Thursday, March 25, 2010

OIM : Kopitiam in Parliament, ripples in palace...

Al-fatihah : Hulu Selangor MP Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad passed away on Thursday night due to brain cancer.

What is happening to Malaysia? The current parliamentary seating is changing into kopitiam talk. All talk, no substance. Not to be outdone, Perlis speaker has something to say whilst trouble might be brewing in Kelantan's royal household. Imagine :-

  1. First, Zahrain lashes out at Anwar on the much-talked 16th September 2008 take-over bid;
  2. Zul Nordin follow through with explosive news of attempts to force him to link Putrajaya to the model's case;
  3. You have heard of divorce via sms, now retraction via SMS, courtesy of Perlis speaker and one Yip SO;
  4. As for Kelantan, it's a family feud between the old and the young;
With 1MPM6 helming the country, Malaysia is sinking much lower now and I do not see anyone beyond the horizon who can prop us up to our earlier position.

The parliament should be the best avenue to discuss the welfare of the country but it is now turning into a circus when the Chair allows unsubstantiated accusations cast in the august house.

I have no problems for both Zahrain and Zul Nordin taking the floor but when Zahrain implicated HRH King and the army with 16th September 2008, that is just too much. Zahrain has shown disrespect towards HRH King when he implied that the King is a party to attempts to change the legal government of the day. Worse, I did not see BN, UMNO, MCA, PKR, DAP, PAS leaders making a beeline to lodge police report on this blatant disrespect shown by Zahrain. Zahrain may be the MP of Penang but he has to be responsible for what he says and should choose his words carefully. Being a loose cannon to please new bosses is fine but not at the expense of HRH YDPA.

I am more surprised to see the attics of these politicians who clamour for limelight and spotlight. The truth does not matter, the hearsay seems to take centre stage. Zahrain was never a party to definitely confirm his exposure. His accusation is based on hearsay and he backed it up by saying that he heard Anwar said... but why took him almost 2 years to reveal this? Just because Zahrain is no longer in the same camp as Anwar does not give him the passport to implicate others. It is just not right. Even if what Zahrain said is true, his timing to expose the matter indicates that he has a personal score to settle with Anwar Ibrahim and Zahrain use his parliamentary immunity to strike without fully realising that he has implicated HRH YDPA along the way.

Zul Noordin? His bombastic revealation might be true. If it is, then what takes Zul Noordin 4 years to spill the beans? He should have come out earlier to clean 1MPM6 from all the slanders and he should also offer the evidence as it might actually affect the verdict on Azilah and Sirul. Who knows, it might even free both Azilah and Sirul from the charges.

Worse, Zul Noordin did not share the information with the lawyer who replace him to defend Azilah. If a third party really approach Zul to link the case with Putrajaya, then this is a conspiracy equivalent to "who kill JFK". Zul is a lawyer by profession and he is bound by his oath to uphold justice. His revealation may actually brings the police closer to the mastermind of the model's death. IN conjunction with PDRM celebrating their day, let's hope that PDRM investigate Zul's claims and apprehend person(s) who wanted Zul to link Putrajaya with the model. However, if it is really true that there is a link between the two, PDRM should get to the bottom of things, without fear and favour. That's the least Musa Hassan can do to end his career on a high note.

As for Perlis speaker, it's a puzzling decision time. Why need to coax Yip SO out of his resignation? Granted, the speaker has the powers to determine whether Yip SO resigns or not but that does not paint a responsible person on the part of the speaker. The letter has been received and it is in black and white. Can that be undone by an SMS where the source is not confirmed? Is it really Yip SO who wrote the SMS? Can it be his wife or his kids who type the SMS?

As I look into it, this is the first time that a speaker coax someone out of resigning. Why must it happen? Are we going the way of coaxing and offering carrots to discourage elected reps from resigning? Why is the speaker taking the action? Is BN scared of by-election? Or has BN calculated and find it more worthy to coax Yip SO than going for "buy-election"? Even if BN lose Perlis N1, that does not change the government of the day, so why the fuss? Has it something to do with MCA elections? Has it something to do with Chew MF?

As for Yip SO, it is his decision to retract his resignation letter. If he really did retract, then he is just a rump above Hee of Perak. And if Yip's decision to stay back is due to financial and material gains, then so be it. He needs to capitalise on the situation. Maybe, other BN elected reps can follow Yip's precedence...afterall Vincent Tan is just a draw away...

Kelantan? It is said that the regent once oblige his mother to marry with someone from the North despite his reluctance because he has his own choice. It is also said that the regent is not the mother's favourite. It is also said....(yes, there are many said when it comes to Kelantan...) . So who is legally and morally right here?

Is the HRH really sick (gering)? I understand that a Sultan must be physically and mentally fit to stay on the throne. In this case, is HRH really mentally fit to issue directive? Or is the directive originated from a source which is not HRH's?

Will there be groups of supporters in HRH's case? If there is, where will Perkasa stands? Where will Nik Aziz stands? Where will 1MPM6 stands?

Theses, my friends are sidelines to what is going to happen on 28th March 2010 when MCA titans clashes. Will 1MPM6 re-shuffle the cabinet soon to accomodate the independents and winners in MCA elections? Will the rulers council meet to discuss on Kelantan's case? What will happen to Zahrain's allegations and Zul's explosive statements? Will Yip SO sleep in peace? Will Perlis speaker decision challenged in courts of law?

OIM (Only in Malaysia) we have MPs' taking advantage of their immunity to settle their own personal scores turning the august house into another kopitiam, speaker who can hold resignation letters and accept retraction via SMS whilst a royal house going into chaos.

With all these issues coming out, we need another front to fight off our own shortcomings. Make way BN, give way PR, BARISAN RAKYAT is here to stay...and who will lead Barisan Rakyat? Anybody except the present leaders of BN, PR, independents etc. All these people have to go so that Malaysia can start afresh... If they love Malaysia, let Barisan Rakyat take its form. I know you all love Malaysia, so let's give Barisan Rakyat a chance and let us shape Malaysia to what it really should be...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


mike said...

let me refresh ur memory, before u start hitting out at someone else : A Subramaniam DAP (Buntong). Still recent (2008), and another U-Turn as well, after he was coaxed to re-think his decision again.

What do you say? No more "first time a speaker coax someone out of resigning" huh? No?

nightcaller said...


I am glad that you bring this out. If you were to remember clearly A. Subramaniam (Buntong) reportedly submit his resignation letter from DAP and not from his seat. On top of that, his "resignation" was before a state speaker was appointed ie during the midst of oath taking ceremony for MB, state excos etc. THEREFORE, his case is not the same nor is it similar to Yip SO who resign from his state assembly post. PERIOD.

I trust that my explaination is in order :) Don't you think so?

looes74 said...

Plus that Buntong Assemblyman was summarily punished during the DAP disciplinary commitee. DAP disciplinary commitee can be very harsh & strict. Stricter than PAS one. One good example is Voon Lee Shan, the current state assemblyman being declared "independent" for 6 months for violating party rules.
Guess why DAP aduns/MPs are very costly to bought over, yup, one katak jump with the reward of 25 million

looes74 said...

Take a look at this link.

How Voon Lee Shan has been pretty loyal to teh party. Even Kadir Jasin himself admitted over national TV that DAP has chosen the nest candidates yet so far.

I hope that DAP central commitee not as harsh as the one against Goh Kheng Huat of Nibong Tebal. Nibong Tebal (1999 - 2004) is still under DAP. DAP sacked him for disobeying party's orders in supporting Barisan Altrnatif. DAP has pulled out because of Hadi Awang's push for Islamic State.

I hope that Hadi Awang this time don't make foolish mistake. Not when Sarawak & Sabah do not have any state religion according their constituition & 20 Malaysia points.
Which brings back to the fact why Malaysia can't be an Islamic State. Constituitionally. Sabah & Sarawak hold 25% of the seats.....
Lets make it a social issues.....TGNA's approach is better, along with other PAS professional members.

P.S : I am waiting for Mahfuz Omar to become MB of Kedah. Not saying Azizan not good. Mahfuz handles thing much better. Lately there are some mosquitoes who are trying to play up racial sentiments in Kedah. Of course, not as bad as in Penang but bad enough