Monday, July 06, 2009

Kelantan N41: T-8 days, 2N MIA...PAS 1 - BN 0

  1. It's confirm now. It will be a straight fight between Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat of BN against Mohd Fauzi Abdullah of PAS. At 11.10 am, Returning officer (RO) make the announcement of the straight fight after the objection period.
  2. Earlier, thousands of party supporters marched their way to the nomination centre. Malaysiakini put the numbers as 2,000 supporters for BN whilst 10,000 turn up to lend their support to PAS. This time around, there is no third party spoiler for Manek Urai. Kelantan police estimated the numbers to be 4,000 BN supporters as opposed to 7,000 PAS supporters. Whatever it is, almost 11~12,000 supporters turn up and the majority of them supports PAS.
  3. Muhyiddein Yassin, Hishamuddein Hussein, Mustapha Mohamed, Shahrizat Jalil, Tengku Adnan Mansor, Mohamed Shafie Afdal, KJ are amongst the BN's big wigs accompanying their candidate. Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Husam Musa, Khalid Samad, Hatta Ramli, Azmin Ali, Zahid Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim, Tan Seng Giaw, Tian Hua leads PAS supporters.
  4. It will be another 8 days before the polling day and all systems are go. Ceramahs, meet the voters, free medical examinations, family days, bicycle presentation ceremony will, once again, colour the campaign.
  5. Questions were asked on the 2 missing in action leaders ie Najib Razak and Nashruddin Isa. Whilst Najib is said to be in Putrajaya attending the monthly PM's department meeting. So, if 1M PM6 is attending the PM's meeting in Putrajaya, what is Muhyiddein doing in Manek Urai? Shouldn't he be attending the meeting as well? Is he putting party above country?
  6. Nik Aziz suggested the media to ask Nasruddin himself why he is not at the nomination centre.
  7. When PAS has PKR and DAP leaders joining them in the march to the nomination centre, where are the other component parties leaders of BN? Cold feet? Cold heart? Lost in transit?
  8. Based on the figures and the mood so far, it is safe to say that PAS is still leading the campaign. PAS candidate has also scored an early victory when the EC agreed that the PAS candidate use "Abe Uji" is his ballot box. Abe Uji stands for Abang Fauzi.
  9. The campaign temperature will surely rise a few notches tonight before it reaches it's high on 14th July 2009.
  10. To both the candidates, may the better man wins and hopefully there will not be any untowards incidents happening that can mar the by-election.
  11. For this "special edition" by-election, feel free to surf prkManekurai for latest news or just click at Kelantan N41 located at the sidebar.
  12. BN will surely use the 9th July MB vs MB (Perak) judgement as campaign material here as well as attacking PKR's Anwar Ibrahim when the sodomy trial goes ahead during the later part of the week.
  13. Muhyiddein will be trying to better his record since he has 1 - 2 by-election results against him and he would like to better his record whilst KJ is trying hard to get back into Najib's and Muhyiddeein's good books by trying to deliver votes to BN. As for Shahrizat, this may be another of those Wanita's sponsored "rombongan Mak Kiah" to Kelantan for Totos', beras siam, keropok, kain batik and the such. 8 days to go and the buses will be fully loaded by then....
  14. On PR's side, this is a time to demonstrate their solidarity and if Nashruddin Isa is far-sighted, he will make his appearance in Manek Urai to support PAS candidate. DAP will be going for the 50 or so Chinese vote swing to PAS.
  15. On a lighter side, after Malaysian's MU poll on 14th July 2009, UK's MU will be in Bukit Jalil on 18th July 2009. Imagine KJ losing big in MU, Kelantan and shouting hoarse for MU during the match. Will he be shouting for MU Kelantan or MU UK? Will one of Blue Blitz's permanent member sitting next to KJ as both are dedicated MU fans?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

Let us all pray that more buy-election will come to town. In this way more of the kampongs will benefit from the instant projects taken up by the ruling regime.

Furthermore, promises are aplenty IF they (bn) wins. From the reports, I think they are getting smarter not to give out all projects during this period alone. They are keeping some "spares" in case they loss out like in the case of KT where lots of goodies was dished out BUT, but they ended up singing their own songs.

At the end of the day, bn must acknowledge that people are not satisfied with their methodology anymore. Why only during buy-election would there be service for the community ? What kind of govt is that that serves only when they require the voters' vote ?

May the people of Manek Urai vote wisely without fear nor favour.

nightcaller said...


In that sense, I am not that worried on Manek Urai's folks. They have been well trained by Nik Aziz in taking whatever is possible but never selling off their votes to BN.

And that is why I see a nervous Muhyiddein pacing up in Manek Urai. Let BN makes all the election pledges now and then hope for the next by-election so that BN's unfulfilled election pledges can be highlighted to bare all BN's empty promises.