Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The King has spoken...not once, not twice but thrice!

HRH YDP Agung reminded Members of Parliament of necessity of "good conduct" and expressed regret that there are those who still display "manners and speeches unbecoming of elected representatives". Well, serves the MPs' right for failing to control their emotions and check their outburst.

Rightly or wrongly, TV3 reported that HRH YDP Agung has reminded the same thing during 2008 first parliamentary sitting and brought up the same issue again during 2009 parliamentary sitting. That's 3 in a row and do you think MPs' will heed HRH YDP Agung's call? Frankly, I doubt it...not when the likes of Zulkifli Noordin, Gobind Singh Deo, Bung Mokhtar, Abd Aziz are in the house. It's not that they intentionally did not heed to YDP Agung's call but once they are pumped up, nothing can stop them.

I will be looking closely at Gobind Singh Deo and see whether he has finally cooled down or still his usual "don't dare me" attitude. Gobind has been suspended before and it will be another letdown to the rakyats if Gobind has not improved.

The royal address did not stop there. Amongst others, HRH YDP Agung touched on :-
  1. Freedom on expression in the new media has been abused noting that "slander, lies, distortion of facts still prevail" in the new media;

    However HRH stop short in giving examples and the hanging statement is open to interpretation. What is slander, lies and distortion of facts? If Najib is a victim of slander, isn't Anwar a victim of slander too? Who lies more in Teoh Beng Hock's death? Who distorted the facts on GST bill more - the government or the opposition?

  2. Freedom of speech is not an excuse for any party to demean others to the extent of inflaming conflict and inciting racial sentiments;

    HRH is right there and living in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, the society has to learn how to respect others. 52 years on, Malaysians are still grappling with the issue and our young are still at a loss. They are more at ease with surfing the net and hanging out with PSPs', PS3s then sweating out in open fields across the country.

    In short, we are heading towards an introvert society where virtual social networking is "in". We are moving away from the normal "learning curve", everyone is too engrossed in their own "worlds" without realising that we are part of the society...Worse, we took sides without really going into details. This leads to "what I first read is what I believe" and this is a dangerous and volatile situation to be in.

  3. “All leaders should emulate the prime minister's walkabout approach in getting closer to the people to better understand their problems and foster close relationship with the people from all walks of life,"

    I will be looking for the day when HRH state rulers start their walkabout. Even before Najib started the walkabout, the present day Sultan of Johor started his expedition to meet his subjects and attend to their needs when he was the TMJ.

    Najib started his walkabout when he took over from Pak Lah. The problem is Najib's entourage is too big and too protocol conscious to the extent that Najib "masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri".

    If Najib understand the rakyats' problems, when is he going to push for "high income" society instead of toying around with GST bill and 2-tiered petrol price? If Najib is really close to the people, he will not be tabling GST bill in the first place. What Najib did is more of "Lain cakap, lain bikin".

  4. Najib's 1Malaysia concept

    Everybody is singing 1Malaysia concept but many do not fully understand the concept.

    Imagine 80 % of those surveyed were not able to explain what it really stood for. Do you? It's like memorising a mantra but never really undersands the meaning of the mantra. Sad...so, so sad.

  5. "In this regard, we call upon the people to be far-sighted and ready to accept the change."

    Frankly, I will heed to HRH YDP Agung here. I am ready to be far-sighted (and actually, I am) and I am also ready to accept the change. But, can BN accept the change?

    The rakyats are ready to change the government of the day, is BN ready to step down and hand over the government to others? I doubt it...BTW, Is someone tacitly telling us to go ahead and change the government in GE 13?
I have put in my thoughts, let's see yours...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Tuan Dnightcaller

Minta jasa baik Tuan membaca nukilan Encik Nathaniel Tan di sini:


And one more thing Sir, a heart that hurts is a heart that works...

If one could endure nonsensical inactions and remarks in the August House...hmm..what more can i say except that yes, no wonder we are what we are now - 1 confused, abused, contused nation...

Nuff said...

nightcaller said...


I read what Nat wrote in his blog and I place the blame o HRH YDP Agung's minders for failing to do a proper job and protecting HRH from being labelled as "speech reader".

The least these minders could do is to requet for a draft copy to be provided to them to vet through.

Now, let us assume that the speech was prepared by the PM's department - it glaringly show that 1MPM6 is admitting to a certain extent that he did not command respect from fellow MPs' and that is why all the "misbehavings". It also show that that no encouraging and worthy issues to be highlighted and thus (to make up time) even 1mPM6's walkabout is touched in the royal address.

Do not underate HRH. He is fiercely independent...just wait and see.

We really are 1confuse nation, led by 1 confused PM who could not decide on 2 tiered fuel price, GST, NEM etc.

looes74 said...

Always remember the Inaugural speech by HRH is a government policies outlined by the Prime Minister.
Hence, I am very strange why they can't move the motion to debate the Inaugural Speech. I don't think it's dishonouring HRH.
It seems that BN is so afraid to engage everyone including the opposition. Plenty of people have done that in the past. Including LKY

nightcaller said...


Yes, they will debate on the royal address. That is for sure...:)

What the deputy speaker rejected yesterday was about the opposition's attempt to raise questions regarding the IGP and his "resignation/termination of service/ sacking" status depending on which side you are looking at the issue. The motion by the government was to instruct the IGP and the police force to ensure that there is no hinderance whatsoever for Ms to enter the parliament grounds during the current sitting. guess the opposition brought up the right issue at the wrong time....

ahoo said...

We have to watch and pray as this nation seems to be spiralling down faster than we could even see some concrete plans.

One moment was the announcement for certain specific policy after they claimed to have had done independent studies BUT at the next moment they are not sure about it. We have seen so many flip-flops that is not healthy for the current govt. It clearly shows that the policy makers are not confidence enough and the data in hand is not fully verified.

With that we are tugging along like sitting on a see-saw. One moment on a high and the next on the low. At least on a see-saw we can see clearly when is the high and low but not with the current regime. They are taking us on a journey where that don't even seem clear to them. God saves us.

nightcaller said...

The "other" blogger ays that this is still not flip-flop so I will use your term "see saw":)

Another favourite word for the year is "road show". The govt is going to have road shows to explain the GST and they are also getting road shows for the land policy (to explain to the orang aslis). I wonder what they will do to rope the rakyats in - Jabatan Penerangan? Free open air movies, free concerts? That will be bombastic cost and someone will be laughing their way to the banks, courtesy of govt-sponsored road shows....

With Gegar and mampat organising a convoy to hand the royalty memorandum to HRH King, let's see what else Najib will come up with. Maybe no longer see-saw but roller coaster rides, free for all Malaysians...