Tuesday, July 07, 2009

D N41 : T -7, The buck stops hereeeee...

Muhyiddin says The bucks stop here...Wonder what it means?

  1. First thing first. That's not a coded posting. D N41 stands for D (Kelantan car plate number, N41 stands for Manek Urai state seat number. T -7 is the countdown (in days) to Manek Urai's by-election. Comprendo? Ok, now on to the posting :)
  2. Muhyiddin Yassin must be dreamy when he said the buck stops here as picked up by Malaysiakini today.
  3. In earlier posting, this scribe has mentioned that Muhyiddin is trying to better his records from the current standing of 1 win 2 losses since he first took up the Deputy Premier's post.
  4. Muhyiddin is obviously not pleased with BN's (read UMNO's) commitment to Manek Urai thus far. Is this the General's voice of despair after comparing the turnouts between UMNO and PAS supporters at yesterday's nomination centre?
  5. In part, Muhyiddin :-

    • wants Manek Urai to be the start of reversal of BN's fortunes in by-elections;
    • wants BN (read UMNO) to win Manek Urai's by-election;
    • reprimanded party workers for turning up late to join the BN entourage to the nomination centre;
    • ask "why let the General to arrive first" ?;
    • wants all UMNO wings to double their efforts;
    • wants at least 1 % increase in support for the party;
    • wants to win the hearts of the people;
    • is using the tagline "Rakyat didahulukan, Manek Urai diutamakan" ;

  6. Now that we have Muhyiddin's gist of statements, let's see what Muhyiddein is saying...
  7. Manek Urai to be the start of reversal of BN's fortunes in by-elections wants BN (read UMNO) to win Manek Urai's by-election

    Muhyiddin choose the wrong place to make that statement. It may be safe if he were to make that statement in Johor but in Kelantan? Kelantan has been under PAS's rule for the past 18 years and surviving even without the "blue-eyed" treatment from the federal government. Muhyiddin will have an uphill task to win Manek Urai for BN. Not impossible but extremely difficult.

  8. reprimanded party workers for turning up late to join the BN entourage to the nomination centre

    The first question is why are the party workers late? Are they too tired after arriving late? Have they been partying the night before? Have they lost their way? Unfortunately, all these reasoning could not be accepted because Manek Urai is as alien to BN as they are to PAS supporters. If PAS supporters can wake up to the call of Azan, why can't BN (read UMNO) supporters did the same? Unless, BN supporters are not used to early wake-up call, despite their many campings and excursions. If that is true, then it points to indiscipline. And if BN (read UMNO) supporters are indiscipline, then why should we give our trust to indisciplined people?

  9. "why let the General to arrive first"

    Before Muhyiddin can openly make that statement, he should look himself into the mirror and ask that question to himself - how many times has Muhyiddin being punctual in official events when he is the VVIP? How many minutes or hours do guests and participants has to wait for his "grand" appearance? Furthermore, has his "lieutenants" and "sergeant majors" pass the message to the downlines on what time and where is the rendzevous point? UMNO has former army staffs working in their headquarters helmed by Tengku Adnan. If this simple chore cannot be properly executed, then what else can be expected from UMNO? The "General" is doomed to fail without his army and that will be a pitiful scene as there are ever-ready vultures ready to pounce on Muhyiddin's failure.

  10. wants all UMNO wings to double their efforts
    wants at least 1 % increase in support for the party

    TV3 showed that Shahrizat was in Manek Urai together with KJ, both heading their respective wings. Does this mean that both did not trust their "second-in-command"? And where is the "Putra" head?

    Shahrizat has been heard to comment that only BN provides the basic amenities to the rakyat and belittle PAS for knowing to talk but no action taken. First, Shahrizat must understand that BN did not provide the basic amenities. The present government of the day provides it and that is not out of their own party's pocket but from the taxes and the duties impossed on the rakyat. It is the government's duty to provide the basics. So the question is, is the basics enough? Can better amenities be provided? Is the cost for providing the amenities correct or inflated to feed BN (read UMNO) contractors?

    On 1 % increase in support for BN candidate, let's do some basic calculation based on 2008 election results. During 2008, BN managed to secure 4,394 votes. If Muhyiddin is calling for 1% increase, that will be translated to 44 votes, making BN's target of 4,438. And if 75 % voter turnout n 14th July 2009, then 9,219 will cast their votes. That means PAS still wins the by-election with 4,781 votes ( a reduced majority of 343). But the fact remains, PAS still wins the by-election.

  11. wants to win the hearts of the people
    "Rakyat didahulukan, Manek Urai diutamakan

    Muhyiddin may be going for the hearts of the people but when he change 1M PM6's tagline, then all the hypocricy is exposed. It bares that BN is only after their votes, afterwhich Manek Urai will be hang dry.

  12. Yes,the buck's stop here. We are not talking about Buck of the Ice Age 3 fame nor the buck as in male stag. We are talking about buck as in money. BN should stop enticing the voters with money which is akin to vote buying. BN should realise by now that they are backpedalling too long because they employ the same strategy as they used to 50 years ago. It is already an outdated strategy.
  13. Muhyiddin may have realised that he is running an uphill battle when the General failed to instill fighting spirit to his disspirited soldiers. If you do not believe, try watching the youtube's video on BN's march to the nomination centre. It is a tell tale sign of a broken army. No fighting spirit, no enthusiasm, no life...even the "salawat" is barely audible...
  14. BN may have a big well oiled machinery but the way it's going, BN's machinery is bogged down helplessly in Manek Urai. BN's fighters are more interested in talking about the "opportunities" on the other side of the border.
  15. Mustapha Mohamed wants BN to wins the by-election because he needs to show his report card to the boss in KL. His predecessor may be working to make BN's candidate lose so that he can appeal his position to the same boss in KL.
  16. Tuan Aziz may be working tirelessly to win the seat but the other 2 "finalists" are ready to trip him along the way. The only thing that BN can hope for is another "big" announcement from PAS's Nasharuddin Isa, if that can be worked out. But, as Muhyiddin says - The bucks stop here...
  17. And before this scribe called it a day, another sifu blogger Kickdefella will be exposing his version on the buck stops here, beginning tomorrow where he will be exposing the bare facts on Kelantan oil.
  18. Let's hope that Muhyiddin keep on talking to enable us to latch on his endless phrases for blog postings.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

The bn people (umno) always talk and talk and talk. They talked with the winds as it blew along. Thereafter, they won't even remember what they had talked. The poeple at large have had enough of political rhetorics. They asked for nothing more than proper delivery systems from the federal govt. Is that too much to ask ?

Why victimised the states that did not support bn ? Can we pay all our taxes to only the state's concern ? Why talk about road, water, basic amenities provided by umno when in fact it is the govt's responsibilty that the bare minimum amenities must be provided to all its citizens irrespective of state.

Is that asking for too much ? My take is very clear on this. If you (bn-umno) are unable to rule this nation well, please step aside and I believe that many people of the right calibre won't hesitate to take over. In fact we can easily find a dozen of such people to takeover at any given time.

Anonymous said...

Its all very well to run down Barisan Najis but we should be careful here.

Pakatan has much more to lose than Barisan Najis if an upset occurs.

TGNA's standing in PAS will b impacted, Pakatan's momentum will b slowed, Najis and gang will have much to crow about if an upset occurs.

We should work and campaign as though Barisan Najis is leading!!!!

nightcaller said...


That's the point. For so long BN has been acting like Santa Claus everytime there's an election. Before, it was the late Ghaffar Baba and now, it's Muhyiddin taking over the role.

True, the government has provided the basic amenities but has it cover the whole length and breadth of the country? And do you tink that PR will do any better if there is no funds or allocations?

Anon 12:38

It is not a matter of running down BN but it is a matter of holding BN to its words.

BN is using the "pity me and give me the chance" strategy to win over the votes. PR better be prepared with their counter-offense. Rural folks are susceptible to this type of "pity me" melodrama. Time for PR to toughen up....

ahoo said...

The bn people for all the many known years had been impartial with allocation of funds. Places like Kelantan and even Trengganu were indeed robbed of their oil royalties. Except that in the case of T'gganu, the royalty was redirected back but I think with some attached conditions i.e allocation of funding for projects to selected people only.

When it comes to taxation, the bn govt knows how to collect from all but they renege on allocation for states not under their control.

Look like the only way out for Malaysians are to vote them out in the coming GE for changes to take place. Let all Malaysians rise up to the call for change if this govt can't see that the poor needs help. The policies of enriching the elites cannot continue as the rich are far too rich with the poor getting poorer by the day.

nightcaller said...


Hopefully March 2008 teach BN a lesson - do not "bully" opposition states by witholding their funds and projects.

BN should lead by example ie give what is due, no matter whether the state (or the seat) is held by BN or opposition. After all, taxes are paid by all regardless of their political affliation.

The time of sending electrical poles in 1 GE and planting the pole in another GE before stringing the cable in yet another GE is over.