Wednesday, July 01, 2009

1M PM6 : 30 % gone, merit scholarship...what else?

“We are restudying the distribution of scholarships under the Public Service Department scheme to introduce a new category.

“We will announce it next year and with the plan to limit the Sijil Pelajaran Malay-sia to 10 subjects, we expect to see a more level playing field,” Najib Tun Razak
  1. 1M PM6 is working hard to win over Malaysians. Within the space of less than 3 months, he has proposed new populist measures to shore his image and leadership style.
  2. The populist measures taken by Najib are :-
    • Lifting of 30 % Bumi rule for 27 services sub-sectors;
    • New category of scholarships, purely based on merit;
    • Done away with 30 % Bumi quota requirement for companies in Bursa saham Malaysia

  3. In a nutshell, is this an act of desperation or an act of "openess"? It depends on which side you are on, either pro-BN or pro-opposition. Let us discard our political stand and see the issue in a bigger picture...
  4. On 22nd April 2009, 1M PM6 Najib announce the lifting of Bumi rule for 27 services sub-sectors with immediate effect.
  5. The sub-sectors involved are health & social services, tourism services, transport services, business services, computer and related services. These services sector account for 55 % to the GDP in 2008 and the government wanted to tap the full potential of the sub-sectors, aiming to increase its contribution to 60 % of GDP.
  6. June 28 2009, Najib again goes for another landmark announcement. This time 1M PM6 announce that the government will introduce new category of scholarships, purely based on merit. This will take effect from 2010.
  7. If the first announcement in April did not catch the Chinese attention, the second announcement will surely convert the Chinese back to support BN.
  8. For icing on the cake, Najib's third announcement on government's decision on 1st July 2009 to do away with 30 % bumi equity requirement will floor the investors and hopefully will attract both local and foreign investors to open their business in Malaysia.
  9. This is the right time for the investors to start investing in Malaysia. The announcement open up new possibilities and new horizons as the new policies will give Malaysia the edge in the competitive market.
  10. Of course the detractors, especially the one-time Finance Minister will say that the move is not enough to propel and generate our economy. They can come up with alternatives and views but whether their model can work is another matter. Just as long as they can sell their ideas politically, they will be more than happy to oppose Najib's moves.
  11. Some, like Lim KS will still complain about the scholarship and the merit system. Others may say that the services sub-sectors does not affect the Malays etc etc.
  12. However, I see Najib's moves as a key move to checkmate the system where the "30 % bumi equity" has always been related to "UMNO" equity. In short, to UMNO, Bumiputra is UMNO and UMNO is bumiputra. The rest, non-UMNO members are not "bumiputra".
  13. That means, Najib's announcement hit UMNO warlords and UMNO division chiefs more than it hurt the average Malay. It is good and here, we can see later how many of the warlords will continue to sing praise to Najib, now that their "financial pipeline" has been severed.
  14. Najib has to do what he did. It is his political life now hanging at a balance. He needs to gain the support once "automatically" accorded to BN. Along the same line, he needs to get a strong backing and commitment from other BN component parties.
  15. As for PR, their populist approach is fast dwindling as Najib is making all the populist moves. PR needs to go back to the drawing boards and map out new strategies to sustain their popularity.
  16. The question is, Najib has done his part. What about the follow-up? Will it be coming? Will BN ministers work on Najib's policies or will they dilly dally on the implementation part? I laeve it to your judgement...whether to go for or against the policies outlined by 1M PM6.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Nightcaller, well, is that the reason Hadi wanna talk about unity government? Sensing that Najib would gain popularity through these desperate measures. LKS's the right to doubt. He's seen PMs coming with grandeous promises & becoming worst later. Dr M's one good example. As for Azizan, I'm very disappointed. Worst still, he blames Dap for politicking. He says Dap's lying.....Seriously, His competency's indeed big issue. Nightcaller, this's not Kampung Buah Pala. Steps well taken for so long. This's the only abattoir. Yup, may be illegal. Things'd have been care of if MB took time to find the appropriate area. Rather than leaving it to slaughterers fend off themselves. It's very irresponsible. Incompetence. Nik Aziz'd have done better. Looes74

nightcaller said...

Looes 74

Azizan may need a new PR man fast. His actions are not well received by the rakyat and this is what BN wants - to sow seeds of mistrust between PR members.

If the abbatoir has been illegally there for the past 30 years, then Azizan should extend the time for him to resolve the matter. He can always instruct Majlis Bandaraya to withhold the demolition works until a suitable replacement area/site/building is constructed before demolishing the abbatoir.

Even if the state has rejected the proposed locations of new abbatoir, the stae can then provide the guidelines for DAP/traders to follow for siting the abbatoir.

Let's wait for the news from PR leadership.

ahoo said...

All these may end up as another populist move or rather agenda to "shiok sendiri". Until and unless the poor and needy Malaysians be taken care from now, his reign and stay as uno nuemero may not be too long.

With all the plundering by their warlords in politics for umpteen years now, we cannot just believe some new measures dish out to us. Respect should be earned and as such worthy policies need time to be seen as workable before we take it in wholesale.

Let's watch the show and I am sure you will also give credit where it is due. I think that beside the economic measures that pm6 is tackling, the educational issues are just as wanting. If they don't arrest the slide now, there may never be another chance to right the wrong. The level of competency amongst the teachers especially in knowledge of English, are falling faster than the authum leaves !!!

As far as Kedah is concern, there are so many ifs' ? I think there is lack of persuasive power from the non-muslims. Maybe the prounity supporters are all out to stamp their ground. One man's meat is another man's poison, so why deprive others of their want if it is within the law. Afterall, it had been around for 30 years and even during bn rule. That is not displaying of good politics and where is the Pakatan spirit or our beloved Muhibbah Spirit ?

nightcaller said...


Well said. The populist moves must be backed up with data. It is easy to say that they have done this or that but the method of measurement shall be backed up with data.

It is a pleasure to see who gains what. It will be better if the data can separate the warlords and commoners.Right now, we only hear of MACC saying that they are investigating a big case. How big? Who are involved? No word from MACC and they can' even predict when the investigation will be completed. Is this a smokescreen to divert our attention and letting go cronies landlords whilst some landlords will be sacrificial lambs?

On the use of english in schools, the level of competency is indeed low. And yet, the education ministry has spend a lot to five extra allowance for teachers to teaching english. Why not change it and give extra allowance to those teachers who are proficient in english?

For Kedah's case, Lim GE has made it clear that the DAP national will have the final say. There are still some hopes left to salvage the situation. Let's see how PR resolve this...