Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's yours is mine, what's mine is still mine...

  1. When PKFZ issue first broke the scene, previous Ministers of Transport has use their office to deny the project is facing serious problems. Not until the continuous public pressure force the government to engage supposedly independent third party to check the PKFZ project.
  2. Soon, irregularities surfaced amid speculations that PKFZ will be staring to a loss of up to RM 12B. Later the Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to open its own inquiry to seek the truth behind the scene. That includes the Attorney General (AG) clarifiction that the support letters issued by the Ministers are actually guarantee letters.
  3. Like houndogs, Port Klang Authority (PKA) make a police report against the developer Kuala Dimensi on questionable claims amounting to almost RM 1B. Did someone makes a lot of money here? Striking "gold", perhaps?
  4. And do you think for one minute that Kuala Dimensi will take all this lying down? No sir! Kuala Dimensi fight back and they started by naming Ong Tee Keat, the present Minister of Transport as a recipient of RM 10M. Kuala Dimensi's top brass revealed that :-

    • KDSB's CEO, Tiong King Sing aka BN backbencher club chairperson aka Bintulu MP aka SPDP treasurer "donated" RM 10M in 2008 to MCA President aka Transport Minister aka Ong Tee Kiat;
    • The money is for activities related to MCA divisions;
    • Ong Tee Kiat used KDSB's private jet 5 times and "owed" KDSB USD 40,000 for the services;
    • Tiong claimed that he had pumped in millions on Ong's request;
    • The money is apparently paid in cash over 3 installment period;
    • Tiong claimed that he let Ong used the money first in order to help each other;
    • Tiong claimed that he has witness to testify to his claims;
    • Tiong remained adamant that the money was not a form of corruption;
    • Tiong remained adamant that the money has anything to do with PKFZ issue;
    • KDSB did not charge Ong for the charter fee of the jet;

  5. Well, it seems that what is KDSB's is MCA's whilst what is MCA's is still MCA's.
  6. Whether KDSB's account is true or not does not matter anymore. As PKA (whose Chairperson is an active MCA member) has taken off the kid's glove to whack KDSB, KDSB has retaliated and whack MCA President. Will Najib let PKFZ's dirty linen to be washed in the public? Is this another way of big brother UMNO sending a subtle message to SBDP that they should toe the line in Sarawak? Sarawak's state election is coming soon and Najib could not afford to see PR performing well in one of BN's last bastion.
  7. KDSB is not laying down the gauntlet. With the rate things are going, MCA will be hit hard and this may show in Permatang Pasir.
  8. On after thoughts, is UMNO using PKFZ to put the blame squarely on Ong's shoulder? Is this done to facilitate Chua Soi Lek to oust Ong Tee Keat?
  9. PKFZ will be another pawn to UMNO. Now, UMNO is looking beyond and will dictate things using PKFZ issue as a leverage. Will SPDP bows to UMNO? Will Ong Tee Keat enlist Najib's favour?
  10. It is nice if what's yours is mine and what's mine is still mine. Provided the trick is not revealed or exposed. Now that, the cracks are beginning to show, it's everybody fighting to stay alive. Who floats? Who sinks? The answers may be forthtelling after the Ramadan...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

PKFZ issue clearly shows :-

1) MACC is the running dog of Barisan Najis and nothing else. Come on, cows and goats is investigated like crazy, RM 2000 buying of flags is dem kaw big, some councillor spending is scrutinised till 3 or 4 a.m. and everybody is called in !!!

But when it comes to RM 12 billion issue like this or RM 10 million of CASH!!!! floating around, MACC is investigating with the speed of a snail and that also, if they are investigating AT ALL!!!! Really useless shit these MACC and all the officers in it.

2) Ong Tee Keat comes out smelling like sh*t becoz of the RM 10 million cash accusation , so definitely this is a plus for Chua Soi Lek and big negative for Ong.

3) Kuala Dimensi is being set up clearly to be the fall guy for the PKFZ scandal.

4) Guaranteed this whole stinking issue has UMNO's hands behind it all. RM 12 billion scandal , I am darn sure some level of UMNO has approved this.

nightcaller said...

PKFZ? MACC needs to have investigate their own and cleanse them of free loaders and lickers.

Then the key personnel in MACC needs to get security clearance by police, customs, immigration before going through the inal process of scrutiny by MPs' of botg BN and PR.

Ong TK has come out to present his side of story. Najib should let both Ong TK and Tion to sweat it out in the lock-up, free from disturbance. Maybe lock-up will teach them to discuss their differences.

KDSB feels like old tyres to be discarded at MCA's convenience but very sure that Tiong has something about MCA is his sleeves too. So, who will blink first...