Wednesday, March 03, 2010

BN's 1-way ticket, PKR's 2 way street...

Looking at it, I will say that BN has a 1-way ticket and that ticket is stamped "follow the leader" whilst PKR is more relax with their 2 way street system.

What is democracy? Some say it is a government by the people especially rule of the majority. It is further said that democracy is a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections. Well, that's fine with me except I would not use the word supreme as per say.

I would also like to add that democracy is a system where the common people constitute the source of political authority and at the same time the absence of hereditary or arbitary class distinctions or priviledges. That's is roughly what is written in Webster - Merriam online dictionary.

Now on to the day's posting. Yesterday, it riles me up to see the numbers of PKR-elected representatives leaving the party as if there is a well-co-ordinated plans to pull the plug off the party and let it sink. What I did not put in is the concern that BN will be getting their 2/3 majority back with the help of BN-friendly MPs'. This is the issue that needs to be urgently addressed by PR component members especially when the 2nd reading of GST bill and anti-laundering act will be tabled in this coming March parliament session.

Enough of that. Let the full-time politicians put on their thinking cap. But these past few days show the mark difference between BN (read : UMNO) and PKR's style. Consider these :-
  1. Abu Zahrain, TB Tan left PKR because they claimed that they are against LIM GE's style of managing Penang;
  2. Badrul Hisham left PKR because of claims that certain quarters wanted him to quit his seat (because he is not attending to his constituents welfare);
  3. Sallehudin Hashim quit PKR because he felt that he is the heart and soul of the party (when he was the secretary general) and denied the revealation that he quit the party because his request to head Selangor's Perangsang with RM 50K monthly allowance was not entertained;
  4. Fairus left PKR Penang reasoning that PKR is not defending Islam, race and rakyat;
  5. UMNO issue a gag order to all its member to stop discussing and issuing statements regarding Kelantan oil royalty issue after 3 of its Kelantan state assemblymen agree to take the oil royalty issue to court;
  6. The UMNO gag order was issued when Tg Razaleigh, an UMNO veteran, claimed that Kelantan deserved the oil royalty payment from Petronas and again openly dare UMNO to enforce the gag order;
  7. Remember the Terengganu case when 23 UMNO state assmblymen refuse to accept at first that Ahmad Said is the Terengganu MB? Their threat to resign came to naught all because UMNO did not strip Ahmad Said of his membership and all because Abdullah Badawi feels that an UMNO-led Terengganu is much better tha a PR-led Terengganu;
What does that tell you? It shows that PKR practise a much more open system than UMNO. For UMNO, the members are told and instructed to toe the line or else a gag order will be issued. Of course, the gag order is meant for the masses but not to some selected few who's presence in UMNO is needed to shore up its crumbling image.

UMNO also shows you that they are willing to forego their principles as long as they get their objective ie to govern the state and control the federal government. Terengganu is an example. UMNO is willing to "sacrifice" Idris Jusoh, not only to appease the Sultan but at the same time create further animosity between the division leadership in the state. Hishamuddin Hussein was confident that UMNO can resolve their internal problems back in September 2009. Now, six months later, UMNO is still without solution to Terengganu crisis. All because UMNO's interest supercede the rakyat.

Back to the gag order. Why is Khairy now entering the fray supporting the Kelantan's government's proposal to resolve the oil royalty issue through arbitration? Is it because he has nothing to lose? Is it because he is not a member of the cabinet? Is it because he knows he needs to be more vocal to be noticed by 1MPM6?

BN may claim that their method of resolving issues through close door negotiation is best for Malaysia. Personally, I did not think so. There are too many skeletons in BN's closet and there are too many files detailing the "negative points" of BN division leaders (as well as selected members). These files will "surface" when the person has outlived his usefulness. That is the BN way. That is also the reason why there is much less BN members quitting BN.

Looking at it, I will say that BN has a 1-way ticket and that ticket is stamped "follow the leader" whilst PKR is more relax with their 2 way street system. You like, you stay, if you feel that the place is too hot, you are free to go...

Given that option, who would you like to lead you? A person who is forever a certified "pak turut" and held ransom by his "misdeed" file or a person who is free to go if it is too hot for him to stay (the heat may come from external parties)? You don't have to answer now. Translate your answer into votes that count, come GE 13...I rest my case, for now.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

Politics in Malaysia is so HOT that the world at large is watching us like a hawk. Beside so many sensational news, it is easier to buy than to win at the ballot box.

What kind of democracy are we leaving for our children ? We must be ashamed of ourselves when children in later years begin to read into our history that money powers men into Parliament and not the votes of the people.

The voters need to be angry to shame such turncoats whenever they see them in public. We need more righteous and religious people to stand up and be counted as candidates for the next GE13. This beloved nation needs these sons & daughters to soldier the responsibility for the poor masses out there in every kampongs of Malaysia.

nightcaller said...


Someone highlighted to me the uncanny coincidence that just before Tan TB announced his quit move from PKR, the million ringgit jackpot was won. The same happened during Hee's announcement that she quit DAP. If that coincidence is planned, then the rakyat is the one who finally pays for the 2. Bear in mind that I am not speculating but just an observation from friends of mine...:)

There must be a mechanism introduce to protect the rakyat's interest. A person voted in represents his party's and not his wn thus he is responsible to those who voted him in. Maybe an anti-hopping party is needed but that will not be accepted by BN who is getting the advantage now.

How do you judge a poerson of being religous? Wearing skullcap? The person from Bagan Serai wore that too when he quit PKR. And many wore skullcaps (even though they never wore skullcaps before) when they were brought to justice especially wen it is religion-related.

Righteous? Just see what happen to Lee LT of former DAP. Is he not a righteous person once. Does that make him less righteous now?

Anonymous said...

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ahoo said...

Men hearts are evil (women included) and with money many people will change their ways. So if it is so difficult to find righteous and religious men, we are into deep deep trouble in Malaysia. The average joes is not fit for the role of keeper of the nation's welfare.

The anti-hopping law must be enacted somehow but as we all know, bn being the party that is having the benefit now will not want it. What else can we do then ?

We need more enlightened, educated, liberated Malays to stand their ground. Corruptions is a grave sin in all religions and with that we are all paying unnecessary prices for all commodities or services etc. This will setback this nation progress and impede its growth.

Furthermore, the cost of doing business will be higher and with inflation, the poor again are caught in the webs of poverty. This vicious cycle can only be broken with fine education and a discipline mind. How many of our youths are in this league ? How the future outlook of this nation will be depends entirely on its people. Change we must, firstly ourselves and then get others to do likewise. Afterall, we only have one life to live and let us live it well. This is home and no where else matters and let us contribute in whatever way we can to make this nation a better place for those less privilege than us.