Tuesday, August 11, 2009

KJ defends Utusan, so what?

And mind you that the man from Rembau is not off the mill guy. He is the UMNO pemuda youth chief. The one, as some friendly ronin claimed, nearly wrest Manek Urai from PAS. The one from Oxford and at one time said to be the richest unemployed man in Malaysia.

  1. Mingguan Malaysia, datelined 26th July 2009 printed an article by Mohd Ridhuan Tee titled "Nasib Melayu di bumi Melayu". An online news portal, Malaysian Insider upload it and registered 83 comments regarding the article.
  2. Following the article, a family member of a recently deceased politician demanded Ridhuan to retract his statement and to offer apologies to the family. To this, Ridhuan replied in Mingguan Malaysian on 2nd August.
  3. Utusan did not stop there. On 4th August 2009, Utusan printed out an article "Melayu jangan jadi bacul".
  4. When asked about Utusan's writing, Muhyiddin says that it is press freedom. Is this press freedom applicable to all? Or is it special for Utusan and the select few? Will Muhyidin says the same if other newspapers touch on the same subject but with opposing views?
  5. In due course, Utusan was heavily criticised for running "sensitive" issues. Our man from Rembau comes running, defending Utusan and in the process :-

    • claim that the public has been unfair in targetting Utusan only;
    • accused DAP for being responsible for racial tension;
    • was surprised that he was accused of being a divisive leader;
    • stressed that Malaysians should not be too sensitive;
    • stressed that Malaysians learn to respect the interest of other communities;
    • said he will not accuse MCA or Gerakan of being racist if they bring up issues that involve their race like Chinese schools or the use of Chinese language;
    • added that Malaysians should not be quick to label people as racists;
    • he did not want people like Jeff Ooi calling Islam extremists;
    • said that opposition led by DAP was the responsible party that began racial labelling;
    • said we (does he mean UMNO?) only want to protect Malay rights and not attack other people;
    • ridiculed PR for being an unregistered party;

  6. Now, the catch is his statements were not reported on MSM. Instead, Malaysian Insider picks up the statement. Why? Is he not newsworthy? Are the MSM sending a subtle message here? Is this another of those selective coverage by the MSMs'?
  7. And mind you that the man from Rembau is not off the mill guy. He is the UMNO pemuda youth chief. The one, as some friendly ronin claimed, nearly wrest Manek Urai from PAS. The one from Oxford and at one time said to be the richest unemployed man in Malaysia.
  8. Jesting aside, it will be good if this man can rebut our rebuttal :-

    • Utusan has allowed the sensitive articles to be printed in it's papers. Utusan should know that the sensitive articles will have adverse response and as such should not blame the public for questioning Utusan's motives;
    • he should not start blaming DAP for causing racial tension when he himself has cause an uproar years back when he was UMNO deputy pemuda head. This is like calling the kettle black;
    • there is nothing surprising about allegations that he is a divisive leader.
    • Malaysians should be sensitive because if we failed to be sensitive, then one day we will lose our identity;
    • Malaysians has been known to respect the interest of other communities. We care for the downtrodden, we send aids to areas affected by natural disasters;
    • if he will not accuse MCA or Gerakan, why can't he extended the same to other political parties? Isn't Gerakan suppose to be a multi-racial party? If Gerakan can be included, why can't he include DAP, as well? Or PAS or MIC or PPP?
    • who is quick to label others as racists? Isn't this the works of his followers in Pemuda UMNO? Why must he make a general statement? If it is his own followers who are quick to brand others as racist, call them so. If it is others, name them. No need to beat around the bush.
    • UMNO protect Malay rights? I don't think so. What UMNO protects is their own. UMNO has been proven to take away Malay rights. Remember when the King's powers were reduced by Mahathir? Isn't that the works of UMNO? Is that protecting Malay rights?
    • ridiculing PR will not lead him anywhere. PR is unregistered (for the time being) because they do not have the pre-requisite 7 party to form a coalition, as called by the law. Why should he be a busybody to matters not related to his party?

  9. To me, the man from Rembau should ask himself - why isn't he given the coverage in MSM? Why were his statements defending Utusan not reported in Utusan itself? Is his statements defending Utusan appreciated by Utusan? Is he "hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong"?
  10. Maybe MSM will pick up the statements and consider it newsworthy later, perhaps during the height of Permatang Pasir's campaign period.
  11. The man from Rembau should start thinking hard whether his presence is essential in Permatang Pasir or not. Why not he take a break and give Permatang Pasir a pass? See how BN fare in his absence. Someone says "Absence makes the heart grows fonder", maybe that is the best move he should make and let BN and UMNO big shots beg for his presence in Permatang Pasir. After all, if Permatang Pasir falls to UMNO, does he think that he can claim the credit? Does he think that the leaders will see his true worth?
  12. As EC has already warned of pondok panas and last minute canvassing, his absence will surely calm things down. His presence and antics has always become a flashing point leading to "near blows", without fail. So, in this coming Ramadan, the man from Rembau is better off visiting the many dotting suraus and masjids in Rembau. What say you, do you agree?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

I think KJ will b there.

UMNO can smell blood after Manek Urai, they may think since they can go into PAS land and end up just 65 votes short of causing an earth shattering upset, whats to stop them from trying the same in Permatang Pasir?

All will come to PP to seek glory , most of all KJ.

Still, I see them losing.

But they will slash the majority down.


nightcaller said...

Anon 9:37 am
Yes, KJ will be there sensing blood like sharks circling its intended victim.

But the question is - why should KJ be there sharing the carcass? Is it not better if he can becomes a tiger, preying on its victim alone and bathe in glory for its "victory"?

Unless, of course if KJ has joined the rest and is just a member of the predators...

Anonymous said...

Lets see how this turns out.

With all this Utusan antics and the Teoh affair, i think the chinese and Indian votes will still be behind Pakatan all the way.

What i am not sure though with all these UMNO and Utusan sabre rattling, how much of the Malay vote will they garner.

if , as i expect, they gain on the Malay vote, and thus, slashing the majority down, expect UMNO in the coming mths to continue on their 'racist' tones even more as they champion Ketuanan Melayu.

nightcaller said...

Anon 1:38
UMNO and Utusan may continue with its ramblings, the quesions is - how many read Utusan now?

Yes, BN will make some gains in Malay votes (as it is expected during the by-election) but it may not be enough to win Permatang Pasir. The issues against BN is ISA abolishment and the corruption cases which is just for show (refer Kasitah Gadam's case).

However, the selection of candidate is also vital in determining the winner. As for the 3rd possible candidate, the guy just loves to be in the limelight although his chances of winning is next to impossible.