Thursday, September 03, 2015

Malaysia : Of wild dreams, nightmares and ...

What you doing tonight? Dream on...

Barely a couple of months ago, Najib says he can sleep peacefully with his wife, sharing the same bed and the same dreams. 1MPM6 at that time got a resounding aye from Perlis and Sarawak. That was ..aahhh a couple of months ago. Then, it happens... the questions, the sacking of DPM, AG, as well as the "1 day transfer" of senior MACC officers afterwhich the dreams becomes nightmare for the couple.

August 2015 will be forever etched in part of Malaysia's history when BERSIH 4.0 witnessed Tun M's whirlwind first day visit capped with a press conference on the second day. Did you remember Najib's face during Merdeka 2015 parade?

I thought I was the only one observing his forlorn figure until Jakarta post proved me wrong. A day (or two) later, Paul Yong stand in for Najib in an international anti corruption conference. Regardless of what Paul said, it is a lame excuse for Najib's no show.

Reeling from the recent setback, Najib says never in his wildest dreams that he expects his former mentor cum boss is against him. Well, Najib, you are wrong and you cannot blame Tun M for taking his stand. If only Najib can recall his actions of not turning to Tun M as his advisor. Najib also failed to declare the now infamous "where does the money come from", sack his deputy for questioning the "money trail". I guess the dreams just ended and the nightmares will take over from now on.

Whilst Najib is still dazed with Tun M's absence from Merdeka celebration, Tun M is in Jordan until 9th September 2015, coinciding with UMNO supreme council meeting. Is Tun M meeting the mysterious Arab donor? Or is he there to clear Najib's on the "donor" issue?

Enough of suspense there. Little birds are chirping that Nuhyiddin, Mukhriz, Shafie Afdal and few others' UMNO membership will be suspended until further notice. If this is true, then apparently Najib's strategists are running out of ideas and BN will be shown the exit soon. Maybe at the time of writing, some legal eagles are poring through UMNO constitution to find the right clause for the 9th September action.

When little birds chirped, it is continuous. A planned counter rally is expected on 16th September 2015. Although it is themed as "I love PM" rally, the choice of venue is unintelligent. And the organisers have not lodged their intention with the police yet, as of this writing. Just because they are UMNO die-hards who masked as "Himpunan rakyat", does that give them a blanket cover to do whatever they want in whatever place they want? I wrote yesterday and I say it again - if they want, I dare them to do in Penang at Gurney drive or esplanade. But then again, these "spotlight seeking members" will not have the fun to "sweep" the dusty lanes of Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Behind all this charade is another instant MLM (multi level marketing) where the normal guy will be paid a token amount whilst those higher up the hierachy will get more. Not only that, I heard it will be "full cover" for the participants.

Things are moving at a faster pace now with Swiss government freezing millions of USD amid investigation of 1MDB. If that is not enough, today court order for Najib and others to file defense over suit of overspending during GE 13.

Things are not getting easy for Najib. Even LDP, a BN component party gives up hope on BN power sharing formula for Sabah. LDP is not alone, MCA veterans are getting restless. Najib can forget about beautiful dreams in the days to come.

Why bother to finds ways "menegak benang basah"? Is it not better to compromise and find solace elsewhere and let Zahid, Muhyiddein, TR to fight out to be the next "Malaysia number 1 servant"? Then Najib can be Tun M-Abdullah Badawi matchmaker.

Me? I am getting old with all this unnecessary "man-made" issues. It is better for me to find my soiled pillow and bid yo
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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