Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of MCA's presidential election : Win or lose...MCA still lose

LATEST : Superefficient EC declares that Titi Tinggi seat is not vacant. So, for those who have made arrangements to visit Perlis can start cancelling all the rooms reservations...

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, Go North, my friend, go north...another by-election on the way? This time Titi Tinggi state seat in Perlis...

The dust settled at 5pm on 22nd March 2010. Just like old cowboy films, three men standing, ready to finish off each other in a gunfight which no one will really wins. But that's the choice made and 28th march 2010 will determine who will rise, who will limp, who will fall, who will ride off...

Ong KT actually spoil my wish list. He is not totally to be blamed as he has to appease his supporters too. So, here we go for what is going to be the MCA's fight and flight of the decade...

Based on reports and if luncheons is the yardstick to gauge the delegates support, Ong KT wins hands down with his 1,000 lunch at Berjaya Time square. As for Ong TK, he wins in terms of having the most boisterous supporters amongst the three Presidential candidates whilst Chua SL implicitly reminds us of Ling Liong Sik's favourite dish - "fish head curry".

If the delegates choose Ong KT as their re-cycled President, then MCA can kiss goodbye to gaining the support of the masses because :-

  1. Voting in Ong KT means that the delegates are comfortable with the "old MCA" ie based on patronage and live on UMNO's handouts especially at this crucial stage where MCA did not represent the Chinese voters;
  2. Ong KT has no choice but "forced" out of retirement to protect the likes of Ling LS, Chan KC, OC Phang, Wee KS and "their" involvement in PKFZ;
  3. Bringing out Ong KT is a lifeline to elder brother Ong KC;
  4. Ong KT's alledged relationship with triads may further erode public's confidence in MCA;
  5. It will be back to the square one where MCA will kowtow to big brother UMNO for seats in GE 13;
What about Chua SL as MCA's president?
  1. Choosing Chua SL will put the entire MCA under UMNO's fingertips. Knowing what UMNO is capable of doing and will do to protect their interest, Chua SL will be an UMNO stooge;
  2. If UMNO can do in Anwar Ibrahim (either the charges are true or trumped up), then the same can be done to Chua SL;
  3. Chua SL's romping are widely distributed and UMNO can galvanise their youths to make multiple reports against Chua SL turning him into UMNO's obedient servant ;
  4. Chua SL may be a good number 2 material and he will definitely will do better if he were to stick to defending his number 2 post;
That brings us back to the third and final candidate, Ong TK. Say what you want of him, he sticks to his "Lone Ranger" approach and his no-nonsense approach fits his Engineering training to a tee. They used to say the Engineers are just like square pegs trying to fit into round holes! The delegates might shun him, BN may hates his guts but he is the public's darling for his exposure on PKFZ. By 28th March 2010, Ong TK may be forced out of his office but he did it in style and dignity. If Ong TK fails to defend his post, it is not his lost but MCA's lost - something that will be irrevocable by GE 13.

Down the line, Liow TL and Kong CH will be fighting out for the number 2 post. On paper, Liow TL may be the preferred candidate due to his association with Ong KT. But, what if Ong KT bites the dust and either Ong TK or Chua SL rule the day? What will be left for Liow TL? He has back-stab his good friend Ong TK and he is also said to be one of he snoop squad members who brings Chua SL's downfall. Can he worked with either of them? What about his "Alphard-gate"? Has the MACC clear him? Even if MACC cleared him, has the delegates cleared him?

Kong CH collected the most votes during the previous VP post. He may be associated with Chua SL but he definitely can work with Ong TK and he has no problem with Ong KT. Being a party man, Kong CH will have a better chance than Liow TL.

Now, let's go for the hypothethecical question. The Presidential election will no doubt fractionalise MCA into at least 3 factions and the winner will not be able to bring home 100 % support. Now, if 2/3 of elected CC members happen to be from the losing candidate, will there be another move to push for another EGM?

MCA was once a great party. How great was MCA? Well, once MCA "helped" UMNO Baru (under Mahathir) to be "re-admitted" into BN in 1988. That was history and that was the time when UMNO "begs" MCA to help them out of their mess. Najib should not have forgotten that because at that time, Najib was one of the Cabinet ministers under Mahathir. That was MCA.

Another if - what will happen to Wee KS and Chew if Ong KT failed to win the President's post? Will they turn renegrades and blast MCA's president for all actions taken?

MCA is indeed in a dilemma - to accept Ong KT means to revert to olden days where favouritism and patronage rules, to support Chua SL means to indirectly admits that there is nothing wrong in being scandalous, to endorse Ong TK means exposing MCA past (and some present) leaders to official scrutiny on wrongdoings. The chice is in the hands of the delegates. Will they be true to their conscious or will they succumb to "golden handshakes"? Better still, why don't all the delegates stay at home and no one cast their votes...that will be interesting, eh...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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