insider (23rd May 2009)
1. PR claims that they serve the people. Is suspension one of them?

2. Malaysiakini reported that former MB Khir Toyo was slapped with one year suspension from the house. The Selangor assembly's powerful rights and privileges committee suspended Khir Toyo for his absence from Balqis enquiry and for criticising SELCAT in his blog.

3. Now, when is the effective date of the suspension?
Will it be from 20th May 2009 or will it take effect after his suspension is discussed during the assembly sitting scheduled in July 2009? And if it will take effect from July, isn't the rights and privilege committee jumping the gun?

4. Is this tit for tat? BN had suspended Teng Chang Kim for 30 months in 2005 when he was the state assemblyman. Back then, Teng threw the standing order into the waste paper basket. Now that Teng is the current chairman of the assembly’s Rights and Privileges Committee, is he dishing out his "revenge"?

5. Think about it. Which of the wrongdoing is more serious, throwing the standing order or failing to attend the Balqis enquiry? I would say that throwing the standing order is more serious offence. Here, rightly or wrongly, Teng had insulted the assembly when he threw the standing order into the waste paper basket.

6. PR has govern Selangor since March 2008. They have Selangor Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) for better governance. The problem is,has Selcat achieved what it is suppose to do? Is it an open license for witchhunts? Is it only meant for past mistakes and misuse? What about present abuse of power? Is PR so perfect that they have not abuse power at all? If they never abuse power, then we all must be in Xanadu...

7. Khalid's Selangor has time and time again is at odds with BN especially with Khir Toyo. Is it turning into a personal vendetta? After Khalid, now its Teng's turn to turn the heat on Khir. After them, who else is in line?

8. PR should do some soul searching and prove that they are not on specific witchhunt against Khir. PR, as Selangor's government of the day, can do much better than that. Continual victimising Khir is not good to PR.

9. Khir may be guilty for failing to turn up during the Balqis enquiry but is suspension the last resort? I am sure there are other options and alternatives available to the committee. Unless, of course, the committee decided to choose the harshest punishment available. You decide...If all else fails, the committee can always pass their findings to the police for further investigations. That can be done, isn't it?

10. On Khir's continual criticising Selcat, he maybe wrong. But then again, even Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim continually criticise federal government through their blogs and yet they are not called to face the committee. So why double standard treatment for Khir Toyo?

11. PR harped about their justice and fairness. When things don't go PR's way, it is double standard so what do you call when PR do it to BN? Fair? Serves them right? Must it always be "they against us" attitude?

12. We can go on and on on this but suffice to say that this must stop now. PR or BN, I don't care, they should go for "people first, performance now". I rest my case.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

You can throw the ridiculuos standing order but but you dont abuse people's money. Thats very wrong.

Sgor State used to be this LMO's Inc., remember? Semua "MENURUT PERINTAH GUE". So, it is natural to see (glaringly) that the mother of all problems is the LMO. Yes, Back at ONE.

For all the wrong things you seen in PR, perhaps you could take notice of how professional SELCAT was conducted. That speaks volume.

Anonymous said...

Suspension of 'elected' member of parliaments is WRONG, pure and simple!

Not just selangor, what about Pandikar, is it fair to suspend Gobind for a year? for what? name calling??

Name calling has existed in parliament for years!!

why dont u comment on that?

To me, no elected member can be suspended, any proposal to suspend must be evaluated by a non partisan 3 person body to decide and this body only reports to the Agong!

Thats fair.

If you want to remove Tengs power, I agree, pls also remove Hitler Pandikar's power also.

nightcaller said...


OK, let's say that u have a valid point that Selcat is professional. If that is the case, why not the priviledge committee just announce that they will present their report and recommendation to be debated and decided in the next state assembly sitting.

My key point is why jump the gun? By jumping the gun, PR has already false start. 2 false starts and u are out, my friend. Is that what PR is aiming for? DQ?

Anon 11.49

Suspension on elected members, either at state level or parliament should be avoided, regardless of whatever political alignment the reps are from.

IN the case of Gobind, the Puchong pub, he is more interested in needling the speaker and that is unnecessary. The speaker has given him enough reminders and chances to retract his statement or to sit down. If Gobind cannot understand simple malay of "sudah lah YB, duduk"...then he has a lot to learn. Gobind may feel that he is wronged, if that is so, then he should take the initiative to meet the speaker in private to apologise. IGobind did not do that. Is he going for recor of being the rep with the most frequent suspension? He deserve what he gets.

Eventhough I feel that Gobind deserved to be suspended, but the suspension period and no allowance is a little bit too much. Gobind, in fact all the parliamentary reps should appeal the "no allowance" decision by Pandikar.

Do you think I will let BN reps off the hook? I wm also equally disgusted with some BN reps who degrade our women with their double meaning words. Parliament is not kopitiam where sex innuendos can be openly discussed. Unfortunately, so far the speaker has only issue verbal warning regarding this.I call for suspension without pay for parliamentarians who purposely blurted out sexist remarks...

There u have it...3 person body to report to Agung? Not necessary for the moment. There are enough committees in parliament to handle them.

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