Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Collapse? Again in Terengganu, this time UMT's oceanography institute...

My first reaction is - Again? Terengganu again? Another collapse? What next?

When others are busy lobbying for P 94 Hulu Selangor, cabinet posts under the "new" MCA line-up or waiting for explaination from Anwar's on 1 Israel vs 1 Malaysia, PERKASA assembly, let's take a back seat on those and zoom in on Terengganu's construction industry.

First, on June 2 June 2009 the RM 250 M roof of Sultan Mizan stadium collapsed. 9 Months later, the government released a 60-page confidential report on the possible causes leading to the collapse :-
  1. Serious engineering flaws;
  2. Shoddy workmanship;
  3. Inferior materials;
  4. Lack of expertise in key project management team;
  5. No checks done during erection period;
Second, 21st December 2009 recorded another incident where the roof to the RM 4 M bus and taxi terminal collapsed in Kuala Berang, Terengganu. This time, MB Ahmad Said was reportedly reported to mention :-
  1. Immediate investigation to determine who is responsible for the mishap;
  2. If the Contractor is at fault, he will be blacklisted;
  3. Shoddy work by Contractors;
  4. Disciplinary actions to those who failed to execute their responsibilities diligently;
  5. Failure to monitor the progress;
Three months on, another incident happened and this time right at the heart of Terengganu's learning centre. The University's VC (students affairs) noted that :-
  1. 1 Bangladeshi worker killed, 2 seriously injured whilst another 2 sustained light injuries;
  2. Result of weak scaffolding;
  3. Nothing wrong with the structure of the building which housed the Varsity's oceanography institute;
More will come forward with their own take on what really happened and what could be done to prevent it from recurring. That leads me to wondering - what is the role of the Engineers in Dewan Perniagaan Terengganu? I understand that a qualified Engineer is leading dewan Perniagaan Melayu but with what's happening in the construction industry, it is high time that the Engineers on board of Dewan Perniagaan Terengganu to take a more serious approach to prevent these mishaps from recurring.

Now, let's do a quick 5W1H scenario of what happened in UMT collapse:-
  1. How do the Consultant Engineers calculate the load of the floor? Is proper calculation done and did the examiner consultant check the design?;
  2. If it is indeed the scaffolding failure - who is the scaffolding supplier? Why did the scaffolding fail? Where is the scaffolding design calculation? Who approve erection of the scaffolding?;
  3. Who is the Health and safety officer? Where is he when the incident happen? How did he conduct tool-box briefing? How did he get the brifieng transferred to the Bangladeshis?;
  4. What actually happened? Is it a cantilever structure? If it is, is the reinforcement design adequate to cater the load? Who approved the cantilever design?
  5. The incident happened at 5.30 pm. At that stage of point what is the balance percentage to complete the concreting? What is the volume of concreting for the structure? Is it done in a single pour or multiple pour? Is there any cold joint involved?;
  6. Is there any cross-bracing done to reinforce the scaffolding? What is the condition of the scaffolding foundation? Is it on mushy ground or wet ground or dry and even surface?
  7. Is the scaffolding properly erected? What is the material used for scaffolding? Are the scaffolding ties properly braced?
  8. Did the bucket (for concrete) hit the formwork? What caused the scaffolding to give way? The footing, the weight or external forces?
For good measure, may I propose the following specifically for Terengganu-based contractors :-
  1. Register all works with relevant authorities;
  2. DOSH to ensure that all HSE supervisiors are properly certified;
  3. DOSH to provide training and regularly visit "high-risk" construction sites;
  4. Dewan Perniagaan Terengganu, Professional bodies to conduct safety talks in Terengganu for Terengganu based contractor;
  5. All concreting should be done under the supervision and presence of supervisors and the Consultant should also be present during concreting;
  6. All scaffolding to be regularly inspected;
  7. Used scaffolding to be properly inspected and scaffolding suppliers should be accountable for their product;
  8. The contractor should be remanded first until thourough investigation is completed;
Once is already frightening, twice is heartbreaking but thrice? Let this be a lesson and eye-opener for Terengganu-based contractors. Malaysia is watching and the clock is ticking. please, no more unnecessary "collapse" in the near future...Terengganu is Terengganu darul Iman and not Terengganu darul R...... If teh contractors think that the law is turning a blind eye just because they are away from the city, they are dead wrong. Get your acts together DOSH and for MB's speechwriters, please get a draft speech ready for "future" mishaps...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I root for Ong TK. Period!

I remember a time way back during my schooldays when a new classmate from an urban elite school was introduced to the rest of the class by our form teacher. Everybody oohed and aaahed at her beauty except for us, the certified lawbenders. We whispered to each other "So here comes the beauty from the best urban school. Well, let's prove that she will be the worst of the best (batch) in this school.". That's how we psyched ourselves to push ourselves to perform the best of our ability during the form 5 exam. True enough, without past year series, reference books, tuitions, extra classes and what not, our batch broke the school record for the best results which is still talked about during school reunions.

The opposite will equally be talked about if someone falls into the "best of the worst". And that is what we will be talking about today and the dubious honour goes to .... 2010 Presidential election. Before you stoned me for this statement, let me make myself perfectly clear. I wish I do not have to coined up the words but apparently since reposrts are be-littling MCA's presidential candidate, that phrase "Best of the worst" comes to mind. Now, let's move on...

One of the three Presidential candidates will be declared winner by the end of 28th March 2010. Honestly, I am picking Ong TK to win the day but news reports are claiming otherwise putting Ong TK as the delegates' underdog although the Merdeka centre pollster indicated that the public prefer Ong TK over the other two...

Why not Ong KT? I will give you my real-life experience when I was part of the team to implement a project. Along the way, our team leader was replaced with other team member and he was devastated. He came to me and lament on what will happen to the project and the direction of the project. His consistent pleading forced me to make a night trip to the capital to meet with the project director to pleads his case. I was naive and inncent, then and I did notknow the reason for my friend's removal from his post. What the Project Director said is simple and has taught me about bench-mark. He simply said "NC, I am surprised by your compradeship and I respect your decision to make a trip here although you barely know me. Do you know that your friends has breach our discipline and has took actions detrimental to our project and our integrity? He has...(listing all the misdeeds) and as such he needs to be replaced. Even that, we are being kind to still allow him to stayback as team member. Nobody is indispensable and things will fall into its places, you will see?. True enough, the project is a success!

Moral of the story? Just let it happen, and problems will be solved in due time. Have anyone seen a country crumbled because the leader is incapicitated? Thus, by choosing to offer himself as a Presidential candidate, Ong KT choose to revert his earlier promise and in doing so has undone what he has promised to do ie to limit the term of an MCA President. Ong KT is by-passing his own promise and this may leads to further unrest and fractionalisation in MCA.

Chua SL is better off as number 2. To be a politician, you must ne thick-skinned and must be able to lie through your teeth. If that can be done then the rest is simple. Chua SL is a fine gentleman. He admitted to his escapades caught on video but that does not stop him from offering himself to be MCA's numero uno.

I am sure Chua Soi Lek read about Jack Purfomo who fell into disgrace with his scandal with Christine Keller. Chua may still remember Bill Clinton and Monica as he may also remember how it is said Sukarno was caught romping in Russia. Those incidents forced the politicians to retire but no, not Chua SL. He admitted that he is the one caught on video and now he is offering himelf to lead MCA. Chua SL is better off defending his number 2 post but when he chose to go for number one, he is exposing MCA to ridicule.

Chua SL has the machinery to pull him through but winning is not everything. Not when Chua SL may be held hostage with his tape. The opposition will jump at the chance to hang him and BN component parties will use his vulnerabilities to bypass MCA. Being number one, that is not a good choice to be.

A top political leader one confided that he too has needs to satisfy his libido but his position stops him. He said that's the sacrifice needed so that he can project a clean image and wins the peoples' trust. Chua SL chose to do it differently and I am not in favour of his move.

That leaves Ong TK. Granted that the 2378 delegates will choose who will leads MCA. Take out the 101 who offers themselves at different post, the rest choose to be team palyers and spectators. Even Wee KS and Yip MF choose to stay in the backroom to campaign for MCA's Brutus.

If none of these 2378 steps forward to take the reins, then MCA has no choice but to retain Ong TK. If 2378 delegates choose to be team players, then be good team players by retaining Ong TK as MCA's numero uno. MCA has nothing else to lose. For the past 50 years, they survived political onslaughts but Ong KT filed the community in 2008 and handing MCA to Ong KT will be like digging MCA's grave.

MCA do not need rebranding nor does it needs re-packaging. Anything with Ong KT's name on it is confirming that MCA is living on the past. What MCAneeds is reformation and the guts to stand up to UMNO. That is what Ong TK is doing and that is the way for MCA to regain their lost ground. Ong TK is paving the way for the Chinese community to return to MCA.

Ong TK may not be the best of the best but at least he is the best of the worst. In time, he will improve and brings MCA to the forefront. The question is - the public has confidence in Ong TK, but will the delegates choose money over responsibility and transperancy? If the 2378 delegates choose patronage, then all is lot for MCA. The choice is in teh hands of 2378 delegates. That choice is not for the 2378 delegates only but it is the voice ob the Chinese community. Will these delegates failed the chinese community and the Malaysians at large, for measly rewards of patronage and money? I leave it to the delegates.

Be known that I remains apolitical but for the benefit of the nation, I choose Ong TK over the other 2. That much is clear and the chances of my choice coming through tomorrow? I will say that it is not good but as long as there is breath, there is hope...
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

OIM : Kopitiam in Parliament, ripples in palace...

Al-fatihah : Hulu Selangor MP Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad passed away on Thursday night due to brain cancer.

What is happening to Malaysia? The current parliamentary seating is changing into kopitiam talk. All talk, no substance. Not to be outdone, Perlis speaker has something to say whilst trouble might be brewing in Kelantan's royal household. Imagine :-
  1. First, Zahrain lashes out at Anwar on the much-talked 16th September 2008 take-over bid;
  2. Zul Nordin follow through with explosive news of attempts to force him to link Putrajaya to the model's case;
  3. You have heard of divorce via sms, now retraction via SMS, courtesy of Perlis speaker and one Yip SO;
  4. As for Kelantan, it's a family feud between the old and the young;
With 1MPM6 helming the country, Malaysia is sinking much lower now and I do not see anyone beyond the horizon who can prop us up to our earlier position.

The parliament should be the best avenue to discuss the welfare of the country but it is now turning into a circus when the Chair allows unsubstantiated accusations cast in the august house.

I have no problems for both Zahrain and Zul Nordin taking the floor but when Zahrain implicated HRH King and the army with 16th September 2008, that is just too much. Zahrain has shown disrespect towards HRH King when he implied that the King is a party to attempts to change the legal government of the day. Worse, I did not see BN, UMNO, MCA, PKR, DAP, PAS leaders making a beeline to lodge police report on this blatant disrespect shown by Zahrain. Zahrain may be the MP of Penang but he has to be responsible for what he says and should choose his words carefully. Being a loose cannon to please new bosses is fine but not at the expense of HRH YDPA.

I am more surprised to see the attics of these politicians who clamour for limelight and spotlight. The truth does not matter, the hearsay seems to take centre stage. Zahrain was never a party to definitely confirm his exposure. His accusation is based on hearsay and he backed it up by saying that he heard Anwar said... but why took him almost 2 years to reveal this? Just because Zahrain is no longer in the same camp as Anwar does not give him the passport to implicate others. It is just not right. Even if what Zahrain said is true, his timing to expose the matter indicates that he has a personal score to settle with Anwar Ibrahim and Zahrain use his parliamentary immunity to strike without fully realising that he has implicated HRH YDPA along the way.

Zul Noordin? His bombastic revealation might be true. If it is, then what takes Zul Noordin 4 years to spill the beans? He should have come out earlier to clean 1MPM6 from all the slanders and he should also offer the evidence as it might actually affect the verdict on Azilah and Sirul. Who knows, it might even free both Azilah and Sirul from the charges.

Worse, Zul Noordin did not share the information with the lawyer who replace him to defend Azilah. If a third party really approach Zul to link the case with Putrajaya, then this is a conspiracy equivalent to "who kill JFK". Zul is a lawyer by profession and he is bound by his oath to uphold justice. His revealation may actually brings the police closer to the mastermind of the model's death. IN conjunction with PDRM celebrating their day, let's hope that PDRM investigate Zul's claims and apprehend person(s) who wanted Zul to link Putrajaya with the model. However, if it is really true that there is a link between the two, PDRM should get to the bottom of things, without fear and favour. That's the least Musa Hassan can do to end his career on a high note.

As for Perlis speaker, it's a puzzling decision time. Why need to coax Yip SO out of his resignation? Granted, the speaker has the powers to determine whether Yip SO resigns or not but that does not paint a responsible person on the part of the speaker. The letter has been received and it is in black and white. Can that be undone by an SMS where the source is not confirmed? Is it really Yip SO who wrote the SMS? Can it be his wife or his kids who type the SMS?

As I look into it, this is the first time that a speaker coax someone out of resigning. Why must it happen? Are we going the way of coaxing and offering carrots to discourage elected reps from resigning? Why is the speaker taking the action? Is BN scared of by-election? Or has BN calculated and find it more worthy to coax Yip SO than going for "buy-election"? Even if BN lose Perlis N1, that does not change the government of the day, so why the fuss? Has it something to do with MCA elections? Has it something to do with Chew MF?

As for Yip SO, it is his decision to retract his resignation letter. If he really did retract, then he is just a rump above Hee of Perak. And if Yip's decision to stay back is due to financial and material gains, then so be it. He needs to capitalise on the situation. Maybe, other BN elected reps can follow Yip's precedence...afterall Vincent Tan is just a draw away...

Kelantan? It is said that the regent once oblige his mother to marry with someone from the North despite his reluctance because he has his own choice. It is also said that the regent is not the mother's favourite. It is also said....(yes, there are many said when it comes to Kelantan...) . So who is legally and morally right here?

Is the HRH really sick (gering)? I understand that a Sultan must be physically and mentally fit to stay on the throne. In this case, is HRH really mentally fit to issue directive? Or is the directive originated from a source which is not HRH's?

Will there be groups of supporters in HRH's case? If there is, where will Perkasa stands? Where will Nik Aziz stands? Where will 1MPM6 stands?

Theses, my friends are sidelines to what is going to happen on 28th March 2010 when MCA titans clashes. Will 1MPM6 re-shuffle the cabinet soon to accomodate the independents and winners in MCA elections? Will the rulers council meet to discuss on Kelantan's case? What will happen to Zahrain's allegations and Zul's explosive statements? Will Yip SO sleep in peace? Will Perlis speaker decision challenged in courts of law?

OIM (Only in Malaysia) we have MPs' taking advantage of their immunity to settle their own personal scores turning the august house into another kopitiam, speaker who can hold resignation letters and accept retraction via SMS whilst a royal house going into chaos.

With all these issues coming out, we need another front to fight off our own shortcomings. Make way BN, give way PR, BARISAN RAKYAT is here to stay...and who will lead Barisan Rakyat? Anybody except the present leaders of BN, PR, independents etc. All these people have to go so that Malaysia can start afresh... If they love Malaysia, let Barisan Rakyat take its form. I know you all love Malaysia, so let's give Barisan Rakyat a chance and let us shape Malaysia to what it really should be...

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of MCA's presidential election : Win or lose...MCA still lose

LATEST : Superefficient EC declares that Titi Tinggi seat is not vacant. So, for those who have made arrangements to visit Perlis can start cancelling all the rooms reservations...

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, Go North, my friend, go north...another by-election on the way? This time Titi Tinggi state seat in Perlis...

The dust settled at 5pm on 22nd March 2010. Just like old cowboy films, three men standing, ready to finish off each other in a gunfight which no one will really wins. But that's the choice made and 28th march 2010 will determine who will rise, who will limp, who will fall, who will ride off...

Ong KT actually spoil my wish list. He is not totally to be blamed as he has to appease his supporters too. So, here we go for what is going to be the MCA's fight and flight of the decade...

Based on reports and if luncheons is the yardstick to gauge the delegates support, Ong KT wins hands down with his 1,000 lunch at Berjaya Time square. As for Ong TK, he wins in terms of having the most boisterous supporters amongst the three Presidential candidates whilst Chua SL implicitly reminds us of Ling Liong Sik's favourite dish - "fish head curry".

If the delegates choose Ong KT as their re-cycled President, then MCA can kiss goodbye to gaining the support of the masses because :-
  1. Voting in Ong KT means that the delegates are comfortable with the "old MCA" ie based on patronage and live on UMNO's handouts especially at this crucial stage where MCA did not represent the Chinese voters;
  2. Ong KT has no choice but "forced" out of retirement to protect the likes of Ling LS, Chan KC, OC Phang, Wee KS and "their" involvement in PKFZ;
  3. Bringing out Ong KT is a lifeline to elder brother Ong KC;
  4. Ong KT's alledged relationship with triads may further erode public's confidence in MCA;
  5. It will be back to the square one where MCA will kowtow to big brother UMNO for seats in GE 13;
What about Chua SL as MCA's president?
  1. Choosing Chua SL will put the entire MCA under UMNO's fingertips. Knowing what UMNO is capable of doing and will do to protect their interest, Chua SL will be an UMNO stooge;
  2. If UMNO can do in Anwar Ibrahim (either the charges are true or trumped up), then the same can be done to Chua SL;
  3. Chua SL's romping are widely distributed and UMNO can galvanise their youths to make multiple reports against Chua SL turning him into UMNO's obedient servant ;
  4. Chua SL may be a good number 2 material and he will definitely will do better if he were to stick to defending his number 2 post;
That brings us back to the third and final candidate, Ong TK. Say what you want of him, he sticks to his "Lone Ranger" approach and his no-nonsense approach fits his Engineering training to a tee. They used to say the Engineers are just like square pegs trying to fit into round holes! The delegates might shun him, BN may hates his guts but he is the public's darling for his exposure on PKFZ. By 28th March 2010, Ong TK may be forced out of his office but he did it in style and dignity. If Ong TK fails to defend his post, it is not his lost but MCA's lost - something that will be irrevocable by GE 13.

Down the line, Liow TL and Kong CH will be fighting out for the number 2 post. On paper, Liow TL may be the preferred candidate due to his association with Ong KT. But, what if Ong KT bites the dust and either Ong TK or Chua SL rule the day? What will be left for Liow TL? He has back-stab his good friend Ong TK and he is also said to be one of he snoop squad members who brings Chua SL's downfall. Can he worked with either of them? What about his "Alphard-gate"? Has the MACC clear him? Even if MACC cleared him, has the delegates cleared him?

Kong CH collected the most votes during the previous VP post. He may be associated with Chua SL but he definitely can work with Ong TK and he has no problem with Ong KT. Being a party man, Kong CH will have a better chance than Liow TL.

Now, let's go for the hypothethecical question. The Presidential election will no doubt fractionalise MCA into at least 3 factions and the winner will not be able to bring home 100 % support. Now, if 2/3 of elected CC members happen to be from the losing candidate, will there be another move to push for another EGM?

MCA was once a great party. How great was MCA? Well, once MCA "helped" UMNO Baru (under Mahathir) to be "re-admitted" into BN in 1988. That was history and that was the time when UMNO "begs" MCA to help them out of their mess. Najib should not have forgotten that because at that time, Najib was one of the Cabinet ministers under Mahathir. That was MCA.

Another if - what will happen to Wee KS and Chew if Ong KT failed to win the President's post? Will they turn renegrades and blast MCA's president for all actions taken?

MCA is indeed in a dilemma - to accept Ong KT means to revert to olden days where favouritism and patronage rules, to support Chua SL means to indirectly admits that there is nothing wrong in being scandalous, to endorse Ong TK means exposing MCA past (and some present) leaders to official scrutiny on wrongdoings. The chice is in the hands of the delegates. Will they be true to their conscious or will they succumb to "golden handshakes"? Better still, why don't all the delegates stay at home and no one cast their votes...that will be interesting, eh...

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Antara 2 Ong dan 1 C : Ada JHEOA?

Minggu lepas agak memenatkan. Musim cuti sekolah dipergunakan sepenuhnya dimana begitu banyak majlis perkahwinan diadakan. Penulis juga tidak terlepas dari tugasan biasa - menjaga dan mengawal selia kerja mebasuh pinggan mangkuk, gelas, periuk belanga, baldi dsb.

Untuk itu, penulis akan membiarkan kisah antara 2 Ong dan 1 Chua seketika bagi kita sama-sama menilai satu lagi dakwaan "nakal" mengenai JHEOA dan dalam masa yang sama mengambil peluang menjelajah ke pantai timur untuk mendengar rungutan pengusaha chalet disana...

Kita mulakan dengan tindak tanduk pihak pencegah maksiat dari JHEAT yang dikatakan mengambil tindakan yang tidak mencerminkan kebudayaan timur dan tidak mengambarkan kebijaksanaan agama Islam itu sendiri. Bayangkan :-
  1. Kumpulan yang dipercayai anggota kerja JHEAT mengentuk pintu chalet dengan kuat pada pukul 2: 25 pagi;
  2. Menguut akan memecah pintu bilik walaupun diberitahu bahwa penghuninya sedang memakai tudung sebelum membenarkan mereka masuk;
  3. Mereka tidak menunjukkan sebarak kad kuasa dan bukti bahwa mereka memang benar-benar dari JHEAT;
  4. Salah seorang dari mereka mengintai melalui ruang tingkap;
  5. Tidak mengambil pendekatan memberitahu pengusaha chalet bahwa mereka sedang menjalankan operasi;
Kelemahan dan kepincangan ini (kalaupun boleh dikatakan kelemahan dan kepincangan) telah dikupas oleh pembaca MT disini. Rata-ratanya,hampir semua mengaitkan insiden itu dengan Islam dan Melayu.

Dalam masa yang sama, MK menyiarkan surat dari pembaca mengenai komuniti orang asli dan bagaimana beliau mentafsirkan kelemahan JHEOA dengan Melayu dan Islam. Antara lain, dari pengamatan beliau :-
  1. Kebanyakan klinik yang disediakan untuk merawat orang asli telah ditinggalkan atau tidak diuruskan (tiada pegawai perubatan) kerana pegawai perubatan yang ditugaskan tidak datang bertugas;
  2. Dalam masa yang sama, pegawai perubatan ini akan membuat tuntutan dan gaji keatas perkhidmatan yang tidak pernah diberikan;
  3. Terdapat kes dimana perempuan orang asli yang sarat mengandung terpaksa berjalan kaki ke jalan besar untuk mendapat rawatan dan meninggal didalam perjalanan;
  4. Terdapat pegawai perubatan yang enggan merawat pesakit orang asli kerana "mereka" adalah "kotor";
  5. Dalam kejadian banjir yang lepas, beras yang dihantar ke kampung orang asli untuk diagihkan telah ditinggalkan dirumah Tok Batin, yang merupakan ahli UMNO, dan beliau dikatakan menjual beras tersebut kepihak ketiga;
  6. Terdapat kes dimana tanah orang asli dipajakkan untuk menanam kelapa sawit dan sebagai ganjaran, setiap keluarga diberikan "duit sewa" sebanyak RM 500 sebulan bergantung pada budibicara Tok Batin;
  7. Asrama yang disediakan disekolah-sekolah dikatakan hanya untuk mereka yang beragama Islam sahaja;
  8. Bilangan kenderaan pancuan 4 roda dengan sisipan JHEOA berada begitu banyak dijalanraya KL dan selangor tetapi tidak begitu banyak untuk memberi khidmat dikawasan pendalaman Pahang;
Sekali lagi olahan pengamatan beliau mencerminkan budaya kerja yang tidak sihat dikalangan mereka yang berbangsa Melayu dan beragama Islam. Penulis tidak berhasrat untuk mempertikaikan berita dan pengamat mereka tetapi hanya sekadar memberi pandangan yang mungkin berbedza dari mereka :-
  1. Sebagai pemilik tanah chalet, pengusaha Chalet tersebut boleh mengambil tindakan untuk menghubungi polis untuk mendapat kepastian samada mereka benar-benar dari JHEAT ataupun tidak;
  2. Alasan pengusaha Chalet bahwa beliau tidak menyedari insiden tersebut adalah agak mengelirukan kerana pengusaha chalet tersebut seharusnya mengaji pegawai keselamatan atau jaga untuk memastikan persekitaran chalet tersebut selamat dan tidak dicerobohi;
  3. Pekerja chalet tentunya mempunyai alat perhubungan untuk menghubungi polis;
  4. Pihak pengurusan chalet seharusnya memastikan bahwa kumpulan tersebut meninggalkan kawasan chalet selepas operasi tersebut dan tidak kembali untuk mengintai penghuni chalet;
  5. Pihak JHEAT seharusnya mengeluarkan kenyataan samada mengiyakan atau menidakkan insiden ini kerana nama baik agama Islamm diheret sama dalam insiden tersebut;
  6. Pihak JHEAT bersama dengan polis serta pengusaha chalet tersebut harus berbincang dan mencapai sata kata sepakat bagaimana untuk mengatasi dari insiden tersebut berulang;
  7. Pengusaha chalet seharusnya mengambil langkah pro-aktif untuk menanagani masaalah ini dengan cara mengadakan perbincangan dengan pihak berkuasa tempatan dan juga pihak pelancongan;
  8. JHEOA perlu maju untuk memberi penjelasan mengenai klinik-klinik yang telah ditinggalkan. Kenapa jadi begitu dan apakah alternatif yang disediakan untuk membantu pesakit orang asli;
  9. Pihak kementerian kesihatan harus tampil untuk memberi penjelasan mengenai tindakan yang akan diambil terhadap pegawai perubatan yang meninggalkan tempat dan tugasan mereka;
  10. Pihak kementerian pelajaran perlu tampil untuk memberi perangkaan mengenai asrama dan apakah benar mengenai dakwaan bahwa asrama hanya dikhaskan untuk mereka yang beragama Islam sahaja;
  11. Berapakah pegawai perubatan yang disediakan? Apakah mereka ditempatkan untuk menyelia satu kawasan saja atau mereka ditugaskan untuk membuat pusingan keatas komuniti rang asli setempat (rotational basis)?;
  12. JHEOA perlu memberi data mengapa kenderaan pancuan 4WD tidak dimanafaatkan sepenuhnya untuk menjaga kebajikan orang asli?;
  13. Apakah bentuk tindakan yang dikenakan terhadap Tok Batin yang pilih kasih?
  14. Apakah peranan JHEOA untuk mengadakan dialog antara sukarelawan/orang asli/JHEOA untuk menjelaskan keadaan sebenar. Apakah JHEOA bersedia untuk mengambil tindakan pro-aktif untuk menyelesaikan atau sekurang-kurangnya mengurangkan masaalah yang dihadapi oleh masyarakat orang asli?;
Apa pandangan anda? Apakah JHEAT betul dalam tindakan mereka? Apakah JHEOA sebuah "non-performing" jabatan? Kita tunggu dan lihat...

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Orang asli has warned : Not once but twice...3rd time?

BN is getting deeper into hot soup today. Apart from the rural Malays, Sabah and Sarawak, BN relies mainly on the concrete support of Orang Asli to retain their hold on the Putrajaya seat. Now, another BN's stronghold is at the verge of collapsing...

Set against the backdrop of masjid Putrajaya, more than 2,000 orang asli converged at the square to send a memorandum to PM's department in a protest against the government's unfair land policy, poor services and requesting for more senators from the group (now they have only 1 senator and they want 3 senators from their group).

This time around, the police stopped them from marching towards PM's department and instead diverted half of the crowd to the Ministry of Rural Development whilst the balance half are in the square. The police did not allow the orang asli to display any banners but allowed 5 representatives to submit their memorandum to PM's department.

The memorandum was signed by 12,000 orang asli throughout Malaysia and that is not a small figure. Why did I say so? For them to get 12,000 to sign the memorandum out of 150,000 orang aslis throughout peinsular Malaysia is a huge feat. That's almost 8 % of the total orang aslis, including those below 21 years old. And this is not the first protest...

On Feb 24, 2010, a group of orang asli held a peaceful protest in Gombak against Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) over its policies, poor services and two fatalities.

Is the Government losing its griphold over the orang asli? What was once a guaranteed vote for Perikatan (later rebranded as BN) is no longer there. If these 12,000 orang asli can signed on the memorandum, just imagine what it can do if they combine with those from Sabah and Sarawak?

I used to remember the days when orang asli in Pahang got the better of Perikatan during the GE. First they asked for 4WD because they need it to travel to the nearby towns. Perikatan obliged but comes polling day, the orang asli did not turn up forcing the Perikatan party workers to scramble into their settlement to canvass the necessary votes. What is the orang asli response? Land rover ada tapi kalau minyak tak ada, sama saja.... That force Perikatan workers to promise the orang asli for continuous fuel supply to the land rovers. Who says orang asli are simple minded people?

Maybe those close to Pahang royalty can verify how the Sultan of Pahang makes an effort to visit orang aslis yearly to hear their grouses in return of votes for Perikatan (or laterday BN). That was then, what will it be in GE 13?

Gua Musang is Tg Razaleigh's stronghold. This happen because orang asli have high respect towards Tg Razaleigh. The way BN treat Tg Razaleigh now, do you think the orang asli will vote BN, if Tg Razaleigh is not defending Gua Musang?

Let's move on to Sabah and Sarawak. Do you think they are happy with the way the government acted on the Native Customary Rights (NCR) issue? Sarawak government is strong now because the natives there are supporting BN. The same goes for Sabah. What will happen if the natives from Sabah and Sarawak joined hand with their peninsular brothers to protest on this common issue?

HRH has ommended Najib on his walkabout. So far, Najib has even gone to Sarawak for his walk about but does najib listen to the plight of the natives? What will Najib be doing on NCR and land issue? Will Najib be passing the buck to Shafie Afdal? Can Shafie Afdal handle these? Isn't it Shafie Afdal, when he was the Domestic and Trade minister cause prices to go up despite his assurances?

Shafie Afdal did meet these protesters in Putrajaya today. He had dialogue with them and the best Shafie Afdal can say is "these orang asli are in Putrajaya for the views and for food". Is this how a minister should respond? Is this in line wih Najib's "rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan"? With ministers like Shafie Afdal (who happens to be one of UMNO's VP), who needs clown to keep you entertained?

Orang asli has openly voiced out their displeasure twice. Will this be enough for them to cross over and support PR? If they do, then BN better find the right doors to clear from Putrajaya...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jamil Khir Baharom : Pernikahan Islam...

Sememangnya Islam di Malaysia berhadapan dengan ujian gentir. Saban hari, ada saja berita yang mencerminkan kepincangan kehidupan masyarakat Melayu yang rata-ratanya beragama Islam.

Kali ini, masyarakat digegarkan pula dengan kehebatan Shamsudin Ajaib yang mempengaruhi ibu bapa kanak-kanak berumur 11 tahun untuk mengkahwinkan kanak-kanak tersebut dengan beliau dengan menjanjikan balasan syurga kepada ibubapa berkenaan. Apakah begitu mudah tiket ke syurga?

Sebagaimana biasa juga, Shahrizat menjanjikan siasatan "terperinci". Apa ke hal ini? Rumah siap pahat berbunyi? Shahrizat nampaknya begitu cenderung dengan sikap "reactive" dan tidak memainkan peranan "pro-active". Lepas satu isu, satu isu yang timbul dan Shahrizat akan menjanjikan siasatan demi siasatan. Bila siasatan selesai? Apa rumusan siasatan? Hanya Sharizat yang tahu... Contohnya kes rogol gadis Penan, kes kematian Syafia Humairah dan terbaru kes Shamsudin Ajaib. Siasat, siasat, siasat kemudian apa terjadi? Kertas siasatan sesat? Apa tindakan Shahrizat selepas itu? Atau apakah beliau akan memilih untuk mengambil tindakan ketika pilihanraya akan datang sebagai modal kempen politik beliau? Kita tinggalkan Shahrizat untuk membaiki labu-labunya dan berharap jangan "saperti tikus membaiki labu"...

Dalam kes Shamsudin Ajaib, dengan tak semena-mena kumpulan tabligh pula menjadi sasaran Shahrizat apabila beliau meminta pihak berkuasa menyiasat kumpulan tersebut. Mungkin siasat kumpulan jemaah tabligh yang diketuai oleh Shamsudin Ajaib tetapi sedikit sebanyak mempalitkan sama kumpulan jemaah tabligh yang lain.

Dalam masa yang sama, berbondong-bondonglah komen dan pandangan dikeluarkan dari pihak-pihak tertentu termasuk dari orang-orang politik hatta Nik Aziz juga telah mengemukakan pendapat dan pandangan beliau.

Terkini, Jamil Khir Baharom pula mengeluarkan kenyataan mempertahankan undang-undang Islam mengenai perkahwinan kanak kanak dibawah 16 tahun sebagai jawapan kepada desakan untuk mengubah perundangan tersebut. Beliau berpendapat :-
  1. Undang-undang sediaada masih relevan kerana mana-mana perkahwinan yang melibatkan gadis dibawah 16 tahun perlu mendapat kebenaran mahkamah;
  2. Mahkamah tidak sewenang-wenangnya memberi kebenaran tersebut;
  3. Kematangan merupakan persoalan subjektif dan tidak bergantung kepada umur sahaja;
Cukuplah setakat ini untuk renungan bersama. Apakah undang-undang yang berteraskan Islam perlu diubah untuk menepati kehendak mereka yang berpandukan logik dan fahaman barat? Tepuk dada tanya selera...sesungguhnya sememangnya Islam kini dihimpit dari semua sudut...terserah kepada umat Islam samada terus mengamal ilmu Allah atau beralih arah memuja ilmu manusia... Wallahualam

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The King has spoken...not once, not twice but thrice!

HRH YDP Agung reminded Members of Parliament of necessity of "good conduct" and expressed regret that there are those who still display "manners and speeches unbecoming of elected representatives". Well, serves the MPs' right for failing to control their emotions and check their outburst.

Rightly or wrongly, TV3 reported that HRH YDP Agung has reminded the same thing during 2008 first parliamentary sitting and brought up the same issue again during 2009 parliamentary sitting. That's 3 in a row and do you think MPs' will heed HRH YDP Agung's call? Frankly, I doubt it...not when the likes of Zulkifli Noordin, Gobind Singh Deo, Bung Mokhtar, Abd Aziz are in the house. It's not that they intentionally did not heed to YDP Agung's call but once they are pumped up, nothing can stop them.

I will be looking closely at Gobind Singh Deo and see whether he has finally cooled down or still his usual "don't dare me" attitude. Gobind has been suspended before and it will be another letdown to the rakyats if Gobind has not improved.

The royal address did not stop there. Amongst others, HRH YDP Agung touched on :-
  1. Freedom on expression in the new media has been abused noting that "slander, lies, distortion of facts still prevail" in the new media;

    However HRH stop short in giving examples and the hanging statement is open to interpretation. What is slander, lies and distortion of facts? If Najib is a victim of slander, isn't Anwar a victim of slander too? Who lies more in Teoh Beng Hock's death? Who distorted the facts on GST bill more - the government or the opposition?

  2. Freedom of speech is not an excuse for any party to demean others to the extent of inflaming conflict and inciting racial sentiments;

    HRH is right there and living in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, the society has to learn how to respect others. 52 years on, Malaysians are still grappling with the issue and our young are still at a loss. They are more at ease with surfing the net and hanging out with PSPs', PS3s then sweating out in open fields across the country.

    In short, we are heading towards an introvert society where virtual social networking is "in". We are moving away from the normal "learning curve", everyone is too engrossed in their own "worlds" without realising that we are part of the society...Worse, we took sides without really going into details. This leads to "what I first read is what I believe" and this is a dangerous and volatile situation to be in.

  3. “All leaders should emulate the prime minister's walkabout approach in getting closer to the people to better understand their problems and foster close relationship with the people from all walks of life,"

    I will be looking for the day when HRH state rulers start their walkabout. Even before Najib started the walkabout, the present day Sultan of Johor started his expedition to meet his subjects and attend to their needs when he was the TMJ.

    Najib started his walkabout when he took over from Pak Lah. The problem is Najib's entourage is too big and too protocol conscious to the extent that Najib "masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri".

    If Najib understand the rakyats' problems, when is he going to push for "high income" society instead of toying around with GST bill and 2-tiered petrol price? If Najib is really close to the people, he will not be tabling GST bill in the first place. What Najib did is more of "Lain cakap, lain bikin".

  4. Najib's 1Malaysia concept

    Everybody is singing 1Malaysia concept but many do not fully understand the concept.

    Imagine 80 % of those surveyed were not able to explain what it really stood for. Do you? It's like memorising a mantra but never really undersands the meaning of the mantra. Sad...so, so sad.

  5. "In this regard, we call upon the people to be far-sighted and ready to accept the change."

    Frankly, I will heed to HRH YDP Agung here. I am ready to be far-sighted (and actually, I am) and I am also ready to accept the change. But, can BN accept the change?

    The rakyats are ready to change the government of the day, is BN ready to step down and hand over the government to others? I doubt it...BTW, Is someone tacitly telling us to go ahead and change the government in GE 13?
I have put in my thoughts, let's see yours...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For sale : Brutus of MCA...

Sometimes you have to do some self-promotion to get noticed. What happen if you do not prescribed to that ideas? You will be sidelined, forgotten and worse... you may not be appreciated and let to rot.

What about over-promotion? Will it hurts? The answer - it depends on who you are and whether the public can stomach the over-promotion gimmick or not. Of course, timing plays a vital role in the whole exercise and this leads us to the posting today ... and related to MCA.

The Sun says Tee Keat and Liow may team up again for the coming 28th March party election. Incidentally, the same newspaper wrote Chua - Liow alliance is on the cards to block Ong TK. Both news were postdated on 9th March 2010 and published in The Sun on 10th March 2010.

Looking back at the news, the common denominator is Liow TL. The way I see it is that Liow TL is on self-promotional blitz, sending out signals that he is "available" and looking for the correct suitor. Further, Liow is promoting himself for the No 2 post ie Deputy MCA President.

If this is considered as the "72 golden hours period", then Liow's "for sale" tag is too early. It also confirms the true character of Liow TL - impatient, principle-less, ambitous.

My read? Ong TK and Chua SL will approach Liow TL with ten-foot pole, someone not to be taken in that easily. Consider these :-
  1. Chua SL has 40 % support, Ong TK has 30 % whilst Liow (with backing from Chan KC, the other Ong brothers) has the balance 30 %. Technically Liow TL, on his own, has less than 30 % support. If that is the case, why should Ong TK or Chua SL work together with Liow TL who may be binded by his "public secret" backers?;

  2. If the Ong brothers go on their own in the fresh elections, then many of the 12 CC members currently aligned with Liow TL will abandon Liow and will openly endorse the Ong brother. What is left in Liow TL then? Is Liow trying to cash in early before the Ong brothers (and Chan KC) deserted him?;

  3. Some political observers believed that Ong TK's past 20-year relationship and friendship with Liow TL will be revived for the two to work together. I view it differently as it hurts most when your trusted friend betrays you (read: stabbed you in the back). Does Ong TK has short memories? Is he able to forgive and forget what Liow TL did to him? If Liow TL can do that once, what's stopping Liow TL to do it again in the future, if ever Liow TL becomes Ong's number two?;

  4. A source close to Liow said "We have all the ‘chai’ (meaning vegetables; incidentally 'chai' is how Soi Lek’s surname is pronounced in Mandarin), except we have not decided how to cook them,". Liow TL regards Chua SL as vege which can either be toast, fried or steamed. The question is - Will Chua SL allows himself to be tossed whichever way Tiong TL likes? Is that how Tiong TL view Chua SL? As vege ready to be tossed and fried? Will Chua SL allows himself to be degraded to that level by his "Deputy"?;

  5. Liow TL is banking on his "integrity and credibility" to match Chua's "strong leadership quality" in his bid to take down Ong TK. Integrity? Credibility? Isn't it Tiong TL who was alledged to be the leader of the snoop squad to bring down Chua SL before? Isn't it Tiong TL who called for Ong TK's resignation? Isn't Tiong TL's ally Wee KS who is now being investigated for his role in PKFZ? If this is "integrity and credibility", I feel sorry for MCA to have him as a leader to the second biggest component party in BN.;
Liow has pitched his "assets" to both Ong TK and Chua SL. The question is - will either Ong TK or Chua SL consider taking Liow as his running mate considering the way Liow acted to push off Ong TK down the political cliff and how he tried his best to get Chua SL to back him for an early EGM and party election back in December 2009.

Liow TL may think that he is a "bargain" for both Ong TK and Chua SL. Does he ever realise that both Ong TK and Chua SL may strike a deal and continue with their great unity plan and leave Liow TL behind in his alphard? Liow's "sale" may not be a good sale afterall. In fact, after 28th March 2010, Liow TL may be knocking 1MPM6's doors begging to be retained as the "non-performing" Malaysian health minister...

But not to worry, folks. The "72 golden hours" have not passed and in reality, it may not even have started...yet. Who can predict what happens on 28th March 2010? For now, its Liow TL offering himself "for sale" but comes 28th March, he may finds himself "stale"...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mission : Pinned down Anwar and ...

Somehow or rather, there is a trend emerging based on what transpired these past weeks. On its own, it carries less minimal weight but combined, it may be able to pinned Anwar down.

This time around, I am not going to list down the details but consider these few as appetisers :-
  1. Why Anwar's "free subscription VCDs'" are given free especially in Bangi?;
  2. Why did MPs' leaving PKR? Look at their timing, it is too clockwork precision...;
  3. Why did the police move in to stop PR's ceramah in Kg Baru?;
  4. Federal court ruling that Anwar's 1998 dismissal is lawful;
  5. KJ's ribbing on why Anwar is still the opposition leader in parliament;
Is there an orchestrated effort to pin down Anwar ? Is this a BN blitz to put Anwar and PR on the defensive, as BN is still licking its wounded and bruised March 2008 ego? Is BN taking the strategy of "The best form of defense is attack"? Is this BN's art of "shifting" the goalpost to divert undue attention to BN's oncoming problems?

Oncoming problems? Yes, I will say that since BN is tabling the second reading of GST bill amid the existing problems faced by BN in the coming weeks such as :-
  1. GST bill 2009 will get its second reading in March 2010 (the parliament will sit from 15th march 2010 - 15th April 2010, with the 2nd reading expected to take place from 5th April 2010 onwards);
  2. 1MPM6's reaction on local government polls. Is he jumping the gun? Must it be good, if and only if it is proposed by BN?;
  3. MCA's party election on 28th March 2010. Will all participating parties recognise the results or will there be further split in MCA, the second largest BN component party?;
  4. PPP's "who will be recognise as the President" shall be heard in High court and decision handed down soon;
  5. Will there be cabinet re-shuffling with MCA's, PPP's infighting? Will the reshuffling affects those from MIC and Gerakan too? Will it happen after the coming parliament session?;
  6. Perak state assembly will convene again this 3oth March 2010. How will it turn out time around? Which speaker reigns supreme? Will there be another headache?
BN needs to divert the rakyats' attention elsewhere so that they can sneak in the GST bill 2009. And BN knows too that nothing is going to slow down PR hence they are going for the locomotive head, the prime mover aka Anwar Ibrahim.

BN is pinning down Anwar and is keeping Anwar busy at the courts. What BN is doing is to tire Anwar. BN is calculating that a tired Anwar will make mistakes. For that, my advise to Anwar - please refrain from using personal assistant. Better to use personal assistants, instead and refrain from being caught "just the two of us" again because BN's is running out of ammunition and is relying on the courts to wear down Anwar.

BN may think that they are holding all the right cards but who holds the aces? They say that Najib is working on overdrive to "buy over" support from PRs' outcast MPs. What Najib may have overlook is the possibility of MPs' crossover from MCA fallout. If might not happen but the possibility is always there. As Chua SL says "politics is the art of making the impossible, possible". We have shown that in March 2008 but ssshhhhh, don't whisper to Najib because he's dreaming of visiting Che Wan's otak-otak this Satursay... we don't want him to be on alert, do we?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, March 08, 2010

Whoa..Wan Azizah : Why not start with PKR?

The past week has been a roller coaster ride for PKR. Just see at how Tan TB then Mohsin Samsuri followed by ex-secretary general Sallehudin Hashim left the party. Each has their own reasons for quitting PKR which has been widely circulated in the net.

I have no problems with them leaving but what perplex me is the one that PKR asked to go - Zulkifli Nordin.

Saifudin Nasution said the actions was taken for Zul's action in lodging a police report against Khalid Samad. Obviously this is an unrealistic to do. If that is PKR's line of thoughts, then Gerakan youth chief will be sacked from Gerakan because he made a police report implying that Noh Omar (Minister from UMNO) indirectly has a hand in the fishbox issue.

That leads me to question PKR's wisdom of sacking Zulkifli based on the latter's police report. Isn't Khalid Samad suspended for 6 months from PAS? So, why the fuss? Zulkifli Nordin has the rights to lodge a police report if he feels that Khalid Samad is wrong as Gerakan youth has all the rights to lodge a report with MACC if they feels that there is something fishy with the chip-embedded fish box.

Back to Zulkifli Nordin. Yes, I fully agree that his style and approach is unorthodox and he loves the limelight of being different from the rest. At the same time, I value his stand on certain issues which is close to his heart. For that, I have to salute Zulkifli Nordin for his unwavering stand.

Can I say the same about PKR? Anwar said that it's nothing personal regarding Zulkifli's sacking. He further claimed that this is PKR's principles - may I ask what principles? Zulkifli's stand is about the high court ruling regarding the "Allah" issue. If Anwar said that it is acceptable, then is Anwar saying that MAIS (which is under the purview of Selangor Sultan) is wrong in saying that the word is exclusive for Muslims? Is Anwar also saying the same ie Pahang is also wrong for having the same stand as Selangor? If that is what Anwar is implying, then it is better for the Khalid Ibrahim to seek audience with HRH and request for Selangor state government to be dissolved. Then, let's see whether Anwar will still stand by this principle or not when Selangor goes for the election.

Continuing on, who is Anwar? Is he now an official member of PKR? Or is he still a partyless leader? Is he an official PKR office bearer? Or is he still the de-facto leader of PKR? What if DAP claims the opposition leader position in parliament with Lim KS telling Anwar - Nothing personal but DAP has more MPs' than PKR? Can Anwar accept this?

Going down the line, Wan Azizah's (is she still PKR's President?) makes an unintelligent statement when she challenged Zulkifli Nordin to vacate his seat. Kulim-Bandar baru parlimeantary seat does not belong to PKR, either. That seat belongs to the people so let the people decides whether they still want Zulkifli Nordin to represent them in parliament or not. Why did I say that? How many PKR registered members are in Kulim? How many PAS and how many DAP members? Combine them all, will you get the numbers equal to the votes collected by Zulkifli in March 2008?

And if Zulkifli's votes comes from a wide base of support, then it will be an injustice asking Zulkifli to vacate his seat, fully knowing well that Zulkifli cannot defend his post by virtue that he vacated the seat. So, what now Wan Azizah?

The way I see it, Wan Azizah (and for that matter PKR) is trying very hard to force anoither by-election and hoping to use that chance to garner sympathy votes again. Fat chance! Why should PKR sacrifice the rakyats to bloat the egos of few so-called leaders in Kuala Lumpur? And as I said earlier, if PKR is so damn sure that the rakyat are still with them with their so-called "principles", then by all means dissolve Selangor state and measure your strength there? Care to take the challenge, Wan Azizah? Dissolving the state assembly is the best solution available as all the present ADUNs' can re-contest their seats. Is PKR ready for this "popularity challenge"?

Wan Azizah has sacrifice her seat to let hubby steal the thunder in Permatang Pauh. The strains of sodomy II is getting on to Wan Azizah and for that I understand her sudden outburst calling Zulkifli to vacate his seat. The question that Wan Azizah should be asking is - not who else is going to leave PKR but rather who else will PKR be asking to go.

Wan Azizah has all the rights to think that her family was slandered once before but that does not give her the passport to sack PKR leaders just because they dance slightly different. And if Wan Azizah is still talking about principles, why not let the Peratang Pauh MP vacate his seat and see whether PKR can still retain the seat or not (based on PKR's principles)? Didn't they say that leaders has to sacrifice? Why not start with Permatang Pauh?

Is PKR ready to vacate Permatang Pauh and test whether their principles are accepted by the rakyat? Afterall, isn't Permatang Pauh PKR's stronghold and with Muslims making up the majority, it will be the best test-case of PKR's principles...Over to you now, Wan Azizah. Do you dare to take up this challenge?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Of MCA's presidential turmoil : My wish...

Move aside soap operas. The MCA grand finale of 2010 season is about to start and this time, it might even topped "Who shot JR Ewing?" of Dallas fame.

What happens before is now purely academic. How the EGM result regarding Ong TK's and Chua SL's position as the MCA's President and Deputy President respectively were interpreted and how Liow TL jumped the gun to stake a claim for the MCA's Presidency. The same goes for Liow's demand of immediate fresh elections and how both Ong and Chua's position that the fresh election should be held after CNY. That is past events.

Liow should not take for granted that his 12 CC members' support will be rock solid behind him as Chua may have some hidden cards when he mustered 8 CC members to tender their resignations paving the way for another round of MCA post bearers election now scheduled to be held by March end.

Some reported that Chua Soi Lek is in the commanding lead. Some believed that invisible hands are working on Liow Tiong Lai to wrest the Presidency post. Not many are betting on Ong Tee Keat since they believed that Najib has abandon Ong by stating that the 1MPM6 will not be attendingthe AGM this weekend.

For now, let put that aside and be practical in looking through MCA. Let's assume that there are only 3 major parties fighting for the coveted price ie Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai. My dream move (which borders on naievity) shall be :-
  1. Ong Tee Kiat to defend his Presidency post, Chua Soi Lek defending his deputy post whilst Liong Tiong Lai can go for the Presidency as he has the most to lose now;
  2. Ong, by virtue that he is the current President, has no viable choice but to defend the post and he need to go then the delegates need to vote him out;
  3. Chua Soi Lek, may be a philanderer but that is his personalproblems and his own moral conscious. As such, he too needs to defend his post and let the delegates decide his future;
  4. Liow Tiong Lai, exposed as the Brutus in hiding, has not much choice left. Either go for the President's post or the deputy post. In this instance, his choice are not many and I see him going for the number 1 spot;
  5. On record, Ong is a lone ranger and I am too and that is why I am rooting for him to defend his post. The reasons for this are quite clear, actually which you will see shortly.
Why Ong Tee Keat as MCA's President? I go for records and being pragmatic, Ong :-
  1. promised to get to the bottom of things in PKFZ. He is on the way there although that exposed the MCA-UMNO connections and having former MCA stalwarts charged in court;
  2. promised and he delivered what he promised;
  3. does not mince his words when taking action, regardless of friends or foes;
  4. a lone ranger, lone wolf does not need to dish out fvours in return of backing. You support him for what he does not for what he promises;
  5. may not conform Chua for his philandering ways but as a team, they show lots of promises and the "dream team" can only function after they remove the brutuses in MCA;
  6. is a person that MCA and the Chinese community needs where his tough stance is for the benefit of the people and for that he is earning the wrath of 1MPM6 for not being a "team player";
Chua Soi Lek? He's brave enough to admit his mistakes and he should be given his deputy post for :-
  1. his admission shows that he is a responsible person. He may have his failures but he did not hide it nor does he takes aggresive action to erase his activities like other. When I mean others, that reminds me of the video girl, the GRO and the international model who has a thing in common - they were murdered and the case, though solved remains fresh in the rakyats' memories;
  2. his unwavering support to the President. Yes, both seems despising each other to a point of no return but professionally they know that they each needs the other for their political survivor
  3. his case is not the only case. I believed that most of the politicians has something to hide when it comes to the other gender. Heck, some are said to be in relation with a certain thouroughbred "mermaid";
  4. he has a wide base support whuch is badly neded to shore up the bruise and battered MCA image;
As for Liow Tiong Lai? The least said the better. I, for one hates Brutuses andconsider Brutuses as opportunists who needs to be eliminated from Malaysian political scene.

It's not going to be a smoothride from Ong TK and Chua SL. Ong TK has a subtle message delivered to him when Najib decided to skip attending the scheduled MCA AGM. But knowing Ong TK's style, that will not stop him nor will low him down. And that is what Ong TK need - a public shun from 1MPM6. That will rally the Chinese to his side. This is the time for the Chinese to send a strong message to Najib and UMNO - don't mess with the Chinese.

UMNO an Najib may ride on Chinese for a while but Chinese has long memories. Do you think they will forget the time when Najib threatened them once before? Do you think they will forget what Najib's cousin ie Hishamuddein said with the unsheathed "thingy"? No, they will not gorget and this is the right ime for them to deliver a strong message to Najib - butt out of Chinese affair. That, they will do by putting Ong TK back as MCA's President. Anuthing less will mean that the Chinese are subvervient to UMNO ad Najib. And being subvervient, MCA is as good as pusging the Chinese votes to PR...

That said, I know that I am just hoping for the best but I really do hope for Ong TK to defend and wins his post in MCA. The same to Chua SL. Wishful thinking? Maybe...but as long as I can dream, why not?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kartika : The waiting game continues...

Poor Kartika. Just because she is not a VVIP's daughter, her sentence is still hanging in the air. Six months down the line, she is still waiting for her sentence of 6-syariah style caning.

If my memory serves me right, Kartika was first sentenced in July 2009 and was supposed to be caned for consuming alchohol in Pahang. Her sentencing triggers a mini-avalanche with some claiming that this is unprecedented and will put Malaysia in the backwaters of international disdain.

Then, in ride Hishamuddein Hussein with his feeble excuse that the prison department officers were not trained to carry out the sentence. Then comes another with declaration that only prisoners are allowed to be caned, meaning that you have to be in prison to be caned. Later, another excuse of fasting month before the Tengku Mahkota Pahang was quoted in TVnews that the issue will be resolved within 1 month from February.

Kartika had an audience with the Tengku Mahkota on 3rd march 2010. During the audience, Kartika still refuse to appeal against the caning. Tengku Mahkota came out with a statement that the Sultan has the prerogative to pardon eventhough Kartika did not appeal.

In the meantime, 3 women and 4 men were syariah-styled caned for illicit sex where each were caned between 4 to 6 strokes each. Incidentally, the punishment were carried out in Kajang prison on 9th February 2010. They were found guilty by the syariah court between December 2009 and January 2010 and the offnce took place in Kuala Lumpur.

Now, why is Pahang playing a waiting game with Kartika? To cane or not to cane? Say what you want but to me, I say that Pahang is dragging its feet on this case considering :-
  1. Kartika was first sentenced in July 2009 and now, more than six months later, she is still waiting to be sentenced;
  2. Kartika did not appeal her caning sentence and in fact has publicly stated that she wanted to go through the sentence;
  3. Kartika even boared a prison van on the way to be caned before the van make a u-turn and sent her home;
  4. Hishamuddein has now said that the prison department is now able to carry out syariah-style caning;
  5. There are already 7 syariah-styled caning done in February 9, 2010 (although no statements were issued prior to their caning);
  6. Pahang's Tengku Mahkota has publicly stated that the issue will be resolved within a month of Febuary 2010 after Kartika's audience with him;
  7. Now Tengku Mahkota is saying that he needs to report to the Sultan (his father) for a decision;
  8. Now Tengku Mahkota is saying that the Sultan has the prerogative to pardon Kartika. If there is any intention to pardon her (which actually states that Pahang is not willing to caned their syariah offenders), why keep her waiting for more than 6 months? Is there a need to wait for "a divine dream" to resolve the issue?;
  9. So, it is now back to the waiting game for Kartika - to be caned or not to be caned;
The question is - who are we actually kidding? Are we playing to the tune of the international media who descended Pahang (and in the process brings some tourism money) or are we dancing to the tune set by the federal government? If the federal government can carry out the sentence where an offence took place in Kuala Lumpur but the sentence were carried out in Selangor with no record whatsoever whether the seven appeal their sentence, why is Pahang still dragging its feet? Is Pahang trying hard to please its "pembesar negeri" from Sulawesi selatan and happens to be living in Putrajaya?

Let's put an end to Kartika's misery and unnecessary pressure. She is now a divorcee since October 2009 as the waiting game is taking its toll on those involved. Who is responsible for that? Will Pahang state bear the responsibility as the divorce may have taken place due to Its inability to carry out the sentence with "hikmah"? Has the undue publicity cause Kartika her marriage?

I haven't touch on the caning yet. Why is Pahang sentencing 6 strokes of caning for alchoholic consumption and KL syariah court sentenced between 4 to 6 caning for illicit sex? Which is a bigger sin? Or are both of equivalent sins? Should there be a need to standardise the syariah ruling?

Back to Pahang - what is the decision now? Pardoning Kartika is fine but will that be a precedence to other syariah cases as well? If that is the case then it is better for the syariah court to keep mum and pass all the cases to higher ups for pardon. Or is Pahang afraid that the caning will deter Muslims from visiting her in the future. I mean, just look at Cherating and Teluk Chempedak and Kuantan and Temerloh and Pekan too - you will be surprise to see the numbers of so-called Muslims consuming alchohol in public and private places. Don't believe? Try making a trip east soon and you will see what I mean...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Mohsin (Former PKR MP turned independent) Samsari : Is this you...?

Someone sent me an email last month. It goes something like this...

Does that description fit our "new" independent? I rest my case :)

By the way, the government has officially scrapped off the proposed two-tiered fuel price AND there is no fuel price increase for now...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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OIM : Apabila tanda "halal" dipermainkan...

Buletin pagi 4hb Mach 2010 mengejutkan kita lagi...sebuah restoren di Kota Damansara telah mempermainkan pengunjung Islam dengan mempamerkan logo "Halal" untuk menarik pelanggan.

Bagaimana ia boleh berlaku? Demi mengaut keuntungan, pemilik restoren tersebut tidak segan silu lagi menampalkan tanda "halal" sebagai "pelaris" namun hasil serbuan Jakim, adalah dipercayai bahwa restoren tersebut menggunakan logo "halal" palsu dan pekerjanya pula tidak beragama Islam (walaupun menggunakan nama seakan-akan Islam).

Lihat pula uniform yang dipakai oleh pekerja tersebut. Rasanya macam kenal saja unifom itu tapi dimana ya! Dari pakaian serangam mamak yang ditemubual, penulis percaya ini merupakan restoren berangkai yang kini tumbuh bagai cendawan dilembah Klang. Bagi mereka yang arif dengan restoren mamak, sekilas pandang sudah tahu nama restoren tersebut.

Persoalannya - dimanakan kepekaan rakyat Islam Malaysia? Apakah kita masih lagi diperkuda dan dipermainkan? Hanya dengan logo "Halal" dan beberapa ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran, kita sidah percaya dan yakin bahwa pemilik dan pekerja restoren itu Muslim? Apakah dengan "warna" mereka sudah layak dipanggil "mamak"?

Begitupun, apakah Jakim akan mengenakan tindakan dibawah
Seksyen 15(1) Akta Perihal Dagangan 1972 kerana memalsukan logo sijil halal Jakim yang boleh membawa denda maksimum RM250,000 jika sabit kesalahan? Apakah pegawai Jakim telah mengeluarkan saman dibawah seksyen tersebut semalam? Sekiranya tidak, mengapa tidak?

Mengarahkan pemilik premis tersebut menurunkan logo "Halal" palsu tidak mencukupi kerana ini soal maruah agama dan akidah. Pemilik premis tersebut selayaknya dikenakan sama dibawah seksyen tersebut. Jakim harus bersikap tegas dalam hal ini walaupun mungkin ada unsur-unsur campurtangan dari pihak luar akan berlaku sekiranya tindakan tegas diambil. Jakim harus bertegas dalam hal ini dan tidak perlu berkompromi atau memberi nasihat akhir lagi. Kerana nasihat hanya akan tinggal nasihat bagi peniaga yang lebih mementingkan keuntungan dari mematuhi undang-undang.

OIM (cuma di Malaysia) kita berhadapan dengan hal ini. Semua kerana kelemahan umat Islam sendiri...kita lebih rela makan roti canai tanpa mengira halal haramnya...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

BN's 1-way ticket, PKR's 2 way street...

Looking at it, I will say that BN has a 1-way ticket and that ticket is stamped "follow the leader" whilst PKR is more relax with their 2 way street system.

What is democracy? Some say it is a government by the people especially rule of the majority. It is further said that democracy is a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections. Well, that's fine with me except I would not use the word supreme as per say.

I would also like to add that democracy is a system where the common people constitute the source of political authority and at the same time the absence of hereditary or arbitary class distinctions or priviledges. That's is roughly what is written in Webster - Merriam online dictionary.

Now on to the day's posting. Yesterday, it riles me up to see the numbers of PKR-elected representatives leaving the party as if there is a well-co-ordinated plans to pull the plug off the party and let it sink. What I did not put in is the concern that BN will be getting their 2/3 majority back with the help of BN-friendly MPs'. This is the issue that needs to be urgently addressed by PR component members especially when the 2nd reading of GST bill and anti-laundering act will be tabled in this coming March parliament session.

Enough of that. Let the full-time politicians put on their thinking cap. But these past few days show the mark difference between BN (read : UMNO) and PKR's style. Consider these :-
  1. Abu Zahrain, TB Tan left PKR because they claimed that they are against LIM GE's style of managing Penang;
  2. Badrul Hisham left PKR because of claims that certain quarters wanted him to quit his seat (because he is not attending to his constituents welfare);
  3. Sallehudin Hashim quit PKR because he felt that he is the heart and soul of the party (when he was the secretary general) and denied the revealation that he quit the party because his request to head Selangor's Perangsang with RM 50K monthly allowance was not entertained;
  4. Fairus left PKR Penang reasoning that PKR is not defending Islam, race and rakyat;
  5. UMNO issue a gag order to all its member to stop discussing and issuing statements regarding Kelantan oil royalty issue after 3 of its Kelantan state assemblymen agree to take the oil royalty issue to court;
  6. The UMNO gag order was issued when Tg Razaleigh, an UMNO veteran, claimed that Kelantan deserved the oil royalty payment from Petronas and again openly dare UMNO to enforce the gag order;
  7. Remember the Terengganu case when 23 UMNO state assmblymen refuse to accept at first that Ahmad Said is the Terengganu MB? Their threat to resign came to naught all because UMNO did not strip Ahmad Said of his membership and all because Abdullah Badawi feels that an UMNO-led Terengganu is much better tha a PR-led Terengganu;
What does that tell you? It shows that PKR practise a much more open system than UMNO. For UMNO, the members are told and instructed to toe the line or else a gag order will be issued. Of course, the gag order is meant for the masses but not to some selected few who's presence in UMNO is needed to shore up its crumbling image.

UMNO also shows you that they are willing to forego their principles as long as they get their objective ie to govern the state and control the federal government. Terengganu is an example. UMNO is willing to "sacrifice" Idris Jusoh, not only to appease the Sultan but at the same time create further animosity between the division leadership in the state. Hishamuddin Hussein was confident that UMNO can resolve their internal problems back in September 2009. Now, six months later, UMNO is still without solution to Terengganu crisis. All because UMNO's interest supercede the rakyat.

Back to the gag order. Why is Khairy now entering the fray supporting the Kelantan's government's proposal to resolve the oil royalty issue through arbitration? Is it because he has nothing to lose? Is it because he is not a member of the cabinet? Is it because he knows he needs to be more vocal to be noticed by 1MPM6?

BN may claim that their method of resolving issues through close door negotiation is best for Malaysia. Personally, I did not think so. There are too many skeletons in BN's closet and there are too many files detailing the "negative points" of BN division leaders (as well as selected members). These files will "surface" when the person has outlived his usefulness. That is the BN way. That is also the reason why there is much less BN members quitting BN.

Looking at it, I will say that BN has a 1-way ticket and that ticket is stamped "follow the leader" whilst PKR is more relax with their 2 way street system. You like, you stay, if you feel that the place is too hot, you are free to go...

Given that option, who would you like to lead you? A person who is forever a certified "pak turut" and held ransom by his "misdeed" file or a person who is free to go if it is too hot for him to stay (the heat may come from external parties)? You don't have to answer now. Translate your answer into votes that count, come GE 13...I rest my case, for now.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Siti Nurhanim : Berat mana mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul...

Berat mana mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. Masyarakat memilih untuk memandang serong terhadap Siti dan keluarga. Malah ada juga yang mengambarkan bahwa ayah Siti telah menipu masyarakat dengan menguar-uarkan bahwa beliau telah menikahkan anaknya dengan suspek. Itu kata mereka, itu kata sebahgian masyarakat. Benar atau tidak bukan hak penulis ini untuk mengulas...

Pemergian adik Syafia Humairah Sahari kini merungkai seribu persoalan. Bermulanya tragedi beliau disini dan disini.

Dalam mencari kebenaran dan kasahihan berita, penulis berkesempatan membaca apa yang dilakarkan oleh wartawan TV3 disini. Sudah tiba masanya untuk penulis mengambil pendirian yang berbedza yakni melihat dari kacamata Siti Nurhanim, ibu Syafia...

Dalam wawancara terawalnya, Siti Nurhanim mengatakan disini mengenai kesempitan hidup yang dihadapi dan Bernama mengulas dengan lebih lanjut disini. Antara lain, Siti Nurhanim dan Bernama meluahkan :-

  1. Siti Nurhanim, 25 tahun, merayu Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) untuk menempatkan beliau dan dua anaknya dirumah kebajikan untuk menjalani pemulihan, kaunselling dan perlindungan bagi memulakan hidup baru;
  2. Beliau memperakui bahwa beliau sudah banyak melakukan kesilapan dan meminta bantuan JKM;
  3. Beliau tidak sanggup lagi hidup menderita yang bermula dengan penahanan suaminya, Sahari Usol 33 tahun;
  4. Bapa Syafia Humairah, Sahari Usol, dipercayai adalah bekas anggota polis yang ditahan di penjara Sungei Buloh;
  5. Siti Nurhanim, seorang suri rumahtangga terpaksa berkerja sebagai promoter di ibu kota untuk menyara hidup 3 anaknya selepas suami beliau dipenjarakan;
  6. Beliau tidak sanggup lagi berdepan dengan pandangan serong masyarakat terhadap beliau kerana bersuamikan banduan;
  7. Kehadiran teman lelaki, yang kini ditahan reman sejak kematian Syafia Humairah, membantu Siti dan menjaga beliau serta merancang untuk mendirikan rumahtangga;
  8. Rancangan mereka terbantut kerana keengganan suami Siti untuk melepaskan dan seterusnya membolehkan Siti menjalinkan hubungan sah dengan suspek;
  9. Banyak pihak menyalahkan beliau (Siti) tetapi ketika beliau menghadapi kesusahan, tiada pihak yang tampil membantu;
Itu adalah sebahgian dari luahan Siti Nurhanim. Malangnya, masyarakat begitu cepat untuk melabelkan Siti seolah-olah beliau merupakan ibu yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Kini, sudah sampai masanya unuk kita sama-sama menilai :-
  1. Sekiranya benar lapuran yang menyatakan bahwa Sahari Usol ialah bekas anggota polis yang dipenjarakan, apakah bentuk bantuan yang disediakan oleh pertubuhan amal anggota polis untuk membantu Siti Nurhanim sebelum ini? Apakah Siti Nurhanim tidak layak untuk menikmati kemudahan yang diberikan kepada isteri anggota polis?;
  2. Dimanakah pegawai JKM ketika Siti Nurhanim berhadapan dengan masaalah yang menimpa beliau? Apakah Siti diberi bantuan dan sekiranya, apakah bentuk bantuan yang diberikan kepada beliau?;
  3. Bagaimana dengan sikap masyarakat setempat? Apakah tindakan mereka untuk membantu ibu tunggal ini? Apakah beliau tersenarai sebagai salah seorang yang perlukan bantuan?;
  4. Apa pula peranan JKKK dalam mengatasi masaalah Siti? Apakah Siti hanya sekadar statistik? Pernahkan JKKK mengambil berat tentang Siti?
  5. Tanpa prasangka, kenyataan yang dikeluarkan Siti adalah suara hati beliau. Selepas begitu lama tertekan dengan konflik, beliau meluahkan rasa hati beliau - siapa yang mampu mendengar? Siapa pula yang mampu membantu?;
  6. Benar, Shahrizat menziarah keluarga Syafia tetapi itu adalah lawatan gimik politik. Benar, Shahrizat menjanjikan bantuan kepada Siti, tetapi persoalannya siapa pula yang akan memastikan Siti benar-benar dibantu?;
  7. Kini kesalahan lepas menghantui Siti. Beliau berdepan dengan tohmahan dan pandangan serong atas perbuatan beliau, tetapi sebenarnya kegagalan ini bukanlah kegagalan beliau tetapi kegagalan masyarakat untuk menangani masaalah beliau. Tidak salah kalau penulis katakan bahwa BN telah gagal di peringkat pusat untuk menjana satu masyarakat madani. Rhetorik politik BN tentang 1M dan keprihatinan hanyalah bagai menanam tebu dibibir, sekadar memenangi hati rakyat untuk mendapat undi penentu.

    Begitu juga dengan PR. Rhetorik mereka sama cuma nada mereka berbeda. PR yang telah diberi kepercayaan untuk menerajui Selangor juga mempunyai tanggungjawab terhadap Siti Nurhanim. Mana perginya EXCO yang bertanggungjawab terhadap kebajikan ibu tunggal?

Persoalan yang lebih penting adalah - Apakah kita gagal untuk membentuk masyarakat prihatin? Apakah kita terlalu asyik mengejar kemewahan material sehingga kita melupakan tanggungjawab sosial? Apakah kita sudah lupa nilai-nilai kehidupan cara timur yang kaya dengan budi pekerti dan tingkahlaku yang sopan?

Berat mana mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. Masyarakat memilih untuk memandang serong terhadap Siti dan keluarga. Malah ada juga yang mengambarkan bahwa ayah Siti telah menipu masyarakat dengan menguar-uarkan bahwa beliau telah menikahkan anaknya dengan suspek. Itu kata mereka, itu kata sebahgian masyarakat. Benar atau tidak bukan hak penulis ini untuk mengulas...

Tetapi dalam masa yang sama, penulis ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menyatakan bahwa suspek yang ditahan reman perlu diambil tindakan segera. Kalau benar beliau bersalah, ambil tindakan terhadap beliau melalui proses undang-undang sedia ada.

Mengapa ada suara sumbang yang kini mempersoalkan anak siapakah Syafia. Apa gunanya? Apa lebihnya dan apa kurangnya siapa bapanya? Bagi penulis, Syafia ialah seorang insan yang telah kembali menemui pencipta. Sudah tiba masanya untuk masyarakat kembali bersatu untuk membantu yang lemah. Apakah masyarakat masih memilih untuk mendahulukan kekayaan dari tanggungjawab sosial? Jawapannya senang - Tepuk dada tanya selera...

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Of AI : Blame it on the rain...except own self

Just a simple advise to Anwar (who thinks that he is the best in Malaysia). Stop blaming others for your own failures. Blaming 1MPM6 and his wife will not solve the problem.

Lately, there is this feeling inside of me to say out loud to Anwar Ibrahim, the so-called opposition leader - Blame it on the rain. Reminiscence of Milli Vanili's "Blame it on the rain" where in part the lyrics goes
"Gotta blame it on something,
gotta blame it on something.
Blame it on the rain that was fallin', fallin'.
Blame it on the stars that shine at night.
But don't put the blame on youself

It all started as a trickle but now it's getting more frequent and the raindrops are getting bigger too. I mean, it started with a minor shift when PKR's Radzhi Salleh who is also an elected state assembly quit PKR and become a BN-friendly state assemblyman. That was in August 2009. Prior to that PR lost Perak because 2 of PKR's elected reps decided to turn independent and supported BN.

One year on, it is Bayan Baru MP Abu Zahrain's turn to tighten the screw in Penang when he announced that he too quit PKR. In quick succession, former Penang DCM Fairus left PKR for UMNO whilst Nibong Tebal's MP Tan Tee Beng quit PKR on 1st march 2009. Not only that, former PKR's sec gen Sallehudin Hasim also quit PKR. So now, Anwar, what are you going to do?

Consider these :-
  1. It is PKR's defection that cost PR to lose Perak in 2009. Remember Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Mohd Radhi? Not only that, these 2 PKR state assemblymen plus former DAP's Hee has plunge Perak into a political turmoil that needs federal courts interpretation of the law to finally put the issue at rest. At least, that is what I hope for;
  2. Radzhi Salleh's resignation force Kedah's MB to seek audience with the Sultan to remove him from his exco post. Not only that, it raise the BN's numbers to 15 out of the total 36 state seats. Will more follow Radzhi's footsteps now? Only time will tell;
  3. Will Azizan's plan to reshuffle Kedah's exco affected by PKR's internal problems? Will these problems spilled to other PR-members ie DAP and PAS? A more definite answer and pattern will be more forthcoming after 10th March when the new exco line up is announced.;
  4. Selangor PKR has its own set of problems when PKR's Badrul Hisham decided to be BN-friendly in 2009;
  5. Abu Zahrain's and Tan's decision of quitting PKR is actually a big moral win to BN-lead Najib. Instead of 8 short for 2/3 majority, they are now much closer to the elusive 2/3 majority after taking into account of Ibrahim Ali's lately pro-UMNO's stand;
  6. Add them all up and you will see that PKR has "lost" 6 seats (2 of them Parliamentary seat) due to their own internal problems. How many more will leave the PKR camp? Some claims 10, some say less - again time will tell;
The point is simple. Anwar should no longer rely on his rhetoric skill to keep PKR together. Something is definitely wrong in PKR and Anwar has failed to address the problem since February 2009. One year on, the cracks are getting bigger and if not arrested, will see not only PKR's downfall but PR-lead states disintegrate as well.

Just a simple advise to Anwar (who thinks that he is the best in Malaysia). Stop blaming others for your own failures. Blaming 1MPM6 and his wife will not solve the problem. The question is - what is Anwar going to do with issue of more and more people leaving PKR?

A simple question cross my mind - if Anwar cannot control his own PKR members from deserting him, then how can he keep others to follow his lead. Anwar could not even get his house in order.

s Milli Vanilli said, blame it on the rain, blame it on the stars, and heck you can even blame it on tsunami as long as you don't blame yourself. But then again - is that a good trademark of a wise and excellent leader? Rhetoric can keep the crowd roaring and feeding from your hand but it will not hide the fact that those close to Anwar is deserting him. And why is that?

I see a simple reason. Those who follow Anwar before are former UMNO members who are disgruntled with the way Mahathir bundles Anwar out of the political picture. These people are so used to money politics that they could not find other livelihood that to keep on sucking money. They saw the chance again in 2008 when PR won states and deny BN of the 2/3 majority. So, it's pay-up time now. If PR states failed to offer them good and well-paid position, they will crawl back to BN where money is not a problem. The same with Anwar, these elected persons has betrayed the rakyats - for their own benefits. Blame it on the rain again as they can sing the same tune as Anwar. Blame on the rest of the world but not themselves.

One claimed that Sallehudin Hasim quit PKR because he faiuled to get an RM 50,000 per month post. Some said Zahrain sulks because he cannot get his company a poject in Penang. If that is so, then go fly to BN where everything is possible. And if they really want to fly, by goodness sake buy an AA ticket where "everybody can fly".

Back to Anwar, what is your excuse now? Don't come running and say "I am sorry". That is not enough. It is no longer enough. Once is OK but repeated sorry is no longer an excuse. Remember how the rakyats slog to hand PR win after win during the by-elections? How do you explain to these hardworking guys on PKR's desertion after desertion? Anwar can travel first class and accorded VIP treatments but what about the many faces that descended to unfamiliar places - just for their beliefs that PR is on the right path? What do you want to tell them?

Anwar, tell me - how do you explain the recent and future PKR desertion? Remember how thousands descended to KL to march towards Istana Negara during Bersih rally? Remember how many were tear-gassed during the anti-ISA rally? You owe them an explanation. Don't just blame it on the rain, Anwar.

Anwar, really you may be good but reality is you may not be good enough to lead the pack. Anwar may be par excellent in giving excuses. It is better for Anwar to move aside and blame it on the rain for not able to stand too long in the rain. Let others take the lead. Someone who can put the house in order. Truthfully, I don't care whether the person has pink lips or not. What I look for is a natural leader, respected by all Malaysians regardless of race, religion and beliefs. I know that the leader is out there somewhere.

Just in case, some of you wonders. I am not getting mad nor am I getting frustrated. No, not yet. I am just warming up, so be prepared....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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