Friday, September 18, 2015

Of Malaysia's selective prosecution, probes, missing fund (again)...

First..a drop, now it's drizzling, next???

Things happen. When it does, it defies log thinking and at times deny the norm. It happens today when Ali Tinju , the infamous guy who did buttock exercising in front of Ambiga's house and the same man who disrupted the "Nothing to hide" forum as well as the guy who encourage actions at Low Yat plaza, got his charges dropped by the AG's office. Why? Ask the AG as he is the person who finally decides which charges to proceed and which is not. Maybe the AG is not listening to the people, instead he is receiving "strange" vibes from someone somewhere.

It is not a matter too small when AG decides on Ali Tinju. This is a matter of racial harmony and by taking the unbelievable stance, the AG is sending the wrong message. You can say things and stir sentments against a partuclar group and if it happens that the particular group is not on the "preferred" list, you can organise unlawful assemblies and speaks fieryly, it will be alright because the AG will not charge you.

Naturally, for their political survivor and dignity, MCA as well as Gerakan appeal the AG to reconsider his action and decision. Alas, it is all now Nasi menjadi bubur. Do you think AG will listen to minions like MCA and Gerakan, whose cabinet posts are at the mercy of big brother UMNO?

The best MCA and Gerakan can claim to their supporters is that they have raised their concern and the AG is looking into it. Or, alternatively MCA and Gerakan can claim that 1MPM6 has assured them that this will not recur, however AG is not under 1MPM6 citing the separation of power. Aiya... itu semua are cosmetics!!

It will be a joke if AG comes up with a decision that they are looking at possibly losing the case in court. As if the percentage of winning court cases is AG's KPI for the moment.

Anuar Musa claimed 250,000 attended the red rally. IPPKL's statement differs...

It says 35,000 attended the red rally and later revised to 50,000. Maybe the 50,000 ia taken because that is the capacity for Padang Merbok. Whatever, even at 50,000 attendees, it is amajor slap in the face for the man behind the glass tower.

On the confrontation in front of Petaling street entrance, PDRM will be probing the incident and identify the perpetrators as their actions will breed racism. Who would believe action will be taken and hese people will be charge in court? Will it be another show just to please the masses and later the AG will drop the charges as what happens to Ali Tinju? 1MPM6 can come out and say tat the incident should not have happened but this is all empty tins talking. Lots of thunder but no lightning!!

What I see is our Tionghua friends will be distancing further from 1MPM6's led coalition. Do you think 1MPM6 care? No, he will not care and will not give a hoot. Reason? He sees Kuala Lumpur parliamentary seats are stamped, sealed, delivered as opposition strongholds and as such he did not see the necessity to please the tionghua community when his survival greatly depends on the Red shirts of the rural areas.

Now, this Jamal guy is claiming that the Petaling street spoils of business should be shared with the Malays. Hello bro, you have some stalls in Kuala Lumpur pasar malam but you decided to "offload" for monetary gains and now you are looking for another goodies in Petaling street? This is the type of person who works for himself and he never learns to differentiate politics and business. Look at his ikan bakar Sekican, closed after his anti-BERSIH stand before and I understand that his prestigous car showroom is not getting better and most possibly closing down. A friend of mine told me that Jamal is a graduate of a non-academic institution somewhere in KL. I will not comment on this as he may have joined the mainstream after his stay in the institution.

The same cannot be said if you happen to be on the other side. Azmin Ali will be called in for his yellow dressing on 29th and 30th August 2015. Fortunately, they yellow dressing probe is limited to opposition key figures and not blanket coverage to 400,000 Yellows who flooded KL on that date. Come to think about it, what will happen if these 400,000 rally goers "surrenders" themselves to the police stations with photographic evidence as well as SD's taht they were wearing the "illegal" yellow t-shirt? Will AG decides to charge these 400,000 participants? Heh..heh...fortunately Maria Chin and Lim Kit Siang did not think the way I do. Me? I will definitely request these 400,000 "illegal yellows" to go to the police stations and surrender themselves for going agains the "yellow t-shirt" ban. It will be a sight to behold...

As I said earlier, things happen. Even if you do not wear yellow, you may find yourself in the same boat as MAZA because of a statement that can be probed as sedition. Expressing views about the intention what the yellow t-shirts wanted is also wrong???

Everything is possible when shadows are seen as enemies of the state. The Keruak said, don't be like Iraq n trying to dismantle the government because when the "truth" comes out, it might be too late. What is the similarity between Iraq and us? Saddam was accused of having WMDs' whilst in our case, what they wanted are fair elections and calls for 1MPM6's resignation due to the numerous charges of inproper transactions concerning 1MDB as well as the economic situation facing Malaysia. The analogy provided by Keruak is out of context. That's what you get when you appoint bootlickers...

apart from that, another expose from WSJ, is damaging us even more. It is said that another USD 993M supposed to be paid by 1MDB never reach IPIC. If that expose is not sufficient enough, the latest is Khairudin has been detained (or is it probed) for aiming to topple the government.

It's getting serious now... and I may talk about it when I wake up in the morning

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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