Thursday, July 02, 2009

PAS : Oops...I did it again

“I agree with the talks. Both wings can set up a joint secretariat to determine the format of the talks, the venue and also the topics after the Manek Urai by-election.

“I feel that the issues to be discussed should not be confined to Islam and Malay unity but to also include national issues.

“If we do not receive the invitation in good faith, we are doing a disservice to PAS Youth.’’ - KJ, UMNO youth leader
  1. This is not a tribute to Britney Spears but I have to borrow the title of her song and dedicate it to Parti Islam SeMalaysia(PAS).
  2. Whilst UMNO is buoyed by positive statements from Najib especially in financial and scholarship issues, PAS is going the opposite direction due to their leaders' incoherence of which direction now and who is their choice partners.
  3. PAS needs to provide satisfactory explanation to their supporters and members of the following :-

    • Unity government issue;
    • Intellectual discourse between PAS youth and UMNO youth;
    • Demolition of abbatoir in PAS-led Kedah

  4. After the big brouhaha on PAS's Unity government issue which PR has buried the issue on 22nd June 2009, now PAS shoot its foot again with 2 new controversial issues namely the intellectual discourse and the abbatoir issue.
  5. What is baffling is the PAS youth invitation to UMNO youth for "intellectual discourse" between the two wings. Why is PAS extending the invitation when PR had just close down on the unity government concept? What is PAS youth trying to prove? That they are better than their elders? That they are far-sighted? That they are impatient lot?
  6. The invitation was handed by PAS youth leader, Nasrudin Hassan to UMNO youth deputy chief. Come to think about it, did Nasruddin realise that he is only treated as "second class" when his invitation is only accepted by deputy youth chief, Razali Ibrahim. Although Razali is a deputy minister but his ranking in UMNO youth is no 2. Why can't Nasrudin delegate the task to someone else? Or is Nasrudin too "itchy" to be seen in the companion of the "rich and famous"?
  7. Next and more importantly, why the intellectual discourse? Why now? Is Nasrudin trying to say something? Is he against Nik Aziz, PAS spiritual leader? Is he trying to give points to UMNO in the upcoming Manek Urai by-election? See how easily, UMNO youth stole the thunder by saying that the discourse will be held after the Manek Urai by-election and at the same time praise PAS youth for being "brave" to defy Pakatan leadership's stand
  8. What will be discussed during the discourse? On how to shere the illegal wealth of UMNO? On where PAS youth can help the troubled UMNO? On who is a better Muslim between UMNO youth and PAS youth? Come on, Nasrudin, you are not weven a Member of Parliament to talk about all these things. You have lost twice (isn't it) in elections.
  9. It seems that PAS youth is unsure where it's loyalty is. Whilst in the same grouping in PR, PAS youth is winking at UMNO youth. PAS youth has a lot of explaining to do especially to all those supporters and voters who qued to cast their votes for PAS (and PR) during the last election. What PAS youth is doing now is tantamount to shooing their supporters away.
  10. Ah...Azizan of Kedah is another issue altogether. DAP Kedah has decided to withdraw from PR state government after Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar demolished the only abbatoir in the state. Azizan, on his part, blamed DAP for failing to give alternative site to relocate the abatoir.
  11. Azizan, in defending, admitted that Majlis Bandara Alor Setar is not under him. As far as this scribe knows, all state agensies are answerable to the state except Majlis Agama where this body reported to the respective DYMM.
  12. What it implies is that Azizan, can use his executive powers to delay the demolition to a later date after an alternative is found. Isn't it too much to extend another few months? Afterall, BN has not attended to the problem for the past 30 years!
  13. Azizan is seen as unreasonable. He should go for PR courses or if he is too busy with his work, then delegate someone to address the issue.
  14. Azizan is "cenggeh" for no reasons and he should use his better judgement to resolve this issue.
  15. The two issues are putting PAS on a defensive end in manek Urai. PAS should really buck up if they want to retain the seat.
  16. So far, PAS is still leading but for how long? If PAS won the Manek Urai, it proves that BN is sinking and PR may come early to salvage Malaysia...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

This Nasaruddin clown needed a tongue lashing from TGNA. I am speechless & appalled. Johari is an idoit. This clown is even worse.
As for Azizan, just ask him to resign. Mahfuz is better. Just look at Nizar. A world apart! Ahyoo....Some clowns still say that Azizan is tegas......
Permission to quote you on other blogs. Is it ok for you?


coolooc said...

Islam in Malaysia is suppressing humanity, dignity and desire of a normal human being.

Islam in Malaysia is causing trouble to non-Muslims who goes about their everyday life to do what any other normal human being on earth are doing.

Islam in Malaysia does not respect traffic law when Muslims can park their cars all over the road and cause inconvenience to everybody.

Islam in Malaysia does not contribute to the progress of the malay race and any other race in Malaysia.

Islam felts threaten in Malaysia, when nobody actually gives a damn about them.

ruyom said...

Remember Raja Petra said: More than 90% of malays were actually non-Muslims, because they don't follow the teaching of Islam.

I firmly believe, when I die and go to hell, I will meet many "Malaysian Muslims" there, all the munafik who used Islam not for them to be closer to God, but for their idiotic, selfish and vicious self-interest.

More classic examples of half-past-six mentalities displayed by the present so-called leaders, ministers, and worst of all politicians (monkey-brain), bad for the nation but good for those who knows how to take advantage of their stupidity.

Religion alone can never help us to become more clever and smart, especially with the present attitude and style of the malays, who are going backwards more and more, and heading for the caves and jungles in time to come.

In Malaysia the constitution is not the supreme document in law. It has been so trampled by the Umno gangsters; it has come to a point where these gangsters are a law unto themselves. To them the constitution is respected when it suits their intents and toilet paper when it does not.

Mob rule is tolerated by the police when it is an Umno orchestrated mob. Non-Umno gatherings are an inconvenience and clobbered to pulp.

Malaysia is dead as a nation. They are dying to call this land Tanah Melayu so we might as well let them destroyed it. It is no loss to the non-malays since they are treated as pendatang anyway.

Let these gangsters plunder and rob their own kind. They are notorious for inbreeding in any case. They would probably enjoy devouring their own kind too. Crooks and hypocrites at the helm will never grow a nation. Only chaos and disaster beckon.

I wish it were different, but I have long since decided they deserve what they get. No point in banging my head against the wall.

aston said...

Malaysia is be a Taliban state! Teaching kids to kill people, preaching hates and angers, chasing away investors with their seditious, racist, insensitive, incendiary, extremist utterances, unfair to non-malays.

Enough is enough!

To all the people out there, Please vote for a change! Vote the opposition! Vote the DAP!

fargowin said...

I have suggested in the past that Chinese Malaysians should just gather their wealth and leave Malaysia and let malays them become backwards.

Singapore is desperately looking for skilled foreign workers due to dwindling birthrates. Many Indians are working over there. Seriously Chinese Malaysians should look into moving to Singapore.

I am sure China can make good use of the wealth of Chinese Malaysians. Is there any policy the China government have enacted to encourage overseas Chinese to come back and make China their home once again?

That will teach the Malaysians a lesson. Their economy will crumble and will put them back 50 years.

Hon said...

I for another have given up on Malaysia as well. Born and raised but discriminated against in my own native soil. I now pledge loyalty to Australia where I am treated fair and equal.

I had not forgotten my grassroots but what is the point remembering it! All that I ask is equal rights and opportunities being a citizen but as a racist government, it is therefore impossible. Oh well……….Malaysia loss is Australia gain.

It is still pretty interesting to frequent the current affairs going on in Malaysia. It is as though one is reading the collapse of the Roman Empire.

reek said...

Got NEP, you complain! Abolish NEP, you make noise!

Become Ali Baba, you lament! Ask you to work hard, you don't want!

And you keep on blaming other communities for everything!

"Pathetic" is the word my malay friends!

nightcaller said...

Looes 74

Please do. I have no problem if you want to quote me in other blogs :)

Nasarudin has his tongue lashing from Nik Aziz. Did u hear anything from him lately?

Let's see how AZizan wriggle himself out since PR will be having some serious talks in this coming weekend retreat.


Are u making a general statement or are u specifying something? You seem lost, need me to help you?

What has Islam got to do with traffic laws? Islam causing trouble to non-Muslim? Care to elaborate?

You are mixed up between Islam as a religion and those who practise Islam in Malaysia.

If you care to elaborate or be a little bit more specific then I would be glad to respond to you.


Well, if they are munafik, they will go to hell.

Any religion does not make you cleverer or smarter. However, religion can be a basis for you to be cleverer and smarter if you were to "study" them and practise them. Examples are when religion practitioners, using religion as a source, make progress in medicine, astrology, engineering etc.

The constitution are there. It is how those in power "bullied" the judiciary and thus there is no "independent" judiciary system is the problem. What is needed is a major shake up of the judiciary system to replace the tainted and incompetent judges.

Mob rule by UMNO? What have you to say about Kg Buah Pala residents protest? Did the police beat them to pulp?

As a nation, Malaysia is doing better than you think.Of course there are things that can be better and there are those who are working hard for a better Malaysia. If you care, please wait for my posting on 4th July on why I say that we are doing fairly well as a nation :) (some preview promo, here)

We are here to promote a better Malaysia, but as you see too that to agree to a point is easy (as how PR is doing) but the paths to a better Malaysia are many and that is why the combined PR needs to sort out their road maps and strategies.


Which planet do you come from? Malaysia a taliban state? Since when?

Tell me when did they start teaching kids to kill people? Or you must be confused with playstation games...

Unfair to non-malays? Since when? If it is only unfair to non-Malays, why do you think that the March 08 election results come about? There you can see that the Malays are also casting their votes for the opposition, so please do not make general statement which you cannot defend...

And to be fair for you too, think carefully and you think DAP can go far if they were to go alone? Tell me, which states are strong with DAP presence? Penang, Perak then where else????

nightcaller said...


Are you serious? Singapore may be happy to accept you as PR, that's all. AS a citizen, they may think twice or thrice...

That said, in any other countries, they will be glad to accept you if you have the wealth.If you do not have the necessary pre-requisite wealth and expertise, you can kiss goodbye to your dreams. Do you have those?

Hope you don't mind me saying "marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar". Is that your way of solving things? Yes, you can teach Malaysia a lesson by transferring your asset elsewhere, but Malaysia to crumble? No way man...stop and think for a second. Do you honestly think YTL, Berjaya, Maxis will succeed as they are today without the government's aid and priviledges? And it is with this "acquired wealth" that these companies moved on to other ventures...


I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your new place.

Just a question. Isn't the recent incidents happening in Australia including the beating up of Indians, cutting the hair of Sikhs racism? Or is it criminal?

So, my point is short and simple. Racism is alive in Australia too but you choose to ignore it. Discrimination? You think they don't have it there? Look again...

Again, sincerely wish you the best of health and luck in Australia (from your former countryman).

Me? I choose Malaysia. It may have its shortcomings but I look positively as there is gold at the end of the rainbow. That's the sacrifice that some of us have to make, albeit a small one, for a better Malaysia.


Are you talking about Malays or UMNO? Maybe you are potraying UMNO guys.

Ali Baba? Maybe applicable to UMNO guys.

Now, let me ask you, what about Baba James? See how many Chinese companies with expatriates? And do you think expats are that good? Apart from being good in conversation, did you notice their writing standards? And some of them b*llsh*t their way to the top. Why? because Malaysians are s*ck*rs to kwailos (no pun intended, just putting my observation).

Blame on other communities? Yeah, right as how other communities are blaming Malays (moral of the story? 2 x 5) And this attitude is what BN wants, to create suspicions and jealousy between the communities so that they can say only BN can unite the communities.

So, will you join us for a better Malaysia, regardless of race, creed and religion?

ahoo said...

Many commentators are with lots of hurts ! Please be VERY clear when talking about religion. DO NOT blame RELIGION for the mistakes of some of its followers. That would be unfair to the many people who pratices their faith in trying to have a balance in one's life.

Blame the wrong doers for all I care but be clear that it is always the people behind the wrong teaching that causes distortion to the truth.

If we are consumed by hatred, the end results will be disastrous. In life, no one owes us a living and how we make it out, tha's what matters. Many Malaysians are frustrated with the shenanigan of politics thus far BUT we can choose to be educated by all of it.

From all that has had happened, it only shows that we are going through a phase of change. For better or worse, let us be the judge. If we want to see change in the near future, we need to focus on what we can contribute not what this nation can offer me. Let us do our small role in exposing scandal,(like this blog),comment positively to enrich others, get registered by being a voter and also het all our colleagues, friends, relatives etc to be registered as well.

Then teach them on how to vote wisely. Vote only those that can serve the people's interest and change will eventually come. Not by shouting, screaming, blaming, demostrating etc. can change the course of this nation. Be a participant in your own way and do the right thing. Don't take the easy way out and criticize from abroad as an armchair critic.

If you all have been blessed after migration, I thank God for your well being BUT remember that there are many who have no chance for migration. Please spare them a thought if you can and contribute in whatever manner that you are able to bring changes to this beloved nation. It is the will of the people that will determine where this nation will be heading in the next decade. We need to direct our energy to where it is most needed.

Anonymous said...

I am more inclined to think wrt the abboitoir issue, PAS Kedah was corerct and DAP Kedah is wrong.

Whats illegal and proximity to the Kedah river some more, this cannot continue, 1 mth was grace period enough, even 1 single day should not be tolerated.

What should have been done thhough is a clear plan for the alternative location, if they had this, the abbotoir closure would have had ZERO imapct.

During that 1 mth, DAP Kedah and PAS Kedah, what did they do to find alternatiove location? Thats the real issue.


Just like the Raub , if indeed, cyanide is being disposed off into the surroundings, can they ask for even 1 more day of operations?


nightcaller said...


You take the words out of my mouth :)
Thks for ur comments.

Anon 1:46

When the news first broke out, I was puzzled too but as the news become more available and the reasons behind the demolition, I think the state government acts rightly. However, they should find an alternative site for abbatoir to avoid inconvenience to the 25 traders. Bringing in from out of state may hike the price and will not be good for the customers....

Anonymous said...

There are many ways of skinning the cats. The problems are lack of initiative from the fella called Azizan or His Exco members.
When the new state government got into power & geting in all the shits, first thing got to do priorities. Azizan must see himself as the MB for all Kedahans
While, one got to follow the by laws of all town councils, one must wisdom to remember that there is only one abbatoir serving 22% of Kedahan. that's 220,000 folks out there

Anon 1.46,
If Environment is an issue, all the surrounding folks would have been dead many times over. It has been there for 30 YEARS
Nightcaller has said before, if that structure has been there for 30 years, wouldn't be nicer to have delayed for few months so that a new one is built.

Anon 1.46,
Forgive me if I sound racist while stating the fact, In Singapore, there is Melayu Hawker Centre in Geyang Serai whereby best rojaks served. The structure has been there for 35years. There are plenty of cases of diarrahoea.....Tell me Anon 1.46, why not close?
When some people died because eating rojak food prepared by Muslims & NOT PORK, the whole area then shot down. Immediately, the next day, the other centre is built for catering the hawkers.
This one still got to wait approval from respective bodies especially Veternary departments. As a MB, Azizan can do more than just merely liasing with respective parties.

I am very disappointed. DAP labelled as liar. Being thrown an assignment even an MB can't perform better. MB Kedah declare MBAS is out of his jurisdiction. Didn't anybody see any court order to close down the abbattoir? Nope
To add on further, Azizan said last time DAP buat kacau on UG, can but this one can't.......

Plus all the comments by some PAS blogs saddens my heart. DAP is protrayed as opportunist & petty.

Thomas Su was there in DUN Perak defending the dignity of Pakatan Rakyat, especially dignity of MB Nizar, A PAS

Is this Islamic to treat your comrade this way?


nightcaller said...

Looes 74

As I said earlier, let's see what hapens at PR's weekend retreat. Hopefully, PR should have 1 Public relations secretariat to iron out all these issues. They have to learn how to make a common stand.

As for some PAS bloggers, I see that they are over-ethusiastic and the more controversial their blogs, the more response they have. I see it as more of getting comments, regardless of whether the content is acceptably correct or not. So, sometimes they become too harsh in their critics without realising the impact of their comments.

PAS has long been a closeted party and that's why they are acting quite erratic in their approach. More like a toddler learning how to walk, so at times wobbles and fall but nevertheless they will still try to walk and learn the trade. That goes for the whole PR family, including PKR and DAP.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, we do have sensible people around. However, a secretariat is necessary

We need government leaders to make sensible remarks, taking care at least most sensitivities

I got to agree leaders who make mistakes. Especially experienced one. LKY said that kids from mothers are graduate is much better than non graduate. Policy shall be made to provide more tax benefits to Graduate mothers. Everybody got upset. Even across the causeway. Rajaratnam barged into LKY's office & tell him....
Yo man, thought statistically it's correct, it's not sensible......I rest my case


azmanum said...

I don't understand all of you. Nik Aziz did call for a debate between PAS and UMNO. Intellectual discourse is just a polite debate. What is wrong with that? What has that got to do with PAS to be united with UMNO? I don't think Pemuda PAS will mind if DAP and PKR want to be observers in the discourse. It is not appropriate for DAP and PKR to join in the discourse, since it was difficult for PAS to arrange for this, (many previous challenges by PAS to debate was ignored or cancelled at the last minute), DAP and PKR should arrange for their own separate discourses. If the discourse can be televised live, that is better. But I don't think UMNO would agree to this.

Anonymous said...

I think you hit the nail on the head precisely.

Let me put it back to you, why would it be so difficult to include PKR and DAP in the discourse? What? these are just Youth members what, I am sure they have the time what.

And secondly, yes, pray tell, why on earth would UMNO not allow for it to be telecast?? Why??? ask yourself, why!

nightcaller said...

Looes 74

Tax benefits to graduate mothers? Well, soon graduate ladies will be wooed day in and day out :)


Thks for dropping by. There's nothing wrong with intellectual discourse but the timing of the invitation is just not right. Why do the invitation so close to Manek Urai? It will be politically used by UMNO. And another thing, why passed to the deputy youth?

Shouldn't PAS youth leader be extending the invitation to UMNO youth leader? Isn't that the right protocol?

Anon 6:54 pm

Hitting the nail on the head? Just like pontianak movie :)

Seriously, to get UMNO and PAS sitting on one table for discourse is already hard, what more to include DAP/PKR (from PR) and MCA/MIC (from BN).

It will be better if PKR/DAP channel all their points to PAS to bring up duing the discourse whilst MCA/MIC did the same to UMNO.

Then PKR/DAP/MCA/MIC youth can witness the discourse first. In the second round,we can have a bigger participation including PKR/DAP/MIC/MCA. How's that? Acceptable?

We have to start small and then includes more and more in our quest for a better Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

Those were the good days in Singapore where LKY tried to ensure that graduate ladies get married. In fact, the whole HDB policy cater for pro family policy
Back to Malaysia, you are right, Nightcaller. We shall see what evolve from the Pakatan retreat this weekend. However, I hope that Azizan won't get away lightly just. Admonishment is necessary.

Leaders must be sensible & understanding to the people. Perhaps, it's time to setup an ombudsman in Kedah state assembly when things cool down. I hope


nightcaller said...

Looes 74

I wonder how they are going to do it when graduate ladies far outnumbered the graduate men. Unless...(I don't dare to put it in writing, less we get "hit" by sensitive graduate ladies).

On the ombudsman system, PAS did have that when they govern Terengganu. That ombudsman is Tun Salleh Abbas, former CJ.

looes74 said...


looes74 said...

Interesting story from Kedahlanie


oleh Orang Dalam

Jika kajian sosiopolitik kes-kes penguatkuasaan dijalankan dalam kawasan Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar (MBAS), dan kesan-kesan yang terhasil dari tindakan itu sejak Jun 2008, kita akan dapati susunannya adalah multi racial dan multi goals.

Mula-mula jadi Setiausaha MBAS, CMCN ligan orang melayu yang meniaga air balang, buah pelam longgok, ayaq nyok, buah limau buah epal depan Pekan Rabu. Berselerak habih buah dan air balang. Hingga kemarahan peniaga-peniaga kecik ni memeningkan Dato’ Taulan Rasul yang pegang portfolio Kerajaan Tempatan. Taulan makan maki hamun peniaga hari-hari, sehingga terbina persepsi awam iaitu Taulan seorang Exco yang lemah walaupun pernah bekerja di Bandaran Alor Setar.


looes74 said...

Continue from the last comment

Membantai peniaga melayu ni terhenti bila MB menegur tindakan menyepak balang air hinggakan berlaku kezaliman dan penindasan. MB mengarahkan mereka diberi lesen. Biarlah mereka mencari rezeki yang halal. Ingatan MB ialah tentang air mata orang yang dizalimi dan pesanan Rasulullah kepada sahabat yang diutus menjadi gabenor di Yaman. Apakah keutamaan bila menjadi pemerintah dan apakah yang dikatakan zalim.

Lepas Melayu, CMCN mula balik ‘novela sampah’ di Alor Setar. Masalah ini hampir selesai bila dapat Dato’ Bandar yang baru, tetapi menjadi-jadi semula bila isu peniaga kecil-kecilan senyap. Sampah mula berulat semula, hingga ada kawan-kawan melawak..aku dekat-dekat nak masuk parit tadi, mengelak ulat sampah melintas jalan!

CMCN orang yang peka dengan suasana politik. Dia diutuskan oleh bosnya membina persepsi negative kepada kerajaan sekarang. Kerja mengharu birukan kerajaan PR direncana dengan teliti.

looes74 said...

Continue from last comment

Terkini, CMCN dilaporkan lebih berkuasa dari Dato’ Bandar. Tak ada Ahli Majlis yang dilantik berani bertekak dengannya. Dia akan menepuk meja dan menuding jari kepada yang berani memberi cadangan lain daripada cadangannya. Tugas setiausaha Majlis ialah melaksanakan keputusan mesyuarat Ahli Majlis, tetapi CMCN sudah menentukan keputusan mesyuarat sebelum mesyuarat bermula. Dia ada menuntut sikit ilmu ‘kepala masam’ dari Yusof Nayan. Ahli Majlis yang baru-baru ni malas nak bertembung dengan CMCN, buang karan!

Isu rumah sembelih babi juga ada ramuan CMCN untuk mengeruhkan keadaan. Hanya dengan satu mesyuarat, keputusan meroboh diambil sebelum jawatankuasa perundingan yang dibentuk dalam mesyuarat memulakan rundingan dengan pengusaha rumah sembelih itu. Notis perobohan yang biasanya ditampal digantikan dengan banner besar untuk menarik perhatian orang.

Arahan penangguhan oleh Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri tidak diendahkan, sehingga memaksa MB mengeluarkan surat meminta tangguh. Itu memang tujuannya. Surat itu kelak akan dijaja sebagai bahan bukti MB membela pengusaha babi dan membelakangi orang melayu yang sesak nafas dan loya tekak dengan tempat itu. Dilagakan juga rumah babi itu dengan rumah-rumah Melayu di kampong Tok Bidan yang dirobohkan sebelum itu, walaupun kesnya jauh melangit.

Perobohan itu bagi CMCN mempunyai banyak tujuan. Dia akan dikatakan berani melaksanakan undang-undang terhadap sesiapa sahaja. Tujuannya juga ialah membangkitkan kemarahan kaum cina kepada kerajaan, ini prioritinya. CMCN memang berjaya dalam hal ini bila DAP meninggalkan PR di Kedah, dan menimbulkan pelbagai polemik. Sewaktu ditemui oleh wakil DAP di pejabatnya sebelum perobohan itu, CMCN mengungkapkan kalimah ini ”Lepas ini, tiada siapa yang boleh halang saya, mai lah surat daripada siapapun, MB ka, saya tak akan peduli lagi”. Berani dan tegas sungguh CMCN. Wakil DAP pulang dengan kemarahan yang meluap-luap.

Tetapi CMCN lupa, tindakan itu juga memberi kelebihan kepada PR. Tindakan yang terhalang oleh politik BN sejak 1993, terlaksana dengan keberaniannya. UMNO ‘tersangkut’ pada rumah babi itu selama 16 tahun kerana takutkan MCA dan Gerakan. Millage ini terlalu besar kesannya kepada UMNO yang menjadi tuan CMCN sejak sekian lama. Tiba-tiba CMCN menjadi hero kepada penyokong PAS dan orang Melayu (termasuk orang cina sendiri) yang marahkan rumah babi itu sejak sekian lama. 65% orang cina menyokong tindakan itu. Dia merancang, tuhan juga merancang, perancangan Allah paling baik. Saya yakin bos CMCN tidak senang dengan kesan tak sengaja ini.

Kini mata CMCN teralih kepada sebuah dewan awam di sebuah kuil hindu di Jalan Pegawai. Luas dewan itu lebih kurang 900 kaki persegi, tempat masyarakat India belajar tarian tradisional, tempat perjumpaan, jamuan, tiusyen dan kegiatan sosial kaum India penganut hindu.

Dewan itu berada di sana sejak 60 tahun lalu. Semasa projek kompleks perniagaan yang diusahakan oleh kerabat DiRaja di situ, di rancang dan dibangunkan, dewan itu tidak termasuk dalam plot pelan tapak yang diluluskan oleh bandaraya. Bila hamper siap, enam petak tempat parking kereta yang dilakar dalam pelan tidak dapat dibina kerana dewan itu beradadi atasnya. Perundingan dijalankan sejak sekian lama termasuk berunding dengan VVIP yang terlibat. Ada yang minta RM100k untuk membiarkan dewan itu, ada yang nak robohkan, ada yang cadangkan kuil itu bayar levi kepada bandaran kerana tapak parking yang terlakar dalam plan tidak dapat dibina.

Merobohkan dewan itu adalah satu-satunya pilihan CMCN, walaupun kerabat itu bersetuju memilih levi. Maka, kemarahan penganut hindu, orang india dapat dijana dengan merobohkan dewan itu. Kini tiba giliran mereka pula, Melayu sudah, cina pun sudah, india la pulak!

looes74 said...

Last comment

Target CMCN ialah India pula meninggalkan PR, atau paling kurang EXCO India marahkan kerajaan dan letak jawatan akibat tekanan penyokong dan kaumnya. Adakah hal ini akan berlaku???

Jika levi dibenarkan oleh undang-undang kerajaan tempatan atau perumahan atau apa saja, ia adalah jalan terbaik, CMCN tak boleh pilih opsyen yang paling kontreversi. Jika meroboh adalah satu-satunya opsyen yang ada, jawatankuasa kuil boleh diberikan kerja-kerja meroboh itu, supaya kesan kerosakan kepada struktur bangunan yang tidak terlibat dapat diminimumkan. Begitu juga kesan politik dan social. Saya tidak jangka tindakan dan kesan yang dapat dihidu ini akan dibiarkan oleh HINDRAF dan Makhal Sakthi. Saya sokonh CMCN dengan ketegasannya melaksanakan peraturan, tetapi sangsi dengan tujuannya! Kerana sejarahnya……

CMCN ialah Cik M@t Cik N@i. Waktu terlibat dalam SUKMA yang dianjurkan di Kedah satu masa dulu, di kalangan orang yang mengendalikannya menterjemahkan SUKMA dengan makna Syed U@#$ Kaut, Mat Angkut

looes74 said...

MBAS secretary is Che Mohamad Che Nai. Azizan wanna restore his beleaguered PR problem. Start by firing this Che Mohammad Che Nai

nightcaller said...

Looes 74

Reading through ur comments, it is clear that CMCN's plans backfired. He plans for the Chinese to be angry with Azizan and he is planning for the Indians to be angry with Azizan.

The way it's written, DAP knew about CMCN and Azizan knew about CMCN. The best way now is either to terminate his service or )if he is federal staff) to transfer him out of Kedah.

Soon, Kedah will know who is the real culprit in churning out issues in order to create disharmony between PAS/PKR/DAP.

You r right. Get CMCN and his goons out soon b4 more damage is done...

looes74 said...

By some people especially some naive PAS members still supportive of this joker.....My goodness! It's history repeating itself. Remember the Perak State Secretary & Assembly Secretary's defiance....
All bloggers including Zorro should attack these chauvinistic civil servants such as this CMCN fella. Rather than attacking Lee (Sole DAP dun) & Thomas Su (Kedah DAP chief).....
I read Hamidin's blog. I agree with him. Azizan needs to show leadership of acting tough on right areas such as get rid of these goons.
Nizar has done it with the agama sec & the recently this chauvinist pig, Perak State Sec

Got to tell certain PAS folks & malay too got to be told, DAP especially Kedah one too on Pakatan Rakyat

looes74 said...

The List of Exco members in Kedah. I got it from one their side. It should be correct.
Got to correct that Orang Dalam folk, Taulan's responsibilities is on Religion,Cooperation & Education. Ok lah, perhaps, Taulan responsible in issuing the licences to malay traders
The list as follows:

1 YAB. DATO' SERI USTAZ HAJI AZIZAN BIN ABDUL RAZAK Pengerusi J/Kuasa Perancang Ekonomi Negeri, Perancang Negeri, Hal Ehwal Tanah, Hasil Bumi & Sumber Asli, Majlis Tindakan Negeri, Kewangan, Syarikat Milik Kerajaan

Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri
Pengerusi J/Kuasa Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan, Pemb. Luar Banndar & Basmi Kemiskinan, Kerja Raya, Bekalan Air, Sumber Air dan Tenaga

Pengerusi J/Kuasa Agama, Pelajaran dan Koperasi

Pengerusi J/Kuasa Industri & pelaburan, Pertanian & Industri Asas Tani, Bioteknologi dan Penerangan

Pengerusi J/Kuasa Pelancongan, Pembangunan Masyarakat serta Sumber Tenaga Manusia

Pengerusi J/Kuasa Belia & Sukan, Kesenian, Warisan, Kebudayaan

Pengerusi J/Kuasa Pembangunan Wanita, Pembangunan Keluarga dan Kebajikan Masyarakat

Pengerusi J/Kuasa Sains & Inovasi, Teknologi Maklumat ICT dan Komunikasi, Pembangunan Usahawan

Pengerusi J/Kuasa Kesihatan, Badan-badan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO) dan Pembangunan Insan

10 YB. TAN WEI SHU Pengerusi J/Kuasa Alam Sekitar, Hal Ehwal Masyarakat Cina dan Pengangkutan

looes74 said...

Azizan should have spearhead this team efficiently.....Things could have been different
Major players are Phahrolazi & Amiruddin. Wei Shu could have liased with the environmental department to settle the current abattoir problem.

nightcaller said...


Thks for the info. I took the liberty to write an email to azizan (whether he reads or not, I have carried out my responsibility).

looes74 said...

I am pretty happy of the coolness exhibited by Lim Kit Siang......Just read Malaysia Insider
Though I am still very pissed with Azizan's leadership & I belive many reasonble people like Hamidin would have agreed with me, I as well as many others are prepared to tolerate once more with Azizan's leadership
What Hamidin, PAS Melaka, said is correct PAS GE13 fortune would rely heavily on Azizan......Not all too well, I supposed.....

Forgive me if you might have thought I am baying his blood....I expect him to be like Nizar or at least Nik Aziz. I might not agree with Nik Aziz on all things, Nik Aziz is a sensible person........Most people are reasonable people....Hehe, me lagi teruk....Pragmatic & Realist.....
Thanks for your effort.....The ball is in Azizan's court....Based on his statement if MBAS is giving issue.....Sack MBAS town council president or MBAS secretary, CMCN......

Have you watched Master & Commander? How I wish all MBs are like Jack Aubrey. Pakatan Rakyat is like HMS Surprise,single gun, deck 16 guns fighting agains French Acheron, Frigate, 2 gun deck, 44 guns
Lets Beats to Quarters & However, No men shall go overboard