Saturday, August 08, 2009

PR's problems? It's beer, housings and pigs...

Only PR can answer, if they are sincere. Or else, we will all be going for another wild goose chase in GE 13...

Frankly, I am not sure how this posting is going to end up, really. And the main reason for that is this scribe loves writing straight to the PC, no editing required. So, follow the transformation as it goes along...shall we?

It has been over a year since PR triumphed in 5 states giving Malaysians a taste of what could be, if PR forget their differences and join their resources to battle BN. That was the easy part. 1 year on, PR proves that their battles are far from over. In their quest for a just society, PR's path is now full of little stones and thorns that can either trip or hurt PR. In a space of 1 year, PR has shown that Malaysians are still a nation of races.

Although there were calls of Malaysians as a nation and a race, the fact is we are still lurking and grappling in the dark. As a nation, we are still like blind men not knowing exactly what are the do's and don't of our friends and neighbours. And for this posting, let's see how PR approached these differences in our cultural values...going down alphabetically.

  1. Beer One of the most sticking points in the country makes its headlines again when Hassan Ali, PAS commssioner and Selangor State EXCO, calls for ban of alchohol sales in majority Malays (Muslim) areas in Selangor. MBSA's seizure of alchoholic drinks off convenience stores' shelves has not been taken lightly with some "jumping to conclusion"forcing Khalid Ibrahim requesting the sellers in the area to "self-regulate".

    It must be made to understand that Muslims (Malays) shun alchoholic drinks out of their religous commitments. Admitted that humans love to defy God's instructions. Although alchohol has been specifically barred in the holy Quran, there are Muslims (Malays) out there who loves to interprets it differently. Some use the excuse of health requirement, some claim that they will not be intoxicated and some concocted their own "fatwas" to consume alchoholic drinks.

    For ordinary Muslims (Malays), they must not consume alchoholic drinks not only for religous reasons but also to prevent "social problems" that are associated with it. However, it must be noted that Islam does not forbid non-Muslims if they yearn to consume it. So, here is the catch - what do you do when facing with the issue?

    I did not see anything wrong with Hassan Ali's call to ban achoholic drink sales from outlets within the Muslim (malays) majority areas. It may cause some inconvenience to non-Muslims but the inconvenience does not reach critical levels. Not with our good roadwork system. A leisure drive of less than 30 minutes will bring one out of Muslims (Malay) majority areas. Thus, I did not see it as a big issue.

    Nonetheless, this issue has been constantly highlighted. By not naming parties, there are groups who questions the sincerity of Hassan Ali. Is he highlighting it for his personal gains? his political mileage? his commitment to Islam? Along the same line, there are groups who dwells on this differences, adding fuel to an already sensitive issues. Offers of "togertheness" in defending Islam comes a plenty. Is this done out of sincerity or is it offered in the hope of splitting PR?

    Malaysian Muslims (Malays) are highly sensitive when it comes to alchoholic drinks. I might be wrong but beer ban in majority Muslim (Malay) is not wrong. If it inconvenience beer drinkers, it is a minor inconvenience. Something that they can with. And banning alchoholic sales in Muslims (Malays) majority areas is something that Muslims (Malays) embrace with open arms.

  2. HousingsPearl of the Orient, Penang, is also facing their own problem. Kampung Buah Pala highlights the problems faced by "lifetime squatters" when the place they call home has been earmarked for development by a private developer.

    Whether the problem is inherited from the previous government is no longer an issue. This is not the time to pass the buck. This is the time to face reality and the reality is approximately 20 families will be rooted from their homes to make way for development.

    Initially, most sided with the residents including Penang state government. However, the residents predicament became a political circus when MIC, Hindraf, HRP and the rest turned it into tehir own cause. One offered to buy the land from Penang state government whilst another present their case to include the village as heritage village.

    I have to admit that I do not not know much about the village and its significance to be included as heritage village. What do Kg Buah Pala offer to be included as heritage village? From the many news reports and the photos, I failed to see anything of heritage value. And if I am wrong, correct me...

    When Lim GE managed to sit down with the developer to work out an amicable solution, the villagers' focus seems to be more on capitalising on the situation asking for a bigger space and monetary values. To me, that's it. Enough is enough. The state and the developer has offered a good deal but when the villagers are asking more than they bargained for...I say, good riddance...This is the attitude of the throdden.."Dapat betis, minta peha"...all at the expense of PR's good governance.

  3. Pigs

    From "Negeri jelapang padi",the issue revolve around pigs which coincidentally happens to be another sensitive issues to Muslims (malays).

    When Kedah state government demolish a 30 year old abatoir in Alor Setar, one of PR's state partner temporarily withdraws from the government.

    What they failed to realise is the abatoir has been the bane for the neighbouring houses for the past decades and the demolition of the abatoir is a blessing in disguise.

    For some, this is an opportunity to attack Azizan and use this as an excuse to likened him with talibans. And in their haste to condemn Azizan, some has conveniently forgets about Azizan's plans to relocate the abatoir to a more conducive environment. Those who attacks him only see the potentital loses of pork sellers but never quantify the sufferings of families living near the demolished abatoir.

    On the other hand, Muslims (Malays) seriously abstain from getting associated with pigs. You can call them names but never call them "pigs". However, understand that in between his commitment to run the state, Azizan needs to juggle with many issues and has to be fair to all, or at least to the majority of Kedahans. This is not a matter of satisfying the needs of the few but to meet the expectation of the people of Kedah, regardless of race and religion.
What shown above are three issues happening in 3 states governed by PR. What is more interesting are :-

  1. Selangor is headed by PKR's, Penang by DAP's and Kedah by PAS;
  2. Out of the 3 issues mentioned, 2 are related to Islam and the Muslims;
  3. For the purpose of this posting, Muslims are equated with Malays;
  4. All the issues are politicised by various people;
  5. The MSM prominently highlighted the issues;
  6. Some quarters are using these issues to belittle PR;
  7. Some used these issues to question Muslims on their religous stand against "universal human rights";
  8. Some seek financial gains from these issues
PR needs to re-evaluate their stand and make known their stand. Will they still stand united in years to come or will they seek to go their own separate ways. It is time for PR politicians to honestly answers :-
  1. Do they recognise that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia?
  2. Will they subscribe to "universal human rights" or use Islam as the guidance in their decisions?
  3. Will they listen to the Sultans or use the courts to achieve what they want?
  4. When will PR be officially sealed, complete with its rules and regulations?
  5. When will PR's internal bickering resolved behind closed door on a win-win situation?
  6. Will the market forces PR to backtrack in their decision?
  7. Will PR stand for fairness and fight against threats, as in Kg Buah ala?
  8. Will PR prioritise humans over animals, as in the Kedah's abatoir's case?
  9. Will PR stick to banning sales of alchohol at Muslims (malay) majority areas?
  10. When will PR introduce their line-up? Who do they refer to when there are differences in ideas?

There are many things to write but for now PR needs to find its directions. Once PR ties all the loose ends then that's the time Malaysians can look forward for a better Malaysia...When? Only PR can answer, if they are sincere. Or else, we will all be going for another wild goose chase in GE 13...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Well from a contrary point of view, I still view all these as storm in the teacup so long as the majority non-Malays still vote Opposition by a substantial margin i.e 6 to 1, then we will end up with the same hung parliament status.

But the larger question you raise seems to dwell on the point : Is there really a sort of ideal kumbayah system of Government that can rival BN?

PR is destined to fail so long as there is this consensus of power. Actually no system of Government exists with power sharing - there has to be one leader, its true for any organization, but we have is 2 more or less equally matched parties, in terms of voter appeal, with PKR in the middle. In the same token, BN is destined to have to face a strong Opposition i.e at least 50 - 60 strong as long as they face blackswan events on a regular basis.

My gut feel is the public may decide on the lesser of two evils, but its still a toss up as to which way it'll blow. Both can definitely up their game, but then again, I am always of the opinion we deserve the Government we get.

Actually the beer is not the issue. The issue is Ronnie Liu hitting the table and asking the MBSA to return the booze. Thats the issue - and Ronnie Liu may be EXCO so and so, but he should remember the fate that befell UMNO after another late politician was rumoured to have stood on the desk of a clerk to force something or another.

Key point: Don't be rude to the civil service.

nightcaller said...


Thks for ur pointers.

On the beer issue, talks pointed out to the supposedly "mushrooming" of licenses to sell alchohol and the increasing open selling of beers by convenience stores. Compound to the problem is JAIS's inability to take stern action on beer selling outlets. Is it because of political interference?

AS for the civil servants, they should be treated as valuable treasures. Failing to win over civil services can ends in adverse results as what happen in Terengganu when PAS failed to understand the civil servants.

On PR, the main worries is - who after Anwar? To me, Anwar has his own baggage. The only advantage Anwar has is that his baggage entwined between social and religous norms and what Mahathir did when exposing Anwar's "sins" is improper thus Anwar gets all the support due to BN's "mis-strategy".

Today's political balance for BN and PR works fine provided BN learns to accept that they have lost their 2/3 majority edge and need to respect the wishes of the people in PR-ruled states. Give them their dues and not stiffle them by cutting out federal aids and grants. Both BN and PR should also learn of mutual respect because the time of "I am always right" and "He is always wrong" is gone, replaced by "Correct me if I am wrong" and "He can do better if.." attitude.

Anonymous said...

The problem i have with the beer issue is this, why is this a Pakatan issue?

Why is Hassan hitting on Ronnie and Pakatan?

If he feels the beer issue is so strong to his convictions, why not he attack UMNO and call for a national law banning beer then?

Lets see UMNO's Islamic credentials and see whether they support a nationwide ban on beer?

Maybe we ban beer totally everywhere and have only one outlet in each state selling it to non Muslims.

But have UMNO do it in Parliament!!!

WHY ATTACK PAKATAN at state level!!!!

nightcaller said...

Anon 10:21
As they say it , Charity starts at home and that means one has to clean one's house first before cleaning others.

As PR governs Selangor, Hassan is being practical in starting it here. And bear in mind that even if PR rules Malaysia, there will be outlets selling beers but in a controlled environment ie not all shops selling it.

And that is why there are specially licensed shops selling alchoholic drinks at federal level but it does not cover canned drinks which is now the issue here.

The issue here is the beer sales has extended to 7-11 outlets in Selangor now? Is it because Ronnie is giving the green lights?

Anonymous said...

Wait, so are you saying beer is sold in 7-Eleven outlets in Selangor and not in KL?

This Hassan sure is funny, if you are so strong and for beer banning, why ban only in Selangor?

Ban lah in Federal level, then we will start to see how UMNO and their partners react.

UMNO is talking nonsense, whats this support beer banning at Selangor level?

Do it lah at Federal level!!! Ban everything, ban massage parlours, ban beer, ban pork selling, ban ALL concerts, ban Astro, ban ciggaretes, ban boy-girl mixed schools, semua kasi ban!

But pls do it at Federal level. !!!

Aask our Hassan to do it.

Lets see how islamic a party UMNO is.

Hassan is an idiot asking for this only at state level.

nightcaller said...

Anon 2:16
Do you know the difference between KL and Selangor? KL is not under Selangor and they do not have an MB.

So how can Selangor state govt ban beer in KL? Another thing, what Hassan is asking is the ban for Muslims (read Malay) majority areas like certain sections in Shah Alam and Bangi. He is not asking for blanket ban across Selangor...

On the federal level, the present day govt is headed by BN. Thus you possibly cannot ban beer at federal level when you do not run the country. Again, let me stress the word - sales of beer ban in Muslims (Malays) majority area and I never say that it covers blanket ban.

BTW, Hassan do not have the voice in parliament because he is not an MP. He is an ADUN ie state rep in Selangor legislature.

Hope that both of us are enlightened by the facts. Moral of the story - do not jump to conclusions without reading through postings in its entirety :)

Anonymous said...

I think you do not understand my point at all.

If hassan was really concerned abt muslims and beer, he should ask umno to ban beer at the federal level, pass a federal law.

What's the point of banning in selangor ?

Do you know how near kl is to klang valley? Or shah alam is to KL? What is the purpose of hassan?

Really beer abd muslims or to make pakatan look bad?

If u rreally concerned abt muslims and beer my point is do it at federal level is more effective.

Then let's see how real is umno and let's see what mca and mic prostitutes will say then.

ruyom said...

The real extremists and terrorists in multiracial Malaysia are born, bred and indoctrinated by none other than Umno, especially under the reign of Mahathir.

kok said...

Some real news update:

Foreign investment has also seen a big dip this year, with foreign direct investment for the first five months stood at RM4.2 billion compared to RM46 billion in 2008.

Yet here are the responses:

1. BN vows to keep the ISA but not our constitutional rights to compulsory fair trial and individual freedom to assembly and speak out

2. DPM supports Utusan articles on race stirring and uprising

3. Flip flop on education policy

4. IGP Musa uncertain about future but Malaysians are feeling safe in Malaysia?

5. 21st century global challenge but 19th century government = a laughing stock, brain drain, backwardness……….

San said...

By hook or by crook including murder, harassment and corruption, other than the normal legal ways. That is what UMNO means.

Anonymous said...

Few things got to be cleared about Hassan Ali. They are as follows:

1) He's the Exco for Islamic Affair but Ronnie is the Exco for local government. Whatever happens under local government is under the purview on Ronnie

2) There is no meeting among Excos within the usual meeting

3) Hassan Ali made a press statement condemning Ronnie asking Ronnie to resign

4) Everybody knows Hassan Ali has the Khalwat session with UMNO during the early stage of forming the government. It's too concidental after Hassan Ali has made his stand, UMNO goes in tandem in supporting Hassan

5) Everbody knows that PAS has been divided into 2 camps. Khalid Samad & Hassan Ali. Khalid Samad being more prominient seen as a threat to Hassan. Khalid Samad kenna ousted from top body

The issue is internal PAS bickering. Admit it! PAS is not always as holy as it seems. Especially when you have dubious characters such as Hassan Ali, Mustapa Ali, Nasarudin Tantawi (Intellectual Discourse with UMNO. Moses analogy), Nasharudin ( saying Nik Aziz is nobody in PAS) & Hadi Awang
PAS now at the crossroad. Continue with UMNO, PAS will surely die. Like or not, there are still malays supporting UMNO. Malay supports splited half. Even if Hassan Ali doing all this to gain political mileage is useless. PAS still needs non malay supports. Like or not, DAP still holds upper hand on this. PAS in general got to decide soon what to do with UMNO fraction within PAS. Perhaps, should consult LKY. PAP splitted into 2 & survive. PAS must embrace such eventuality. The sooner PAS wake up the better.

I respected muslims in general. I respected them because their inner discipline. It would be an issult to pious muslims including you if artificial laws such as banning alcholol are required
I can agree that there shall not be excessive alcholol advertisement in malay majority area. Even to the extent of displaying discreetly.

It would be suicidal for businessmen incluidn the non muslim of antagonising muslims by displaying alcholol visibly. People are not that stupid
Plus, as muslims, one knew in chinese convenience stores or even 7-11, there will be alcholol beverages. You either ignore them. Nigthcaller, I don't think that you are so weak willed that you would buy few cans of beer if it displayed in the shop.

As for Azizan & Phahlorazi, not only I am being critical of their leadership. Mat Saman Kati (Melayu) also critical of their leadership. MSK said that even he can be MB if he can't handle Kedah well. I am very tolerant of Azizan's leadership
Pig abattoir issue has shown his indecisiveness as top leader. Azizan has made a press statement stating Azizan does not have any power over MBAS. MBAS secretary is more "powderful". Yup, I have forgotten why CMCN is still there. Nizar got guts to transfer the state religious secretary to another department before he kenna reprimanded by Perak Sultan. Azizan's statement is disappointing

Manek Urai's hollow win is a warning sign. PAS still has yet to do soul searching. My suggestion to PAS, treat other political parties as equals. Tone down on Islamic rhetorics. Have a right discourse with right people. Not UMNO.
Even Saladin with all his military might, be humble & negotiate with King Richard the Lion Heart finally to allow all 3 religion (Jews, Christian & Islam) practise freely.
Saladin was at the zenith of military might. Something PAS must learn.

I will support any political manouvre by Khalid Samad of removing Hassan Ali from Selangor political scene. We need more Khalid Samads
Khalid Samad has mentioned boycott is better than outright ban. He meant muslims refrain from visiting convenient store that has alcholol beverages

nightcaller said...

Anon 7:10pm
The point? The point is banning beer sales in Muslims (Malay) majority areas.
At no point in my writing did I mention banning beer sales. The same goes for federal levels. Hassan and for that matter PAS has requested UMNO (read BN) to consider banning of beer sales to Muslims (Malays) and to regulate beer sales in Muslims (Malays) majority areas.

And that is why, UMNO has been seen as ineffective in regulating and controlling beers sales at federal level.

You said it..not me :)

What u indicate is a huge dip in foreign investment ie getting only 10 % of ast year's total is bad news...

It is not BN who is vowing to keep ISA. It's Nazri Aziz who said that "BN will never abolish ISA". But don't worry - he is not the BN head...

DPM is having headache. He is "torn between two lovers" - to condemn Utusan means saying sayonara to old gf, to go with Utusan means the rakyat will say bye-bye to him..

Education policy? every new minister of education will try to shape a new we are becoming rojak education.

Musa Hassan? It is best for Najib not to recommend his extension - for the benefit of the rakyats. If Najib choose Musa, he will have tough time to promote his 1Malaysia theme.

nightcaller said...

Welcome back.

You raise valid arguments there.Hassan Ali is BTN product and as such, at times "conveniently forget" which side of the fence he is on.

On Khalid Samad, we need more of him and Zulkifli (Kuala Selangor), Dr Hatta and Husam Musa. As for Nashruddin Isa, I am still waiting for him to make his press statement in KL as per his last speech in Manek Urai.

The stage is set and we may see more manouvering within PAS inner circles in Permatang Pasir. That is why PR needs to firm up their stand officially and for Hadi, Nashruddins and the rest to make up their mind, either with PAS to stand through and thin together in PR or split different ways.

Manek Urai should be a wake up call for PAS that they need to buck up and to send a strong unified signal. Splitting hairs over trivial matter will weaken PAS.

As for Hassan Ali, he needs to come to terms that he is not Selangor MB material and he must be wary of UMNO's bag of tricks in roping people like him to switch camps.

On Ronnie, I have to say that I disagree with you. Ronnie might be the local govt exco but in certain terms, he needs to refer to Hassan Ali for issues concerning Muslims. There have been grumblings on the ground that Ronnie is passing too many liquor licenses especially in Puchong and is giving green lights for convenience stores to sell beers in Muslims (Malays) majority areas.

It is not a matter of "weak" akidah but as they say it "prevention is better than cure". I will go with Khalid to boycott stores selling beers in the open. But at the same time, the stores should exercise its moral responsibilities to "self regulate" to appease the Muslims.

On Azizan, the abatoir location has been identified. Let's wait for further developments.

Anonymous said...

Just a reference! Hope that you might be interested in

Anonymous said...


nightcaller said...

Read it. The differnce here is the 18th ammendment is forced on the people of US of A whilst the banning of beer sales to Muslims (malays) are specifically directed to those who profess Islam.

That is in line with Islamic teachings and did not stop non-Muslims from consuming them nor do they stop the makers from distilling them.

Anonymous said...

see, this is exactly waht i mean nightcaller

if they want to do, ask the Fderal Govt to do it. Its law then. And let Barisan Najis take the flak for it.

Anonymous said...

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