Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penang N11: Yang terluka dan berparut (Translated version available : The wounds and the scarred)

Semestinya ada yang terluka dari episod ini. Walaupun duit telah dipulangkan namun episod ini telah meninggalkan parut yang masih belum sembuh. Parut itu kini menghantui Rohaizat.

It is no coincidence that there will be people hurt in this episode. Eventhough the money has been refunded, the episode has left a scar. That scar is currently haunting Rohaizat.

Ahmad Maslan, ketua penerangan UMNO mengatakan semua OK. Buktinya? Surat dari Koperasi Pekebun Getah Negeri Pulau Pinang Berhad bertarikh 28hb Mac 2008 menarik balik aduan dan melepaskan Rohaizat dari semua aduan.

Sebelum itu, setiausaha Majlis Peguam George Varughese menegaskan bahwa Rohaizat telah dikeluarkan dari senarai peguam pada 7hb March 2008 atas kesalahan salahlaku. Mahkamah tinggi pula menolak permohonan Rohaizat pada 12hb Ogos. Urutan cerita boleh diikuti dalam blog OBE.

Siapa betul, siapa salah tidak lagi penting. Pengajaran dan teladan dari episod ini perlu dijadikan pedoman dan panduan dimasa depan. Secara ringkasnya :-

  1. Rohaizat, lulusan UIAM, berjaya menjadi rakankongsi pada umur 32 tahun. Ini membuktikan bahwa umur bukan menjadi ukuran untuk berjaya dalam kehidupan;
  2. Kenapakah pihak koperasi pekebun getah negeri Pulau Pinang hanya mengeluarkan surat menarik aduan pada 28hb Mac 2008 setelah majlis peguam membuat keputusan pada 7hb Mac 2008?
  3. Apakah perlu majlis peguam untuk mengeluarkan kenyataan pada ketika ini? Tidakkah ini memberi gambaran seolah-olah majlis peguam bertindak bagi pihak parti lawan?
  4. Apakah Rohaizat menulis kerjaya beliau sebagai peguam? Sekiranya tidak, dimana relevannya mengheret isu ini ke tengah?
  5. Apakah Ahmad Maslan telah membuat perkiraan politik tentang kenyataan dan pendedahan terbaru ini? Mungkinkah pendedahan ini akan menutup terus peluan calun UMNO untuk menang di Permatang Pasir?
Semestinya ada yang terluka dari episod ini. Walaupun duit telah dipulangkan namun rakankongsi yang bertanggungjawab telah meninggalkan parut yang masih belum sembuh. Parut itu kini menghantui Rohaizat.

Berlatarbelakangkan lulusan UIAM, Rohaizat mungkin tidak mempunyai peranan ketika salah seorang rakankongsi firma beliau melakukan pecah amanah. Walaupun demikian, beliau perlu bertanggungjawab atas kesalahan tersebut, apatah lagi apabila koperasi terbabit menamakan beliau sebagai responden. Ini adalah pengajaran yang berharga untuk Rohaizat supaya lebih cermat dalam menangani kes yang melibatkan wang umum.

Secara ikhlas, adalah lebih baik untuk Rohaizat menarik diri dan menyiapkan diri untuk masa depan. Ini adalah lebih baik bagi beliau serta tindakan tersebut akan mempopularkan beliau sebagai tokoh yang bermaruah dan bermoral. Biarlah kesan parut benar-benar pulih sebelum masuk ke gelanggang politik. Dalam keadaan sekarang, Rohaizat berada dalam keadaan tersepit. Sekiranya beliau terus bertanding, beliau akan menjadi sasaran terbuka kepada PR dan terus dilanyak oleh rakan taulan UMNO sekiranya tewas nanti.

Andaikata beliau menang sekalipun, kedudukan beliau akan sentiasa dipersoal dan musuh dalam selimut akan mengambil segala peluang untuk menjatuhkan beliau. Untuk itu, Rohaizat perlu merenung sedalam-dalamnya dan mencari kata hati...tanpa dipengaruhi keadaan sekeliling. Ikut hati- mati, ikut kata - merana. Fikir-fikirkanlah...

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...


Ahmad Maslan, UMNO information chief says everything is OK. Proof? The letter from Koperasi Pekebun Getah Negeri Pulau Pinang Berhad dated 28hb Mac 2008 withdrawing the charges and release Rohaizat from all complaints.

Pior to this, the secretary of the Bar council George Varughese confirmed that Rohaizat has been struck off from the list of lawyers on 7hb March 2008 because he is found guilty of misconduct. The high court has rejected his suit on 12th August. More on this can be read in OBE.

Who is right and who is wrong is no longer important. Lessons learnt from this episode shall be use as future guidance. Briefly :-
  1. Rohaizat, a UIAM graduate, succeeds to be a partner at 32 years of age. This proves that age is not a measurement to be successful in life;
  2. Why did koperasi pekebun getah negeri Pulau Pinang issue the withdrawal letter on 28th Mar 2008 after the Bar council has make a decision on 7th Mar 2008?
  3. Is it necessary for the Bar council to issue a statement now? Doesn't this gives an expression that the Bar council is acting on the opposing side?
  4. Did Rohaizat entered his profession as a lawyer? If not, what is the relevance of pursuing the issue ?
  5. Has Ahmad Maslan did his political calculation on the recent statements and latest expossure? Is it possible for this expossure to backfire and diminish whatever chances UMNO has to win Permatang Pasir?
It is no coincidence that there will be people hurt in this episode. Eventhough the money has been refunded, the episode has left a scar. That scar is currently haunting Rohaizat.

With his background as a UIAM graduate, Rohaizat may not have any role when one of his partners commit the mis-conduct. However, he has to take the responsibility for the offense, whatmore when the koperasi named him as the respondent. This is a very valuable lesson for Rohaizat to be more vigilant in handling public's trust.

Honestly, it is better for Rohaizat to withdraw his candidacy and prepare for the future. This will be better as his withdrawal will popularise him as a person with integrity and high moral. Let the scar really healed before entering the political arena. In the current situation, Rohaizat is trapped. If he chooses to continue, he will be an open target to PR and at the same time he will be ridiculed by his political friends when he lose.

Even if he wins, his position will be vulnurable and the enemy within his own party will jump at chances to step on him. For that, Rohaizat should look deep within himself and seek his inner feelings...without external influence. It is better to be sorry now. Think about it...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...


The Bar Council is correct.

It doesnt matter whether Pekebun Getah withdraws their charge and say they have been fully refunded by Rohaizat.

the crux of the matter is still CBT of monies still occured.

Let me give you an analogy.

I commit CBT and steal RM 150,000 from my company by issuing a company cheque to myself.

The company makes a police report and sacks me.

One day before my trial, I return rm 150,000 to the company and company willing to drop the charge.

Does this mean what I did has suddenly become right? Or it isnt a crime anymore?

Anonymous said...

More problems for UMNO , coz more and more lies are surfacing. Zahid and Muyidin try to blame Rohaizat's partner.

And lo and behold, partner surfaces and says the CBT is committed by Rohaizat which NOW clearly makes Zahid and Muyidin clear liars when they accused Rohaizats partner.

Muyidin some more wants Rohaizat to make stat declaration. Now that Rohaizat's partner has surfaced, i sincerely want to see whether Rohaizat dares to make such a stat declaration or not.

This issue seems to be getting worse by the day for UMNO.

nightcaller said...

Anon 12:34/38

Is this what they call "sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga"? BN is deeper and deeper into trouble in Permatang Pauh.

Since they cannot sell their candidate as a "hero" now they are banking on his "good looks" to melt the women voters.

The best option for BN now is to withdraw the candidacy and save everybody the troubles...and save BN from further disgrace.

With the ex-partner coming out to clear his name, Rohaizat is cornered. This is not a good position to be in...all the same blame Muhyiddein and Zahid for failing to find a better and able BN candidate. Or is BN running out of candidates?

ahoo said...

A wrong will always be wrong even after having nine rights cannot undo that 1 wrong. The forgiveness may be there and correction done BUT the consequence still have to be there.

When they started a lie, they now need more lies to cover that initial lie and it involves top leadership covering and lying on his behalf. Of course the best choice is to withdraw but that will also upset many "projects" supporters who designed posters, supply drinks, build tents etc.

Did you notice the blatant misuse of power by utilising the army for the by-election ? They did the same in MU and why only during a by-election ? The army should be deployed every now and then to keep them fit as a fiddle by helping out in gotong-royong, building bridges, clearing of monsoon drains within floods prone areas etc. Not by any political party as they are above politics and only serve the country, king and people.