Friday, May 08, 2009

Of Perak : 2 MBs', 2 speakers and 1 Raja Nazrin...what else?

Rocky posted Nizar rebuked by Nazrin

"Beta tak mahu masuk campur. [I don't want to get involved in this]. I just want to give my speech, so respect my speech, when I am giving it. You understand that? If you want tto work with me in future, you have to respect my speech. Understand? "So go and tell that (to the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen who had stood together in front of the royal dais) to take their seats." - Raja Dr Nazrin Shah
  1. Master blogger Rocky posted it as "Royal rebuke". I would call it differently. But before I proceed any further, I will follow Sak's "This is my personal opinion only" stand.
  2. The above was what Rocky wrote as what Raja Nazrin said. And that is after almost 6 hours of standoff between BN and PR Perak lawmakers.
  3. Me? I still remember when, as a young kid, we were instructed by our teachers to make a beeline to the roadsides with a small state flag. There, by the roadside, we were each given ais krim potong (there is no walls or magnolia ice creams then) to quest our thirst. Sometimes 3 or 4 hours later, the ruler will passby the road next to our school and we were there waving our flags frantically shouting "Daulat Tuanku".
  4. The motorcade never stopped, never slowed down, it just zoomed fast and past. No winding of doors, no waving hands, nothing - and as school kids we were later bunched back to our classes.
  5. So, Raja Nazrin has to bear with the inconvenience of waiting for almost 6 hours to let grown up children to let off their steam. What is 6 hours of wait in a lifetime? Just compare to , say 1000 schoolchildren waiting 4 hours to wave the state flags for the royal motorcade of say twice a year. That will work out to 8000 schoolchildren hours compared to 6 hours of royalty inconvenience.
  6. And to top it up, don't blame those BN and PR lawmakers. They are only acting out what their leaders instructed them to do. Blame it on 1 Malaysia PM6. And whilst we are at the blaming mode, blame it also on whoever advised 1 Malaysia PM6 that that is the best way to snatch Perak from PR.
  7. Perak royalty should appreciate that things did not go worst on 7th May 2009. At least, the circus stops at 2 MBs' and 2 speakers. Fortunately, it did not spread to, god forbid, 2 royals. If BN is in PR's shoes, that might, in reality, happen. Don't believe that that is possible? Remember the time when Anuar Musa (yeah, the guy from Kelantan UMNO) elevated 1 royalty as the Sultan of Kelantan?
  8. If UMNO can do that in Kelantan, what or who can stop them from doing the same in Perak? But, as I say it earlier, that may only happen if UMNO was in PR's shoes on 7th May 2009.
  9. Rocky may call it a royal rebuke, others may termed it as a royal plead. It is what sells the papers. Royal rebuke is definitely more sellable than royal plead.
  10. However, Raja Nazrin, a gentleman and blueblood that he is, may be asking PR's favour to let him gave his speech which Nizar humbly obeyed. There is no threat here...none whatsoever.
  11. Remember, in the event that PR governs the state, either by the coming 11th May judgement or by elections or by re-defection of BN/BN friendly lawmakers, the monarchy is obliged to work with the government of the day. Unless, Rocky can show a legally binding constitution that states the constitutional monarchy can choose his own government. If there is, then we may as well discard the need for elections.
  12. By the way, is the elevator microphone also on when Raja Nazrin took it with Nizar? Maybe, our learned friends can tell us what were the conversations in the elevator. No conversations? Nah...not possible. Anyone care to speculate?
  13. 2 MBs', 2 speakers, 1 Raja is high time to revert to 1 Perak, 1MB, 1 speaker and 1 Raja has a nicer ring to it...just in case it gets lost along the way, this posting should be taken with a little bit of salt, no puns intended...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Me waiting to throw the shoe at Rocky

nightcaller said...


Relax...Rocky got to do what he has to do. If u have additional pair of shoes, donate it to the needy. Throwing shoes is not part of our customs, it is Arab's customs :)

Wenger J Khairy said...

Hey Mr Night Caller,
Once again I would like to have joined up with you guys but as i have mentioned the reasons for my no show.

Nice posting, I too think this was way over board and a big black mark to the BN. By the way, I am a bit confused, everything about what you write and your chosen persona seems to suggest a gentleman in the late 40s, but this posting seems to context your age to perhaps late 30s.

nightcaller said...

Wow, flattered me. Just by 1 posting, u managed to reduce my age by 10 years...

but, then again, there are syndicated reruns for the series...30, 40 what does it matters? If my name is "Muda", I will be forever young :)