Sunday, August 23, 2009

PKR is drowning, will Anwar keep it afloat?

So, what is Anwar's next move? Is he still thinking of another 916? For those who forgets, 916 is 16th September when Anwar predicted that PR will take over from BN in running Malaysia. That was a year ago and that date passed with Anwar failing to prove his prediction. If Anwar has any thoughts of declaring another 916, my say is it is better for Anwar to keep his prediction to himself and spare the trouble of anxious waits from both BN and PR camps.

  1. PKR is now facing peatfire and Anwar should be going in now to control and extinguish the fire.
  2. When its partner is smelling another victory in Permatang Pasir, PKR's ship is leaking in two different states.
  3. First up is the announcement from Kedah. Lunas assemblyman, Mohd Radzhi Salleh, who declared that he quits PKR and remains an independent assemblyman whilst retaining his state executive council post.
  4. His reasons for quiting PKR? His loss of confidence towards PKR's leadership. PKR's initial response? Radzhi's resignation could be triggered by MACC's investigation into his tourism portfolio whilst at the same time declared that PKR is dissatisfied over his performance.
  5. Before this, Khalid Ibrahim of Selangor on 20th Augut 2009 has advised one Badrul Hisham Abdullah, Pelabuhan Kelang assemblyman, to resign if he canot serve the people.
  6. In short, this is unbecoming of PKR. I have written about this way back on 28th May 2009 that PKR must put its house in order. THree months has passed and still Anwar failed to get his act together.
  7. Anwar is busy accussing BN of trying to politically chop him down that he did not spend enough time to reinforce PKR. Is this the best Anwar can do? No doubt PKR is led by his wife, Wan Azizah but everyone knows who runs the show.
  8. Just imagine what PKR elected reps has put us through? By-elections in Permatang Pauh, Bukit Selambau, Penanti and Perak fiasco is contributed by PKR's reps of Changkat Jering and Behrang.
  9. In short, PKR has proved that it is a party that failed to carry out a thorough check on its candidates. It is a greenhorn party that happens to be taking advantage of the groundswell that put BN in its place. However, in doing that, PKR is exposed to a "sudden" prominence beyond its expectations. And now, that prominence is backfiring on PKR.
  10. Has anyone notice the absence of PKR's deputy, Syed Husin, from its national scene? Is PKR solely run by Anwar Ibrahim? With support from Azmin Ali, Tian Hua, Gobalakrishnan, Khalid Ibrahim and their youth chief? What about the rest?
  11. PKR can divert the media attention by accussing MACC of investigating Radzhi but is that the real issue? Others can blame MACC of "selective" investigation but to me, nobody should question MACC when they carry out investigation. It is their duty to investigate when there is a report made. Pure and simple. If there is an element of selective persection, it must be addressed separately in a different forum. Afterall, what is the use of setting up numerous MACC advisory panels if they cannot function?
  12. If indeed Radzhi is being investigated, let it be. MACC is doing their job and Radzhi must answer for his actions. Being a PKR rep and EXCO does not give him the immunity from being investigated.
  13. So, what is Anwar's next move? Is he still thinking of another 916? For those who forgets, 916 is 16th September when Anwar predicted that PR will take over from BN in running Malaysia. That was a year ago and that date passed with Anwar failing to prove his prediction. If Anwar has any thoughts of declaring another 916, my say is it is better for Anwar to keep his prediction to himself and spare the trouble of anxious waits from both BN and PR camps.
  14. It is time for Anwar to steer PKR from further trouble. His PR partners are doing fine. DAP and PAS, with their experience and strong leadership are still intact. What about PKR? It seems that PR's ship is having a big gash on PKR's side. When will Anwar acts?
  15. Anwar is known to be an orator. A good one, no doubt. But talking without action is nothing. What PKR needs now is strong action to arrest the problems. Who can do that? Anwar? He may be putting his priority wrong and thinks more about his sodomy case than on how to salvage PKR. Syed Husin? He is nowhere to be seen and honestly he is too soft to bring out the whip.
  16. Khalid Ibrahim? He is besieged in Selangor and cannot do much outside Selangor. Azmin Ali? He is too dependent on Anwar and he has been at odds with many PKR leadership to command support.
  17. Tian Hua? With him around, PKR may end up as a party willing to stand in front of police personnel cars. Gobala? Too busy fighting off police arrest. Zulkifli Nordin? He will scare the non-muslims away with his hard stand. Cikgu Bard? Then it will just be PKR vs KJ and not PKR vs BN....
  18. Where am I heading then? It shows that there is no credile leader in PKR to come forward and take charge. Everyone is on his own. Everyone has his own agenda. Radzhi has declared that he is a nationalist. That means he is better suited to be in UMNO ranks. That said, it is hard to see Radzhi joining PAS because PAS's concept is based on religous approach and not nationalistic approach.
  19. Badrul Hisham? His problem is his mental capability. One friendly blogger, Zorro, describes him as a person who could not care less.
  20. The people has rise to occassion in showing BN who is the boss. The question now is - Do PKR perform to the peoples' expectation? And why did I single out PKR? Because there is not much problem coming from DAP and PAS camps. No doubt DAP and PAS has some hiccups here and there but not to the extent of causing a pandemic-like problems.
  21. The people will still stand by PR if there is by-elections if that by-elections are due to legitimate vacancy but I doubt the people will stand by PR if by-elections are made necessary due to resignation (like the one by Radzhi) or forced medical reasons (if it happens to Badrul Hisham).
  22. Finally, Anwar has to ask himself - is it worth it? Is his selfglorification more important than the nation? By that, Anwar has to trascend above races and think about Malaysians. Do he has the fighting spirit to carry on or will he choose to think about himself before he thinks about Malaysia?
  23. Anwar must realise that he is not Nelson Mandela nor is he on the same platform as Gandhi. If he choose to be Hassan al-Banna then he better act as one. The choice is still his and I will be watching carefully...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Wong Ka Wai said...

PR will get stronger after this,

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cikgu said...

itsbetter to get rid of rotten tomatoes to save the good ones. that Lunas guy wants to save his life just like the two PKR frogs from Perak.

nightcaller said...


You may be correct but the fact still remains that PKR has not done a good job in screening their candidates in 2008.

The only consolation is BN is not doing a good job either when selecting their candidate for Permatang Pasir...

and talking about rotten many more do PKR have? Will these rotten tomatoes decide the outcome of who will govern Selangor and Kedah?

Anonymous said...


Give it time, the biggest problem, the sole single source of all of PKR''s problems is that NOBODY and i can say 110% sure, NOBODY expected the results of PRU 12, least of all PKR.

I think DSAI himself expected a lot of his own candidates to lose, suddenly even the half past six candidates was swept into office on the back of the people's disgust against Barisan Najis.

Come PRU 13, i think it will be a different story, PKR of all the 3 parties have been attracting all the good people.

People like Chua Jui Meng, Zaid Ibrahim, Tan from Klang, theres that Gerakan fella all have joined PKR.

I believe their candidature standard will improve with a quantum leap come PRU 13.

I believe !!!!

Ramesh said...

PKR + BN, Possiblilty????

nightcaller said...

Anon 12:24

Time waits for no one. And how do u see PR (especially PKR) going to face the people and admit that they have put half past six candidates in GE 12? Looking in retrospect, PKR should just surrender the seats where they cannot find suitable candidates to DAP or PAS.

At least with DAP or PAS, u have hardened, election proven guys who stand by their party through thick and thin.

Yes, there are an exodus of Gerakan and other noted ppl to PKR lately but the question is - do they join PKR because they believe in PKR or they are looking for opportunities in the coming GE 13?


PKR + BN? In politics everything is possible but on this one the possibility is remote. Anwar wants to be PM and Najib is now the PM. Do u think Najib will give way? The same goes to Muhyiddein, zahid and Hishamuddein - do u think that they will make way for Anwar?

Having said that, PKR + BN is a no go from the beginning....

Anonymous said...

The problem with surrendering seats to DAP and PAS during PRU 13 is this -

DSAI will not have an easy time convincing DAP and PAS to let him become PM of Malaysia if PKR is but a junior partner.

Other than this, I think your suggestion makes perfect sense.

PAS and DAP is battle harderned. Nobody jumps. PKR howevere we all know, big portion of all their members are ex-UMNO.

nightcaller said...

Anon 1:55

Do not count the chicks before they are hatched. The same goes to Anwar and PKR. PR does not have the majority in parliament yet and it will still be the same in GE 13.

For PR to make major breakthrough in their "road to Putrajaya", they have to win the hearts and the minds of Sabah and Sarawak. Can Anwar and PR do that?

PR has failed in Batang Ai and the way it goes, they still have a long way to go...and finally I did not see Anwar as the PKM (not that I am against it but his health factor may be a determining factor). leading the nation.

I will look at someone born post 1957. Someone versatile but energetic. PAS has some, DAP got some but so far I have not seen that in PKR. Anwar has to look for solutu\ions now or forever he wiull be remembered as the "one who let it (Malaysia, chance to govern Malaysia) go away"....

Anonymous said...

I agree on Sabah and Sarawak.

But what I meant to say is for the first Opposition PM (if ever it happens despite Sabah and Sarawak) it has to be DSAI. It CANNOT b someone from DAP or from PAS.

The PM will not last longer than a month, only DSAI can hold PAS and DAP together.

It needs time to gel. Problem with this is UMNO constantly playing devil behind the scenes playing DAP against PAS, if either of this takes the PM ship , v v v hard.

Unless its somebody like Nizar from PAS or Tunku Aziz from DAP, the super moderates.



nightcaller said...

Anon 2:32

If ever there is, DSAI seems to be the right choice. At least he can hold the fragile understanding together and he is quite acceptable to Sabah and Sarawak.

Knowing how BN operates, it is their modus operandi to create distrust between hardliners DAP and PAS. An they may succeed with their moles well hidden in the administration and ministries.

Chairman Kaga

Bubar DUN? Untuk masa sekarang tak perlu lagi kerana DUN Kedah agak stabil kalau dibandingkan dengan Perak dulu. Tetapi tidak mustahil Azizan membubarkan DUN Kedah dan hantar mereka ke Pulau ...tetapi tak perlulah Pulau Ambalat...Pulau Jerejak atau Pulau Bidong pun dah cukup...heh heh heh...

Tapi persoalannya - siapa yang larat nak bubar DUN lagi...letih ....

Anonymous said...

Actually I for one wish that we bubar DUN not just Kedah but also Selangor.


I believe in winning even bigger majorities in the DUN to show that the rakyat is strongly for Pakatan and against Barisan Najis.

Am I scared of UMNO when it comes to a statewide contest? We should strike fear into them!!

Secondly we clean house good and proper man!! Get rid of all the remaining half past six people. People like Radzhi and Badrul.

I for one think if we go state wide by elections in Kedah and Selangor, we win even bigger!!!

We = Pakatan :)

nightcaller said...

Anon 3:21

A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush. maybe u are very opportunistic that PR will wipe BN out if Selangor and Kedah go to the polls again.

Think again. Whilst PKR take that chance to claen their act, don't u think BN will standby idly? BN will also take that chance to clean their act and bring in new faces, even from the academics background.

PR will be going in with brimming confidence but at the same time will be jostling at those seats currently held by BN.

BN will use all its machinery, MSM and what nots to win and with only 2 states at stake, they can splash money, goodies to win back Selangor and Kedah....whilst at the same time split up PR's fragile understanding.

Anonymous said...

If I understand how BeeEnd works, no way will they bring in new faces.

Toyol will still b the joker running their Selangor campaign.

You see NC, I dont hate BeeEnd just for the sake of hating it.

I hate BeeEnd for all it stands for , corruption, the divisional warlords who MUST remain corrupt to maintain their positions and for them to do that, they will ensure they will be the ones standing for elections.

it will be the same sorry bunch.

if indded BeeEnd can reform and put in a fresh slate of candidates, maybe I will support it.

However, i think it will be more of the same, ie that tempe chewing idiot!

nightcaller said...

Anon 4:33

That tempe eating doc will be gone soon. His baggage is too heavy to carry BN through.

If BN is looking for its survival, they have to put in fresh faces. After all, Khir toyo lost in his bid to be UMNO youth head.

On the other side, Khalid, Eli Wong, Teresa may have to think hard whether to defend their state seats or let others take over. Khalid and Teresa needs to spend more time and energy in their role as MPs'.

BN as opposition for another term has a nice ring to it. If and only if PR can come out united.

looes74 said...

I am pretty speechless after reading the latest Malaysia Insider's article on Hassan Ali. I am not going to say more. You just read. Seriously, Khalid Samad is far better. Something PAS can do without
And that Nasharudin Tantawi. Yes, the Moses thingy. Seriously, these PAS goons must be sent to CWO. In China, it's called reeducation. Lao Kai. We can only pray that Nik Aziz has long life. Of all the groups, this Tantawi wanna ban Micheal Learns to rock.

Since when Micheal Learns to Rock can spoilt muslims' mind. Of my goodness.......Hey, there are plenty of long hair....beep...beep...even worse.....Those seniors who got free haircuts in the 70s even worst........Aiyoh.....Saya ingat saya nak mengamuk dah....
I am waiting what this Tantawi gonna say about this....By the way, he still cannot answer the Moses thingy.
Moses give ultimatum to Pharoah....No dialogue. Be it Torah, Bible, Quran says the same thing. I am beri sure about it. What say ye, Tantawi

nightcaller said...


Honestly, I do not know what get into Hassan Ali's mind. He has thi stendency to issue statements at crucial times. When PAS is at the final leg in Permatang Pasir, he issued this statement. Is it coincidence or purposely done? I would agree with you that Khalid Samad is more practical and so is Dr Zul.

As for MLTR, I have no specific objection to that. This is a boy band group. If they choose to go after Rihanna, I would understand. Maybe this Tantatwi guy can also start going after those Bollywood stars too. My point is why zoom in on foreign artiste? If they want to do that, go after he local starlets first - I would love to see how he handles CT Nurhaliza, Ramlah Ram, Sharifah Aini and the such. When we are trying to move forward, this guy is going against the flow.

And I believe you understand a lil bit of Bahasa - this is what we say "menentang arus" and "tidak berhikmah"...

looes74 said...

I am reading quite a lot of interesting article from Ktemoc's blogs. Frankly, I don't agree with him 100%. I am still pissed with certain articles especially Anwar. Yours are better, Nightcaller. More well balanced & neutral
The recent article really interests me a lot. Seriously, lawmakers must make this an important mission. This is about family value. We wouldn't wanna daddy raping little gals. Where is Hassan Ali?

looes74 said...

Guess what! The Sultan is giving warning to Hassan Ali. You can say the Sultan is seeking explanation. There you go, it explains how competence. Frankly, I would not want him to be MB Selangor. Better still, change with Khalid Samad or Dzul

nightcaller said...


The recent article on family value. Which one is it? I will try to look into ktemoc's blog and see whether u are refering to one of hos posting.

On Hassan Ali, that's why I am quite sus[picous on his statements. It has a far reaching effects. I would prefer him to give his proposals in the weekly EXCO meetings for vetting. It seems that his statements are hanging (in the air) and that confused everybody. Mind you that he is a professional motivator and as such i expect him to do better in providing his statements complete with plausible reasoings...

And yes, I truly believe that Khalid Samad and Dr Zul can do a better job (if given the chance)....