Friday, September 04, 2015

Malaysia : Of humiliation, humiliation and ....

Nothing seems to go right these days. Haze is back, 1MPM6 elegant silent on USD 760M unanswered and latest even the state of the nation's football is a disgrace...

1MPM6 Najib is really having his backs on the wall. Rightly or wrongly, he needs to ride out the storm for the next 2 weeks, at least until 16th September for Malaysian day celebration before he needs to dig in until 24th September 2015 to reflect the meaning of Kurban (sacrifice). After that, we will see whether 1MPM6 is willing to "kurban" his political career by hanging his boots or will continue his thick skinned charade of "nothing happen" despite the global attention to his USD 760M funds.

Before we go any further, Malaysia football team is on the receiving end losing 10 - 0 to UAE. Fortunately, the day after, Qatar beats Bhutan 15 - 0. However, that should not be an excuse when the nation's football team was once one of Asian tigers. Now, it is a kitten by comparison. The loss is shameful at best. Instead of going to the coach's jugular, who by the way is Dollah Salleh, maybe it is time for the elders of FA Malaysia to resign en masse. That move will be multi-fold. One is to inject fresh blood to turn around the state of Malaysian football and the other more important is to send a respectful "what to do and how to do it" to the one who will not step down.

Whilst the world is watching and tracking, Malaysia play host to ICAC (International anti-corruption Conference) where 1MPM6 played safe and skip delivering his keynote speech. In his place, Paul Low huffed and puffed putting his points across that 1MPM6 skipped the event so that he will not face "hostile reception" from the international delegates.

ICAC delegates relentless questioning of 1MPM6's USD 760M "donation" keeps Paul Low, Zahid, Wahid even MACC busy fending off the notion that Malaysia is not doing enough to investigate the matter. One of 1MPM6 defender, Tg Aziz is caught in an awkward position when he defends 1MPM6 at the same time agreed to the suggestion that Putrajaya "influenced" steps taken by the investigators.

With all the hoopla of ICAC, do you know what happen to Guatemala? Guatemala is a small nation of 15M population located in Central America. The Congress (equivalent to Malaysia Parliament?) took action on Attorney General's evidence that the President is involved in graft. The President, Otto Perez Molina, decided to resigns from his post and 2 hours later was formally charged with graft. Amount? USD millions (but not as much as USD 760M).

Question - why can't 1MPM6 emulate Guatemalan President to quit over the unanswered USD 760M fund? Instead, 1MPM6 through his powers influenced the sacking of Attorney General and relaced with his own friendly Attorney General and then disbanded the special task force investigating the money trail? The Guatemalan President did not run, hide or seek asylum nor did he come out with vague answers to the charges. Further, he did not block the Attorney General from doing his work and he did not blackmail his congress to act to his whims and fancies.

And what about ours?

I hope 1MPM6 take a similar action and let the Attorney General do his work and let the MPs' carry out their job. 1MPM6 should stop terminating the services of those investigating or questioning his moves. That means Najib should not take planned to dismiss Muhyiddein as his deputy in UMNO and he should reinstate officers to carry out their work. Better still, if 1MPM6's claim that he did not spend the money for his personal use, then Najib should take a well deserved vacation and allow the investigators to wrap up their investigations. He can come back when the "all clear" sign is given. Unless 1MPM6 is suspicious of what Zahid would do in his absence. Then again, with trusted lieutenants like Ahmad Maslan, Tg Nan, Azalina, the Keruak fellow, Tg Aziz, and the MB's of all states (with the possible exception of Kedah), Najib should not feel threatened with his vacation.

If Dollah Salleh can resign when his charges perform miserably and he takes the blame, then 1MPM6 is Bugis enough to take the same course of action. I am sure 1MPM6 has Nothing2hide, then why fear when there is nothing to fear.

Before I signed off, mayne you guys can read this posting from Sahathevan blogspot. If Hong Kong police confirmed the trail, then the noose is tightening up for Mr Party man and his "Godfather". Guatemalan can do, Dollah can do, the USD 760M question - will he do it?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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