Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Khir Toyo : The unnecessary attention grabber...

  1. For now, Khir Toyo is a liability for UMNO. In short, Khir Toyo may not be making his obligatory trip to Manek Urai as his presence may dent whatever hopes BN has to win the by-election.
  2. What is Khir Toyo's current predicament? DAP's Ng Suee Lim claimed that Khir's mansion is worth RM 24M. Malaysiakini picked up the news on 6th July 2009.
  3. Actually, the mansion pictures has been making its rounds via emails some time back and basically nobody gives it a hoot until Ng came along.
  4. Khir Toyo has responded to Ng's claim through his blog. Now, how do I see it?
  5. To me, Ng Suee Lim and DAP is capitalising on this issue for their own self and political interest. The questions that raised through my mind are :-
    • Why does Ng Suee Lim choose Khir Toyo and his mansion? Is it because this has been circulated in cyber-space?

    • Is it because Khir Toyo is a former MB and the opposition leader so Ng choose Khir above the rest?
    • Why didn't Ng revealed the properties of other former EXCOs' and state reps especially from MCA and MIC? Are they unblemished? Or is it because Ng is doing selective accusation?
    • The onus of proof is on Ng. Why is he not providing detail breakdown on the alledged RM 24 M mansion?

  6. The way I see it, Ng is trying to pin down Khir Toyo so that the latter did not raise up sensitive issue in the coming sitting. Ng is also building up the connotation that UMNO leaders are corrupt or at least got ill-gotten gains during their tenure. Is Ng making a statement that PR especially DAP state reps did not take advantage to increse their personal wealth?
  7. The exposure gets the whole town excited. Taxi drivers are talking, commuters are also talking and some of them has interpreted the information wrongly and has blanketted all UMNO members as wealth seekers. Is Ng implying that PR reps are totally clean? 1 year ago, I might concur they are clean but 1 year on, I have my doubts too.
  8. Whether you like it or not, Khir Toyo is another example of how dreams can be reality in Malaysia...He is :-

    • 1st generation (Father an immigrant, mother an ethnic malay) mixed blood;
    • Selangor MB when he is 35 years of age;
    • a dentist, by profession;
    • Rose in UMNO rank on his own merit;
    • receive the highest votes for UMNO supreme council in 2004;

  9. For me, Khir Toyo has to do some soul searching of his own. Is RM 3.5 M the correct value for his mansion? Is it gained through proper channels or transacted during one of those "mega sale" extravaganza? Can Khir Toyo sleep happy knowing that his Sungai Panjang constituency has poor people waiting to be help?
  10. For all you know, the mansion may be legally acquired but is it morally right? Is this the mark of a good leader? Is this the mark of a Muslim leader? Is this the legacy that Khir Toyo wants to leave behind?
  11. Maybe this is wishful thinking but is it possible for Khir Toyo to emulate Lee Myung-Bak, South Korean President who donated most of his personal fortunes to a fund for needy students. Afterall, Khir Toyo has some similarities with Korean Lee as both of them were poor when growing up.
  12. Is Ng raising up the issue out of sincerity or out of political mileage? There might be some dirty linens in DAP Selangor and Ng is shooting the messenger as a friendly reminder - before you mess my home, I messed yours first...
  13. Timingwise, Ng's exposure is off the mark because of other more pressing issues at stake :-

    • Anwar's sodomy case (against Saiful Bahari) set to start today but adjourned to 15th July 2009;
    • Cabinet's decision to scrap PPSMI (teaching and learning Science in English) by 2012;
    • Mb vs MB (Perak) federal court hearing is expected on 9th July 2009;
    • Kelantan Manek Urai by-election campaign is ongoing;
    • Kg Buah Pala land issue;
    • DAP's protest on demolition of abattoir in Alor Setar, Kedah;

  14. Ng may be unwittingly trying to divert the nation's attention from PR's problems by "exposing" Khir Toyo's mansion.
  15. Worse, Ng may be a pawn in UMNO's political game where Khir Toyo is still a force to be reckoned with.
  16. Who's bluffing and who's correct? The answer may be forthcoming, in time to come...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Jarod said...

Sad isn't it when he has all the wealth and the people suffer like mad. This kind of YB is better off from the politics.

nightcaller said...


Sad? I kind of feel sorry for him. He did not make use of his fortune to help the less fortunate.

In his wealth, he forgets that he was once poor.

This is the kind of politicians that need constant reminders that he is up there to serve the rakyat and not make the rakyat his serves (slaves)...

ahoo said...

All people out there should pressure this fellow into acknowledging that he is lying in term of the cost of this palatial home. Let him turn it into a
" Never Land " and be a place for tourists and in that sense at least the state's concern can benefit with entrance fees, ha ha ha ! Obviously, there are more issues that will be reviewed in the days ahead. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

nightcaller said...


Neverland? For one, I do not fancy seeing Khir doing the "moonwalk" or wearing i handed glove...

It would be better to convert it into a "Marcos" style museum of "the rich and infamous..." as a deterrence to money grabbing politicians (both from BN and PR)...

Anonymous said...

You are right with strain that Azmin Ali had with Khalid Ibrahim
Sorry for being out of this topic