Saturday, March 06, 2010

Of MCA's presidential turmoil : My wish...

Move aside soap operas. The MCA grand finale of 2010 season is about to start and this time, it might even topped "Who shot JR Ewing?" of Dallas fame.

What happens before is now purely academic. How the EGM result regarding Ong TK's and Chua SL's position as the MCA's President and Deputy President respectively were interpreted and how Liow TL jumped the gun to stake a claim for the MCA's Presidency. The same goes for Liow's demand of immediate fresh elections and how both Ong and Chua's position that the fresh election should be held after CNY. That is past events.

Liow should not take for granted that his 12 CC members' support will be rock solid behind him as Chua may have some hidden cards when he mustered 8 CC members to tender their resignations paving the way for another round of MCA post bearers election now scheduled to be held by March end.

Some reported that Chua Soi Lek is in the commanding lead. Some believed that invisible hands are working on Liow Tiong Lai to wrest the Presidency post. Not many are betting on Ong Tee Keat since they believed that Najib has abandon Ong by stating that the 1MPM6 will not be attendingthe AGM this weekend.

For now, let put that aside and be practical in looking through MCA. Let's assume that there are only 3 major parties fighting for the coveted price ie Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai. My dream move (which borders on naievity) shall be :-

  1. Ong Tee Kiat to defend his Presidency post, Chua Soi Lek defending his deputy post whilst Liong Tiong Lai can go for the Presidency as he has the most to lose now;
  2. Ong, by virtue that he is the current President, has no viable choice but to defend the post and he need to go then the delegates need to vote him out;
  3. Chua Soi Lek, may be a philanderer but that is his personalproblems and his own moral conscious. As such, he too needs to defend his post and let the delegates decide his future;
  4. Liow Tiong Lai, exposed as the Brutus in hiding, has not much choice left. Either go for the President's post or the deputy post. In this instance, his choice are not many and I see him going for the number 1 spot;
  5. On record, Ong is a lone ranger and I am too and that is why I am rooting for him to defend his post. The reasons for this are quite clear, actually which you will see shortly.
Why Ong Tee Keat as MCA's President? I go for records and being pragmatic, Ong :-
  1. promised to get to the bottom of things in PKFZ. He is on the way there although that exposed the MCA-UMNO connections and having former MCA stalwarts charged in court;
  2. promised and he delivered what he promised;
  3. does not mince his words when taking action, regardless of friends or foes;
  4. a lone ranger, lone wolf does not need to dish out fvours in return of backing. You support him for what he does not for what he promises;
  5. may not conform Chua for his philandering ways but as a team, they show lots of promises and the "dream team" can only function after they remove the brutuses in MCA;
  6. is a person that MCA and the Chinese community needs where his tough stance is for the benefit of the people and for that he is earning the wrath of 1MPM6 for not being a "team player";
Chua Soi Lek? He's brave enough to admit his mistakes and he should be given his deputy post for :-
  1. his admission shows that he is a responsible person. He may have his failures but he did not hide it nor does he takes aggresive action to erase his activities like other. When I mean others, that reminds me of the video girl, the GRO and the international model who has a thing in common - they were murdered and the case, though solved remains fresh in the rakyats' memories;
  2. his unwavering support to the President. Yes, both seems despising each other to a point of no return but professionally they know that they each needs the other for their political survivor
  3. his case is not the only case. I believed that most of the politicians has something to hide when it comes to the other gender. Heck, some are said to be in relation with a certain thouroughbred "mermaid";
  4. he has a wide base support whuch is badly neded to shore up the bruise and battered MCA image;
As for Liow Tiong Lai? The least said the better. I, for one hates Brutuses andconsider Brutuses as opportunists who needs to be eliminated from Malaysian political scene.

It's not going to be a smoothride from Ong TK and Chua SL. Ong TK has a subtle message delivered to him when Najib decided to skip attending the scheduled MCA AGM. But knowing Ong TK's style, that will not stop him nor will low him down. And that is what Ong TK need - a public shun from 1MPM6. That will rally the Chinese to his side. This is the time for the Chinese to send a strong message to Najib and UMNO - don't mess with the Chinese.

UMNO an Najib may ride on Chinese for a while but Chinese has long memories. Do you think they will forget the time when Najib threatened them once before? Do you think they will forget what Najib's cousin ie Hishamuddein said with the unsheathed "thingy"? No, they will not gorget and this is the right ime for them to deliver a strong message to Najib - butt out of Chinese affair. That, they will do by putting Ong TK back as MCA's President. Anuthing less will mean that the Chinese are subvervient to UMNO ad Najib. And being subvervient, MCA is as good as pusging the Chinese votes to PR...

That said, I know that I am just hoping for the best but I really do hope for Ong TK to defend and wins his post in MCA. The same to Chua SL. Wishful thinking? Maybe...but as long as I can dream, why not?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


justice4otk said...

Like to get your OK to post this article in my blog

Thanking you in advance .

nightcaller said...


Go ahead and post in ur blog. I am honoured.


Anonymous said...

Yes. I am dreaming and hoping OTK will win. This will show the middle finger at the UMNO scums.

nightcaller said...

Anon 10:45

Yes, it's time for MCA to move out from UMNO's shadows and stand on its own.

MCA must carry on with its independence and continue with the reforms that will benefit the country. Those days where MCA, UMNO and MIC "cover" each others' faults and shortcomings are over. Expose those with ill-gotten wealth from PKFZ, double track regardless of their positions in the party.

Even if Ong TK is "shot down" by those in the corridors of power, MCA shall continue that noble legacy if it were to regain the support of the Chinese in particular and Malaysians in general...

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with the Chinese??

Are you dreaming or what?

Arm no has done great damage to the Chinese and guess what?

MCA is helping arm no !!!

So what the fuck do you think the Chinese can do?

NOTHING, except of course, moving out !

nightcaller said...

Anon 1:09

Don't be angry, just get even. UMNO has use MCA to cover their dirty linens and for that MCA has suffer setbacks in 2008.

Now, the Chinese (starting from MCA members) must send a clear message to UMNO - do not make a mess out of MCA, MCA will do fine without UMNO's guidance. Start by not electing tainted candidates as leaders. From there on, play as UMNO's equal and not UMNO's puppet. Take a step at a time.

Is that too difficult?