Monday, March 08, 2010

Whoa..Wan Azizah : Why not start with PKR?

The past week has been a roller coaster ride for PKR. Just see at how Tan TB then Mohsin Samsuri followed by ex-secretary general Sallehudin Hashim left the party. Each has their own reasons for quitting PKR which has been widely circulated in the net.

I have no problems with them leaving but what perplex me is the one that PKR asked to go - Zulkifli Nordin.

Saifudin Nasution said the actions was taken for Zul's action in lodging a police report against Khalid Samad. Obviously this is an unrealistic to do. If that is PKR's line of thoughts, then Gerakan youth chief will be sacked from Gerakan because he made a police report implying that Noh Omar (Minister from UMNO) indirectly has a hand in the fishbox issue.

That leads me to question PKR's wisdom of sacking Zulkifli based on the latter's police report. Isn't Khalid Samad suspended for 6 months from PAS? So, why the fuss? Zulkifli Nordin has the rights to lodge a police report if he feels that Khalid Samad is wrong as Gerakan youth has all the rights to lodge a report with MACC if they feels that there is something fishy with the chip-embedded fish box.

Back to Zulkifli Nordin. Yes, I fully agree that his style and approach is unorthodox and he loves the limelight of being different from the rest. At the same time, I value his stand on certain issues which is close to his heart. For that, I have to salute Zulkifli Nordin for his unwavering stand.

Can I say the same about PKR? Anwar said that it's nothing personal regarding Zulkifli's sacking. He further claimed that this is PKR's principles - may I ask what principles? Zulkifli's stand is about the high court ruling regarding the "Allah" issue. If Anwar said that it is acceptable, then is Anwar saying that MAIS (which is under the purview of Selangor Sultan) is wrong in saying that the word is exclusive for Muslims? Is Anwar also saying the same ie Pahang is also wrong for having the same stand as Selangor? If that is what Anwar is implying, then it is better for the Khalid Ibrahim to seek audience with HRH and request for Selangor state government to be dissolved. Then, let's see whether Anwar will still stand by this principle or not when Selangor goes for the election.

Continuing on, who is Anwar? Is he now an official member of PKR? Or is he still a partyless leader? Is he an official PKR office bearer? Or is he still the de-facto leader of PKR? What if DAP claims the opposition leader position in parliament with Lim KS telling Anwar - Nothing personal but DAP has more MPs' than PKR? Can Anwar accept this?

Going down the line, Wan Azizah's (is she still PKR's President?) makes an unintelligent statement when she challenged Zulkifli Nordin to vacate his seat. Kulim-Bandar baru parlimeantary seat does not belong to PKR, either. That seat belongs to the people so let the people decides whether they still want Zulkifli Nordin to represent them in parliament or not. Why did I say that? How many PKR registered members are in Kulim? How many PAS and how many DAP members? Combine them all, will you get the numbers equal to the votes collected by Zulkifli in March 2008?

And if Zulkifli's votes comes from a wide base of support, then it will be an injustice asking Zulkifli to vacate his seat, fully knowing well that Zulkifli cannot defend his post by virtue that he vacated the seat. So, what now Wan Azizah?

The way I see it, Wan Azizah (and for that matter PKR) is trying very hard to force anoither by-election and hoping to use that chance to garner sympathy votes again. Fat chance! Why should PKR sacrifice the rakyats to bloat the egos of few so-called leaders in Kuala Lumpur? And as I said earlier, if PKR is so damn sure that the rakyat are still with them with their so-called "principles", then by all means dissolve Selangor state and measure your strength there? Care to take the challenge, Wan Azizah? Dissolving the state assembly is the best solution available as all the present ADUNs' can re-contest their seats. Is PKR ready for this "popularity challenge"?

Wan Azizah has sacrifice her seat to let hubby steal the thunder in Permatang Pauh. The strains of sodomy II is getting on to Wan Azizah and for that I understand her sudden outburst calling Zulkifli to vacate his seat. The question that Wan Azizah should be asking is - not who else is going to leave PKR but rather who else will PKR be asking to go.

Wan Azizah has all the rights to think that her family was slandered once before but that does not give her the passport to sack PKR leaders just because they dance slightly different. And if Wan Azizah is still talking about principles, why not let the Peratang Pauh MP vacate his seat and see whether PKR can still retain the seat or not (based on PKR's principles)? Didn't they say that leaders has to sacrifice? Why not start with Permatang Pauh?

Is PKR ready to vacate Permatang Pauh and test whether their principles are accepted by the rakyat? Afterall, isn't Permatang Pauh PKR's stronghold and with Muslims making up the majority, it will be the best test-case of PKR's principles...Over to you now, Wan Azizah. Do you dare to take up this challenge?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

u must be a nut case.

nightcaller said...


Nutcase? I smiled on that because u have not read the posting in full. Why is Wan Azizah afraid if she is confident that the rakyat is still with PKR's principles? Why should she dare Zulkifli? Why not dare herself to get Khalid Ibrahim to dissolve Selangor and see whether PKR can defend Selangor.

The same for Permatang Pauh. Why should she dare Zul when the best person that she should get to vacate a seat to test PKR's principles popularity is by getting the Permatang Pauh incumbent to vacate his seat...

It is easy to dare people to vacate their seats but it is not that easy to vacate your seat which is currently in your bag, isn't it?

rafiesegal said...

Frankly I respected you as a genuine friend, even we have not meet each other. Therefore, my friendly advice to me is that it's meaaningless & pointless of defending people like Zul.
It's defending the indefensible.

The question here is insubordination. If you have gone through Zul, the Kulim Wonder Boy's history, you would probably wonder why Zul was not sacked in the first place?
It's not the first time Zul was not recommended to disciplinary board. Perhaps, I should refresh your memory on how Zul barge into a Forum, threatening people into stopping the discussion.

Whatever issues the forum were discussing, in my opinion, such act of Zul the Kulim Wonder is unforgivable. It's unislamic. That was how the Zionis gun down Yasser Arafat with tanks while Yasser was trapped in a roo
The thing is time & time again, Zul has been getting away with it till now. It's the breach of party's conduct that breaks the straw

Wonder why DAP seems strong nowadays. It's because of their strong disciplinary action. When DAP secede from BA, DAP top down rule was no cooperation with BA. The then Nibong Tebal MP (DAP) Goh Kheng Huat went over to campaign for PKR in Perlis got sacked because defying Party's directive order.
It's like PAS folks asking all folks to "sumpah"......Ah see.....

I am sad that you have made reservation against Kak Wan. She's indeed a nice lady. Just because she felt betrayed over such folks. Perhaps, now Anwar understands how Karpal Singh felt on such acts of betrayal.....
These acts of betrayal lesson carry on "turun-temurun" from PAP time. For DAP, it's unforgivable.....Look at Hee Hee Hee's picture in Jelapang is one good example

Just read Zul's antics of defiance even after he's sacked

By the way, Zul wonder braa (oops) boy has the cheek to flew off to Korea refusing to attend the displinary council's meeting. Furthermore, he walked out of the panel INSISTING THAT ALL PANELS MUST BE MUSLIMS........Ah so, non muslims to Zul was non human lah......Islam, Nightcaller????
Ask Zul to try that at PAS ulama council.....I guarantee Nik Aziz would "curse"........

Remember what did TGNA said on Nasarudin Mat isa????? Now, you look through Kulim Wonder Bra (oops) boy's antics......You think.......No wonder a docile Kak Wan so angry

Anonymous said...

Testing.....Not sure why I sign in as rafiesegal......It's looes74

For your reading pleasure

Anonymous said...

Testing.....Not sure why I sign in as rafiesegal......It's looes74

For your reading pleasure

nightcaller said...

Rafiesegal errr loose74

Correct that Zul Nordin had barged in a friendly forum held in KL and it is also correct on the "timing" of his visit to Korea.

In this instance, I would rather choose for Zul to be suspended from PKR as Khalid Samad was suspended from all his posts in PAS. That way, it will reined him in and at the same time remind him of the game rules in PKR.

As for his views on certain sticky matters, it will be better or him to put forth his views in public forums where 2 way healthy discussion can be held.

Behind all that, I still believe that Zul's hard approach needs "softening" and that can be done with proper reasoning. I am sure Zul will place the nation first in bringing down BN.

On the disciplinary panel, the way I see it, Zul may be willing to face an inter-party disciplinary board consisting of members from PKR-DAP-PAS as his "offence" is more of the inter-relationship between the 3 parties.

Thanks for taking me as a friend...

Anonymous said...

Zul has the following for the wrong reasons. Even the moslems themselves nare attacking him, just read

Sometimes, it's good not to get associated with him. Anyway, his comment to Kak Wan is very hurting.
Like I say, Kak Wan is indeed a nice lady, doting mother. Not Big Mama like Rosmah. A perfect conduct befitting the wife of a Prime Minister.
Anyway, she's still the President of PKR. Anyway, if I were you, I would rather accept Mohsin.....Heard him being cheated of the whole event.
Look out for Wee Boy.....He shall be next

nightcaller said...


Correct there. It is frightening to read his response to Wan Azizah as reported in <a href=">malaysian insider</a>

Thus I believe what Wan Azizah said that let's move on is the better solution for both of them...