Monday, June 29, 2009

Kelantan N41 : Tuan Aziz vs Fauzi Abdullah vs...?

The battle for the Malay hearts will continue in Kelantan's N41 Manek Urai. Both UMNO and PAS has announced their candidates. The EC has set 6th July as the nomination date. Initial thoughts and comments are...
  1. The next battle field for the Malay heartlands is on, at least that is what both BN and PR wants.
  2. PAS announce the candidacy of Fauzi Abdullah during a ceramah on 26th June 2009. UMNO follow suit and announce Tuan Aziz as their candidate on 29th June 2009.
  3. In he nutshell, PAS is banking on a small guy who make it through life whilst UMNO is staking on the learned guy who's part of Kesedar's management.
  4. In announcing Tuan Aziz's candidacy, Muhyiddin was quoted
    "Our candidate wants to champion Muslims and bear the torch of unity. He is a person who is academically qualified and has wide experience as well as a good track record here. He is not a fishmonger"
  5. What does Muhyiddin's statement stands for ? What is he implying when he says :-
    • UMNO's candidate wants to champion Muslims.

      Why only now? What has the the candidate been doing in the past? Has he not been championing Muslims?

    • UMNO candidate want to bear the torch of unity.

      Again, why only now is Muhyiddin harping on unity issue? And which "unity" is he referring to? "Malay/muslim unity" which has been openly rejected by PAS/PR or "Malaysian unity" covering all race and creeds? If for the former, why raise it when it has been shot down? If it is for the latter, why choose Manek Urai when the non-Malays voters make up of only 0.78 % of the votes?

    • UMNO candidate is academically qualified.

      So what? Academically qualified is not an automatic assurance that he will be serving the rakyat. Academically qualified also does not means that he has good public relations. Is Muhyiddin belittling the "other" candidate because he is not academically qualified? Is the UMNO candidadate "academically qualified" and "religously qualified"? Is UMNO placing "academically qualified" person above the rest?

    • UMNO candidate has wide experience.

      I am looking forward for Muhyiddin to list out Tuan Aziz experience. I mean real experience and not the experience of filling positions and warming various committee seats.

    • UMNO candidate has good track record.

      What track record is Muhyiddin talking about? Which track record? Working track record? Party track record? Personal track record?

  6. In giving motivations to BN workers for the upcoming Manek Urai by-election, Muhyiddin may have incidentally step on some toes, friends and foes alike. The way Muhyiddin refers to PAS candidate as the fishmonger may create some unpleasant ripples.In the east coast states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang, fishmongers are part and parcel of the society. The are an integral part of the society where they have come to be part of the close knit families of the rural folks.
  7. UMNO may be ahead in terms of "academically qualified" candidate but they may be well behind in terms of "one of us" type of candidate.
  8. There may be spoilers on 6th July 2009 but's let's hope for a straight fight between PAS and UMNO. It will be a testing ground for Mustaffa Mohamed to prove that he is worthy to head Kelantan's UMNO. It will be interesting to see how UMNO division leader and the former assemblyman going to react.
  9. Whatever it is, the stage is set. May the better candidate wins...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

Lao Tzu says “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

May the force be with the Mr Fishmonger who he knows best what his people go through every day..

Give these people a learned man, all they might get is a business plan that stays on paper..

nightcaller said...


It hurts man...a learned man gives business plan that stays on paper?? Well, it's better for the plan to stay on paper than plan that converted a lively village to another Bukit Koman, complete with cyanide...

A fishmonger he may be, honesty is his trade, simplicity is his charm. Viva mr fishmonger...

ahoo said...

Maybe no. 2 was indicating that bn had has been proven to be reliable since they had educated this flyer. Thus, the people at large should be grateful.

I will vote for the honest man with integrity (fishmonger) than a qualified candidate as experience alone is the greatest teacher of all ! Furthermore, being a self-made man, he knows the heart of the voters of his area for most of them are fishermen. Let him be the fisher of men for this occassion and may he wins with a bigger percentage than his predecessor to show bn no.1 & 2 that simple people lives simply but can vote with extraordinary knowledge.

zorro said...

Those who fish at the Wharf will definitely root for our MU fishmonger. Nightcaller, wherever you are,will I catch you at MU?

nightcaller said...


Yes..let's root for the fishmonger this time round.


Making enquiries now...most probably will see u there in MU...

Anonymous said...

This battle is PAS's to lose. So long as they dont mis-step, they have it in the bag.

TGNA CANNOT AFFORD to lose this one on his home turf. In fact, he needs to turn a bigger majority.

With a convincing win, his position in PAS vis a vis Hadi and Nasha will b stronger.

I fear for TGNA otherwise.

How i wish there could be one UMNO donkey who would kick the bucket in Perak, we can really show them people power!

Bukit Gantang was nice but it was still belonging to PAS.

We need Kuala Kangsar to die of a heart attack!!!!!

nightcaller said...

Anon 6:43

Kuala Kangsar? U mean the AP "iron lady" ex-minister? That's a parliamentary seat there...

I would rather see Jelapang, Changkat Jering or Behrang seats vacant. They are the ones who cause the problems and the ones who "leapt" to the other it is timely if the seats are vacanted to let Peral people decide...

As for Manek Urai, PAS has the advantage...for now.

Hanz_Azdi said...

Anonymous June 30, 2009 6:43 PM "we need Kuala Kangsar to die of a heart attack!!!!!" ---> hehehe it is where i am now.

actually no good lah we wish or pray she the MP to died soon. But having said that i do hope if only she is dead it is for all to see a wind of change in this province for the sake of all rakyat. 'ameen'