Thursday, August 06, 2009

JJ's fly...Rompin?

Let's not dwells into JJ's personal hobbies like cigar smoking, jogging with animals and his taste for Italian...(you guys feel in the blanks). As long as JJ's fly is intact, we have no problem with that, do we?

  1. Whilst Muslims readies for Nisfu Sya'ban, Jamaluddin Jarjis receives his credentials from the King as ambassador-designate to US of A. Congrats to JJ for passing US of A screening.
  2. I will be cruel if I did not take this opportunity to explain what Nisfu Sya'ban is. Nisfu Sya'ban is the day where 1st Ramadan (fasting) is 2 weeks away. It is also the day where our "book of records" are lifted to heaven and a new "book of record" is open to record our deeds (and misdeeds).
  3. Now that the prelims are over, JJ is expected to fly to US by end of August and is expected to present his credentials to Obama in September 2009. Hopefully, everything goes as plan in the White House since the post had been left vacant for the past 14 months.
  4. The previous ambassador, Datuk Rajmah Hussain retired from the post in June 2008.
  5. Although this is not the first time a politician is appointed as an ambassador, some took the opportunity to question JJ's appointment for obvious reasons :-

    • how can JJ perform his MP's task when he is physically thousand of miles away representing Malaysia?;
    • who will take care of his constituency when he is away?;
    • who will ensure that developments will come Rompin's way?;
    • will JJ wilt under the heavy responsibility of promoting Malaysia's views in DC whilst at the same time respond to the needs of his constituents?;
    • how many days in a year will JJ be available to attend "meet the people" sessions?;

  6. Let's not dwells into JJ's personal hobbies like cigar smoking, jogging with animals and his taste for Italian...(you guys feel in the blanks). As long as JJ's fly is intact, we have no problem with that, do we?
  7. Although I am happy for JJ, at the same time I pity Najib because now he has to weigh another 1Malaysia decision of :-

    • requesting JJ to vacate his Rompin parliamentary seat and go for (another) by-election;
    • requesting JJ to shoulder 2 responsibilities, that of Malaysian ambassador with Ministerial rank and MP for Rompin;
    • getting Adnan Yaakob to declare Rompin parliamentary seat vacant (and how to do that when BN has already announced that it is not their practise to get their MP to vacate their seats);
    • getting BN to prepare for another by-election (knowing fairly well that BN has a track record of 1 - 7 post March 2008);
    • letting JJ go to Washington when he is circled by incompetent advisers and enforcers

  8. Behind Najib's smiles is "Telan mati emak, luah mati bapak".
  9. The credentials are already given, Najib could not turn back and for the next few days he has to think hard - what is his best option for Rompin.
  10. If Najib choose to allow JJ to vacate his seat, is Najib man enough to go for another by-election? Rompin is his home state and if he fails to defend Rompin, he can kiss good-bye to his 1Malaysia theme.
  11. Me? I will go for the by-election and use it to assess one own's strength. Even if BN loses Rompinn, it will not alter the big political picture. If BN lose, it will be another good wake up call for BN and Muhyiddein cannot say much because Rompin is Johor's neighbout, meaning that if Rompin can falls, Johor will be next.
  12. However, if BN can retain Rompin, it will be a good boost for Najib's 1Malaysia campaign. So how about it? By-election for Rompin?
  13. If Najib opts to allow JJ to wear multiple hats, he is not being fair to UMNO Rompin and the constituents. Someone out there has already having wet dreams becoming the new Rompin MP.
  14. Najib is at the crossroads - will he seek advice from his political brother, AAB or will he runs to his political father, Mahathir Mohamed? Others may not be watching but those UMNO warlords will be following this closely.
  15. Maybe Najib will not seek advise from his predecessors. Instead he may seek Rosmah's guidance since word has it that Kerajaan BN stands for "Kerajaan Bini Najib". Don't ask me whether that is true or not because I don't share my bed with Najib, neither did he share his bed with me...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

No issue lah ! We are already in auto-pilot mode for the last 17 months. It will be no different for Rompin seat as there are enough followers that can cover for him. Just set up more service centre to cater various needs and semuanya ok !

This JJ guy is indeed a high flyer and as you'd said, as long as the fly is intact, I think he is safe for that duration. Unless he chosses to think with the wrong head........ha ha that will cause his book to be rewritten.

nightcaller said...

I see that as an issue. If the elected MP could not perform and take care of his constituents, then he better vacate his post and let others who are willing to take over.

We do not want deadwoods and benchwarmers to collect their allowance in parliament. We want active parliamentarians who take part in debates and motions for a better Malaysia.

Yes, JJ may be a high flyer but as other highflyers too, he needs to make a landing once in a while...:)If he thinks with a different head, then he can be buddy buddy with Clinton, the x-president.

ahoo said...

On the elected MP issue, I think you said it rightly and can any legal eye comment on the MP responsibility ? If an MP is absent from Parliament for certain period, can that seat be declared vacant ?

But the show has yet to take off and we actually do not know the end results. He may relinquish his seat after taking to USA. His close pals will be having a good time with him there in terms of business connection etc.

Anonymous said...

I think your last sentence is telling.

I believe its Rosmah who calls all the shots.

As senior a person as LKY and such a strong intellgentsia state like Singapore would not have got it wrong.

nightcaller said...

As MP, they can write in to the speaker requesting for leave. However, that does not relieve them of their responsibility to their constituents.

Maybe our neighbours knows us in this case, LKY. It's in the dots...just connect them.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you guys know that there is a dearth of talent in malaysia - so much so we need MPs to multi task as ambassadors especially to the most important trading partner.

When will the PM learn?

Anonymous said...


He is doing exactly what he needs to do.

Keep the cronies and warlords happy and he will remain PM.

nightcaller said...

Anon 12:15
It's not a dearth of Malaysian talent. It is the problem of not giving the chance to those who are capable.

For now, Malaysia is still hooked in rewarding those who are loyal to BN and not giving dues to those who are qualified...

Anon 10:43
Learn? How can he learn when he is surrounded by those who have different agendas? Maybe, even to the extend of "sleeping with the enemy"...

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