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Of Malaysia's own "I pay, you no receive" excuse, state of football and...

"Only the Prime Minister can call emergency Parliament sitting" - Pandikar

Last week when fulfilling a wedding reception, a friend whispered about the hush-hush mass VSS for Malaysia's leading bank's employees. I countered that is not possible as it is Malaysia's numero uno bank and the foundation is bed-rock solid. He said "No, words are up to 600 branches will be closed/merged by the end of this year". He reasoned that the bank is forced to resort to laying off its employees because of man-made economic mishap. I leave it at that until Malaysia Chronicle publish Side outside the box article on layoffs.

Regardless of Syed's political stand, the posting begs these following questions :-

1. Will we see Malaysia's premier bank closing 600 of its branches by year end?;
2. What happen to 400 employees of CIMB who opted for voluntary redundacy? Are they employed or are they jobless now?;
3. How many RHB employees will opt for Voluntary Exit Scheme offer by 23rd September 2015?;
4. On the sidelines, how many MAS employess took the VSS and how many were re-offered jobs in the company?;

Will the banks be more effective with these scale down actions? What will happen to those who opts for Voluntary exits and what will happen to their dependents? Is this part of the chain reaction from Malaysia's "all-coverage" GST? What is the government doing to re-train them and what are the steps taken to place them in areas of their expertise. Maybe Najib can start his own bank from the Arab donation. Even without the donation money, Najib can always bank on his inheritance fund to branch out into banking, right?

Next stop - the red shirts. If last night's "Harimau Malaya" supporters is used as a yardstick, it is best for PDRM to placed all probable red shirt organiser and promoters under the newly implemented POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act). Why? Even with PDRM increasing their resources to control the crowd, last night's football match against Saudi Arabia were tainted with firecrackers and flares. That happen in a controlled confine space. I dread of what might happen if Red shirts are allowed to assemble in open spaces within the city buildings.

Stop whining about if BERSIH 4.0 can, then red shirts can argument. For one thing, BERSIH 4.0 was not tainted with flares and firecrackers although the noise levels raised a few decibels due to vuvuzelas. Back to the football fans, what are they trying to prove? Do they not realise that whatever they did last night may have a negative impact on our pilgrims currently in the twin holy cities of Mekah and Madinah? I am quite sure the perpetrators to last night's events are mostly those who profess Islam as their religion. These are the same people who did not think the after-effects to their Muslim brothers and countrymen currently in Saudi Arabia.

What now for Malaysia's football scene? :-

1. The outcome of the match will stay at 2 - 1 in favour of saudi Arabia;
2. FIFA may slap fines to FA malaysia on the fans behaviour and poor security;
3. FIFA may banned Malaysia from FIFA-sanctioned matches/tournaments;
4. FIFA may banned Malaysia from hosting matches and Malaysia matches will be on neutral ground until further notice;

Who lost? Malaysia !!!

What is my wish list? :-

1. FA Malaysia president to immediately take full responsibility and resign with immediate effect. No need to wait whether Malaysia can pass the World cup 2018 Asian qualifier or not;
2. FA Malaysia council members to offer resignation with immediate effect and an interim body under the purview of Sports Ministry take over the day to day running until further notice;
3. PDRM to come down hard on the perpetrators, put them as priority 2 behind the 1MDB probe. Splash the faces of the perpetrators for all to see and help PDRM in tracing them;
4. Government to send a high level envoy to Saudi Arabia to personnally apologise for the incident on behalf of Malaysia;

Am I asking too much?

Pandikar Amin Mulia, Dewan Rakyat speaker, reiterated that only the Prime Minister aka Najib can call for emergency parliament sitting. Regardless of what Pandikar said, there is room for provision of standing oredrs for Vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister. Pandikar was quoted
There are no such provisions. Can I in the name of democracy, western democracy, make such standing orders? It looks stupid,

Are we in the state of self denial? Is it OK for us to utter "Bangang, Bangsat, Se-ekor, Bodoh, haramjadah" freely and publicly? Maybe, our leaders are getting out of synch with reality.

When I was about to say that all seems rebounding, Malaysiakini dropped a bombshell "WSJ: IPIC didn't get US$1.4b collateral from 1MDB". What happened?

What gathered from Malaysiakini are the following :-

1. UAE's International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) did not receive the US$1.4 billion collateral payment from 1MDB that was to be for paying off billions in the troubled state fund's debts;
2. IPIC's consolidated financial statements had no receipt of the payment;
3. Auditor-general's draft report on 1MDB show that the USD 1.4 B payment was made to one of IPIC's subsidiaries, Aabar Investments PJS;
4. IPIC and Aabar never received the money;
5. New IPIC management team is now investigating the actions and relationship between their previous managers and 1MDB;

The USD B question is - where does the USD 1.4B gone? If IPIC consolidated financial statement had no receipt of the payment, then which account is true? 1MDB (as per Auditor General draft report) or IPIC (surely by one of the reputable auditing company)? Lost in transaction? Impossible, when this involves USD 1.4B.

This report is going to haunt 1MDB's Chairman of Board of Advisor/Trustee who is none other than 1MPM6 Najib. Or will he pass the blame to others including Arul Kanda? If that is the case, pity Arul for taking the blame of his predecessors? Worse, Najib can come out with new degratory word - what next after Bangang, bangsat, haramjadah, se-ekor? Maybe his other half will coined a new word for his use. While the advisers are lock in their think tank strong room, by the time this posting is out, UMNO supreme council meeting should be over and done with.

Whether Muhyiddein and others will be sacked or not, UMNO is now a divided party. If cash is king, then tonight an "emperor" may be in the making. To get Muhyiddein to toe the party line and give up his deputyship in UMNO will be IPICly costly. Coupled with the missing link between payment made and payment received, as per IPIC and 1MDB, then Muhyiddein need to be triply sure the money is in the bank. That, if Muhyiddein agrees to be "bought over". What if he stays defiant? What can Najib do? Put the full weight of Ahmad Zahid's PDRM on Muhyiddein and do him good? Very unlikely.

Will Muhyiddein gives the 2 months grace period for Najib to sort things out, politically and economically? Will Pandikar succumb to Bugis silat and block whatever means necessary for any "Vote of no confidence"? The bells are ringing... Will it be the last call for Najib?

Najib is having sleepless and listless night tonight. Me? Blissfully happy acrobating on my bed... singing

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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