Monday, June 01, 2009

1M: Rumbling to tu BN?

4 is not a good number to Chinese. 13 is also not a good number for English. If we have 4 out of 13, both being "unlucky" numbers, what will that bring? Does 2 bad numbers gives an "ong" number?
  1. It's calm on the surface but simmering underneath. It's going to erupt soon but where is the softest spot? Where will it erupts first?
  2. BN, Malaysia's ruling party, is made up of 13 component parties. 13? Yes 13, Pak Lah's favourite number when SAPP withdrew from BN on 17th September 2008.
  3. Out of these 13 component parties, 4 is rumbling into trouble.
  4. First up is SBDP (Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party). It's treasurer, Tiong King Sing happens to control 70 % of Wijaya Baru Holdings Sdn Bhd (WBHSB), a construction and reclaimation company involved in PKFZ. There is nothing wrong for politicians to own shares in companies. But WBHSB's subsidiary, KDSB, may have conflicet of interest in the possible RM12.4 B project.
  5. The issue becomes hotter because Ting happens to be the current BN's Backbenchers club's chairman. If Ting is found guilty of conflict of interest, it is going to affect BN. MACC has been handed a copy of PKFZ's audit report, prepared by PWC. MACC has to prove that they are free to investigate. Will BN respond by restraining their elected reps from being active in companies? BN management committee may need to look seriously into this issue.
  6. One of Perikatan's and BN's co-founder is also showing signs of internal bickering. MCA, the party that saved Tun M when UMNO was first de-registered in the 80's is having its own problems.
  7. It has been an open secret that OTK does not see eye to eye with his deputy, CSL. In fact, SCL is not considered during the latest cabinet reshuffle. MCA's number 2 has been sidelined. Is it wrong then, if CSL studies his options including joining PR? BN has appointed CSL as BN co-ordinator in PR-led states. Is that the best BN can offer CSL? Will that appointment buy CSL's loyalty to BN?
  8. It should be noted that there is growing dissatisfaction against OTK, including in Johor, MCA's stronghold state. If CSL leaves BN for PR and Johor MCA cross over, can MCA survive GE 13? Can BN survive ?
  9. Next to step in is PPP, the party who was once Perak's kingmaker during its heydays. Now, it has 2 Presidents. Both claim legitimacy, both claimed to represent PPP. So, who is the legally correct President?
  10. Najib is torn between the 2 Presidents. Can he afford to offend any of them?
  11. Up north, Gerakan is set to lose few hardened members. Gerakan's VP is set to leave the party. His time frame? Within the next 3 weeks. His reasons? inconceivable differences.
  12. Gerakan's VP, Huan Cheng Guan, however indicated he is willing to meet Koh Tsu Koon and Najib to discuss his move.
  13. There you have it. 4 component parties in BN is rumbling to trouble. Individually, their trouble may be easy to resolve. Collectively, it proves that BN is sick to the core. It's getting cancerous and contagious.
  14. Will MIC follow suit? Will MIC split, comes September 2009?
  15. Najib may be running out of options soon. If BN component parties are rumbling to trouble, there is every possibility that Najib has no hoice but to call for snap election. Will that happen?
  16. PR needs to strengthened their ranks. PKR, the weakest link needs to fortify its party fast.
  17. Above all, the real kingmakers ie the voters are assessing the situation. May the better coalition wins...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

It's Stage IV Cancer - no doubt about it.

"Treatments for people with stage IV cancer are not capable of curing the cancer, but can reduce symptoms and extend and improve the quality of the person's life".

So, all we could do is see it dies slowly in due time?

nightcaller said...

Stage IV? can't they go for chemo treatment? Afterall, out of the 4, I would assume that only 1 (MCA) is definitely is one of the vital organs in BN.

Or maybe they have t resort to kagen (alkaline water) to rid cancer :)

Anonymous said...

If the MCA Johore makes the fatal move, UMNO would be finished for good........


nightcaller said...

Looes 74

But MCA Johore is helmed by OTK, Th eMCA president. However, as i see it, Johore MCA may be more aligned to touch and go for OTK too...

Anonymous said...

Najis Razak as I see it is making the 2 biggest mistakes of his political life and should kill Barisan Najis for good.

1) Holding on to Perak by all means possible and blatantly miusing PDRM and the Judiciary. He must think the whole of Malaysia consists of blind idiots.

2) He will jail DSAI for sodomy II and this will seal Najis Razak punya fate.

nightcaller said...

Anon 3:04

1. On perak, Najib must find an honourable way out. I have written many times before that the best (to me) solution is to force at least 2 frogs to vacate their seats. Which 2 frogs? Behrang and Changkat Jering...then go for by election, winner takes the state.

2. DSAI on sodomy charges? That is way before Najib. Remember that the whole charges seems to be cooked up ala sodomy I. If in sodomy I, there is the possibility that AAB was involved, sodomy II my also be the same script i.e. Najib is the fll guy when in actual fact, it is others who do the planning.

3. If u look into Najib's rise in power, he is not a person who likes to stir things, and he was formerly under Anwar's patronage. So Najib is quite impossible to frame Anwar on sodomy II. It is just not his style...

4. Najib needs to steer the 4 component parties out of troubled waters or not BN will sink faster than Titanic....

Anonymous said...

The game is perception my friend.

For Sodomy 2, it does not matter if Najis is clean as a baby's bottom, the moment DSAI is jailed, all the blame will be at his feet.

Who gains and who losses , separate issue.

Guaranteed though that the blame will be on him.

nightcaller said...

Anon 10:03

I agree with u..perception it is. For the time being, Anwar is riding high on the wave but waves do die down...and as long as Anwar is painted as the victim, he will get all the support.

The government should know better than that and they should come out clean. So far, the government is doing all the wrong is time for them to rectify the wrongs, including those of Perak.

Unfortunately, Najib is dragged in for sodomy II. He should let the trial to proceed without any inteference and comments at all from BN.