Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Of Malaysia's : Whose dignity...

At the time when more than 2 million people converge to Padang Arafah... spare some time ti think about dignity.

These past few days, so many touch on the issue of dignity. At the time of writing, 2 million people in Padang Arafah and millions more around the globe pray to his almighty seeking forgiveness and the correct path whilst at the same time pray for things closest to them.

Dignity, whose dignity are we fighting for now? The Reds talked about dignity as they try to justify the need for 16th September rally. Shamefully, some tried to talk about Malay dignity but when pressed further, they are unable to elaborate. what is Malay dignity when there is no necessity to talk about it.

Instead, we should be talking in broader terms. Want to talk about Malay dignity? Can.. let's start with takraw. You know, the rattan ball game with three on each side. Once upon a time, Malays are the world champions but then it starts sliding, first losing to the Thais and later Indons. Now, at times, we can barely beat the Laos, Philipines... so, where is Malay dignity? Where are the Reds when this happens?

What about this... Malays are known to be a race raised in high moral values. Now, like the rest of Malaysians, is it esy to see Malays surrendering their seats for the elderly, the handicapped, the pregnant? Malays talk about high moral grounds but where are the Reds when so many babies born out of wedlock? Where are Malay dignity when so many of their young engaged in pre-marital sex. Drugs? Where are the Reds when so many Malays "graduated" from Pengasih and the numerous drug rehabilitation centers?

If we want to talk about Malay dignity, we should be talking and discussing with the rest on how to arrest these pitfalls if they are concern about dignity. If dignity is about massing in Padang Merbok shouting unacceptable slogans towards others, that's not dignity! That's provocation!

What dignity are we talking about when the Reds talked of invading Petaling street and demanding the spoils of Petaling street. Remember Kampung Baru and Chow Kit road? Is it not a Malay commercial area years before? Now? It is a place where Indons and Pakis and Banglas run their business from the same spots where Malays used to run their business! Talk about dignity, why didn't the Reds "invade" Chow Kit areas demanding their places back. What the Reds are doing is not fighting for dignity but jealousy to others' success. You want success? Try develop your own business centers. If Damansara uptown is successful, why can't the Malays do it in other areas? They did it in Shah Alam uptown, don't they?

So, whose dignity are we talking aout? If it is Malaysia, where is our dignity when our soccer lost by the dozens to a small and unranked country? Where is our dignity when our MH plane disappeared from the sky? If it is Malaysian dignity, what are we doing about it? Few days n the headlines and everything is back to normal. Talk about dignity, what about the numerous kidnappings in Sabah waters? What do we do about it? What about the infamous "invasion" to Malaysian soil when the "Sulus" decided to make a case against us?

Whose dignity are we talking about? If the Reds are fighting for one person's dignity, then it is not right! Look it this way...what are we doing about it when Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Britain, Switzeland and latest USA starts investigating 1MPM6? One may be wrong, two may be coincidence, but so many countries? Are we going to declare that all these countries are jealous of us and trying to topple the legitimate government? A person is not a government! The ruling party is entrusted to form a government! That said, investigating a leader is not an attempt to topple the government!

Dignity? Where is our dignity when our GLC, 1MDB, paid USD 1.4B and it seems that the payment is unaccounted! Where is the money? 1MDB cannot take the easy way out and blame others when they should be using their resources to find out what's really going on. If it is a lapse from 1MDB, it should be corrected, and if it is a lapse from IPIC, it should be pointed out! This is Malaysia's dignity. If this can happen to 1MDB, where is Malaysia's dignity in international business circle?

Some are obsessed in defending 1MPM6 and become his spokesman. The best person to answer is 1MPM6 himself. Do not be over obsessive for something uncertain. We cannot put the blame to Khairuddin just because he make reports in Hong Kong, Switzeland etc. These country, especially Hong Kong is known for their no nonsense attitude against illegal transactions as well as money laundering. In fact, Malaysia's investigative teams should come to the fore, either to clear or charge 1MPM6. Sad to say, our AG is dragging his feet when Bank Negara has alraedy put on record that they have completed their investgation and submit their papers to AG for his action almost 3 weeks ago.

Dignity? If a leader is accussed of misdeeds, he should stand up and reply to the accusation. Not his ministers, not his party members. If there is any dignity left, I call upon 1MPM6 to make the ultimate sacrifice during this auspicious Padang Arafah concentration of pilgrims. He knows what he needs to do it!

UMNO must make a stand on the Reds. UMNO is a matured party and they should be able to think about their political survivor. It is either UMNO or that 1 person. Make a choice...

Malay dignity? Read what others have to say.

Me? Selamat Aidil Adha... I need to make peace and seeks His forgiveness and Rahmat...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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