Friday, July 31, 2009

Mukhriz, make us understand...ISA

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In anticipation to the Gabungan Mansuhkan ISA gathering on 1st August 2009, Mukhriz, one of our second echelon leaders, says that ISA is misunderstood. Misunderstood? Is Mukhriz implying that the roughly estimated 70,000 people who are making plans to attend the gathering misunderstood ISA? For sure, the bulk of these 70,000 will not be from UMNO's rempit brigades, but they will be from all race, all religions, all walks of life, all states of, Mukhriz, let's go through your argument, shall we?

Mukhriz implied that :-

  1. ISA ensures the country remains peaceful and harmonius;
  2. ISA provide protection to the people;
  3. with ISA, the nation's political situation is better compared to many countries;
  4. ISA indirectly build a strong economy to the country;
  5. with ISA, we can send our children to school and shop safely;
  6. the public failed to see the benefits of ISA;
The question is - what about those countries who do not adopt these preventive laws? Are their countries worse off than Malaysia? Let's take US of A and UK, are their countries in turmoil, and their parents could not send their kids to school, their political situation in chaos, and their economy weak? I doubt it. These countries believe in openess and thus far, they are doing pretty well handling their own internal threats.

Mukhriz argument is not convincing enough to deter the 70,000 to come out in black and red on 1st August 2009. Mukhriz should be better prepared in defending his statement, in line with his position as a deputy minister.

Harakah mentioned that when Tun Razak tabled ISA in parliament on 2nd June 1960, it's sole aim is to fight communism and communists only. Fullstop. On 2nd December 1989, the Communist party of Malaya (CPM) laid down their arms and signed a peace treaty, effectively ending CPM's insurgency in Malaysia.

Twenty years on, ISA is still used but this time the target are non-communists. Some of the ISA detainees were detained 8 years and still in Kamunting, without trial. These detainees are not communists. The government accused some of them as being members of Jemaah Islam (JI) but to date, the government has not charge them in court nor has the government back up their claims with solid evidence.

8 years in Kamunting, separated from their wives and children...what are the thoughts of their children? How do they grow without their fathers by their side? Try feeling their sorrow and their wishes...

The home minister warned of stern action. He said
“I will not compromise on this until the security and interest of the country are assured.” - Hishamuddein Hussein Onn (Home Minister)
70,000 are with you, Hishamuddein. They too want security but their security that they are looking at is the security that noone will be victimised by ISA. Thus far, ISA has outlived it's usefulness because when CPM signed the treaty in 1989, ISA should automatically become irrelevant because it's existence is dependence on the communist threats. No CPM mean no communists. No communist means no ISA.

Although the government has agreed to review the ISA but the government thus far failed to:-

  1. give a timetable when the review will be completed;
  2. failed to identify who are the panel members looking and working on the review;
  3. failed to indicate when the review will be tabled to the parliament for debate and approval;
  4. failed to indicate when they will charge the present ISA detainees in Kamunting;
  5. failed to indicate how long more the detainees will be detained in Kamunting;
  6. failed to provide solid evidence on the ISA detainees wrongdoings.

Hishamuddein can only parrot what the government is saying but has failed to provide new insights when the ISA will be reviewed or abolish. How long more should the people wait? Another 4 years? Or is it going to be one of those election candy of 2012?

What the 70,000 wanted to do is a chance for a peaceful gathering and to be allowed to march towards Istana Negara to hand over their memorandum. Nothing threathening here, no sinister plan. If the minister so wish, he can personally monitor the procession and if it makes him happy, to satisfy himself that this procession is non-political in nature...

As for those who are making plans to be part of history, please do make some preparations as outlined by the organiser. For those outstation participants, our hats off to you for enduring the many road blocks that you may encounter along the way.

Let's make Saturday a fun day...everybody abhors give 70,000 people a chance to send their memorandum to the King. Is that too much to ask, dear sirs?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

For those people who are hell bent on keeping their evil misbegotten powers, yes indeed, it is too much to ask.

nightcaller said...

Anon 6:56

Evil misbegotten powers? I wonder who you are referring to? BN or particular individuals?

We only ask to be heard...that's protocol. If they refuse to hear, they can kiss goodbye to their "evil misbegotten powers" when that people go to the polls in GE13.

Just like the authorities, we don't shoot criminals straight away, we have given enough warning shots. The next one is for real...

Anonymous said...

Yes, you and me are enlightened, we know.

I wonder though how issues like ISA and misuse of powers and instituitions like the judiciary and police and MACC.

How much importance does issues like these prey on the minds of voters in the Malay kampung heartland and also in the hinterlands of Sarawak.

The urban Peninsular voter base I agree.......BeeEnd continue in this mode, they are gone.

But is this enough if say the Malay kampung heartland stays with UMNO and Sabah and Sarawak stays with BeeEnd.

ruyom said...

Yes, the police should use ISA on the pro-ISA group and lock them up for 3 years. Since they are pro-ISA, I am sure they will fully support the police decision.

konek said...

A typical corrupted spin media of corrupted Umno!

Utusan Binatang.

Boleh said...

Islam in Malaysia is suppressing humanity, dignity and desire of a normal human being.

Islam in Malaysia is causing trouble to non-Muslims who goes about their everyday life to do what any other normal human being on earth are doing.

Islam in Malaysia does not respect traffic law when Muslims can park their cars all over the road and cause inconvenience to everybody.

Islam in Malaysia does not contribute to the progress of the malay race and any other race in Malaysia.

Islam felts threaten in Malaysia, when nobody actually gives a damn about them.

oversee said...

Use your brain to think why the non-malays want to emigrate?

I got a PR in Australia and Singapore, they even treat me better than my home country in Malaysia whereby all the illegal Muslim immigrants from Indonesia and Philippines obtained Mycard so easily, and become bumis directly especially in Sabah.

They are more than one million aliens with Mycard and bumis status.

romsam said...

The longer the existence of Utusan and Umno governing this nation, the worse the image Malaysia is projecting to the world.

Utusan and Umno may not have realised that, but a lot of people in other countries have regarded Malaysia as a low class country.

Jaguh kampung but a joker to the world indeed.

nightcaller said...

Boleh & oversee

Just one question - do you participate in 1st August march against ISA? If you don't, then I see that both of you are still cocooned with the idea that only you are suppressed, whilst thinking that the rest of us are blessed with "golden spoon" treatment. How wrong you are...


Yes, and if you want to know, today I saw the Pro-ISA leader Inrahim Ali with three of his lietenants near Central market. Unfortunately, they have no supporters. How pathetic to see Ibrahim Ali munching nuts, clearly frustrated with his failure to garner pro-ISA supporters.


we are not talking about Islam here and if you were to take some time to check - Islam never suppress humanity, dignity etc. You may be pointing at individuals and their failures has nothing to do with religion.


And you think only non-Malays emigrate? Pls check again. And it is their choice to emigrate if they think that the grass on the other side is greener.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the one good thing, Ibrahim Ali think hes so smart but thank God he called for his march today also and at the same time.

It is as clear as day and night how many people believes ISA is necessary and how many believes ISA is an evil tool.

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