Thursday, August 13, 2009

BN's house of cards shaking...again

BN's house of cards is shaking and this time around, the base of the house of cards is shaking. If the foundation goes, the cards will tumble...and that is something Najib dreads, day in day out...

  1. The past few weeks must have been hectic for PR. With accusations that they are behind the anti-ISA rally, stoking racial tension and what nots, PR it seems will have a tough time to retain Permatang Pasir in the coming by-election.
  2. KJ's statement on 10th August 2009 claiming that "Barisan Nasional is the real deal" may have left PR rattled to the core. Or so it seems...
  3. Then, in a space of less than 2 days...BN's house of cards start shaking.
  4. Tiong's SBDP claimed that he handed RM 10M to MCA's Ong for MCA's activities. The claim came after MCA's Lee Hwa Beng filed a police report on Tiong's KDSB's dubious claims in PKFZ project.
  5. Touching on MCA, the internal bickering and manouvering between Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek is another sore point in MCA. Fortunately this has not been in the frontpage news for the last couple of days.
  6. Khir Toyo revealed on 12th August 2009 that MIC's Samy Vellu called him to demolish a temple just days before Deepavali way back in 2007.
  7. Khor Toyo's revealation may shun the Indians from supporting MIC. The time revealation may see some shift in ground support for the upcoming MIC party elections, including the looming MIC youth and MIC wanita elections slated to be held on 16th August 2009.
  8. Hishamuddein announced on 12th August 2009 that PPP's Kayveas is the rightful party president thus stranding T Murugiah who also claimed that he is the "elected" president of the party.
  9. So where does that leave T Murugiah? Will he still be in Najib's cabinet? Or will this announcement give Kayveas the chance to rid T Murugiah and banish him from BN politics? Will this announcement force T Muruguiah to seek shelter under PR? Will PR accept him?
  10. As for UMNO, on 12th August 2009 Zahid Hamidi fired the first salvo hoping to deter UMNO leaders and members from sabotaging BN's candidate in the upcoming Permatang Pasir by-election. It shows that UMNO's line is cracking in Permatang Pasir and Zahid may need all the help to pluck the leaks.
  11. Zahid Hamidi may be worried because anything can happen in UMNO. On last record that there are 5 finalist for BN's possible candidate, the 4 "unsuccessful" finalist may opt to sit out from active campaigning and worse, may backstab the candidate. This is UMNO's culture, something can never change in UMNO.
  12. Independently, the news may not be a major issue but collectively it may snowballed into a serious problem for Najib and the gang. Although there is no new news regarding Gerakan's woes in suspending their popular VP, it is an issue to be addressed in Permatang Pasir.
  13. So there you have it. 6 BN component parties in the news within a space of less than 2 days. All with problems of their own.
  14. Arithmetically 6 out of 13 component parties are in the spotlight within the space of less than 2 days. That's 46 % or almost half of the component members. And if we go by the numbers and the party's strength, all of BN's peninsular component parties are facing problems. This is definitely bad news for Najib.
  15. Looking back, is this the reason why PR has been relentless "attack" by MSM, the authorities, BN political leaders for the past few weeks? Is this another of BN's diversion? And if you choose to look closely, you may swear that BN even use the Rulers to get at PR.
  16. Najib wants Selangor back. Mahathir too wants Selangor back under BN. What they get is Perak's Sivakumar calling for Perak state assembly sitting on 2nd September 2009. And this is another headache that Najib can live without. What will BN do now? This time, who will be used to stop or bar or prevent the assembly sitting? Another "under the tree" sitting?
  17. Frankly, Najib may not be feeling at ease right now. If Najib can spend time visiting batu Caves last weekend, it is time for Najib to spend more time on the mat looking for divine answers and clues. Can Najib do that?
  18. BN's house of cards is shaking and this time around, the base of the house of cards is shaking. If the foundation goes, the cards will tumble...and that is something Najib dreads, day in day out...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

If I was Najis I will sacrifice MCA but no matter what, got to keep Tiong and the Sarawakians happy.

The Peninsular chinese for sure is going to send MCA to its grave in PRU 13 and nothing, i mean NOTHING can change that fact now.

Barisan Najis is just hoping for UMNO to survive (thus playing Malay supremacy to the hilt, they dont care now what the chinese and indians feel) PLUS retain Sabah and Sarawak.

Mebbe they can still hold on to thin majority with the above.

So, to hell liao with the Peninsular non-Malays. You guys on your own.

nightcaller said...

For the time being, MCA is BN's liability. Together Ong TK and Chua SL needs to redefine MCA's directions, failing which MCA well be relegated to another side show in BN's showpiece.

Najib needs Sarawak and Sabah now. Nothing else matters. It depends on how good Sarawak
and Sabah can nego with Najib.