Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Of Malaysia's : Whose dignity...

At the time when more than 2 million people converge to Padang Arafah... spare some time ti think about dignity.

These past few days, so many touch on the issue of dignity. At the time of writing, 2 million people in Padang Arafah and millions more around the globe pray to his almighty seeking forgiveness and the correct path whilst at the same time pray for things closest to them.

Dignity, whose dignity are we fighting for now? The Reds talked about dignity as they try to justify the need for 16th September rally. Shamefully, some tried to talk about Malay dignity but when pressed further, they are unable to elaborate. what is Malay dignity when there is no necessity to talk about it.

Instead, we should be talking in broader terms. Want to talk about Malay dignity? Can.. let's start with takraw. You know, the rattan ball game with three on each side. Once upon a time, Malays are the world champions but then it starts sliding, first losing to the Thais and later Indons. Now, at times, we can barely beat the Laos, Philipines... so, where is Malay dignity? Where are the Reds when this happens?

What about this... Malays are known to be a race raised in high moral values. Now, like the rest of Malaysians, is it esy to see Malays surrendering their seats for the elderly, the handicapped, the pregnant? Malays talk about high moral grounds but where are the Reds when so many babies born out of wedlock? Where are Malay dignity when so many of their young engaged in pre-marital sex. Drugs? Where are the Reds when so many Malays "graduated" from Pengasih and the numerous drug rehabilitation centers?

If we want to talk about Malay dignity, we should be talking and discussing with the rest on how to arrest these pitfalls if they are concern about dignity. If dignity is about massing in Padang Merbok shouting unacceptable slogans towards others, that's not dignity! That's provocation!

What dignity are we talking about when the Reds talked of invading Petaling street and demanding the spoils of Petaling street. Remember Kampung Baru and Chow Kit road? Is it not a Malay commercial area years before? Now? It is a place where Indons and Pakis and Banglas run their business from the same spots where Malays used to run their business! Talk about dignity, why didn't the Reds "invade" Chow Kit areas demanding their places back. What the Reds are doing is not fighting for dignity but jealousy to others' success. You want success? Try develop your own business centers. If Damansara uptown is successful, why can't the Malays do it in other areas? They did it in Shah Alam uptown, don't they?

So, whose dignity are we talking aout? If it is Malaysia, where is our dignity when our soccer lost by the dozens to a small and unranked country? Where is our dignity when our MH plane disappeared from the sky? If it is Malaysian dignity, what are we doing about it? Few days n the headlines and everything is back to normal. Talk about dignity, what about the numerous kidnappings in Sabah waters? What do we do about it? What about the infamous "invasion" to Malaysian soil when the "Sulus" decided to make a case against us?

Whose dignity are we talking about? If the Reds are fighting for one person's dignity, then it is not right! Look it this way...what are we doing about it when Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Britain, Switzeland and latest USA starts investigating 1MPM6? One may be wrong, two may be coincidence, but so many countries? Are we going to declare that all these countries are jealous of us and trying to topple the legitimate government? A person is not a government! The ruling party is entrusted to form a government! That said, investigating a leader is not an attempt to topple the government!

Dignity? Where is our dignity when our GLC, 1MDB, paid USD 1.4B and it seems that the payment is unaccounted! Where is the money? 1MDB cannot take the easy way out and blame others when they should be using their resources to find out what's really going on. If it is a lapse from 1MDB, it should be corrected, and if it is a lapse from IPIC, it should be pointed out! This is Malaysia's dignity. If this can happen to 1MDB, where is Malaysia's dignity in international business circle?

Some are obsessed in defending 1MPM6 and become his spokesman. The best person to answer is 1MPM6 himself. Do not be over obsessive for something uncertain. We cannot put the blame to Khairuddin just because he make reports in Hong Kong, Switzeland etc. These country, especially Hong Kong is known for their no nonsense attitude against illegal transactions as well as money laundering. In fact, Malaysia's investigative teams should come to the fore, either to clear or charge 1MPM6. Sad to say, our AG is dragging his feet when Bank Negara has alraedy put on record that they have completed their investgation and submit their papers to AG for his action almost 3 weeks ago.

Dignity? If a leader is accussed of misdeeds, he should stand up and reply to the accusation. Not his ministers, not his party members. If there is any dignity left, I call upon 1MPM6 to make the ultimate sacrifice during this auspicious Padang Arafah concentration of pilgrims. He knows what he needs to do it!

UMNO must make a stand on the Reds. UMNO is a matured party and they should be able to think about their political survivor. It is either UMNO or that 1 person. Make a choice...

Malay dignity? Read what others have to say.

Me? Selamat Aidil Adha... I need to make peace and seeks His forgiveness and Rahmat...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Of Malaysia's selective prosecution, probes, missing fund (again)...

First..a drop, now it's drizzling, next???

Things happen. When it does, it defies log thinking and at times deny the norm. It happens today when Ali Tinju , the infamous guy who did buttock exercising in front of Ambiga's house and the same man who disrupted the "Nothing to hide" forum as well as the guy who encourage actions at Low Yat plaza, got his charges dropped by the AG's office. Why? Ask the AG as he is the person who finally decides which charges to proceed and which is not. Maybe the AG is not listening to the people, instead he is receiving "strange" vibes from someone somewhere.

It is not a matter too small when AG decides on Ali Tinju. This is a matter of racial harmony and by taking the unbelievable stance, the AG is sending the wrong message. You can say things and stir sentments against a partuclar group and if it happens that the particular group is not on the "preferred" list, you can organise unlawful assemblies and speaks fieryly, it will be alright because the AG will not charge you.

Naturally, for their political survivor and dignity, MCA as well as Gerakan appeal the AG to reconsider his action and decision. Alas, it is all now Nasi menjadi bubur. Do you think AG will listen to minions like MCA and Gerakan, whose cabinet posts are at the mercy of big brother UMNO?

The best MCA and Gerakan can claim to their supporters is that they have raised their concern and the AG is looking into it. Or, alternatively MCA and Gerakan can claim that 1MPM6 has assured them that this will not recur, however AG is not under 1MPM6 citing the separation of power. Aiya... itu semua are cosmetics!!

It will be a joke if AG comes up with a decision that they are looking at possibly losing the case in court. As if the percentage of winning court cases is AG's KPI for the moment.

Anuar Musa claimed 250,000 attended the red rally. IPPKL's statement differs...

It says 35,000 attended the red rally and later revised to 50,000. Maybe the 50,000 ia taken because that is the capacity for Padang Merbok. Whatever, even at 50,000 attendees, it is amajor slap in the face for the man behind the glass tower.

On the confrontation in front of Petaling street entrance, PDRM will be probing the incident and identify the perpetrators as their actions will breed racism. Who would believe action will be taken and hese people will be charge in court? Will it be another show just to please the masses and later the AG will drop the charges as what happens to Ali Tinju? 1MPM6 can come out and say tat the incident should not have happened but this is all empty tins talking. Lots of thunder but no lightning!!

What I see is our Tionghua friends will be distancing further from 1MPM6's led coalition. Do you think 1MPM6 care? No, he will not care and will not give a hoot. Reason? He sees Kuala Lumpur parliamentary seats are stamped, sealed, delivered as opposition strongholds and as such he did not see the necessity to please the tionghua community when his survival greatly depends on the Red shirts of the rural areas.

Now, this Jamal guy is claiming that the Petaling street spoils of business should be shared with the Malays. Hello bro, you have some stalls in Kuala Lumpur pasar malam but you decided to "offload" for monetary gains and now you are looking for another goodies in Petaling street? This is the type of person who works for himself and he never learns to differentiate politics and business. Look at his ikan bakar Sekican, closed after his anti-BERSIH stand before and I understand that his prestigous car showroom is not getting better and most possibly closing down. A friend of mine told me that Jamal is a graduate of a non-academic institution somewhere in KL. I will not comment on this as he may have joined the mainstream after his stay in the institution.

The same cannot be said if you happen to be on the other side. Azmin Ali will be called in for his yellow dressing on 29th and 30th August 2015. Fortunately, they yellow dressing probe is limited to opposition key figures and not blanket coverage to 400,000 Yellows who flooded KL on that date. Come to think about it, what will happen if these 400,000 rally goers "surrenders" themselves to the police stations with photographic evidence as well as SD's taht they were wearing the "illegal" yellow t-shirt? Will AG decides to charge these 400,000 participants? Heh..heh...fortunately Maria Chin and Lim Kit Siang did not think the way I do. Me? I will definitely request these 400,000 "illegal yellows" to go to the police stations and surrender themselves for going agains the "yellow t-shirt" ban. It will be a sight to behold...

As I said earlier, things happen. Even if you do not wear yellow, you may find yourself in the same boat as MAZA because of a statement that can be probed as sedition. Expressing views about the intention what the yellow t-shirts wanted is also wrong???

Everything is possible when shadows are seen as enemies of the state. The Keruak said, don't be like Iraq n trying to dismantle the government because when the "truth" comes out, it might be too late. What is the similarity between Iraq and us? Saddam was accused of having WMDs' whilst in our case, what they wanted are fair elections and calls for 1MPM6's resignation due to the numerous charges of inproper transactions concerning 1MDB as well as the economic situation facing Malaysia. The analogy provided by Keruak is out of context. That's what you get when you appoint bootlickers...

apart from that, another expose from WSJ, is damaging us even more. It is said that another USD 993M supposed to be paid by 1MDB never reach IPIC. If that expose is not sufficient enough, the latest is Khairudin has been detained (or is it probed) for aiming to topple the government.

It's getting serious now... and I may talk about it when I wake up in the morning

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Of Malaysia's both sides now : Reds, yellows, oranges and...

Here are the Reds...

Honestly, I did not attend the Red shirt rally. I guess it's all right since Rocky did not attend it too.

Regardless whether this is "rent a mob" or whatever you want to call it, it all boils down to perspectives. As per BERSIH 4.0, the red rally is also sprinkled with their own political leaders like Anuar Musa, Ahmad Maslan, Reezal Merican. Unlike previous BERSIH, I doubt it is the same "water" gushing out from FRU's water canon in Petaling street today.

They say "Honesty is the best policy" so it is quite pointless for anyone to deny that the "3 million member party" is not involved in orchaestrating the rally. As such, it is not surprising when 1MPM6 Najib wanted the Petaling street incident to be probed. Afterall, directly or indirectly, he is the reason for the red shirt, as well as the recent BERSIH 4.0 rallies.

1MPM6 Najib is the reason why BERSIH 4.0 took the streets on 29th August and it is also the reason why Red rally converge at Padang Merbok today. One claimed to save Malaysia and its economy by demanding 1MPM6's resignation and the other raise as they perceive stomping Najib's poster is an insult to a race. Both have different reasons but the common denominator is Najib.

Najib previously claimed that the rest of the nation supported him except for those hundreds of thousands of BERSIH 4.0 participants who flooded the capital for 2 days. Let's use his argument approach albeit at a smaller scale - Is Najib supported by only 250,000 (figure courtesy of Anuar Musa) UMNO members? Using Najib's logic, the balance 2,750,000 members ie 2.75 million (UMNO claimed to have 3 million members) does not support Najib? Following through, that means 91.6 % does not support Najib. So Najib dear, apa lagi you tunggu? Turunlah because even UMNO members does not "support" you.

When the Reds left the city tonight, back to their various villages and towns with maybe RM 100 to RM 300 richer, those left behind will ponder what is in store for tomorrow. Is our nation divided? How can it be when we are 52 years old today?

52 years on, 1MPM6's top priority seems hollow. 1MPM6's top priorities and key points were :-

1. Peace
2. Security of the nation;
3. Najib say he will not allow for blood on the streets and burning shops;
4. Promote national unity;
5. It is not right to organise rallies dominated by 1 race;
6. Manage differences and not bitterness and anger;

Big promises and grandeur priorities but 1MPM6 must take a leaf of lesson from recent political changes around the globe :-

1. Guatemalan President resigned (and later charged) for fraud;
2. Australian Prime Minister replaced by his own party member;
3. South Korean Prime Minister resigned due to bribery scandal;

As for Guatemalan President, he is only as good as he last. Now, behind iron bars he claimed that a superpower has a hand in his downfall. A lesson here is, one is only good if one is useful to the superpower. Once you are out of favour, the end will be near, very near indeed. This should serve as a reminder that the superpowers wants something out of Malaysia. What is it? Speculations are many and this article is not about that.

The same for Prime Minister Tony Abbot. He accepts his fate when his own party rejected him and he took it in full stride, never clinging to power when it is time to go. Lesson learnt? You have to listen to the voice on the streets. Listen is not hearing for you can hear but you can choose to ignore and dismiss the noises. Listen means to understand what the people want and if it is time to go, then go...

South Korean Prime Minister? He choose resignation when he and his senior cabinet ministers were accused of bribery scandal. He did not hang to his job and let his supporters loose to strengthen his position nor did he threaten or accuse the opposition for his resignation.

Whether they are guilty as charged or not, they are gentlemen and statesmen in their own rights. If it benefits the nation, then do what you have to do. We are not here forever until "menongkat bumi". Whatever power given by the rakyat is for the benefit of the rakyat and not the benefit of 1 person or a race or a particular party members. What the rakyat wants is sacrifice and that sacrifice is for the nation's continued well being.

We are going to celebrate Aidil Adha next week and Aidil Adha is about sacrifice. Ibrahim AS and Ismail AS sacrifice for their faith as He wants to test his servants.

What now? Will 1MPM6 follow the footsteps of recent political leaders who are big-hearted to resign for their country, their dignity, their party and country? Or will we continuously see a leader who choose to blame others for his personal shortcomings? Once, maybe. Everytime? No way jose...

When the dust settled tomorrow, we are actually many steps backwards. Are we heading to be a nation of mistrust? fractured by the many scandals the likes of scorpene, 1MDB, falcon bank, RM 2.6B donation? divided by whites and not so whites, east and west, urban and rural?

We are 52 years old but if you choose to take a step back, you will see a nation torn between two sides - "I love PM" and "PM needs to go"..

Me? 52 years on... sometimes I feels like a worn-out "Soldier of fortune". You want to know a secret? I am not a "soldier for hire". I am what I am..and I want the best for Malaysia. If today is not that day, maybe, I can see it in my dreams...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Of Malaysia's 16th September Red shirts... cold response!

"Hello (fill in the blanks)...., please send busloads of people here because we are not getting encouraging response from the city" - 16th Sept organiser(??)

If you guys thinks that this is in Thailand or somewhere in Israel-controlled Al-Aqsa, you are dead wrong. This is a picture of a local student leader who was beaten up when he was taking his turn looking after campaign posters for the upcoming UKM campus elections.

Malaysiakini reported :-

1. He was beaten up;
2. He was splashed with paint;
3. His car was also splashed with paint;
4. Speculated that the attack was politically motivated;
5. 2 attackers with full-faced motorcycle helmets with dark visor;
6. He received 7 stiches;

Regardless of his political inclinations, the university should be responsible for the incident, mainly because this is in relation to the campus election and the incident happened in the campus during the early morning wee hours.

If this happens in one of Malaysia's premier University and supposedly to our next crop of future leaders, what will the future holds when opposing political supporters meet? Not only our Universities lacking academically, our students are also influenced by bad elements when they are not politically connected. 5 years from now, these students will be joining mainstream politics and if they fail in politics 101 practical, worse is yet to come when they graduated. If this is happening to our cream of the crop, then how do the rest behaves? ten times worse?

16th September rally is going needlessly round and round. One says A, another says Z. There is no definite goals. Like 1MPM6, their goals keep on changing, bordering from supremely racist to all inclusive rally remembering Malaysia day. The Red shirt Jamal first says that they will do one thing and later announced that they will be joining PESAKA in Padang Merbok. Why? Simply beca use DBKL has given green light for a rally to be held in Padang Merbok.IGP says they will facilitate the rally and warned others not to play "cops" to protect traders group.

Maybe the top cop feels that his force is sufficient to handle what come may. I hope so but it is questionable as there is no "dry runs" to handle 16th Sept rally, not like when cops were instructed for "dry runs' training during the recent BERSIH 4.0.

Further to that, the rhetorics are unnecessarily threatening resulting in many of my "fair-skinned" friends opting to travel elsewhere during the coming Malaysia day holidays. Viral news travels fast when some even claim that there are efforts to induce participants with financial rewards if they joined the rally. So far, let's say that this is all hearsay.

PAS has declared that they will not be involved with 16th September rally and I hope other public movers will also come out to say the same and send a loud and clear message that eventhough we respect the rights of others for peaceful assembly, we frowned on any attempts to divide us along racial and religious lines.

We are Malaysians first and as Malaysians, we stand proud to sing Negaraku, regardless of race and religion, regardless whether we are white or black and I do sure hope that the REDS can match BERSIH yellow belting out our national anthem.

One short question - will 1MPM6 be in Malaysia when we celebrate 16th september or will he be half way around the world looking for new toys to satisfy his cravings??

Me? Of course, I will be here ready to service. However, fireworks are not for me as I leave to our younger generation to watch in awe..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Esok masih ada...?

Apakah Malaysia sedang menghadapi krisis identiti dan halatuju? Fikir-fikirkanlah...

Dimana permulaannya? Setelah 58 tahun merdeka, apakah kita benar-benar bebas dari cengkaman penjajah? Mungkinkah kita kini berhadapan dengan cabaran terhebat, dalam sandiwara antarabangsa dengan skrip yang ditangani oleh barisan pelakun-pelakun antarabangsa. Kali ini bentuk penjajahan yang kita hadapi datang dalam pelbagai bentuk dan ragam.

Sebagai satu negara yang strategik dirantau ASEAN, Malaysia memerlukan seoarang pemimpin yang bukan saja dinamik tetapi juga mengamalkan sifat yang terbuka, bukab saja dari segi polisi negara tetapi juga intergriti diri yang tinggi.

BERSIH 4.0 telah berlalu. Suka atau tidak, ia mempunyai impak yang tersendiri bergantung pada dari arah mana pandangan yang kita percaya. Untuk mereka yang menyertai BERSIH 4.0, dari segi fizikal mahupun dari segi sokongan moral, BERSIH 4.0 telah berjaya menghantar satu mesej pada kepimpinan Negara bahwa masih banyak kepincangan yang perlu dihadapi. Sekali lagi, diperturunkan tuntutan BERSIH 4.0 sebagai renungan :-

1. Free and Fair Elections (Pilihan Raya yang Bebas dan Adil)
2. A Transparent Government (Kerajaan yang Telus)
3. The Right to Demonstrate (Hak Berdemonstrasi)
4. Strengthening the Parliamentary Democracy System (Memperkukuh Sistem Demokrasi Berparlimen)
5. Saving the Economy of Malaysia (Menyelamatkan Ekonomi Malaysia) [18]
6. Resignation of Prime Minister, Najib Razak (Perletakan Jawatan Perdana Menteri oleh Najib Razak)

Biarlah gambar berbicara tentang sambutan rakyat terhadap BERSIH 4.0.

Perhimpunan berterusan 36 jam membuktikan bahwa jika tidak ada provokasi, perhimpunan dapat diadakan secara aman tanpa kerosakan harta benda atau memberi kesan negatif kepada ekonomi setakat ketika perhimpunan dijalankan.

Kita menantikan dengan debaran bagaimana pula perhimpunan "baju merah" yang di war-warkan akan diadakan pada 16hb September nanti.

Kembali kepada tajuk asal, walaupun kesemua 6 tuntutan BERSIH 4.0 adalah penting, tetapi tuntutan nombor 5 dan 6 mempunyai impak terus terhadap 1MPM6 Najib. Suka atau tidak, 1MPM6 sedang berhadapan dengan krisis kepimpinan dimana beliau perlu memilih samada untuk terus duduk di Putrajaya atau mengundurkan diri secara terhormat.

Umum mengetahui bahwa Najib memecat TPM dan mengambil rakan regu yang baru iaitu Ahmad Zahid. Umum juga mengetahui bahwa didalam mesyuarat MT UMNO, Timbalan Presiden UMNO mengakui ada konspirasi terancang untuk menjatuhkan Najib. Mungkin pendedahan itu merupakan satu muslihat politik sesudah termetrai perjanjian dalaman antara Presiden dan Timbalannya.

Dengan tekanan yang berterusan terhadap Najib, Najib perlu mengutamakan Malaysia dari diri beliau sendiri. Malaysia memerlukan penggorbanan dari Najib dan Najib perlulah akur pada kehendak ini. Kenapa? Sehingga ke saat ini, Najib tidak menafikan tentang isu "derma" RM 2.6B. Apa yang kita dengar ialah pengakuan Najib bahwa beliau tidak menggunakan dana tersebut untuk dirinya TETAPI beliau tidak menafikan keujudan dana RM 2.6B.

Yang paling mengerunkan ialah apabila pentadbiran 1MPM6 mengambil langkah-langkah yang dilihat sebagai mencengkam serta bertujuan untuk menghalang penyiasatan terhadap ketirisan terutama berkaitan dengan 1MDB. Antara lain :-

1. 1MPM6 Najib memecat Muhyiddin Yasin dan Shafie Afdal dari kabinet serta menamakan mereka yang dilihat sebagai "Yes men" sebagai ahli kabinet yang baru;
2. Peguam Negara Ghani Patail dihentikan dari jawatan dan diganti dengan Apandi yang dilihat sebagai penyokong Najib. Apandi menghentikan penyiasatan terhadap 1MDB;
3. 2 pegawai SPRM yang terlibat dalam pasukan penyiasat khas terhadap 1MDB telah dipindah serta merta ke JPM. Pertukaran tersebut dibatalkan setelah mendapat tentangan;
4. Pengarah SB telah dipencenkan serta Penolong beliau telah dipindakan ke JPM. Walaupun demikian, pertukaran itu mendapat tentangan kerana tidak ada bidang kerja yang diberikan kepadan Timbalan Pengarah B (Hamid);
5. 2 pegawai Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) telah ditahan oleh PDRM. Pegawai2 ini adalah sebahgian dari penyiasat khas 1MDB;
6. Lapuran BNM yang telah dimajukan kepada Peguam Negara baru tidak diambil tindakan. Alasan Peguam Negara? Sibuk. Apakah 20 hari masih tidak mencukupi untuk Peguam Negara membuat keputusan tentan lapuran BNM? pakah Peguam Negara merasakan tindakan ndang2 terhadap beberapa individu tidak perlu kerana kepentingan tertentu?;
7. Penyiasatan PAC terhadap 1MDB tertabgguh apabila Najib melantik 4 ahli PAC (dari BN) sebagai sebahgian dari ahli kabinet beliau;

Najib tidak perlu menunding jari pada pihak lain atas kecuaian beliau dalam menguruskan amanah yang telah diberikan. Samada 1MDB menghadapi masaalah kewangan akibat penipuan tersusun atau rangkaian penipuan melibatkan beliau. Najib tidak perlu menuduh pihak lain yang di katakan berkepentingan untuk menjatuhkan beliau. Najib gagal menggunakan kesempatan untuk menjawab terus pada ICAC tempoh hari. Najib memilih untuk tidak menghadirkan diri atas "nasihat" Paul Low. Ini adalah tidak selari dengan laungan beliau "Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian di utamakan".

Jom kita merenung dari sudut lain tentang apa yang mungkin terjadi tetapi di sembunyikan untuk menutup cerita sebenar.

Kalau dilihat dari makro, gambarannya ialah 1MDB yang diasaskan oleh Najib merupakan biawak hidup yang kini menghantui 1MPM6 Najib. Akibat kepincangan akaun 1MDB dan peralihan wang melalui beberapa akaun serata dunia, beberapa negara telah memulakan penyiasatan sendiri. Selain daripada itu, pendedahan berterusan dari Sarawak Report menjadi punca Justo ditahan di Thailand.

Antara negara-negara yang terlibat dengan pendedahan dan "salah laku" 1MDB adalah Singapura, Switzeland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Britain dengan Perancis dan Amerika Syarikat mungkin akan melibatkan diri dalam masa terdekat. "Minat" yang ditunjukkan oleh negara-negara ini perlu dilihat dari sudut lain. Untuk masa ini, eloklah dikategorikan minat mereka kepada nilai komersil dan politik antarabangsa.

Nilai komersil yang dimaksudkan adalah nilai pertukaran wang antara negara apabila Malaysia perlu membuat tempahan besar. Sebagai contoh ialah minat Malaysia untuk memiliki Helicopter carrier dan pesawat pejuan yang baru. Cuba kita perhatikan keadaan mutakhir apabila :-

1. Perdana Menteri Britain datang ke Malaysia untuk mempromosikan jet pejuang Typhoon walaupun dikecam hebat oleh pembangkang. Barang diingat kedatangan Cameroon tidak dengan tangan yang kosong kerana Britain telah menolak permintaan Malaysia untuk menahan Claire Brown yang merupakan peneraju Sarawak Report. Sebaliknya, Britain yang mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan Hong Kong akan menggunakan pengaruh mereka untuk mendesak Najib membeli jet pejuang Typhoon kerana Hong Kong telah membuka penyiasatan terhadap akaun-akaun bank yang dikatakan mempunyai kaitan dengan Najib;
2. Dalam masa yang sama, Perancis juga datang bertamu ke Malaysia untuk menawarkan Mistral helicopter carrier dan jet pejuang Rafale. Perancis juga mempunyai "saham" dalam diri Najib apabila kes kapal selam Scorpene masih dalam siasatan mereka. Perancis mempunyai asas untuk mendesak Najib membuat pilihan kerana penyiasatan pembunuhan Altantunya serta "brokerage fee" ditangguh sementara atas sebab-sebab politik dalaman Perancis. Perancis akan mempercepatkan penyiasatan sekiranya ia dapat mempengaruhi Najib untuk membeli senjata dari Perancis;

Itu baru dari segi komersil, bagaimana pula dari segi politik antarabangsa? Kemungkinannya ada, antaranya :-

1. Diantara kesan 1MDB, Singapura telah membekukan 2 akaun yang mempunyai kaitan dengan 1MDB. Selain dari itu, Singapura telah meminta kerjasama Malaysia untuk mengesahkan beberapa perkara dibawah "money laundering act". Singapura juga mempunyai beberapa isu "sensitif" melibatkan Malaysia. Antaranya ialah bekalan air mentah ke Republik tersebut. Mungkinkah Singapura akan menggunakan hasil siasatan itu sebagai percaturan memandangkan Najib amat terlibat dalam 1MDB?;
2. Thailand juga mempunyai sesuatu yang melibatkan 1MDB. Justo Xavier telah ditahan di Thailand kerana dipercayai cuba menggunakan maklumat tentang 1MDB untuk mengugut syarikat beliau. Wlaupun ditangkap, Thailand mungkin akan menggunakan maklumat yang ada untuk mempengaruhi Najib apabila mereka bertemu untuk hubungan dua hala. Ini akan merupakan satu "setback" dan "disadvantage" kepada Najib secara peribadi dan Malaysia secara am;
3. Perlu juga diingat bahwa didalam apa-apa jua hal, Amerika Syarikat akan masuk campur sekiranya ia mengguntungkan mereka. Bank2 yang berniaga dengan 1MDB akan tertekan sekiranya terdapat unsur-unsur peralihan wang haram, apatah lagi sekiranya ia membabitkan 1MPM6 Najib. Ada sebahgian bank ini menjalankan perniagaan di Amerika Syarikat dan secara "indirect" perlu malapurkan perbuatan "money laundering" kepada Amerika Syarikat. Amerika Syarikat sudah lama mengidam untuk mengawal Selat elaka dan ni akan memberi peluang yang paling cerah untuk mereka mengawal Selat Melaka serta menjejaskan pengaliran minyak kepada China yang kini merupakan saingan utama Amerika Syarikat dalam pentas dunia.

Seandainya Najib mempunyai jiwa yang besar, beliau seharusnya mengambil langkah berani untuk mengundurkan diri dari pesada politik tanahair dan membiarkan pengganti beliau mengambil alih. Mungkin Najib mempunyai sedikit ruang apabila mesyuarat MT yang lalu berjalan lancar dan membibitkan satu jambatan rapuh antara Najib dan team Muhyiddin/Shafie Afdal. Itu tidak bererti Najib dapat berlapang dada untuk mula menjelajah dunia sebagaimana yang dibuat sebeum skandal 1MDB.

Andainya benar Najib akan memulakan perjalanan pada 15hb September ini, maka ternyatalah beliau tidak peka bahwa 16hb September merupakan tarikh keramat tertubuhnya Malaysia. Sebagai Perdana Menteri, 1MPM6 Najib perlu dilihat di Malaysia untuk bersama-sama rakyat menyambut tarikh tersebut dan bukannya berada di England, tempat penjajah terdahulu sebelum kita mencapi kemerdekaan.

Selain dari itu, ketiadaan beliau dan Menteri Pertahanan kerana menghadiri pertunjukan dan pameran pertahanan antarabangsa mungkin akan memberi ruang dan peluang untuk musuh-musuh politik beliau bertindak.

Untuk itu, fikir-fikirkanlah...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Of Malaysia's Once, Twice, Three times French obsession...

American Hotdogs, British Pie, Italian spaghetti, Chinese Peking Duck... Move aside. Here comes French toast...

All this while, when growing up, we are fed with American heroes like John Wayne, Charles Bronson, Tom Cruise. Everthing American is the best in the world. British? They are too slow, too gentlemen to be heroes, unless they moved over to USA like Sean Connery and the likes. Chinese? Too small for comfort with "cheapo" copycat products. Russian are seen to be too stiff with minimal comedic instinct with products likely to fail at the most crucial times.

Of late, in the past decade, Malaysia is turning to France to fortify its defense. It is a question when Malaysia opts to purchase submarines to bolster its naval arsenal. It's choice? Scorpene-class submarines developed by a French company and partner. Malaysia never has a submarine before. Obviously there will be problems highlighting that something is amiss during the negotiation. A submarine is supposed to be capable of moving underwater. The price? RM 3.4B for 2 submarines.

However, there were controversies surrounding the purchase i.e. :-

1. Brokering fee for the purchase is RM 540M. That was claimed by the opposition and if that is true, the brokering fee is 15 % of the submarine package;
2. Razak Baginda claimed that he did not use one Altantunya as interpreter when the Government signed the submarine in 2002. He said he knew Altantunya in 2004. That was what Razak Baginda claimed and picked up by Al Jazeera in East 101 documentary;
3. Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa aka Aminaa was murdered in 2004. 2 members of Malaysia's elite security detail were prosecuted and found guilty;

Next stop - Mistral helicopter carrier. Capable of transporting and deploying up to 16 helicopters, landing barges, tanks and soldiers, comes equipped with 69-bed hospital. Apparently, the French have 2 excess Mistral carriers which was formerly ordered by Russia.

Do we really need this specific Mistral carrier when ...

1. It is built for Northern hemisphere specifications including weathering the winter season;
2. Cost aside, the maintenance cost for 1 carrier is expected to be in the region of RM 4B;
3. If Britain who is a close ally of USA can make do without a carrier in their fleet, what makes Malaysia a step above them in acquiring the carrier?;

Perimekar may not be the preferred "service provider as there will others getting itchy to take over Razak Baginda's role.

If Mistral carrier is not enough, Malaysia is also looking at purchasing French (again) Rafale fighter jets. Is it time to buy these expensive toys when our ringgit is depreciating faster than other currencies in the region?

Further, consider these :-

1. If Scorpene cost us billions and "tainted" 1MPM6 Najib with implied scandal related to Razak Baginda and Altantunya, what will Mistral and Rafale holds?;
2. If Scorpene deal was sealed when 1MPM6 was the Defense Minister, why must these purchase made during Hishamuddein's (who happens to be 1MPM6's cousin}? Transperancy is an issue here;
3. Why was the decision not made when Ahmad Zahid was the Defense Minister? Is there any hidden agenda when Ahmad Zahid switched ministries with Hishamuddein? Is this 1MPM6's planning?;
4. If it is transparent and really necessary, is Transperancy and Integrity imported Minister, Paul Low, involved in ascertaining and verifying that everything is done above board?;
5. What advantage does the Mistral carrier offers when it is meant for Northern hemisphere specifications? Are we sending the Mistral for UN duties in the Black sea areas?;
6. Do we have enough local experts to do maintenance for the carrier? Or are we resorting to place our trust to the imported labour from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nepal to service and maintain the carrier?;
7. Are we going to use the carrier to fight the kidnappers around Sipadan islands?;
8. Has our security improved to the level the Government can vouch that no more fighter jet engines and its accessories will be missing when Rafale landed in Malaysia?;
9. If Altantunya was the translator (at a late stage?) for the Scorpene deal, who is the translator (s) in these carrier/Rafale deals? Another Mongolian? Khazakhstan?
10. Will the service provider be Jho Low or his connections?
11. Is the recent "accusations" against 1MPM6 a staged and elaborate plans to hoodwink the rakyat into deviating our focus away from the real "coming soon" mother of all Malaysian scandals?;
12. Is the Mistral/Rafale deal the handshake parting gift to Najib?;
13. Worse still - are the French/British and the rest holding "something" to sway Malaysia's decision to procure our defense arsenal. Is there any connections between the series of recent "bombarstic" exposures with the procurement? Hmmm...

We really don't need Mistral carrier and Rafales to blast Godzilla. Godzilla is just a fragment of imagination fit for movies. And the French intel are good at chewing gums to fool the Americans. Us? One look and they know that we are not Americans and we are closer to Chicanos than GI Joes. Let's be real. Buy when we really need to upgrade or restock Malaysia's defense and not because of commissions for those close to power.

If only Philippe Roache is around to advise...

Please take some time to reflect the tragedy where a construction crane fell resulting in 100 deaths in the holy city of Mekah. May God has mercy on them...

Me? All I have are Tin Soldiers...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Of Malaysia's Najib's Sounds of Silence...

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence.
- Simon & Garfunkel

Silence is Golden Is it true? When 1MPM6 decided to go on silent mode, Hong Kong opens probe in Credit Suisse branch. That comes days after WSJ revealed 1MDB USD 1.4B payment to IPIC is not in the latter's consolidated account. Pandikar was quick to dismiss the leak comes from Parliamentary staff.

Putrajaya is expressly quick in denying Najib's possible account in Credit Suisse. Further, it blames politically motivated report.

If the former was money related, what about social relationship? Al Jazeera's report regarding Altantunya's relationship. If there is no truth, why the need to deport Al Jazeera's journalist who was doing her job for the documentary?

Don't forget about Malaysia's own submarine issue when SUARAM brought up to the French authorities.

Be it today, a few days ago, few years ago, it seems that the baggage is getting heavier by the day. Like it or not, world news wil be swooping into Malaysia to cover 1MPM6. Innocent or guilty? It doesn't matter if he the sitting PM or not, Najib has to go all out to prove his innocense especially when the world is watching Malaysia's every steps.

Consider these :-

1. Hong Kong police is investigating the allegation that RM 2.6B was in Najib's personal account in Hong Kong;
2. Bank deposit of more that USD 250M made in Credit Suisse branch there;
3. Najib was a signatory of companies owned by J Low's family;
4. Switzeland and Singapore has separately and independently opened investigation on 1MDB where Najis is one of it's adviser;
5. Pandikar denied that Parliamentary staff leaked PAC's information on 1MDB;
6. RM 146M service charge to Perimekar for purchase of scorpene submarines with web of illicit transactions involving Malaysian companies setup in Hong Kong;
7. Who is involved in Altantunya's murder?

Najib is Malaysia's Prime Minister. The expectation is - not only must he be cleaned (innocent) but he must also be seen clean (innocent). Following Tun Abdullah's elegant silent is no longer acceptable. In fact, there is no more room of 6 months for Najib to clear up 1MDB's mess.

Najib has to face the world and not let his officers to do the denials. Maybe Najib do not know Altantunya. Maybe he knows her as Aminah. Najib has no more option but to answer and squash all doubts about him.

Forget about the red shirts. That is Zahid Hamidi's territory. Najib should not allow his emotions to take charge. Greed is not an option. The longer he waits, the less options available for his "retirement scheme".

Me? strumming my guitar , whispering...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Of Malaysia's next month, 2 months, 6 month's time and ...

The six months I have asked for is to help 1MDB in regards to slashing its debt and solving a few problems on the rationalisation process
- Najib

First, it was 2 months. That's what 1MPM6 ask for to solve controversies surrounding 1MDB issue. He promised UMNO leaders and pro-establishment NGO 2 months to solce the controversies and he said that back in June 2015. To be fair to him, Najib says 2 months the earliest and pledged a time frame of between 2 to 6 months.

Now, 3 months later, 1MPM6 Najib is asking 6 months to solve 1MDB's financial problems.

Before we go any further, the UMNO supreme council meeting yesterday is a non-event. No blast, no dynamite statements. But...wait... what about the body language between the two? Any hints?

You can see a better picture here

Do you notice the following :-

1. Shahrizat's face - she is not happy with the handshake and she is looking Muhyiddein's way;
2. Hishamudein Hussein - he looks worried;
3. Najib - Forced smile;
4. Muhyiddein - Cynical;
5. On the handshake itself, it looks staged whereby there is no warmth between the two. Both parties is just touching the tip of the other party's hand.

Maybe time to see the expert and hear what they have to say on the body language.

Enough of body language, let's look at what the SUPREME council meeting and the outcome :-

1. Muhyiddein and Shafie Afdal not sacked nor suspended from UMNO;
2. Discussed on the public fallout on RM Billion dollar donation;
3. Najib ask for 6 months to solve 1MDB financial problems to slashing its debts and solving few problems on rationalisation plans;

Now, let's speculate on the points above :-

1. What is the reason for non-action against Muhyiddein and Shafie afdal? If Najib can remove Muhyiddein from DPM post, then why is he hesistant to do the same and strip Muhyiddein/Shafie Afdal from their respective political post?;
2. Is Najib systematically isolated and he has no choice but to seek an uneasy truce with 2 of his fiercest internal critics?;
3. It's all system haywire when the execution failed to materialise and it's back to the drawing boards for Najib and Co;
4. A deal has been brokered between the 2 parties with a timeframe of 6 months. Notwithstanding the timeframe, anything can happen at critical milestones of October Parliamentary sitting and UMNO GM in December;

Some say the third force is getting the upperhand. That's what they say but the scene outide PWTC is a minor tell tale sign of what's coming up next.

What is bothering Najib on his home turf? What makes him choose the rear entrance?

My newfound friend was upset when 1MPM6 decided to skip delivering keynote address during the recently concluded ICAC. In fact, this friend said that 1MPM6 should bundled out the outspoken speaker who ticked Najib on the "donation" issue. Now, the one who claimed to have Bugis warrior blood in him opts to enter "jalan belakang" into his own party HQ where he is President? This is not the way of a warrior!!!

By the way, first it was 2 months, now 6 months. Is that the time for Malaysians to forget? Melayu mudah lupa, Cina takkan lupa, Maybe India lupa lupa... Whilst Malaysia is in all sorts of challenges, from politics, sports, economy and such, Singapore will be going to the polls tomorrow. Will S'ore opposition takes a leaf of PR's success in 2013? If that happens, I like to see DAP's reaction and comments. DAP talked about equality nd all inclusive Malaysian Malaysia, what have they got to say to Singapore's non inclusiveness? One interesting subject which will be touched on in coming months...

Someone, somewhere used to say "Kalau takut pada ribut, jangan berumah ditepi laut" or something along that line. Me? I love the challenges and would have wade across the boisterous UMNO crowd yesterday in PWTC because the sounds will remind me of the magic words...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Of Malaysia's own "I pay, you no receive" excuse, state of football and...

"Only the Prime Minister can call emergency Parliament sitting" - Pandikar

Last week when fulfilling a wedding reception, a friend whispered about the hush-hush mass VSS for Malaysia's leading bank's employees. I countered that is not possible as it is Malaysia's numero uno bank and the foundation is bed-rock solid. He said "No, words are up to 600 branches will be closed/merged by the end of this year". He reasoned that the bank is forced to resort to laying off its employees because of man-made economic mishap. I leave it at that until Malaysia Chronicle publish Side outside the box article on layoffs.

Regardless of Syed's political stand, the posting begs these following questions :-

1. Will we see Malaysia's premier bank closing 600 of its branches by year end?;
2. What happen to 400 employees of CIMB who opted for voluntary redundacy? Are they employed or are they jobless now?;
3. How many RHB employees will opt for Voluntary Exit Scheme offer by 23rd September 2015?;
4. On the sidelines, how many MAS employess took the VSS and how many were re-offered jobs in the company?;

Will the banks be more effective with these scale down actions? What will happen to those who opts for Voluntary exits and what will happen to their dependents? Is this part of the chain reaction from Malaysia's "all-coverage" GST? What is the government doing to re-train them and what are the steps taken to place them in areas of their expertise. Maybe Najib can start his own bank from the Arab donation. Even without the donation money, Najib can always bank on his inheritance fund to branch out into banking, right?

Next stop - the red shirts. If last night's "Harimau Malaya" supporters is used as a yardstick, it is best for PDRM to placed all probable red shirt organiser and promoters under the newly implemented POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act). Why? Even with PDRM increasing their resources to control the crowd, last night's football match against Saudi Arabia were tainted with firecrackers and flares. That happen in a controlled confine space. I dread of what might happen if Red shirts are allowed to assemble in open spaces within the city buildings.

Stop whining about if BERSIH 4.0 can, then red shirts can argument. For one thing, BERSIH 4.0 was not tainted with flares and firecrackers although the noise levels raised a few decibels due to vuvuzelas. Back to the football fans, what are they trying to prove? Do they not realise that whatever they did last night may have a negative impact on our pilgrims currently in the twin holy cities of Mekah and Madinah? I am quite sure the perpetrators to last night's events are mostly those who profess Islam as their religion. These are the same people who did not think the after-effects to their Muslim brothers and countrymen currently in Saudi Arabia.

What now for Malaysia's football scene? :-

1. The outcome of the match will stay at 2 - 1 in favour of saudi Arabia;
2. FIFA may slap fines to FA malaysia on the fans behaviour and poor security;
3. FIFA may banned Malaysia from FIFA-sanctioned matches/tournaments;
4. FIFA may banned Malaysia from hosting matches and Malaysia matches will be on neutral ground until further notice;

Who lost? Malaysia !!!

What is my wish list? :-

1. FA Malaysia president to immediately take full responsibility and resign with immediate effect. No need to wait whether Malaysia can pass the World cup 2018 Asian qualifier or not;
2. FA Malaysia council members to offer resignation with immediate effect and an interim body under the purview of Sports Ministry take over the day to day running until further notice;
3. PDRM to come down hard on the perpetrators, put them as priority 2 behind the 1MDB probe. Splash the faces of the perpetrators for all to see and help PDRM in tracing them;
4. Government to send a high level envoy to Saudi Arabia to personnally apologise for the incident on behalf of Malaysia;

Am I asking too much?

Pandikar Amin Mulia, Dewan Rakyat speaker, reiterated that only the Prime Minister aka Najib can call for emergency parliament sitting. Regardless of what Pandikar said, there is room for provision of standing oredrs for Vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister. Pandikar was quoted
There are no such provisions. Can I in the name of democracy, western democracy, make such standing orders? It looks stupid,

Are we in the state of self denial? Is it OK for us to utter "Bangang, Bangsat, Se-ekor, Bodoh, haramjadah" freely and publicly? Maybe, our leaders are getting out of synch with reality.

When I was about to say that all seems rebounding, Malaysiakini dropped a bombshell "WSJ: IPIC didn't get US$1.4b collateral from 1MDB". What happened?

What gathered from Malaysiakini are the following :-

1. UAE's International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) did not receive the US$1.4 billion collateral payment from 1MDB that was to be for paying off billions in the troubled state fund's debts;
2. IPIC's consolidated financial statements had no receipt of the payment;
3. Auditor-general's draft report on 1MDB show that the USD 1.4 B payment was made to one of IPIC's subsidiaries, Aabar Investments PJS;
4. IPIC and Aabar never received the money;
5. New IPIC management team is now investigating the actions and relationship between their previous managers and 1MDB;

The USD B question is - where does the USD 1.4B gone? If IPIC consolidated financial statement had no receipt of the payment, then which account is true? 1MDB (as per Auditor General draft report) or IPIC (surely by one of the reputable auditing company)? Lost in transaction? Impossible, when this involves USD 1.4B.

This report is going to haunt 1MDB's Chairman of Board of Advisor/Trustee who is none other than 1MPM6 Najib. Or will he pass the blame to others including Arul Kanda? If that is the case, pity Arul for taking the blame of his predecessors? Worse, Najib can come out with new degratory word - what next after Bangang, bangsat, haramjadah, se-ekor? Maybe his other half will coined a new word for his use. While the advisers are lock in their think tank strong room, by the time this posting is out, UMNO supreme council meeting should be over and done with.

Whether Muhyiddein and others will be sacked or not, UMNO is now a divided party. If cash is king, then tonight an "emperor" may be in the making. To get Muhyiddein to toe the party line and give up his deputyship in UMNO will be IPICly costly. Coupled with the missing link between payment made and payment received, as per IPIC and 1MDB, then Muhyiddein need to be triply sure the money is in the bank. That, if Muhyiddein agrees to be "bought over". What if he stays defiant? What can Najib do? Put the full weight of Ahmad Zahid's PDRM on Muhyiddein and do him good? Very unlikely.

Will Muhyiddein gives the 2 months grace period for Najib to sort things out, politically and economically? Will Pandikar succumb to Bugis silat and block whatever means necessary for any "Vote of no confidence"? The bells are ringing... Will it be the last call for Najib?

Najib is having sleepless and listless night tonight. Me? Blissfully happy acrobating on my bed... singing

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Of Malaysia's Pandikar, Rahman, Democrazy and...

There is no such thing - Pandikar

If I had known it better, I think I heard someone yelling "Get a life". Things do looks bleaker, isn't it?

Our currency is still falling and now we have a new stand-up comedy by the name of Najib. Lately, he coined the term "democrazy" and refers it to BERSIH 4.0. Reasons? Najib believes that :-

1. BERSIH 4.0 is aimed at topling the government;
2. The current economic climate was caused by external factors and not by his leadership;
3. The rally had shamed the country as thousands had gathered to criticise him over his alleged scandals and the woes of the country;
4. His government was not arrogant and was receptive of criticism and advice;

That was what he said during last night's speech in Batu constituency. Maybe Najib is too busy counting donations that he failed to read BERSIH 4.0 demands. Amongst others, BERSIH 4.0 main bjectives were :-

1. Free and Fair Elections (Pilihan Raya yang Bebas dan Adil);
2. A Transparent Government (Kerajaan yang Telus);
3. The Right to Demonstrate (Hak Berdemonstrasi);
4. Strengthening the Parliamentary Democracy System (Memperkukuh Sistem Demokrasi Berparlimen);
5. Saving the Economy of Malaysia (Menyelamatkan Ekonomi Malaysia);
6. Resignation of Prime Minister, Najib Razak (Perletakan Jawatan Perdana Menteri oleh Najib Razak);

Now, which part Najib do not understands? Is there any portion of the demands that mentions toppling he government of the day? The nearest is demanding for Najib's resignation. Demanding Najib's resignation does not means toppling the government. The same when previous PMs' resigned, it does not topple the (BN) government as in the case of Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah Badawi. If Najib makes a mistake of accepting unaccounted donation and he could not explain the money trail, then it is an honourable thing for him to resign. Najib is carrying too much baggage and coupled with RM, her baggage is too excessive - overloading and in one way or another placing us close to a "pariah" state.

What BERSIH 4.0 wants is a just, better and more transperancy when it come to government. Is it too much to ask for?

At the time of writing this blog, haze seems to be ckearing up a little due to the thunderstorm in KL and Klang. Hopefully it is a sign of more better things to come. Tun M will be returning tomorrow from his middle east/UK trip. Will Khalid IGP instruct his men to direct Tun M direct to Bukit Aman? When will Tun M be called for hs statement to be recorded in Bukit Aman?

Yesterday was a whimper when nothing exciting came out of UMNO's political bureau meeting. The next big day is tomorrow when the UMNO supme council meeting will be held. Amid rumours od Muhyiddein's sacking/suspension from party post, KJ issue a statement of his own. In short, he is confident that no one will be sacked tomorrow. Poor KJ, he has to say that as his UMNO youth EXCO is behind his back with their stand and KJ needs to speak the voice of UMNO youth.

Poor Rahman Dahlan. First he started the issue when he tweeted on the "miserable" state of BERSIH office only to be sounded off that the picture posted was not BERSIH's bit its neighbour. He was so cocky to send the RM 65K cleaning bill to BERSIH but instead his officers went to the wrong address, prompting BERSIH office bearers to put up big signage for easy reference on the actual location of BERSIH office. Now Rahman Dahlan took it personally and termed it as "childish jokes".

In this age of technology and smart phones, don't tell me that Rahman's officers do not have apps like maps or waze to find the correct address. Not only tat, being officers from the Ministry of Urban wellbeing, Housing and Local Government, they should have he most up to date information on the location of BERSIH 4.0 address. If this simple thing also Rahman cannnot do, then how to continually defend Najib?

Pandikar says there is no such thing as vote of no confidence. Well, Pandikar, tll us what are the available options for the people of Malaysia? Do we have to live for another 3 years under a person who cannot differentiate between a donation and corruption? Do we have to endure the possibility of our currency sliding down? Do we have to "buy" the story that Najib is going to sue Wall Street journal which up to now Najib and his lawyers failed to do that in Washington or Hng Kong? Do we still need to "hear" about Najib's inner circles partying with Paris Hilton with possibly our national coffers?

Tell me. Tell me that this is not true and what Malaysians are facing are just nightmares. Tomorrow when we wake up, the nightmares will be gone...poof. If that is true, then,

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 07, 2015

Of Malaysia's 0909, 0916 and...

Malaysians go all out to interpret numbers. Whatever numbers they can get their hands on, they will "pau" it and rush to 4D outlets, trying their luck to the fullest. Even at USd 1 = RM 4.303, it is better that nothing...

If only numbers can talk! Apart from the infamous 911, Malaysians are gazing their self-made crystal balls to see what lies ahead especially on 9th September (0909). At least, FAM President will be resigning after UAE thrashing. Whatever the scoreline tomorrow against Saudi Arabia is all academic. Let's hope there will be no turnback to FAM President regardless of tomorrow's result.

What comes before 0909? Today's UMNO political bureau's meeting is sparkless. Maybe the fuse were dampened or most probably everybody is loading their dynamite on 0909. Tonight, 1MPM6 sharpened his rhetorc skills in Batu, Kuala Lumpur. On last count yesterday, banners "Kami sayang Perdana Menteri kami" is all over the place. Let's say 20,000 turn up tonight, does that means the balance of Malaysia's 23M population is no longer with him? Afterall, that's the argument he presented during the recent BERSIH 4.0 rally.

Talking about 0909, what are the possible scenarios :-

1. Najib had an audience with DYMM in the morning and tenders his resignation as PM, followed by an announcement after the weekly cabinet meeting. UMNO supreme council endorsed Najib's decision in the evening and the date for Najib's last day will be set on 30th september 2015, well after Malaysian day celebration and Aidil Adha;

2. Najib take a hard stand, push for Muhyiddein's ouster together with the rest. Chances are "Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu". If he choose this path, he will be another Mugabe...;

3. Najib takes a hard stand amd the supreme council revolts. He may be forced to tender his resignation as UMNO President and Muhyiddein seeks audience with DYMM to take over the PMship on 0910. By 0911 (Friday), Najib may be facing with an arrest warrant.;

4. Muhyiddein take a reconcilatory approach and surrenders his Deputyship. Najib appoints Zahid as caretaker deputy until UMNO GA next year. Muhyiddein and the rest resigned from all party post;

5. Najib wins, Muhyiddein sacked and formed alliance with opposition. Najib will face sleepless nighs and his fate will be decided by Pandikar on the o confidence motion. Can Najib last another 1 month for Pandikar's lifeline? Can najib afford to travel overseas when at any time, MPs' from both sides can seek audience with DYMM demanding his ouster?;

6. Nothing happens on 0909. Jibby lets it be a non-issue and continue antogonising Muhyiddein. At the same time, he continue touring UMNO divisions for full support. At the same time, place all against him on sedition charge and tires them with court appearance;

7. Last minute cancellation. Back to square one for those involved.

Hopefully 0909 will be a turning point where Malaysia will address its internal "trust deficit" issue and at the same time responds to external criticism pointed out by Rafidah Aziz. They say that Najib is a big hearted person, by nature. It is time for him to make the ultimate sacrifice and let go his premiership. Let others take their turn to run the country and hopefully turn the country around. We have been hit by continuous downward spiral. It will be pointless for big political funds if the state of the nation is at risk and exposed to economic disaster.

Forget about 0916. I see 0916 counter rally is unnecessary, not when their focal meeting point is in Bukit Bintang. Rightly so, the police have state their stand. Let's see if the organisers abide to the police decision, failing which they are no better than those they despise.

This posting will be incomplete if the new kid on the block is not mentioned. PAN mentioned about consensus with their allies PKR and DAP. My questions :-

1. What consensus is Mat Sabu referring to? If consensus is by party, I see PAN as a DAP proxy who works on twisting PKR to toe the line;
2. If consensus is about denying the aspiration of practising Hudud in Kelantan, then Mat Sabu is denying Kelantan's legislation their wishes to implement Hudud;
3. If consensus is about asking Najib to resign, Mat Sabu has cross the path when he talked about Tun M;
4. If consensus is about a new and better Malaysia, then Mat Sabu himself has failed to be a team player when he opts to sever ties with his former party;
5. If consensus is about a united opposition, Mat Sabu has failed to listen what Azmin says;

PAN may pride itself of thawing support from PAS... but then again PAN is becoming parasitic and more and more of DAP lackey. A party caught with its own self glamour, financed by DAP. You may not like what I write.. I don't care because I am writing from my heart ad those are my thoughts.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Mungkinkah bulan gerhana?

PAS adalah bulan purnama. Apakah kegerhanaan akan menimpa dengan tertubuhnya PAN?Setiap kali musim bah, setiapkali jualah pantai berubah. Itu lumrah alam... Bagaimana pula dengan dunia politik?

SEcara peribadinya, saya melihat klimaks politik Islam agak kurang terurus dengan perginya TGNA Februari lalu. Kalau semasa hayat beliau, sudah timbul aliran pemikiran baru yang mula mencabar kepimpinan ulama', pemergian TGNA memberi laluan untuk golongan yang dilabel "progresif" untuk terang-terangan mencari ruang-ruang untuk menempelak kepimpinan ulamak. Paling serius ialah apabila Gerakan ini mula berdiri dibawah "Gerakan Harapan Baru" dan mula mempersoal tentang "timing" Hudud.

Satria GHB yang dikemudi oleh Mat Sabu tlah dengan jayanya mengenepikan PASMA dari kelompok kepimpinan mereka. GHB yang saya pasti didalangi oleh parti-parti politik dibawah Pakatan Rakyat telah memasukkan jarum-jarum untuk mempersoalkan segalan tindak tanduk PAS. Bukan itu saja, golongan ini yang dahulunya diketengahkan oleh PAS secara terang-terangan mempersoalkan ketokohan kempimpinan ulamak selain dari mengijak-ijak Majlis syura' PAS. Tindakan mereka menjadi lebih berani apabila DAP terus-menerus menyerang PAS.

Dalam pilihanraya parti yang lalu, pasukan GHB telah tersungkur dimana hampair kesemua kepimpinan GHB kalah dalam perebutan parti. Kekalahan ini telah menyalakan lagi api untuk GHB membentuk parti politik baru. Permohonan mereka telah ditolak oleh ROS. Akhirnya, pada 31 hb Ogos, Mat Sabu telah mengumumkan GHB mengambil alih parti pekerja (Workers party) dan rebranding kepada PAN (Parti Amanah Negara). Maka berdoyong-doynglah penyokong GHB mengisytihar keluar dari PAS. Mereka termasuk beberapa ahli parlimen dan wakil rakyat.

Antara nama-nama mereka adalah Mat Sabu, Ahmad Awang, Khalid Samad, Zulkefly, Mariah, Hatta Ramli. Namun, dalam kekalutan mereka bergodong-godong menyertai PAN, ada juga satu dua kerat dari saf pendokong GHB yang masih setia bersama PAS. Antaranya ialah Mahfuz Omar. Untuk itu, saya menghormati pendirian Mahfuz yang setakat ini masih setia bersama perjuangan PAS.

Begitu juga dengan Husam Musa. SEhingga kini, masih belum dengar riak beliau akan menyertai PAN walaupun dikatakan Mat Sabu sanggup memberi laluan kepada Husam Musa.

Apa reaksi saya? Saya melihat kelompok GHB yang kini bernaung dibawah PAN sebagai kelompok yang gelojoh. Kegelojohan mereka makin terserlah apabila sanggup mengambilalih kepompong Workers party untuk dijadikan vehicle perjuangan mereka. Tahukah mereka bahwa bukan senang untuk menukar perlembagaan parti untuk mencerminkan perjuangan? A picture can paints a thousand words tapi tak mungkin perlembagaan parti dapat menterjemahkan segala intipati perjuangan? Selain daripada itu, dalam perasaan syiok sendiri, Hanipa Maidin telah menjadi jurucakap sukarela DAP untuk menolak PAS dalam gugusan Pakatan Rakyat 2.0. Mugkin kerana perasaan syiok sendiri inilah, Hanipa Maidin merasakan pakatan pembangkang tidak lagi perlu kehadiran PAS dalam barisan itu. Apa yang disuarakan oleh Hanipa adalah bertentangan dengan kenyataan Anwar Ibrahim tempoh hari.

Sebenarnya, siapa yang "Boss" sekarang? Nampaknya LGE mla mengorak langkah bersama Mat Sabu utk mengenepikan Anwar/Wan Azizah...

PAS masih tidak memberi respons pada kenyataan Hanipa kerana PAS telah menyatakan pendirian mereka satu ketika dulu. Apa alternatif yang ada? DAP boleh menuntut rakan pakatan rakyat iaitu PKR utk mengambil pendirian bersama memulaukan PAS atau mengeluarkan PAS dari Pakatan Rakyat. Itu hak DAP dan PKR..terpulang.

Buat masa ini, adalah lebih baik PAS berdiam diri kerana pasti kebenaran akan terserlah jua... mungkin juga adalahlebih baik PAS berjalan sendiri atas landasan untuk menegakkan syiar Islam. Sekiranya PAN dan Mat Sabu "gatal" benar nak keluarkan PAS, biarlah PAN membuktikan kekuatan politik mereka dalam pilhanraya akan datang. Bagi saya, ahl parlimen yang menyertai PAN adalah untested. Biarlah mereka berdiri dibawah panji-pamji PAN dan kita lihat samada mereka menang bertarung atau tidak.

Mungkin juga, ini adalah pembersihan yang diperlukan untuk menapis mereka yang terlalu taksud dengan idea Anwar sebagai PM. Saya rasa PAS lebih matang dari itu dan pengajaran Kajang move telah memisahkan yang satu dari yang lain.

Mungkin juga, ini adalah cubaan yang maha kuasa....wallahualam

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, September 04, 2015

Malaysia : Of humiliation, humiliation and ....

Nothing seems to go right these days. Haze is back, 1MPM6 elegant silent on USD 760M unanswered and latest even the state of the nation's football is a disgrace...

1MPM6 Najib is really having his backs on the wall. Rightly or wrongly, he needs to ride out the storm for the next 2 weeks, at least until 16th September for Malaysian day celebration before he needs to dig in until 24th September 2015 to reflect the meaning of Kurban (sacrifice). After that, we will see whether 1MPM6 is willing to "kurban" his political career by hanging his boots or will continue his thick skinned charade of "nothing happen" despite the global attention to his USD 760M funds.

Before we go any further, Malaysia football team is on the receiving end losing 10 - 0 to UAE. Fortunately, the day after, Qatar beats Bhutan 15 - 0. However, that should not be an excuse when the nation's football team was once one of Asian tigers. Now, it is a kitten by comparison. The loss is shameful at best. Instead of going to the coach's jugular, who by the way is Dollah Salleh, maybe it is time for the elders of FA Malaysia to resign en masse. That move will be multi-fold. One is to inject fresh blood to turn around the state of Malaysian football and the other more important is to send a respectful "what to do and how to do it" to the one who will not step down.

Whilst the world is watching and tracking, Malaysia play host to ICAC (International anti-corruption Conference) where 1MPM6 played safe and skip delivering his keynote speech. In his place, Paul Low huffed and puffed putting his points across that 1MPM6 skipped the event so that he will not face "hostile reception" from the international delegates.

ICAC delegates relentless questioning of 1MPM6's USD 760M "donation" keeps Paul Low, Zahid, Wahid even MACC busy fending off the notion that Malaysia is not doing enough to investigate the matter. One of 1MPM6 defender, Tg Aziz is caught in an awkward position when he defends 1MPM6 at the same time agreed to the suggestion that Putrajaya "influenced" steps taken by the investigators.

With all the hoopla of ICAC, do you know what happen to Guatemala? Guatemala is a small nation of 15M population located in Central America. The Congress (equivalent to Malaysia Parliament?) took action on Attorney General's evidence that the President is involved in graft. The President, Otto Perez Molina, decided to resigns from his post and 2 hours later was formally charged with graft. Amount? USD millions (but not as much as USD 760M).

Question - why can't 1MPM6 emulate Guatemalan President to quit over the unanswered USD 760M fund? Instead, 1MPM6 through his powers influenced the sacking of Attorney General and relaced with his own friendly Attorney General and then disbanded the special task force investigating the money trail? The Guatemalan President did not run, hide or seek asylum nor did he come out with vague answers to the charges. Further, he did not block the Attorney General from doing his work and he did not blackmail his congress to act to his whims and fancies.

And what about ours?

I hope 1MPM6 take a similar action and let the Attorney General do his work and let the MPs' carry out their job. 1MPM6 should stop terminating the services of those investigating or questioning his moves. That means Najib should not take planned to dismiss Muhyiddein as his deputy in UMNO and he should reinstate officers to carry out their work. Better still, if 1MPM6's claim that he did not spend the money for his personal use, then Najib should take a well deserved vacation and allow the investigators to wrap up their investigations. He can come back when the "all clear" sign is given. Unless 1MPM6 is suspicious of what Zahid would do in his absence. Then again, with trusted lieutenants like Ahmad Maslan, Tg Nan, Azalina, the Keruak fellow, Tg Aziz, and the MB's of all states (with the possible exception of Kedah), Najib should not feel threatened with his vacation.

If Dollah Salleh can resign when his charges perform miserably and he takes the blame, then 1MPM6 is Bugis enough to take the same course of action. I am sure 1MPM6 has Nothing2hide, then why fear when there is nothing to fear.

Before I signed off, mayne you guys can read this posting from Sahathevan blogspot. If Hong Kong police confirmed the trail, then the noose is tightening up for Mr Party man and his "Godfather". Guatemalan can do, Dollah can do, the USD 760M question - will he do it?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Malaysia : Of wild dreams, nightmares and ...

What you doing tonight? Dream on...

Barely a couple of months ago, Najib says he can sleep peacefully with his wife, sharing the same bed and the same dreams. 1MPM6 at that time got a resounding aye from Perlis and Sarawak. That was ..aahhh a couple of months ago. Then, it happens... the questions, the sacking of DPM, AG, as well as the "1 day transfer" of senior MACC officers afterwhich the dreams becomes nightmare for the couple.

August 2015 will be forever etched in part of Malaysia's history when BERSIH 4.0 witnessed Tun M's whirlwind first day visit capped with a press conference on the second day. Did you remember Najib's face during Merdeka 2015 parade?

I thought I was the only one observing his forlorn figure until Jakarta post proved me wrong. A day (or two) later, Paul Yong stand in for Najib in an international anti corruption conference. Regardless of what Paul said, it is a lame excuse for Najib's no show.

Reeling from the recent setback, Najib says never in his wildest dreams that he expects his former mentor cum boss is against him. Well, Najib, you are wrong and you cannot blame Tun M for taking his stand. If only Najib can recall his actions of not turning to Tun M as his advisor. Najib also failed to declare the now infamous "where does the money come from", sack his deputy for questioning the "money trail". I guess the dreams just ended and the nightmares will take over from now on.

Whilst Najib is still dazed with Tun M's absence from Merdeka celebration, Tun M is in Jordan until 9th September 2015, coinciding with UMNO supreme council meeting. Is Tun M meeting the mysterious Arab donor? Or is he there to clear Najib's on the "donor" issue?

Enough of suspense there. Little birds are chirping that Nuhyiddin, Mukhriz, Shafie Afdal and few others' UMNO membership will be suspended until further notice. If this is true, then apparently Najib's strategists are running out of ideas and BN will be shown the exit soon. Maybe at the time of writing, some legal eagles are poring through UMNO constitution to find the right clause for the 9th September action.

When little birds chirped, it is continuous. A planned counter rally is expected on 16th September 2015. Although it is themed as "I love PM" rally, the choice of venue is unintelligent. And the organisers have not lodged their intention with the police yet, as of this writing. Just because they are UMNO die-hards who masked as "Himpunan rakyat", does that give them a blanket cover to do whatever they want in whatever place they want? I wrote yesterday and I say it again - if they want, I dare them to do in Penang at Gurney drive or esplanade. But then again, these "spotlight seeking members" will not have the fun to "sweep" the dusty lanes of Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Behind all this charade is another instant MLM (multi level marketing) where the normal guy will be paid a token amount whilst those higher up the hierachy will get more. Not only that, I heard it will be "full cover" for the participants.

Things are moving at a faster pace now with Swiss government freezing millions of USD amid investigation of 1MDB. If that is not enough, today court order for Najib and others to file defense over suit of overspending during GE 13.

Things are not getting easy for Najib. Even LDP, a BN component party gives up hope on BN power sharing formula for Sabah. LDP is not alone, MCA veterans are getting restless. Najib can forget about beautiful dreams in the days to come.

Why bother to finds ways "menegak benang basah"? Is it not better to compromise and find solace elsewhere and let Zahid, Muhyiddein, TR to fight out to be the next "Malaysia number 1 servant"? Then Najib can be Tun M-Abdullah Badawi matchmaker.

Me? I am getting old with all this unnecessary "man-made" issues. It is better for me to find my soiled pillow and bid yo
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Malaysia : Of parting ways, words and ...

"Setelah layar telah dikembangkan, apabila sauh telah dilabuhkan, pantang ketua kapal dan anak-anak kapal menoleh ke belakang,” -
Najib Tun Razak (Amanat Merdeka 2015)

Things change... Some have to part ways because of different political stands.. as it happen to once "a party within a party" then turned to Gerakan Harapan Baru then now take over the dormant "Workers party" and renamed it Parti Amanah Negara (PAN).

My thoughts? Before I take a step further, PAN has to review Workers party regulations and aims. A lot needs to be change so as to tailor the party constitution in meeting GHB's aspirations. First and foremost, I would like to see if PAN is open to all or open to a segment of society. If it is open to all, on what principles are they working on? If it is just for civil rights, then what is the difference between PAN and PKR? If it is on similar course with PAS, then why does it abandon the scripture guidance?

Yes, GHB is made of professionals who are Anwar die-hards, the ones who will fight tooth and nail in seeing Anwar being the next PM of Malaysia, by hook or by crook. The same group who is willing to discuss with BN lawmakers to table vote of no-confidence against Najib, as long as there is a side agreement that Anwar will be let off from Sg Buloh. Me? Rightly or wrongly, Anwar has been convicted in Civil court of law and as such the same court will make judgement to reverse the verdict. In short, let the laws takes its course. Simple as that.

GHB has been blessed with "ready-made" parliamentarians who abandoned PAS. I am not going to go into the "baiah" discussion as it is best for the relevant parties to discuss the "baiah". However, I feel just right for those GHB-turned PAN members to resign from their parliamentarian positions and let by-elections to take place. Afterall, if they are really sincere, they should make the sacrifice to let go of the parliamentarian status and let other equally deserving GHB members to take their place. One fine example is GHB President himself, Mat Sabu. His adviser can also be considered to take over the "vacancy".

Let the people judge whether they accept GHB-PAN or BN or PAS. PKR and DAP can stay out and reserve all their resources, financial and logistic support to help GHB-PAN. Afterall, DAP has declared that PAS is out of opposition pact equation. This solution is better than GHB-PAN getting langsi unnecessarily.

BERSIH 4.0 is over but do you know that on 30th August, PM Najib was in Kuala Terengganu officiating an event?. Don't know? Well... what caught my attention is part of Najib's speech which categorically labelled rally participants as "sekor-sekor" (se ekor se-ekor). That word is normally reserved for animals and if it still stands, does that means someone on that particular day and time categorise rally participants as ...? Is this how a well-mannered, well brought-up, well-titled person should be uttering? It is not wrong, just does not seems right. The same when uttering "bangang", "bangsat"...

Then again, something must be terribly wrong with Malaysian upbringing, or is it just another typical "Ayah kencing berdiri, anak kencing berlari" syndrome?. I mean, if Najib can utter those words (which is unacceptable to my standards), then nothing extraordinary if Nurulhidayah utter the words "bodoh". Afterall, she being the number 2's daughter must follow the examples set by her father's boss. Am I right? If a soldier, by profession, can say (or write or labelled) others as "bodoh", then we as civilians can say words 10 times worse that what she utters. Can we?

At the crescendo of BERSIH rally, another UMNO hopeful pledged to up the ante, promising 1 million gathering in front of Low Yatt building. What a joke is this fellow hatching? Knowing Low Yatt building and its surroundings, there is no way you can put 1 million people within the confined space. Not only that, what has Low Yatt building got to do with BERSIH? Unless, this particular Datuk has a hidden motive. If he does, then I hope PDRM will nick his plans now. If he wanted to "repay" BERSIH for "taking over" Dataran Mereka, then they can reciprocate by taking over "Gurney Drive" or "Dataran Shah Alam", if they have balls.

The past weeks have not been kind to the rich. It is said that they are "less rich" by RM 16B. If they are "less rich", then what about the poor? How poorer are we?

One of the reasons for government's inaction towards BERSIH rally is the international event on anti-corruption. Those in the know and those reading the news know that Najib is skipping the event. Sadly, the last person to know is another "collective cabinet decision" member by the name of Paul Low. Reason given is poorly scripted "possible hostile reception". Aiya...if the boss is all ready with his Bugis silat and warrior stance, what is a motley anti-corruption delegates can do? Yet, the Bugis "hero" choose to stay away. What's so scary answering simple "yes" or "no" questions. If he can't stand to answer the questions in Malaysia, then how can we expect him to field the same questions overseas?

Parting ways, words... one about a group of men whose "ego" is getting too big for their heads whilst words don't come easy for someone with "Nothing2hide". Me, I have my own parting style...

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Of three ladies...

Don't be too serious. Yet, there are so many choices available...

"Rumah siap, pahat berbunyi"... That is what happening now, post-BERSIH 4.0.
First stop - yellow phobia. A day after BERSIH 4.0 ends, a young lady was apprehended for alledgedly floating down 7 balloons during Najib's visit to Pavilion. The charge? Intentional insult. What's so insulting about the words justice, press freedom? None of the balloons contains any four letter words that might insult anybody. The messages were just a lady's inspiration for a better Malaysia. Is that wrong? Is it illegal? Heck.. the balloons did not hurt anybody and even if it did, what physical harm can 7 balloons do?

Did you hear about another young lady who is also a lieuftenant and happens to be a daughter of an up and coming politician branding BERSIH rally goers as "bodoh". Well... she claims to be exercising her right to "freedom of speech". And just because she is a daughter of a politician who is on the "other side" of the fence, does that make it right to brand others as "bodoh"? Fortunately, she is not trained to be a Sukhov pilot. I dread what could happen if she is one.

Another lady who is on the "other side" of the fence but chose to sue UMNO's President for the missing RM's got the boot. Is that how the President "earns" respect from the party?

Three ladies... if you have to choose one, what is your choice? Will you pick the first for her ideals of a fair and just society? Or will you go for the second one who has no problem calling others "bodoh" because they did not synch with her father's party President? Maybe you choose the third who dares to sue her party President for the "missing" funds. I know you guys are torn between the three. Me? I think P Ramlee's "Madu Tiga" is fine...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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