Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Malaysia : Of parting ways, words and ...

"Setelah layar telah dikembangkan, apabila sauh telah dilabuhkan, pantang ketua kapal dan anak-anak kapal menoleh ke belakang,” -
Najib Tun Razak (Amanat Merdeka 2015)

Things change... Some have to part ways because of different political stands.. as it happen to once "a party within a party" then turned to Gerakan Harapan Baru then now take over the dormant "Workers party" and renamed it Parti Amanah Negara (PAN).

My thoughts? Before I take a step further, PAN has to review Workers party regulations and aims. A lot needs to be change so as to tailor the party constitution in meeting GHB's aspirations. First and foremost, I would like to see if PAN is open to all or open to a segment of society. If it is open to all, on what principles are they working on? If it is just for civil rights, then what is the difference between PAN and PKR? If it is on similar course with PAS, then why does it abandon the scripture guidance?

Yes, GHB is made of professionals who are Anwar die-hards, the ones who will fight tooth and nail in seeing Anwar being the next PM of Malaysia, by hook or by crook. The same group who is willing to discuss with BN lawmakers to table vote of no-confidence against Najib, as long as there is a side agreement that Anwar will be let off from Sg Buloh. Me? Rightly or wrongly, Anwar has been convicted in Civil court of law and as such the same court will make judgement to reverse the verdict. In short, let the laws takes its course. Simple as that.

GHB has been blessed with "ready-made" parliamentarians who abandoned PAS. I am not going to go into the "baiah" discussion as it is best for the relevant parties to discuss the "baiah". However, I feel just right for those GHB-turned PAN members to resign from their parliamentarian positions and let by-elections to take place. Afterall, if they are really sincere, they should make the sacrifice to let go of the parliamentarian status and let other equally deserving GHB members to take their place. One fine example is GHB President himself, Mat Sabu. His adviser can also be considered to take over the "vacancy".

Let the people judge whether they accept GHB-PAN or BN or PAS. PKR and DAP can stay out and reserve all their resources, financial and logistic support to help GHB-PAN. Afterall, DAP has declared that PAS is out of opposition pact equation. This solution is better than GHB-PAN getting langsi unnecessarily.

BERSIH 4.0 is over but do you know that on 30th August, PM Najib was in Kuala Terengganu officiating an event?. Don't know? Well... what caught my attention is part of Najib's speech which categorically labelled rally participants as "sekor-sekor" (se ekor se-ekor). That word is normally reserved for animals and if it still stands, does that means someone on that particular day and time categorise rally participants as ...? Is this how a well-mannered, well brought-up, well-titled person should be uttering? It is not wrong, just does not seems right. The same when uttering "bangang", "bangsat"...

Then again, something must be terribly wrong with Malaysian upbringing, or is it just another typical "Ayah kencing berdiri, anak kencing berlari" syndrome?. I mean, if Najib can utter those words (which is unacceptable to my standards), then nothing extraordinary if Nurulhidayah utter the words "bodoh". Afterall, she being the number 2's daughter must follow the examples set by her father's boss. Am I right? If a soldier, by profession, can say (or write or labelled) others as "bodoh", then we as civilians can say words 10 times worse that what she utters. Can we?

At the crescendo of BERSIH rally, another UMNO hopeful pledged to up the ante, promising 1 million gathering in front of Low Yatt building. What a joke is this fellow hatching? Knowing Low Yatt building and its surroundings, there is no way you can put 1 million people within the confined space. Not only that, what has Low Yatt building got to do with BERSIH? Unless, this particular Datuk has a hidden motive. If he does, then I hope PDRM will nick his plans now. If he wanted to "repay" BERSIH for "taking over" Dataran Mereka, then they can reciprocate by taking over "Gurney Drive" or "Dataran Shah Alam", if they have balls.

The past weeks have not been kind to the rich. It is said that they are "less rich" by RM 16B. If they are "less rich", then what about the poor? How poorer are we?

One of the reasons for government's inaction towards BERSIH rally is the international event on anti-corruption. Those in the know and those reading the news know that Najib is skipping the event. Sadly, the last person to know is another "collective cabinet decision" member by the name of Paul Low. Reason given is poorly scripted "possible hostile reception". Aiya...if the boss is all ready with his Bugis silat and warrior stance, what is a motley anti-corruption delegates can do? Yet, the Bugis "hero" choose to stay away. What's so scary answering simple "yes" or "no" questions. If he can't stand to answer the questions in Malaysia, then how can we expect him to field the same questions overseas?

Parting ways, words... one about a group of men whose "ego" is getting too big for their heads whilst words don't come easy for someone with "Nothing2hide". Me, I have my own parting style...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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