Monday, June 15, 2009

Nizar : Time to move on...

  1. What happened to Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin? Is he going for some sort of records? For today, he had surpassed the "pup of Puchong" Gobind Singh Deo. Few minutes after being officially sworn in as Member of parliament, Nizar was booted off the house and suspended for 2 days by Speaker Pandikar Amin. Nizar is guilty of wearing the black headgear "Bubar DUN" in reference to Perak's DUN.
  2. I am not going to talk about the Ngeh, Nga, Gobalakrishnan, Mahfuz, Dr Zul and Hatta Ramli who join Nizar in donning the black headgear. This posting is not about them. This posting is about Nizar.
  3. Frankly, Nizar's action today is unwarranted. Nizar can claimed that he has been illegally and morally ousted from his seat as Perak MB. He can even claimed that his request for Perak's HRH to dissolve the state assembly is a valid cause.
  4. But what Nizar failed to realise is that today is the all important parliament seating where he can use that avenue to explain his position. By getting himself suspended, albeit for 2 days, he is giving up his rights to be heard and recorded in the parliament.
  5. Nizar starts his tenure as Bukit Gantang on a wrong footing. Nizar should use this occassion to display his "coolness" and responsibility by raising it as an issue in the august house. When Nizar got himself suspended, it is fortunate that Pandikar suspended him for 2 days, meaning that he can still deliver his first parliamentary speech during this seating.
  6. Looking on, this is not Nizar of old. Nizar has been shaped by events surrounding him that he now sees everythings as tools of the BN. He sees the court as BN's tool, he sees the judges as BN's stooges, he sees the parliament as the epitone of injustice. Is he wrong? No, he is not wrong. Circumstances has played a cruel joke on Nizar.
  7. BN has played a morally wrong move to oust Nizar. And Nizar must be patient. Patience is the virtue of wise men. We don't get mad, we get even....
  8. Maybe it is still not too late to map out what Nizar should be aiming for before the weekend, ie once his 2 day suspension is over. First, he must get the attention of speaker to get his chance to present his case to the floor. There, he can "attack" Najib's "People first, performance now" slogan by challenging Najib to prove that Najib live by that slogan. And how do Najib prove it? By getting Najib to arrange for the dissolution of Perak DUN.
  9. Nizar can also use this occassion to again attack Najib and the idea of separation of power by getting the Government's commitment on the written judgement against Nizar which is now 2 weeks overdue. Challenge Najib to prove Rakyat wrong by getting the judges to give their written judgement on MB Nizar vs MB Zambry's case. The last appeal date is 22nd June. See how Najib responds...For sure, Najib will fall back to the normal BN defense that the judiiary system is freebut how free is the judiciary system if the puppetmasters are pulling the strings?
  10. Nizar must realise that the rakyat supported him. Whether Najib will do what Nizar wants him to do or Najib hides behind the maze of bureaucratic red tape is immaterial. Let Najib step on his own landmines.
  11. Nizar must show to the rakyat why he is the "peoples' champion". Nizar must raise issues in parliament and let BN reply. Nizar needs to understand that the onus is on BN now. Getting oneself suspended on Monday and on the occassion of his first parliament seating is not "cool".
  12. Nizar may need some basic crash courses. He can learn fast from Khalid Samad, Karpal and Anwar whilst watching and learning how WJ's idol shoots himself on the foot.
  13. Malaysia is watching. Nizar must play his part well. He is (in my eyes he is still Perak's legal MB), first time Parliamentarian, PAS's CWC...Nizar is the victim not Zambry. Nizar have all the symphathy and he must exploit it to the fullest.
  14. For the time being, Nizar fails miserably on his first day in parliament. 2 days from now, hopefully, we will see Nizar, at his best...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

As a christian, just wanna with you certain words in the scripture......Hope you don't mind.......You see, There is a season for everything......A time to gather stone......A time to cast away......Hehe, some clown made a popular hit over it.
Consider this LKY & his hulubalang2 made their foray into Malaysian GE 1964 at the height of Konfrantasi.....With such shrewd political acumen, I believe LKY knew Malaysia PAP would lose big.......Then, why? Is he nuts? But then again, look at the publicities generated from His tours of Malaysia. Rally reaching 10000 people in Suleiman Court in KL.
I think Nizar has thought through when he carry out these actions. Mind you Siva, the Speaker has yet to settle his scores in Court.

When Pandikar uses his authority as a speaker to cast away Ngeh, Nga, Nizar & Mahfuz, what would be the actions taken Sivakumar on ten folks from BN. That also on the orders decreed by the Special Rights & Privileges Commitee.

See the game plan......And if BN would rubbish aside all these. You can kiss your chivalry & gentlemanliness good bye.
I got the feeling Najib prefer the politics from the Gun. Najib was Defence Minister, righto


nightcaller said...


Different person different timing. In 1964 we are a young nation, barely a year in existence. That's the time when we are weakest, trying to find our footings. Just like baby turtles trying to crawls into the sea with flocks of birds picking them up for easy meals.

Publicities aside, most who attended his rallies wanted to hear his side of the story. Back then, you will see people flocking to hear opposition rallies but that could not be effectively turn into votes. Why? Because the people are hungry for alternative views, love to suck up to all the names calling and mud slinging. But when it comes to where it counts, the people will fall back to security and stability.

Nizar fail to learn from Anwar's saga. Anwar was at his elements during the first few days of reformasi, people are flocking to him, providing encouragemet and support. They see Anwar as a saviour of sorts. Then, what happen? Anwar misjudge and mistep when his crowd marches in Kuala Lumpur with him in the lead. The crowd "attacked" PWTC housing UMNO hq. From thereon, Anwar's misfortunes begin and the crowd dwindle. Why? Because the crowd is fighting for change and they thrust Anwar to do the job...that reformasi crowd is not the mob, who excels in looting and creating trouble. In the end, the reformasi chant faded when people opts (again) for security and stability. The same can be applied to Nizar. His people supports him. Perak needs him but he must be extra careful to stay within the limits. Today, he is closely edging towards the limits. Perak still needs him but the rural population may be distancing themselves if Nizar keeps on applying the wrong tactics of demanding "bubar dun" at the wrong place and wrong timing. If he persist doing that, then the people will brand him as too overexcited, too blunt, inexperienced to lead Perak. If and when that happens, PR will not only lose big in Perak but the power shift may be working for BN...again.


It's not only about justice but justice must be seen to be done. I see the commmittee's decision as more of a political ploy to keep the 10 out of the assembly and to retain some semblance of power in the state assembly. Yes, the committee can make its findings and recommendations but that recommendation must be discussed and approved in the state assembly. After the verification from the assembly, then only the speaker can ask for the 10 to leave the assembly. Did this happen? No, why? Because Siva knows that if the committee's recommendations were discussed in the assembly, the recommendations will be overturned because BN + 3 independents has the numbers and the majority to vote out the committee's what the committee and Siva did was for PR's political survival in controlling the state from slipping into BN's control...

To be in the game, we have to think a step ahead of the opponent. You are now matching wits and skill with master thief. To beat them at their own game, we have to think like thieves far with all the experience of Karpal, LKS, Anwar and Hadi combined, PR still failed. Why? Beause there are too many cooks...and its spoiling the soup...

kluangman said...

Kalau NIzar nak gila atau sewel, memadailah gila dan sewel sorang sorang, jangan sampai menyusahkan orang lain.

Mungkin dia rasa dia belum cukup glamour lagi kot...

nightcaller said...


Saya rasa Nizar belum sampai takat tu lagi...

Walau apapun, Nizar menggunakan tatacara yang salah untuk mengutarakan pendepat dan pendirian beliau. Itupun perbuatan beliau adalah disebabkan kerakusan BN juga...

Glamour? Mungkin part tu, Kluangman betul....tapi glamour cam mana pun tak guna kalau perbuatan Nizar boleh dieksploitasikan oleh BN pada masa depan.

Nizar harus lebih peka dan berwaspada dimasa depan dan tidak cepat melenting dalam hal-hal politik...kerana perbuatan beliau menggambarkan "kehijauan" beliau dalam arena politik peringkat nasional...:)

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller

First, I will go with Mr Loose74. I salute him for making his undying cause for justice even in the enemy's territory. BTW, you must be dreaming to say that he can explain his position in that hall. Wow, was this the first time you landed in Malaysia?

If only the speaker didnt make a lot of noise about YB Nizar's civil disobedience and proceeded to start the assembly, i am sure Yang Berkhidmat dan Bertauliah Nizar and his hulubalangs won't get so much of free publicity. Thanks MSM - i really like it when those goons hype petty things when we are experiencing a deep recession.

As to compare what we were back then and today, do you think we have changed? Well, if we changed, we just get worse today.

Besides, since when the parliament are used to effectively raise and discuss people's issues? No debates, just lousy written replies! Come to think of it, the perak crisis is indeed Perak people's issue which needs to be addressed.

Anyway, if how polite the oppositions are in the hall, some goons will make a fuss of them - no matter what - its genetically embedded in them to make fun and pick fight with people.

YB Nizar, I am so proud of you. Berani kerana benar, bising kerana salah!

nightcaller said...


First and formost, we have to adapt to the surrounding environment. You are in hostile territory so what do you do? Going hostile is not the answer, it will be easymeat for BN to chew him up...first landing in Malaysia? No, never landed in Malaysia because I never leave Malaysia.

How best to address the issue yesterday? The arguments set forth by Nizar and his colleagues are weak and narrow. Instead they should highlight to the speaker that it is nothing wrong with wearing the headband. Why? Because there are times when MPs' wear white banded songkok as mark of condolence. If that is not wrong, then there is nothing wrong with the headband. So what am I saying? You want something done, you must justify it. Going headstrong against the current is not right, you follow the current and steer your way through. Be street wise and parliament smart - that's my advise to Nizar.

Comparing yesterday and today, we have change. And I disagree when you say we are worse off today compared to yesterday. Why? Yesterday, we have nightmares but today we dare to dream! Malaysians have proved that they will not take things lying down and the politicians, especially BN, has been forewarned that they cannot take the voters for granted anymore. You want their votes, you have to work for it and prove your worth. Or else, it's bye-bye in GE13.

Perak's crisis is people's issues indeed. But how do you addressed the issue if you can't even be allowed to be in your parliamentary seat? Isn't that a waste? People voted Nizar in to speak in parliament not to seek suspension from parliament. That means we expect him to raise issues in parliament. He has failed to do so on his first day on the job. Why? Is it ego? Is it his confused mind? Can he differentiate state and federal level? Nizar barge in with a preset mind - that his is victimised in Perak, that he will be victimised in parliament, that every BN souls is against him. He should not have used that approach. He should be applying the soft and gentle tactics of Nik Aziz. It might be slow, anti-climax sort of things but things will be highlighted and will be acted on.


Memang berani kerana benar tetapi caranya juga mesti betul. Nizar perlu mempertimbangkan risiko politik. Perlu diingat, politik Perak tidak sama dengan politik KL. Politik kampung tidak serupa dengan politik bandar. Ini sesuatu yang perlu difahami Nizar. Jangan sampai menang sorak, kampung tergadai....apabila melihat Nizar menjulang tangannya, teringat aksi jaguh atletik USA "Black Panther" dipentas olimpik dalam tahun 60'an dulu...

The only true law is that which leads to freedom. There is no other. - Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Anonymous said...

That one I got to agree with you. Cohesion. However, to have cohesion, one must have trust.
Sorry to say Hadi & his hulubalangs's comment never give us sense of security. Or Hadi must have PR problem.....Karpal is understandable because that's Karpal's trademark. If Karpal turn to be media savvy, you better start to worry.
Plus, Karpal though seems eccentric in apperance, very specific on what DAP wants from PR.
To beat BN on their games is not good enough. To beat BN on your term is the right path


nightcaller said...


Yes, cohesion is the right word. Frankly,I am not that much worried about Hadi Awang as his "Amanat Hadi" has been A-bombed by UMNO years ago and he may not be as UMNO-friendly as painted him to be. However "hard" he seems, he still respected Nik Aziz enough to avoid crossing Nik Aziz's path. That said, I am still confident PAS's heart and soul is strongly attach to PR.

Why not make it this way, beating BN on their games, with our terms...that will be the day.