Thursday, September 10, 2015

Of Malaysia's next month, 2 months, 6 month's time and ...

The six months I have asked for is to help 1MDB in regards to slashing its debt and solving a few problems on the rationalisation process
- Najib

First, it was 2 months. That's what 1MPM6 ask for to solve controversies surrounding 1MDB issue. He promised UMNO leaders and pro-establishment NGO 2 months to solce the controversies and he said that back in June 2015. To be fair to him, Najib says 2 months the earliest and pledged a time frame of between 2 to 6 months.

Now, 3 months later, 1MPM6 Najib is asking 6 months to solve 1MDB's financial problems.

Before we go any further, the UMNO supreme council meeting yesterday is a non-event. No blast, no dynamite statements. But...wait... what about the body language between the two? Any hints?

You can see a better picture here

Do you notice the following :-

1. Shahrizat's face - she is not happy with the handshake and she is looking Muhyiddein's way;
2. Hishamudein Hussein - he looks worried;
3. Najib - Forced smile;
4. Muhyiddein - Cynical;
5. On the handshake itself, it looks staged whereby there is no warmth between the two. Both parties is just touching the tip of the other party's hand.

Maybe time to see the expert and hear what they have to say on the body language.

Enough of body language, let's look at what the SUPREME council meeting and the outcome :-

1. Muhyiddein and Shafie Afdal not sacked nor suspended from UMNO;
2. Discussed on the public fallout on RM Billion dollar donation;
3. Najib ask for 6 months to solve 1MDB financial problems to slashing its debts and solving few problems on rationalisation plans;

Now, let's speculate on the points above :-

1. What is the reason for non-action against Muhyiddein and Shafie afdal? If Najib can remove Muhyiddein from DPM post, then why is he hesistant to do the same and strip Muhyiddein/Shafie Afdal from their respective political post?;
2. Is Najib systematically isolated and he has no choice but to seek an uneasy truce with 2 of his fiercest internal critics?;
3. It's all system haywire when the execution failed to materialise and it's back to the drawing boards for Najib and Co;
4. A deal has been brokered between the 2 parties with a timeframe of 6 months. Notwithstanding the timeframe, anything can happen at critical milestones of October Parliamentary sitting and UMNO GM in December;

Some say the third force is getting the upperhand. That's what they say but the scene outide PWTC is a minor tell tale sign of what's coming up next.

What is bothering Najib on his home turf? What makes him choose the rear entrance?

My newfound friend was upset when 1MPM6 decided to skip delivering keynote address during the recently concluded ICAC. In fact, this friend said that 1MPM6 should bundled out the outspoken speaker who ticked Najib on the "donation" issue. Now, the one who claimed to have Bugis warrior blood in him opts to enter "jalan belakang" into his own party HQ where he is President? This is not the way of a warrior!!!

By the way, first it was 2 months, now 6 months. Is that the time for Malaysians to forget? Melayu mudah lupa, Cina takkan lupa, Maybe India lupa lupa... Whilst Malaysia is in all sorts of challenges, from politics, sports, economy and such, Singapore will be going to the polls tomorrow. Will S'ore opposition takes a leaf of PR's success in 2013? If that happens, I like to see DAP's reaction and comments. DAP talked about equality nd all inclusive Malaysian Malaysia, what have they got to say to Singapore's non inclusiveness? One interesting subject which will be touched on in coming months...

Someone, somewhere used to say "Kalau takut pada ribut, jangan berumah ditepi laut" or something along that line. Me? I love the challenges and would have wade across the boisterous UMNO crowd yesterday in PWTC because the sounds will remind me of the magic words...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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