Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For sale : Brutus of MCA...

Sometimes you have to do some self-promotion to get noticed. What happen if you do not prescribed to that ideas? You will be sidelined, forgotten and worse... you may not be appreciated and let to rot.

What about over-promotion? Will it hurts? The answer - it depends on who you are and whether the public can stomach the over-promotion gimmick or not. Of course, timing plays a vital role in the whole exercise and this leads us to the posting today ... and related to MCA.

The Sun says Tee Keat and Liow may team up again for the coming 28th March party election. Incidentally, the same newspaper wrote Chua - Liow alliance is on the cards to block Ong TK. Both news were postdated on 9th March 2010 and published in The Sun on 10th March 2010.

Looking back at the news, the common denominator is Liow TL. The way I see it is that Liow TL is on self-promotional blitz, sending out signals that he is "available" and looking for the correct suitor. Further, Liow is promoting himself for the No 2 post ie Deputy MCA President.

If this is considered as the "72 golden hours period", then Liow's "for sale" tag is too early. It also confirms the true character of Liow TL - impatient, principle-less, ambitous.

My read? Ong TK and Chua SL will approach Liow TL with ten-foot pole, someone not to be taken in that easily. Consider these :-

  1. Chua SL has 40 % support, Ong TK has 30 % whilst Liow (with backing from Chan KC, the other Ong brothers) has the balance 30 %. Technically Liow TL, on his own, has less than 30 % support. If that is the case, why should Ong TK or Chua SL work together with Liow TL who may be binded by his "public secret" backers?;

  2. If the Ong brothers go on their own in the fresh elections, then many of the 12 CC members currently aligned with Liow TL will abandon Liow and will openly endorse the Ong brother. What is left in Liow TL then? Is Liow trying to cash in early before the Ong brothers (and Chan KC) deserted him?;

  3. Some political observers believed that Ong TK's past 20-year relationship and friendship with Liow TL will be revived for the two to work together. I view it differently as it hurts most when your trusted friend betrays you (read: stabbed you in the back). Does Ong TK has short memories? Is he able to forgive and forget what Liow TL did to him? If Liow TL can do that once, what's stopping Liow TL to do it again in the future, if ever Liow TL becomes Ong's number two?;

  4. A source close to Liow said "We have all the ‘chai’ (meaning vegetables; incidentally 'chai' is how Soi Lek’s surname is pronounced in Mandarin), except we have not decided how to cook them,". Liow TL regards Chua SL as vege which can either be toast, fried or steamed. The question is - Will Chua SL allows himself to be tossed whichever way Tiong TL likes? Is that how Tiong TL view Chua SL? As vege ready to be tossed and fried? Will Chua SL allows himself to be degraded to that level by his "Deputy"?;

  5. Liow TL is banking on his "integrity and credibility" to match Chua's "strong leadership quality" in his bid to take down Ong TK. Integrity? Credibility? Isn't it Tiong TL who was alledged to be the leader of the snoop squad to bring down Chua SL before? Isn't it Tiong TL who called for Ong TK's resignation? Isn't Tiong TL's ally Wee KS who is now being investigated for his role in PKFZ? If this is "integrity and credibility", I feel sorry for MCA to have him as a leader to the second biggest component party in BN.;
Liow has pitched his "assets" to both Ong TK and Chua SL. The question is - will either Ong TK or Chua SL consider taking Liow as his running mate considering the way Liow acted to push off Ong TK down the political cliff and how he tried his best to get Chua SL to back him for an early EGM and party election back in December 2009.

Liow TL may think that he is a "bargain" for both Ong TK and Chua SL. Does he ever realise that both Ong TK and Chua SL may strike a deal and continue with their great unity plan and leave Liow TL behind in his alphard? Liow's "sale" may not be a good sale afterall. In fact, after 28th March 2010, Liow TL may be knocking 1MPM6's doors begging to be retained as the "non-performing" Malaysian health minister...

But not to worry, folks. The "72 golden hours" have not passed and in reality, it may not even have started...yet. Who can predict what happens on 28th March 2010? For now, its Liow TL offering himself "for sale" but comes 28th March, he may finds himself "stale"...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


looes74 said...

It's a classic deja-vu of Neo Yee Pan versus Tan Koon Suan. With Mak Hon Kam came in to do the 3some.
Haiyah, those were the days when my mother was MCA wanita chief for Kuala Kangsar. My parents even met up with Chiang Shan Shan, the then Health Minister for some private matters. Chiang died the same death as the former Kuala Terengganu MP, former Deputy Education Minister.

By then, my parents has given up MCA even those days the leaders are far better. Lee San Choon much gung ho. Tan Koon Swan into community service. Neo is a smart fella. What a day man! Hehehe, me still primary schoolboy hahaha......It's great to hear parents talking about MCA. Hehehe....

Tiong Lai would end up like Mak Hon Kam

nightcaller said...


Back then, the community comes first. Yes and those were the times when even our cartoonist Lat oncluded both of them in his NST pieces.

Those were the days where the radio is my best buddy for news and "online" GE results.

Aaah...we were young once...:)

ahoo said...

I remembered many of my kampong oldies joined MCA in the 70s'. Not only that they were encouraged to convert as well since most of those kampong MCA leaders converted too.

Not out of religious obligation but merely converted BECAUSE the dept in charge then will offer around 4 acres of estate land and also permits for Taxi. Of course not all those who had converted received lands but the Taxi permit were given. Many are still Taxi drivers till to date but are landless.

Somehow the lands were taken by these "socalled" MCA leaders in the kampong then. They became wealthy and mighty but folks remained as mere kampong folks. My mum still has her MCA wanita membership but I was quite sure she didn't vote for her party last 308.

Anyway, in order for MCA to survive they need new people with real vision to serve not to be served. People who love what they do not just pew warmer in Parliament and collect perks and position for themselves. Until then, we can say sayonara to them.

nightcaller said...


The same goes near my kampung. The MCA head honcho "deals" with the government for premium land BUT in the end the land belongs to the MCA leaders and the rest were suckered.

When BN wins big, these leaders reap the rewards, and when BN is weak, the same leaders will deals their ways with BN to get more rewards on the pretext of delivering "block" Chinese votes to BN.

And yes, there are still those taxi drivers who are still landless. GE in and GE out, they were given "renewed promise" ...just like worn out records.... pity them.