Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jump on the bandwagon...there's room for one more.

  1. Politicians are a vicious lot. They will do everything to be in the limelight.
  2. Whilst the family and fiancee of Teoh Beng Hock mourns his unnecessary death, the politicians are grappling for the front page cover.
  3. Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, representing Pakatan Rakyat is seeking for a royal commission to investigate the circumstances leading to Teoh's demise.
  4. In part, Anwar said
    "MACC must be responsible and we will not accept the official version, and explanation from ministers that he jumped off the roof," Anwar Ibrahim
  5. Najib is saddened in Egypt. Najib's wish
    "The government hopes that the people will remain calm and patient. Let's leave it to the authorities to investigate," Najib (Prime Minister)
  6. Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO youth chief, also ask for royal commission. However, his concern is more in cleansing MACC when he says
    "This objective is also important to cleanse off any ill-thoughts towards the MACC, hence protecting the reputation of the institution," Khairy Jamaluddin (UMNO youth chief)
  7. Khir Toyo cautioned opposition against blaming MACC. He feels
    "It is unfair to simply hurl accusations against MACC without waiting for the results of the investigation. Let the police investigate first, and if they are dissatisfied with the outcome, then perhaps an independent inquiry could be held," Khir Toyo (former Selangor MB)
  8. Vell Paari, fresh from Sujatha's inquest, wants an inquest because
    "The time has come for the government to do this, especially in sensitive cases. The general perception is that the truth can only surface in this manner. If the government continues to keep mum, it will only serve to fuel public mistrust towards the government and enforcement agencies," Vell Paari (MIC, Samy's son)
  9. Muhyiddin appealed for calm since
    "I know the police force will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation as we would not want anybody to cover up the truth," Muhyiddin Yassin (Deputy Prime Minister)
  10. Even the non-politicians wants to be in the news. TS Ramon Navaratnam, Chairman of one of the advisory panel for MACC, put on record that
    “The investigation would have ended well before midnight to allow the deceased to rest before continuing the next morning. No normal person can stand mental and physical pressure of this kind. His death was tragic and unnecessary,” Ramon Navaratnem (Chairman of one of MACC's advisory panel)
  11. Suhakam promised an investigation. When? Next month, Suhakam will decide whether the investigation is appropriate or not. Simon Sapaun, vice-chairperson. Simon says
    "Suhakam is deeply concerned and disturbed by the unfortunate death of Teoh, urging MACC and other enforcement agencies to ensure that human rights standards are maintained and practised at all times, including in the course of interrogating witnesses and suspects." - Simon Sapaun (Suhakam vice-chairperson)
  12. Transparent International - Malaysia (TI-M) is extremely shocked. The watchdog sees
    "This tragedy can only tarnish the MACC, that despite its new structure and mandate, it has not discharged its duties in a manner to inspire the public's confidence in its independence
    and professionalism." - TI - M
  13. The BAR council and other NGOs' has also come out to give their expression. Their joint statement ask
    "Kenapa? Kenapa SPRM memanggil sidang media hanya pada jam 5 petang, tiga setengah jam selepas menyedari kematiannya," BAR council and NGOs'
  14. The people? The people are just kind
    "Enough of the cruelty. We have seen a lot of it. We want an explanation from MACC." - the people of Malaysia
  15. It is of utmost importance for the police force to investigate the case fast and not hiding the facts. However, whatever is the conclusion, there will be hundreds of theories on the unnecessary deaths. MACC, being in the centre of the storm, should come out clean with their own internal investigation. Can they? The questions that need immediate answers are :-

    • what is the standard procedure to interview witnesses? what is the idle time to interview them? what is the ideal duration for the interview?
    • who interviewed Teoh? Is he working alone or part of the interview team?
    • was Teoh given proper treatment?
    • why did't MACC sent him home after the interview? If they can pick him up from his office, they surely can sent him back to the office.
    • why was the body left at the scene approximately 5 hours after the shocking find?
    • who finds the body? how did they know that he fell from MACC floor?
    • when will MACC conduct its own internal investigation?
    • why was Teoh's lawyer barred from the interview session?
    • will MACC send the officers in charge of the interview session sent to MACC desk jobs?
    • will MACC suspends (without pay) its investigating officers and those involved in attending to Teoh? It may sound cruel but that will be a factor in getting MACC to be more professional in their investigative approach.
    • is MACC truly independent and transparent in discharging their duties?
    • will MACC chief offer to resign for this fiasco?

  16. The next that we want to know is - who will do the investigation? And whose investigation will be the final "verdict"? There are so many who offer to carry out investigation that there is possibility that the findings will conflict one another.
  17. To me, when will these "selective investigation" end? It is amazing how our public bodies are used by their political masters to satisfy their political cravings. As if the political masters are the paymasters.
  18. It is the people who put the politicians where they are. Remember that...or else be ready to face the peoples' wrath this coming GE 13.
  19. For now, BN desperately needs the rakyats' support. If the day before, Muhyiddin brushed aside the call for the setting up of royal commission, today Muhyiddin is saying that the proposal will be brought up in the coming weekly cabinet meeting. Bernama quoted himmumling
    "The cabinet will study the views and proposals of various people to decide whether such a commission was needed," Muhyiddin Yassin
  20. Teoh's journey will end this 20th July, how many more will climb the bandwagon? Afterall, there is always space for one more. Do you want to join the bandwagon too?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Thats why i say Pakatan sometimes are too complacent. We forget who the real and true enemy is.

I will not be especially harsh on DAP since I am a chinese.

To people like Thomas Su and DAP Kedah and all those shitheads who criticise PAS, I hope you are happy now, pulling out of PAS over a damn shit abbatoir.

You idiots forget so easily who is the true enemy, you seem to want to think its PAS!

Look at what they can do to Teoh!

You want to pull out of what! Dumb idiots!!

Anonymous said...

I meant I will NOW be extremely harsh on DAP since I am a Chinese.

nightcaller said...

Anon 1:50's

Since you are the same person...welcome back to reality. And the reality is we have been systematically brought up by BN to view other Malaysians with suspicions.

I mean, we become polarised with Ahmad, the Malay; Lee, the Chinese; and Raju, the Indian. Hopefully, from now on, we can see Kugan as a Malaysian who died in police lock-up and Teoh another Malaysian who died unnecessarily whilst under MACC's responsibility.

Keep the pressure on as I see the government givng in and ready to go for Royal commission to investigate Teoh's untimely demise...

The Precious aKmaL said...

Hi DNightcaller,

Glad I found a click away of summarised events surrounding us. Great going sure revisit soon. Thank you:)

nightcaller said...