Monday, September 07, 2015

Of Malaysia's 0909, 0916 and...

Malaysians go all out to interpret numbers. Whatever numbers they can get their hands on, they will "pau" it and rush to 4D outlets, trying their luck to the fullest. Even at USd 1 = RM 4.303, it is better that nothing...

If only numbers can talk! Apart from the infamous 911, Malaysians are gazing their self-made crystal balls to see what lies ahead especially on 9th September (0909). At least, FAM President will be resigning after UAE thrashing. Whatever the scoreline tomorrow against Saudi Arabia is all academic. Let's hope there will be no turnback to FAM President regardless of tomorrow's result.

What comes before 0909? Today's UMNO political bureau's meeting is sparkless. Maybe the fuse were dampened or most probably everybody is loading their dynamite on 0909. Tonight, 1MPM6 sharpened his rhetorc skills in Batu, Kuala Lumpur. On last count yesterday, banners "Kami sayang Perdana Menteri kami" is all over the place. Let's say 20,000 turn up tonight, does that means the balance of Malaysia's 23M population is no longer with him? Afterall, that's the argument he presented during the recent BERSIH 4.0 rally.

Talking about 0909, what are the possible scenarios :-

1. Najib had an audience with DYMM in the morning and tenders his resignation as PM, followed by an announcement after the weekly cabinet meeting. UMNO supreme council endorsed Najib's decision in the evening and the date for Najib's last day will be set on 30th september 2015, well after Malaysian day celebration and Aidil Adha;

2. Najib take a hard stand, push for Muhyiddein's ouster together with the rest. Chances are "Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu". If he choose this path, he will be another Mugabe...;

3. Najib takes a hard stand amd the supreme council revolts. He may be forced to tender his resignation as UMNO President and Muhyiddein seeks audience with DYMM to take over the PMship on 0910. By 0911 (Friday), Najib may be facing with an arrest warrant.;

4. Muhyiddein take a reconcilatory approach and surrenders his Deputyship. Najib appoints Zahid as caretaker deputy until UMNO GA next year. Muhyiddein and the rest resigned from all party post;

5. Najib wins, Muhyiddein sacked and formed alliance with opposition. Najib will face sleepless nighs and his fate will be decided by Pandikar on the o confidence motion. Can Najib last another 1 month for Pandikar's lifeline? Can najib afford to travel overseas when at any time, MPs' from both sides can seek audience with DYMM demanding his ouster?;

6. Nothing happens on 0909. Jibby lets it be a non-issue and continue antogonising Muhyiddein. At the same time, he continue touring UMNO divisions for full support. At the same time, place all against him on sedition charge and tires them with court appearance;

7. Last minute cancellation. Back to square one for those involved.

Hopefully 0909 will be a turning point where Malaysia will address its internal "trust deficit" issue and at the same time responds to external criticism pointed out by Rafidah Aziz. They say that Najib is a big hearted person, by nature. It is time for him to make the ultimate sacrifice and let go his premiership. Let others take their turn to run the country and hopefully turn the country around. We have been hit by continuous downward spiral. It will be pointless for big political funds if the state of the nation is at risk and exposed to economic disaster.

Forget about 0916. I see 0916 counter rally is unnecessary, not when their focal meeting point is in Bukit Bintang. Rightly so, the police have state their stand. Let's see if the organisers abide to the police decision, failing which they are no better than those they despise.

This posting will be incomplete if the new kid on the block is not mentioned. PAN mentioned about consensus with their allies PKR and DAP. My questions :-

1. What consensus is Mat Sabu referring to? If consensus is by party, I see PAN as a DAP proxy who works on twisting PKR to toe the line;
2. If consensus is about denying the aspiration of practising Hudud in Kelantan, then Mat Sabu is denying Kelantan's legislation their wishes to implement Hudud;
3. If consensus is about asking Najib to resign, Mat Sabu has cross the path when he talked about Tun M;
4. If consensus is about a new and better Malaysia, then Mat Sabu himself has failed to be a team player when he opts to sever ties with his former party;
5. If consensus is about a united opposition, Mat Sabu has failed to listen what Azmin says;

PAN may pride itself of thawing support from PAS... but then again PAN is becoming parasitic and more and more of DAP lackey. A party caught with its own self glamour, financed by DAP. You may not like what I write.. I don't care because I am writing from my heart ad those are my thoughts.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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