Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Of Malaysia's both sides now : Reds, yellows, oranges and...

Here are the Reds...

Honestly, I did not attend the Red shirt rally. I guess it's all right since Rocky did not attend it too.

Regardless whether this is "rent a mob" or whatever you want to call it, it all boils down to perspectives. As per BERSIH 4.0, the red rally is also sprinkled with their own political leaders like Anuar Musa, Ahmad Maslan, Reezal Merican. Unlike previous BERSIH, I doubt it is the same "water" gushing out from FRU's water canon in Petaling street today.

They say "Honesty is the best policy" so it is quite pointless for anyone to deny that the "3 million member party" is not involved in orchaestrating the rally. As such, it is not surprising when 1MPM6 Najib wanted the Petaling street incident to be probed. Afterall, directly or indirectly, he is the reason for the red shirt, as well as the recent BERSIH 4.0 rallies.

1MPM6 Najib is the reason why BERSIH 4.0 took the streets on 29th August and it is also the reason why Red rally converge at Padang Merbok today. One claimed to save Malaysia and its economy by demanding 1MPM6's resignation and the other raise as they perceive stomping Najib's poster is an insult to a race. Both have different reasons but the common denominator is Najib.

Najib previously claimed that the rest of the nation supported him except for those hundreds of thousands of BERSIH 4.0 participants who flooded the capital for 2 days. Let's use his argument approach albeit at a smaller scale - Is Najib supported by only 250,000 (figure courtesy of Anuar Musa) UMNO members? Using Najib's logic, the balance 2,750,000 members ie 2.75 million (UMNO claimed to have 3 million members) does not support Najib? Following through, that means 91.6 % does not support Najib. So Najib dear, apa lagi you tunggu? Turunlah because even UMNO members does not "support" you.

When the Reds left the city tonight, back to their various villages and towns with maybe RM 100 to RM 300 richer, those left behind will ponder what is in store for tomorrow. Is our nation divided? How can it be when we are 52 years old today?

52 years on, 1MPM6's top priority seems hollow. 1MPM6's top priorities and key points were :-

1. Peace
2. Security of the nation;
3. Najib say he will not allow for blood on the streets and burning shops;
4. Promote national unity;
5. It is not right to organise rallies dominated by 1 race;
6. Manage differences and not bitterness and anger;

Big promises and grandeur priorities but 1MPM6 must take a leaf of lesson from recent political changes around the globe :-

1. Guatemalan President resigned (and later charged) for fraud;
2. Australian Prime Minister replaced by his own party member;
3. South Korean Prime Minister resigned due to bribery scandal;

As for Guatemalan President, he is only as good as he last. Now, behind iron bars he claimed that a superpower has a hand in his downfall. A lesson here is, one is only good if one is useful to the superpower. Once you are out of favour, the end will be near, very near indeed. This should serve as a reminder that the superpowers wants something out of Malaysia. What is it? Speculations are many and this article is not about that.

The same for Prime Minister Tony Abbot. He accepts his fate when his own party rejected him and he took it in full stride, never clinging to power when it is time to go. Lesson learnt? You have to listen to the voice on the streets. Listen is not hearing for you can hear but you can choose to ignore and dismiss the noises. Listen means to understand what the people want and if it is time to go, then go...

South Korean Prime Minister? He choose resignation when he and his senior cabinet ministers were accused of bribery scandal. He did not hang to his job and let his supporters loose to strengthen his position nor did he threaten or accuse the opposition for his resignation.

Whether they are guilty as charged or not, they are gentlemen and statesmen in their own rights. If it benefits the nation, then do what you have to do. We are not here forever until "menongkat bumi". Whatever power given by the rakyat is for the benefit of the rakyat and not the benefit of 1 person or a race or a particular party members. What the rakyat wants is sacrifice and that sacrifice is for the nation's continued well being.

We are going to celebrate Aidil Adha next week and Aidil Adha is about sacrifice. Ibrahim AS and Ismail AS sacrifice for their faith as He wants to test his servants.

What now? Will 1MPM6 follow the footsteps of recent political leaders who are big-hearted to resign for their country, their dignity, their party and country? Or will we continuously see a leader who choose to blame others for his personal shortcomings? Once, maybe. Everytime? No way jose...

When the dust settled tomorrow, we are actually many steps backwards. Are we heading to be a nation of mistrust? fractured by the many scandals the likes of scorpene, 1MDB, falcon bank, RM 2.6B donation? divided by whites and not so whites, east and west, urban and rural?

We are 52 years old but if you choose to take a step back, you will see a nation torn between two sides - "I love PM" and "PM needs to go"..

Me? 52 years on... sometimes I feels like a worn-out "Soldier of fortune". You want to know a secret? I am not a "soldier for hire". I am what I am..and I want the best for Malaysia. If today is not that day, maybe, I can see it in my dreams...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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