Thursday, June 11, 2009

SIS : the 1 eyed organisation...

PAS passed the resolution. SIS switch on SOS. Here comes the horde, lost and confuse. Will it be the one eyed SIS leading the blind?

  1. During the recently concluded 55th PAS muktamar, PAS has called on the relevant bodies in the government to conduct study of SIS's activities.
  2. Initially, this scribe wrote, Shahrizat comes running, Mahathir fends off whilst PKR shies away...and do you think it is finish? No, it is not! SIS sends out SOS and here comes the horde, lost and confuse. But since they are from the same herd, they start stampeding...
  3. In the name of Malaysian civil society, they are signing a petition for joint statement. The contents of the joint statement is not important. It is open for interpretation. But what this scribe sees is the quality of people signing the petition. For this matter, this scribe is going to omit those non-Muslims who signed the petition as their religous code differs from Muslims.
  4. Heading the list are 2 former PM's daugthers, Nori and Marina. And for good measure, the SIL, KJ also signed the petition. Zaid Ibrahim and Zainah Anwar, SIS founder also signed the petition.
  5. What does this say about their knowledge in Islam? I will say zilch, zero. Malay word for it? Haprak!
  6. This scribe is not surprise if Ali orAminah who are not community or political leaders sign the petition because of their ignorance but this scribe will not tolerate Muslim community and political leaders who are supposed to be role models are ignorant in this matter.
  7. Let's forget Shahrizat, Mahathir and Mustaffa Kamil Ayub. They have got their dose before.
  8. Let's go for Nori and Marina first. Being former first daughters, they have brought shame to their parents. Whilst one father promoted Islam Hadhari, the other has already insulted Muslim when his remark of "the prophet never use gillette" were uttered years back. Maybe, it is due to lack or religous guidance, maybe it is due to their "liberal" upbringing, but both disappointedly shame their parents by signing the petition. Why? Because they did not seem to understand what PAS resolution is about and thus blinded by their hatred towards PAS, signed the petition. Have they for once refer the matter to their Ustazs? I mean, really, I heard that these rich people from the glass castles pay for Ustazs and Ustazahs to come and conduct usrah in their homes. Do they attend proper religous classes? Or are they too "modern" to listen and obey the 1400 year old teachings of Islam?
  9. Ah, then here comes KJ. SIL, first term parliamentarian, UMNO youth head, WJ Khairy's idol. When KJ choose to sign the petition, which part of him decides? As SIL or parliamentarian or UMNO youth head or WJ Khairy's idol? whichever role that he choose to sign the petition, he is still KJ, a Muslim by name and a pratitioner by faith. Has he read PAS resolution in full? Or is he relying on MSM? If his decision is based on his reliance to MSM reports, then obviously he has much to learn. He is putting his political future in line there. Mahathir has been hit hard with his "gillette" remarks, something that Mahathir never recovers. Is KJ following Mahthir's footsteps? If his decision is based on PAS resolution that he has in his hands, then he shall be telling where did PAS demanding the ban of SIS? This scribe has said it before and will say it again, PAS resolution is asking for National Fatwa Council to study SIS activities and banned the NGO if it is against the Islamic teachings. This scribe understands that KJ has his early education overseas and may have been deprived of sekolah agama and pendidikan agama. Maybe, the ever friendly WJ Khairy can give some good books and refer KJ to some reputable ulamas to brush up his understanding of Islam. If need be, KJ can learn from Nik Aziz and I am sure PAS has no problem to accomodate KJ's request.
  10. Zaid Ibrahim, top notch lawyer, probable ombudsman to monitor PR's performance. He hailed from Kelantan, Mekah's verandah. He should be more careful in signing petitions and refrain from blindingly signing just because the petition is thrusted in his path. This scribe understands that it is hard to turn down legal colleague but Zaid should stand Islam, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong! Zaid may has his own personal shortcomings but Zaid should not let his shortcomings be his license to create another shortcoming.
  11. Zainah Anwar, the founder of SIS. Extraordinary woman who thinks that she can stand as tall as ulamas because she reads law and Quran tafsir. What she failed to realise is that reading the interpretation of the Quran does not make you an Islamic expert. There are those orientalist who can even recite Quran by heart, translate the meanings but were never a professed Muslim. This is where the danger lies. Can a layman claimed that he is a qualified lawyer just because he read the law books? I am sure Zainah will say no, and if that holds true what makes Zainah an Islamic expert just because she reads Quran translation, has some hadiths books and attend few "Islamic" conference and dialogues?
  12. It is time for Zainah to reflect what she did. Sha head used the past 2 decades to mislead people on the teachings of Islam. Iam nit saying that what she did is wrong but what I am saying is that hat she did may not be following the proper Islamic guidelines. If she deviated from Sunal al Jamaah, then she should be indicating which mazhab she is following?
  13. SIS must learn to understand that there is nothing wrong to call SOS. It is not wrong for the herd to turn up but to stampede? This is the case of a one eyed SIS leading the blind. Why 1 eyed? Because SIS seems to be a liberal organisation, and has eyes for the "universal concept of individual freedom" set by the international community. And that international community is not Islamic in nature. One question to SIS - can human minds match the Maker's? Are we, as puny humans, at par with the most Benevolent and most Merciful? If we as humans can't even be fair to ourselves, then what fairness do we have to translate Islam as what we deem fit? Are we, as humans, not the biggest losers because we fail to follow the Maker's way?
  14. It is enough for SIS to be blinded but do not pass your ignorance to others. If SIS feels that they have been victimised, make an appointment with the National Fatwa Council to discuss. And if they know tat they are not the same standing as the National Fatwa Council, then make beeline to discuss with Muslimah PAS. Is that too hard for SIS? Or is SIS too big for muslimah PAS? Or is it SIS too selfish to check where they might go wrong? The answer to all this - is in your heart. If that piece of meat (heart) is good , then the whole body is good but if that piece of meat is bad, the whole body is bad, so sayeth prophet Muhammad pbuh...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

For once, you didnt just simply bash PAS for the sake of it.

You and WJK must b playing some sort of game.

When hes moderate, you are extreme, lately he has turned super facistic but u have gone sikit moderate.

nightcaller said...

Anon 11:59

Thks for ur kind comment.

First of all, I never bash PAS just for the sake of it. If they are wrong, then they are wrong. as simple as that. Just because they have the acronym related to Islam in it does not give them the license to do everything.

Me and WJK playing games? :) Honestly, I don't think so... WJK don't read this blog....

I have never seen WJK moderate. He is living on the getting moderate? Then I better sharpen the swords...

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