Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hindraf : Of becoming "unbecoming"

Hindraf's unbecoming is now exposed. Little by little, it will loss its allure...

  1. Something is brewing in Hindraf. After claiming success in denting the BN stranglehold on Malaysians during March 2008 election, Hindraf leaders are taking issues to a different level.
  2. Historically, Hindraf gains national coverage in November 2007. Rightly or wrongly, Hindraf claimed that it represent the voice of the minority Hindus. That's why Hindraf stands for Hindu Rights Action Force and not Indian Rights Action Force.
  3. Wiki described Hindraf is made up of a coalition of 30 NGOs' commited to preservation of Hindu community rights and heritage in Malaysia. The group is concerned on the "unofficial policy of temple demolition" and encroachment of sharia-based laws.
  4. After March 2008, this scibe feels that Hindrafs leaders' actions are becoming more "unbecoming" where :-
    • P. Uthayakumar wanted to have his international passports returned to him when he still has ongoing sedition trial coming up. His reasoning of getting medical attention abroad is a ploy to go overseas. Being a lawyer, Uthayakumar will use whatever means available to get his wish in the court of law;
    • Hindraf's leaders first threatened opposition parties by urging them to nominate Hindraf leader as PR's candidate for Bukit Selambau by-election. When PR did not heed to their call, one of Hindraf's minnows put in his candidacy as independent candidate and lost his deposit;
    • Hindraf openly warned a legally elected state government over a court case involving 300 residents of Kampung Buah Pala, Penang;
    • Kampung Buah Pala residents, who may have the blessings of Hindraf, asking their rep to quit;
    • Blaming MIC as having part in the demolition of temple in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng;
  5. These are only a few examples that indicates Hindraf's "unbecoming". Individually, it may not be much but collectively, it shows the attitude of some of the so-called Hindraf leaders and followers. What does it say? What does it represent? Mass violence?
  6. First, let's have a look at P Uthayakumar's actions. Being a lawyer and official of court, P Uthayakumar should set a better example by temporarily abiding to the restriction orders as stipulated as part of the condition for his release. Why need to say "No" to everything? His action of not attending the periodical review called by Kamunting is also another example of his behaviour bordering on arrogance and stubborn. He may feel that he has achieve a lot by snubbing the authorities but in actual, he has not achieved that much.
  7. Sifu blogger, Rocky bru, posted that P Uthayakumar is set to launch a new party known as Parti Hak Asasi Manusia (PAHAM) by July 2009. What does that show? Is Hindraf disintegrating? First, a formar Hindraf national leader set a political party and now a second party from Hindraf? Why can't the 2 joined force and launch just 1 party? Is it becoming economically profittable to launch your own political party? Is Uthayakumar aiming to join BN through this political vehicle? Is this how Uthayakumar going to spearhead Hindraf supporters in drove to support BN and at the same time stay away from MIC?
  8. The federal government is acting soft, not because of Hindraf's force but because federal (read BN) is still reeling and licking their March 2008 losses. Although, pundits outside claims that BN will be wiped out in GE 13, I, for one, did not see it coming. Not, at least for now because PR has its own problems to settle and the rural and urban working class is returning to BN's folds with pre-set conditions which BN has to conform before gaining their trust back.
  9. The Bukit Selambau by-election demonstrate that Hindraf is not a major factor in winning or losing the election. Hindraf want to be seen as holding the key but unfortunately their key does not fit in Bukit Selambau. So, Hindraft resorted to threats and threats and threats....to both BN and PR, hoping that their small voice can push them to places....
  10. Hindraf's supporters in Penang dare their elected rep to quit. On what reason? Does this mean that the rakyats can do whatever they want, regardless of what the legal courts judgement? If the judgement is against you, can you go against the judgement and blame it on the government? If the Kampung Buah Pala get their way, what about the developers? Are they not victims? Are we going the way of "mob" rule? Are we in Kollywood now?
  11. On Kampung Buah Pala case, it must first be established who owns the land. Is it the residents or is it the developer? The primary concern is who is the legally correct owner. If the residents are squatters, then they should make way for development. Maybe they can request for the developer to compensate them on humanitarian ground. Why blame the elected rep for something beyond his control?
  12. On Hindraf's call to designate the area as heritage site. It should be done years ago and not when the judgement is out. Although I feel for the residents, it is by no means an approval that the residents can ask their elected rep to quit or to fight against the order.
  13. It is easy for Waymoorthy, another Hindraf national leader, to criticise the federal government, the state government, the elected reps and everybody else just because he is outside the country. Does he feels the pulse of Kampung Buah Pala? Has he been to Kampung Buah Pala? Has he met with the CM of Penang to appeal for the residents? The answer is most probably not. Why? Because Waymoorthy is not in Malaysia.
  14. To voice their displeasure, Hindraf has called for nationwide protest in front of DAP offices. Sounds great, right? However, Malaysiakini reported that only a handful of Hindraf supporters show up in front of DAP HQ. A handful? How many is considered a handful? 10, yes only 10 show up in Petaling Jaya. In Penang, where Kg Buah Pala is located, around 150 Hindraf supporters gathered in Komtar. Both are a far cry of "a gathering of 10,000" as planned by Hindraf. It shows that Hindraf is fast losing steam and will be steamless soon...
  15. Latest, Hindraf blamed MIC youth for playing a role in the demolition of a 20-year old temple at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. To put the records straight, the demolition was carried out by the developer. What is the motive of Hindraf putting the blame on MIC? MIC may be guilty of many things but demolishing the temple? Hindraf is trying to squeeze MIC out of the picture and Hindraf is trying hard to potray that they are the true defenders of Hindus. The question is , do we defend something that is not properly placed? Do we defend buildings in other peoples' lands? Isn't that tresspassing? Is there any other viable alternatives to solve the problems?
  16. You may say that these are ramblings but the keyword is "Hindraf is becoming unbecoming". They are acting beyond their real strength. You can do it once or twice...but 1 too many and politicians from both sides will call the bluff.
  17. Instead Hindraf should be working within their capacity and capability. Hindraf has failed to show that they are a major political force in Bukit Selambau and their voices will be mute in Manek Urai....how can Hindraf remains relevant when their leaders are becoming less relevant and instead projecting self-interest?
  18. The state and federal government may be rushing to gain some political mileage by championing Kampung Buah Pala at the expense of the developer. But after that?
  19. Hindraf's unbecoming is now exposed. Little by little, it will loss its allure...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

I think it depends.

Hindraf like PKR, like PAS, i strongly believe, has been infiltrated by UMNO or BeeEnd covert operatives. These guys work behind the scenes with some agenda symphatetic to BeeEnd.

I think this DAP protest was not called by Uthayakumar.

If Utayakumar really wanted to call a 10,000 person protest against LGE, i think strong chance the hindus will rally behind him.

as for Bukit Selambau, i think some elements in Hindraf as mentioned above is 'BeeEnd' friendly, like the PAS 'UMNO' fraction.

We have not learned from the Perak lesson tought to us.

nightcaller said...

Anon 3:17

You are up early and about :)

The difference between Hindraf and the PKR/PAS is that Hindraf is not acting as one movement now. It is splitting into many directions.

You may be correct in saying that BN operatives are infiltrating PKR/PAS but still, both parties act in unison when tackling issues.

You heck back the news. DAP protest is called by Waymoorthy, one of Hindraf's national leaders and yet the response its getting is "cold feet". Even if Uthayakumar called for the gathering, the response will be the same.

Bukit Selambau demonstrate the Hindraf is no longer acting as one body but the term "Hindraf" is used to add additional mileage to a person in pushing his personal agenda. It also shows that their support is waning.

Finally, there is no connection between Perak lesson and Hindraf.

Anonymous said...

The connection is pretty simple , just as Perak proved people can b bought cheaply, I think some leaders have been bought out in HINDRAF.

ahoo said...

I concur with what you analysed. By crying wolf too many times, it will agitate people feelings. At one stage, they were calling for their leaders in Kamunting to be released. Why not others as well ?

To me, that indicates their narrow agenda. What is their main objective beside fighting for the welfare of the poor and marginalised Indians ? I would propose that they (hindraf) get involve with the state authorities that are more friendly to their cause. Be more positive in their approach and find ways to interact with people of race. Don't be a champion of only one race BUT be a hero for all Malaysians. Fight all form of corruptions, injustice, plundering, wastages etc. irrespective of the state being run by which govt.

As long as there are needs, let them utilise their resources to assist. No race nor creed is necessary as afterall we are all Malaysians. We all hope and pray for a better Malaysia, that cares for those poor and needy. Let them receive whatever assistance deem necessary by the govt for their people. If this govt can't provides for those in need, garner all your supporters to vote for change in the next election. Elect only those who can support your cause and also Malaysians cause.

nightcaller said...

Anon 11:12

Hindraf just "fade" away wih the so many directions thay are heading...thus not need to buy Hindraf leaders out....


That's why Hindraf starts to lose steam when their fight is only for one minority group. So how far can they go on such a narrow path?

And that is why I am looking to see how Uthayakumar's going to structure his PAHAM party. If he includes all race, then he may have a chance, or else..he will be another dead horse...no go from the start....

zorro said...

I went to the Hindraf rally because of abject poverty I saw my Sentul kids faced. Their memorandum to QEII was just a red herring. Admittedly, the rally rallied an anti-BN sentiment that contributed to the detriment of BN in the 2008 GE.

Today, I cannot fathom their direction,especially after the release from ISA. Taking pot-shots seems to be the flavor currently. I still believe they can be a force for change....however.....

Anonymous said...


why do u say so many directions? as far as i can tell, its been only ONE direction, betterment of Hindus (note Hindus, not Malaysians) and they willing to bash ANYBODY to achieve that.

But somebody in Hindarf should realise, you cant be enemies with everybody, then you will have ZERO allies.

Either they choose to be with Pakatan or they choose BeeEnd and then go from there!

The reason why I say they are bought out is Uthaya and Waytha should realise who can help them most. Those calling for anti-DAP i believe kena bought out.

nightcaller said...


My thoughts exactly. When Hindraf first started out, it is a movement for the betterment of Hindus (read Indians). I have no problem with that as poverty eradication should be part of our agenda regardless of race, religion or creed.

Hindraf should regroup and map out their roadmap on what are their objectives and their goals. With the goals identified, Hindraf can move as a group to achieve their goals.

Anon 6:07 pm

Why I say many direction? 2 of their national leaders are forming 2 different parties ie Makkal Sakhti party and PAHAM.

Then, Hindraf Penang is fighting for Kg Buah Pala residents including urging their state rep to resign and lately asking Lim GE to resign. Hindraf has forgotten that they should not be acting like a mob asking everybody to resign just because they could not get what they want. In the first place, do they have legal standing? Second, I did not see the rationale to preserve Kg Buah Pala as heritage village. You see the buildings, does it looks heritage to you? My point is Hindraf has lost its direction and everything done at Hindu (read: Indian) village is oppression. Is that really true?

Anonymous said...

No its not.

For the moment, i will give Utaya and Waytha some room, i think this Kampung Pala agenda has been hijacked by 'UMNO loving' elements in Hindraf done to paint LGE and DAP in a bad light.

Just like PAS where certain elements has been 'bought out' to keep this never ending 'unity' story alive........

nightcaller said...

Anon 2:50am

If the residents agenda are hijacked by "UMNO loving" elements, then it's good because it has clearly shown that they do not have the support of the masses as evident with the handful of protesters in Komtar and DAP HQ.

However, these "UMNO lovong" elements are the key players of Kg Buah Pala residents movement. Unless those "Chairman" and secretary" are not who they claimed to be, then it would be a different story altogether.

If they are "UMNO loving" elements as claimed by you, Hindraf should coume with strong worded statements to clarify the facts, just like what PAS did to clear the air.

Anonymous said...

But so what? Even after PAS cleared the air, its never ending, theres still this and that proposal coming out.

Its never ending.

I think the bigger sign from Hindraf is the protest is not bigger than what it was.

I think a lot of the hot air is coming out more from the mass media.

nightcaller said...

Anon 1:40 pm

Yes, too much hot air from Kg Buah Pala residents.

Anonymous said...

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