Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Of Malaysia's Pandikar, Rahman, Democrazy and...

There is no such thing - Pandikar

If I had known it better, I think I heard someone yelling "Get a life". Things do looks bleaker, isn't it?

Our currency is still falling and now we have a new stand-up comedy by the name of Najib. Lately, he coined the term "democrazy" and refers it to BERSIH 4.0. Reasons? Najib believes that :-

1. BERSIH 4.0 is aimed at topling the government;
2. The current economic climate was caused by external factors and not by his leadership;
3. The rally had shamed the country as thousands had gathered to criticise him over his alleged scandals and the woes of the country;
4. His government was not arrogant and was receptive of criticism and advice;

That was what he said during last night's speech in Batu constituency. Maybe Najib is too busy counting donations that he failed to read BERSIH 4.0 demands. Amongst others, BERSIH 4.0 main bjectives were :-

1. Free and Fair Elections (Pilihan Raya yang Bebas dan Adil);
2. A Transparent Government (Kerajaan yang Telus);
3. The Right to Demonstrate (Hak Berdemonstrasi);
4. Strengthening the Parliamentary Democracy System (Memperkukuh Sistem Demokrasi Berparlimen);
5. Saving the Economy of Malaysia (Menyelamatkan Ekonomi Malaysia);
6. Resignation of Prime Minister, Najib Razak (Perletakan Jawatan Perdana Menteri oleh Najib Razak);

Now, which part Najib do not understands? Is there any portion of the demands that mentions toppling he government of the day? The nearest is demanding for Najib's resignation. Demanding Najib's resignation does not means toppling the government. The same when previous PMs' resigned, it does not topple the (BN) government as in the case of Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah Badawi. If Najib makes a mistake of accepting unaccounted donation and he could not explain the money trail, then it is an honourable thing for him to resign. Najib is carrying too much baggage and coupled with RM, her baggage is too excessive - overloading and in one way or another placing us close to a "pariah" state.

What BERSIH 4.0 wants is a just, better and more transperancy when it come to government. Is it too much to ask for?

At the time of writing this blog, haze seems to be ckearing up a little due to the thunderstorm in KL and Klang. Hopefully it is a sign of more better things to come. Tun M will be returning tomorrow from his middle east/UK trip. Will Khalid IGP instruct his men to direct Tun M direct to Bukit Aman? When will Tun M be called for hs statement to be recorded in Bukit Aman?

Yesterday was a whimper when nothing exciting came out of UMNO's political bureau meeting. The next big day is tomorrow when the UMNO supme council meeting will be held. Amid rumours od Muhyiddein's sacking/suspension from party post, KJ issue a statement of his own. In short, he is confident that no one will be sacked tomorrow. Poor KJ, he has to say that as his UMNO youth EXCO is behind his back with their stand and KJ needs to speak the voice of UMNO youth.

Poor Rahman Dahlan. First he started the issue when he tweeted on the "miserable" state of BERSIH office only to be sounded off that the picture posted was not BERSIH's bit its neighbour. He was so cocky to send the RM 65K cleaning bill to BERSIH but instead his officers went to the wrong address, prompting BERSIH office bearers to put up big signage for easy reference on the actual location of BERSIH office. Now Rahman Dahlan took it personally and termed it as "childish jokes".

In this age of technology and smart phones, don't tell me that Rahman's officers do not have apps like maps or waze to find the correct address. Not only tat, being officers from the Ministry of Urban wellbeing, Housing and Local Government, they should have he most up to date information on the location of BERSIH 4.0 address. If this simple thing also Rahman cannnot do, then how to continually defend Najib?

Pandikar says there is no such thing as vote of no confidence. Well, Pandikar, tll us what are the available options for the people of Malaysia? Do we have to live for another 3 years under a person who cannot differentiate between a donation and corruption? Do we have to endure the possibility of our currency sliding down? Do we have to "buy" the story that Najib is going to sue Wall Street journal which up to now Najib and his lawyers failed to do that in Washington or Hng Kong? Do we still need to "hear" about Najib's inner circles partying with Paris Hilton with possibly our national coffers?

Tell me. Tell me that this is not true and what Malaysians are facing are just nightmares. Tomorrow when we wake up, the nightmares will be gone...poof. If that is true, then,

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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