Monday, September 14, 2015

Of Malaysia's 16th September Red shirts... cold response!

"Hello (fill in the blanks)...., please send busloads of people here because we are not getting encouraging response from the city" - 16th Sept organiser(??)

If you guys thinks that this is in Thailand or somewhere in Israel-controlled Al-Aqsa, you are dead wrong. This is a picture of a local student leader who was beaten up when he was taking his turn looking after campaign posters for the upcoming UKM campus elections.

Malaysiakini reported :-

1. He was beaten up;
2. He was splashed with paint;
3. His car was also splashed with paint;
4. Speculated that the attack was politically motivated;
5. 2 attackers with full-faced motorcycle helmets with dark visor;
6. He received 7 stiches;

Regardless of his political inclinations, the university should be responsible for the incident, mainly because this is in relation to the campus election and the incident happened in the campus during the early morning wee hours.

If this happens in one of Malaysia's premier University and supposedly to our next crop of future leaders, what will the future holds when opposing political supporters meet? Not only our Universities lacking academically, our students are also influenced by bad elements when they are not politically connected. 5 years from now, these students will be joining mainstream politics and if they fail in politics 101 practical, worse is yet to come when they graduated. If this is happening to our cream of the crop, then how do the rest behaves? ten times worse?

16th September rally is going needlessly round and round. One says A, another says Z. There is no definite goals. Like 1MPM6, their goals keep on changing, bordering from supremely racist to all inclusive rally remembering Malaysia day. The Red shirt Jamal first says that they will do one thing and later announced that they will be joining PESAKA in Padang Merbok. Why? Simply beca use DBKL has given green light for a rally to be held in Padang Merbok.IGP says they will facilitate the rally and warned others not to play "cops" to protect traders group.

Maybe the top cop feels that his force is sufficient to handle what come may. I hope so but it is questionable as there is no "dry runs" to handle 16th Sept rally, not like when cops were instructed for "dry runs' training during the recent BERSIH 4.0.

Further to that, the rhetorics are unnecessarily threatening resulting in many of my "fair-skinned" friends opting to travel elsewhere during the coming Malaysia day holidays. Viral news travels fast when some even claim that there are efforts to induce participants with financial rewards if they joined the rally. So far, let's say that this is all hearsay.

PAS has declared that they will not be involved with 16th September rally and I hope other public movers will also come out to say the same and send a loud and clear message that eventhough we respect the rights of others for peaceful assembly, we frowned on any attempts to divide us along racial and religious lines.

We are Malaysians first and as Malaysians, we stand proud to sing Negaraku, regardless of race and religion, regardless whether we are white or black and I do sure hope that the REDS can match BERSIH yellow belting out our national anthem.

One short question - will 1MPM6 be in Malaysia when we celebrate 16th september or will he be half way around the world looking for new toys to satisfy his cravings??

Me? Of course, I will be here ready to service. However, fireworks are not for me as I leave to our younger generation to watch in awe..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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