Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mission : Pinned down Anwar and ...

Somehow or rather, there is a trend emerging based on what transpired these past weeks. On its own, it carries less minimal weight but combined, it may be able to pinned Anwar down.

This time around, I am not going to list down the details but consider these few as appetisers :-

  1. Why Anwar's "free subscription VCDs'" are given free especially in Bangi?;
  2. Why did MPs' leaving PKR? Look at their timing, it is too clockwork precision...;
  3. Why did the police move in to stop PR's ceramah in Kg Baru?;
  4. Federal court ruling that Anwar's 1998 dismissal is lawful;
  5. KJ's ribbing on why Anwar is still the opposition leader in parliament;
Is there an orchestrated effort to pin down Anwar ? Is this a BN blitz to put Anwar and PR on the defensive, as BN is still licking its wounded and bruised March 2008 ego? Is BN taking the strategy of "The best form of defense is attack"? Is this BN's art of "shifting" the goalpost to divert undue attention to BN's oncoming problems?

Oncoming problems? Yes, I will say that since BN is tabling the second reading of GST bill amid the existing problems faced by BN in the coming weeks such as :-
  1. GST bill 2009 will get its second reading in March 2010 (the parliament will sit from 15th march 2010 - 15th April 2010, with the 2nd reading expected to take place from 5th April 2010 onwards);
  2. 1MPM6's reaction on local government polls. Is he jumping the gun? Must it be good, if and only if it is proposed by BN?;
  3. MCA's party election on 28th March 2010. Will all participating parties recognise the results or will there be further split in MCA, the second largest BN component party?;
  4. PPP's "who will be recognise as the President" shall be heard in High court and decision handed down soon;
  5. Will there be cabinet re-shuffling with MCA's, PPP's infighting? Will the reshuffling affects those from MIC and Gerakan too? Will it happen after the coming parliament session?;
  6. Perak state assembly will convene again this 3oth March 2010. How will it turn out time around? Which speaker reigns supreme? Will there be another headache?
BN needs to divert the rakyats' attention elsewhere so that they can sneak in the GST bill 2009. And BN knows too that nothing is going to slow down PR hence they are going for the locomotive head, the prime mover aka Anwar Ibrahim.

BN is pinning down Anwar and is keeping Anwar busy at the courts. What BN is doing is to tire Anwar. BN is calculating that a tired Anwar will make mistakes. For that, my advise to Anwar - please refrain from using personal assistant. Better to use personal assistants, instead and refrain from being caught "just the two of us" again because BN's is running out of ammunition and is relying on the courts to wear down Anwar.

BN may think that they are holding all the right cards but who holds the aces? They say that Najib is working on overdrive to "buy over" support from PRs' outcast MPs. What Najib may have overlook is the possibility of MPs' crossover from MCA fallout. If might not happen but the possibility is always there. As Chua SL says "politics is the art of making the impossible, possible". We have shown that in March 2008 but ssshhhhh, don't whisper to Najib because he's dreaming of visiting Che Wan's otak-otak this Satursay... we don't want him to be on alert, do we?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


looes74 said...

Based on this info below, it seems that Anwar is gaining ground


With our Gila MP, Zul Kulim Wonder Bra (Oops) Boy making comments such as these below


One wonder if Najib has backfire himself. One must remember Muhyiddin is aftering his position. There are still on-going fire in plenty of UMNO states including Perlis. Your brother, Nobisha is asking Hashim, PAS commisioner to start buying business coat. There would be a PAS led government in Perlis by GE13.
Zambry dare not call by Snap poll because of in-fighting. Thanks for the federal court, Pakatan is back in business again in Perak. Jangan harap Sarawak would come to the rescue as the ongoing fire burning SPDP with possible boxing matches even within the mighty PBB
In short UMNO & BN in huru-hara since the days of LKY in Malaysia. This time you can't kick out Anwar unlike Tunku kick out Singapore. Najib can't kick Sabah & Sarawak. As such, just like the Might Bismark, German warship in WWII, once the rudder is damaged, Bismark has become a sitting duck, ready to be sunk

nightcaller said...


Not only that, the weather is not going to be kind to Najib too. The last I heard his morning, Kemaman is running short of water and the water department has to resort to "importing" water from Pahang to fill up the tanks for the VVIP visit.

Najib will be having tough time to douse the flames surrounding him and what's worse is the fire within his own "kelambu" with MCA, PPP, MIC infighting.

Perlis has a fair chance to go PR's way provided that Harun Din plays his cards right.

Some are whispering that Najib's visit to Terengganu has something to do with the ongoing spat between Ahmad Said and Idris...thus it is a never ending problems to Najib.

Going by the numbers in Seremban last night, PR is also making much headway in NS. That should make our KJ edgy...:)

looes74 said...

By the way, when GST was introduced in Singapore, we call it as Gasak Semua Tax. Hahaha....It's correct.....It really gasak everything

Nothing wrong in introducing the GST but what happen to the money once GST introduced.....Would it go up & up later on? GST is a nicotine, very addictive.

Before you know it, you would have 10%, perhaps, 15% GST. instead of 4%.....Wanna bet......

nightcaller said...

There should be a mechanism to control GST rate. Just cannot let it escalate uncontrollably. That's where the 2/3 majority should not be handed on a silver platter to the govt of the day because that will be a license for them to escalate GST as if it is nobody biz.

However, the PR-sponsored form us askig on the starting price and the rationale why GST will be introduce by 2011 together with the anti-laundering/hoarding act. Shouldn't we control bizmen from inflating the price at their whims and fancies on our expenses?

4 % tax will result in taxpayers coughing an average of RM 580 per year per person. 10 % or 15 %? I shivered at the thoughts...

looes74 said...

The only mechanism that I can think of is that the government has sufficient money so that GST is not introduced in the first place.
The fact is that the government is running out of money. Plus the APEC requires all countries within APEC to drop custom & excise duties, the money simply dry up.

IT'S ECONOMY, STUPID! Mind you GST tax is a regressive tax where the badly hit are the poor. Hence, YB Tony Pua says that Malaysians ain't ready for the tax.
Imagine 85% of Malaysians does not pay taxes would suddenly see their income shrink.

You can't stop those businessmen from increasing the prices. As I have mentioned, GST is gasaking everything.......
Well, I susggest that Malaysia should wait till it has double its GDP before ever think of GST.
By the way, there are also time where suddenly the government says "Oh! Shit! 4%. money no enough." Then what......Increase some more.....Hence, the addictiveness.....
Oh by the way, GST is a fair tax because everybody kenna tax but it's hard to pre4dict exactly how much you would collect from the budget itself.
Either you overtax or undertax.....Either way, also die

nightcaller said...


In short, government never learns. And the way they are introducing the bill reveal that the government has not much money to spend anymore.

YB Phua is correct is saying that GST is regressive tax, YB Dzulkefly Ahmad is equally right in saying that the timing is wrong to introduce GST.

So far, the government has not convinced me that GST can be implemented now, as the government has been vague in describing GST.

As PR says it, BN will not introduce GST now but rather after the next GE. GST might as well be a death nail to BN's coffin. signed, sealed and delivered...